In My Mail…

Mail has been coming in on a steady stream lately.  I have an opportunity to be going south of my home soon.  That means I can stop in the Oelwein area and drop things off with Sandra.  If you follow the blog you might think of Sandra of the Cresco ladies but it’s not.  This is another amazing Sandra who also works to make charity quilts for the people in her area.  You can find this Sandra as #8 on the list of people/groups to send your donations to on the donation page.  You can find that HERE.

Sandra said that some of you have been sending goodies her way and I appreciate that so much.

Being I know I am heading in that direction, I’m purposely watching for goodies to bring to her.

So what came in the mail…

I got two boxes from Marsha in NM.  She told me to keep anything or pass it on.  She said there were lots of panels and wondered if the Cresco ladies might be interested in them.  Here are the boxes…

Check it all out…

These are all smaller cuts…scraps and fat quarters.  Do you see the one with tractors and trucks on it that’s blue? I kept that one…and three fat quarters that are red.

There were three bags of scraps and lots of thread.

Then came…Panels, panels, and more panels.  All that you see on the table are panels.  I contacted Sandra from the Cresco ladies and asked if they wanted panels.  She was very happy to get them.  They make for quick quilts and are great for people who don’t like matching colors or are newer to sewing.  The Cresco ladies like to get together and host a themed sewing day.

Sandra told me that they are having an orphan block day coming soon.  They will hold all of the orphan blocks then one day have a get-together, sort them and then make quilts.  It sounds so fun!

Nancy sent the next box of goodies. At the top of the box were sweet little hats for Kelli’s boys, Eli and Emmett.  So cute.  Kelli and I both love all things that are similar but not the same.  We want both boys to be their own person and not lumped together all of the time.  Some lumping is fine but all the time…no.  So the hats are perfect.

The rest of the box was a treasure trove of fabric.

This is a started project.  It features lots of paisley fabric.

There was also a great set of blues and yellows…so pretty.

Is there anyone who would like to tackle a charity project with these?  Let me know.  I’ll happily send them your way.  The only catch is that it has to be for charity and you need to send a picture of your finished project.  Let me know if you are interested.  You can leave a comment and I’ll find it.

The rest was all novelty prints.  Oh my, I love them.  Once I get settled back into a schedule that allows more quilting I’d really like to make novelty print quilts for the childcare kiddos.

The childcare kids have been fighting over the wonderful quilt that Christi made for them.  You know kids…it’s always something.  We have to take turns as to who gets to have it over nap time.  After I get a quilt made I’ll pass on the rest.

I had a blog reader send me thread.  She said she read that I use up thread…I sure do.  So she sent me these goodies.  Neutrals are perfect.  I’m not picky about thread when it comes to piecing.

There were more goodies…

Holly sent some fun stuff…

Everything was packaged up so neatly.  I don’t think I’ve gotten so many different things in one package!  It’s all fun!

Check out these cute aprons.  They are all from vintage feedsack fabrics.   Holly suggested they might go well on a postage auction.  She is exactly right!  So watch for these coming up.

There were a few fabrics…

This kit was included.  There is not a full pattern but there are these blocks with lots of coordinating fabrics and the pattern to make the blocks.  Is anyone interested in finishing this for charity?  Leave a comment if you are.  I’ll send it out to you.

There were more goodies too.  I think the license plates will go on the postage auction coming soon.  I haven’t decided about some of the other goodies.  I love the piece in the hoop…and the spools and the dishtowel and hanger.  Hmm…I can’t keep everything.  Hmm.

There were goodies for the childcare kiddos.  I have the Left Right Center game.  It’s so fun so I’ll pass that on to my friend who puts to together boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  That would be perfect for that.  The beads will be used this summer with the childcare kiddos.

Check this out…something for me.  The note even said.
Red fabric strips for ME!!  I love it.  I love all things red so it’s perfect.  THANKS!!  So sweet of you Holly.

Helen sent the next box of goodies…

Check out these old spools.  All wooden.  How fun.   I’m planning on auctioning these off in the next auction.  I know quilters love to put these in a jar for display.

Helen sent some vintage quilts tops that she was given.  She said she would find a good home for them.  This one I think I’ll sent off to Cheryl in Dallas.  The fabric is calicos but I think it’s a very nice well made quilt.

Check out this beauty.  As far as I could see, this one is in great shape.  It’s a top only.  So much hard work went into this.  I’ll be putting this one on the postage auction.

This one is made with vintage fabrics.  My plan for this is to also put it on the postage auction.  I debated about putting in the mix of quilts to be finished but I think the postage auction might be a better place for it.

WOWZA!  That was a lot of stuff…right?  I can’t believe that I’ve been consistantly having a mail post once a week for so long.  It always amazes me that there are so many wonderful generous people out there.  THANKS for thinking of me and the charity quilt project.