Innovative recreational centers in your home (gyms, pools, gardens, etc.)

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We had a real hard time surviving the COVID-19 pandemics in 2020. Unfortunately, way too many family members and friends got infected and fell victim to SARS CoV-2. Besides the fear of contracting the Coronavirus, we had to face the terms imposed by the ensuing lockdown. We had to learn how to keep COVID out of our homes. This mostly implied that we were constrained to stay at home no matter what. As a result, we had to manage to carve our way around during the holiday season. Nonetheless, staying indoors can be fun! Let’s find out how!

How did we cope with the lockdown?

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Not particularly good. On one hand, some felt entrapped in their own houses or apartments. Between four walls, life can be a downer, especially if one suffers from claustrophobia. These folks were indeed anticipating the end of the lockdown like a breath of fresh air. In extreme cases, they struggled to remain optimistic when they had COVID-19 at home. Keeping psychological side-effects of isolation at bay can be stressful indeed. 

On the other hand, some of us felt genuine relief that finally, they could stay at home. This category included shut-ins, hardcore movie-lovers, and socially introverted people who felt no longer compelled to participate in public encounters. 

The stay-at-home period lasted approximately a year with smaller intermissions. Life went on under another set of circumstances. Due to particular necessities, such as working in our homes, creativity soared. Articles on home improvement ideas perfect for small houses became trendy, mainly when an entire family lived in a 300 square-feet apartment. Imagination and inventiveness prevailed when people turned small rooms into children’s playgrounds. For this reason, we remodeled our house into a working office, personal entertainment unit, and recreational center. 

In this upcoming article, we intend to highlight how to carry into effect specific improvements so that they will have the biggest impact on your house to increase the value of your private property. The economy doesn’t stop, and you might consider selling your home during the pandemic. In addition, we show you how to invest in cost-effective recreational centers that are lockdown-friendly by all means. Let’s make your apartment a zombie-apocalypse-proof setting!

Passive versus active recreation

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There comes a time when “Netflix and chill” simply doesn’t do the trick anymore. Of course, you might be the person who is more of a modern visual and audio escapism enthusiast. Still, don’t give in to your couch! It’s your fiercest enemy tempting you to complete submission leading to eventual atrophy. 

Now, get up and stand away from it as far as possible! But where to if there is a curfew in effect? Then comes handy a recreation center or several fun spots around your house that you can implement starting from the lowest costs.

Build your very own gym set in your home!

Maintain yourself fit as a fiddle! Based on the free space available, you can build a gym or workout center in your living room (obviously with your spouse’s consent), basement, or attic. Ideally, gyms are installed outdoors instead of indoor training centers offering less space and airing. For optimal outcomes, we recommend you purchase dip stand stations or calisthenics dips stations. A power tower with push-up and workout dip is a must-have for flexing your muscles. Furthermore, there are adjustable dip bars with a bench to save some space. 

Exercises have been trendy for some time. Using a stationary bicycle can help you relax, work on your leg muscles, and, most definitely, avoid public traffic and accidents. Turn the trip into a more pleasant one by listening to music on Spotify! Put on your headphones and enjoy the ride!

A workout room without weights is a no-go. Choose now from a large variety of weights such as dumbbells, barbells, standard and Olympic weight plates (this one for the more advanced), medicine balls, and kettlebells. 

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Unwind in a luxury spa experience at home every day!

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Do you miss going out to your favorite spa and wellness center? Don’t worry, you can build your indoor spa center instead! Install an indoor jacuzzi to enjoy the bubbles and receive the massage therapy you crave for! Get a shower with a unique showerhead. The spout will leave you breathless! All in all, it adds up to top-quality exotic beauty treatments you can do at home!

In addition, if you take a refreshing bath in steamy hot water, later you can revel in a sauna too. Add some scented candles and oils, and it’s all buttoned up! The advantages are impressive. First, there are no hidden fees and, secondly, no crowds! Moreover, you can dedicate a space to a massage room. 

Outdoor pools are available for an extra budget. Swimming pools can take one day to be installed in your backyard. A more affordable alternative is a simple water tank and a beach umbrella. Don’t forget the sunscreen, though! Think also of all the must-have backyard essentials to make it more colorful! Spice it up with exotic plants next to it, and, thus, you no longer miss the Bahamas.

An artificial lake, lagoon, and pond are the next level of outdoor recreation by all means. Tending to plants and fish is in itself a memorable and refreshing way to spend your leisure time. It goes without saying; it requires a huge investment on your behalf. But to have a private manufactured lake to fish at just for yourself is priceless!

Recharge your batteries in the ultimate green space!

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Even if your financial resources are limited, you can create your own outdoor/indoor garden! All it takes is locating the proper space and having the seeds of plants and flowers home delivered. Once your garden starts to grow and blossom, you can cherish the fruits of your endeavors. Plants need watering, oxygen, loving, and caring. Find the most suitable piece of music for your flowers to shoot up more quickly! Tending to a backyard garden or greenhouse is a blessed feeling.

Organize a green spot or terrace garden next to your patio. Even a patch of green space can go a long way! Basically, you are one step away from turning your home into a passive house.

Kids’ entertainment center

If you have come along this far, you must be pretty relaxed by now. You’ll need that energy further on. Let’s jump into deep waters, shall we? Children do not tolerate being unnoted for long. They require constant pursuits and new games. Are you quite tired? That’s a shame because now you are going to play with them no matter what. Video games are fun and a temporary solution, but let’s face it: they do not stimulate creativity properly. But, listen up! We might have found just a suitable red herring for your kids.

Welcome to Disney World at home!

Fly them to Disney World in their very own rooms! To a smaller extent, you can accomplish the plan with the help of Lego games (watch out though where you step, especially barefoot!). The next step is to research everything a regular playground has and buy as many similar items as possible for your kids’ room. Have a slide-way and a swing installed for physical exercises. Consider purchasing an inflatable slide jumping castle, or bounce house. Expensive as they sound, they indeed are an investment for the future! Your children won’t leave the room. 

On the other hand, the idea of a personal Disneyland-themed rec room is also doable with toys and games from modern-day blockbusters, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Marvel’s Avengers. Though, costumes, swords, lightsabers, toy guns, life-size fluffy animals, and characters from these films do cost a lot, particularly when you wish to complete the entire collection. A small reminder: your kids will be completionists. Still, interest in old toys fades in time. You can donate old household items to those in need anytime.

Fun in the backyard and kids’ gym

backyard wooden swing set

If you own a house, we recommend a backyard swing set, tunnels, and a climb-n-crawl designed not only for toddlers. A play gym is a must-have, and it consumes their energy. It comes equipped with a mini boxing sack, a swing (make sure your ceiling is strong enough to resist the weight), monkey bars with a horizontal ladder, and vertical bars. Be cautious, however, about potentially harmful items in the play gym! Here are some additional ideas for gym supplies. 

Try out one of these and tell us whichever worked out best for your kids: a non-slip exercise mat, trampoline, balance pods, peanut or medicine balls, climbing ropes or ladder, etc. A geometric dome climber set is also trendy and does the job perfectly well.

The original good quality of recreational centers, as virtually anything around the house, goes downhill in time. Soon, you will have to face the never-ending house maintenance. In such cases, unwanted anxiety and pressure might be lurking around the corner. Yet, there are affordable household hobbies to reduce stress.

Conclusion: next lockdown, we’re ready for you!

The pandemic and the lockdown, if nothing else, have taught us how to be more creative in transforming our personal space into such an environment that serves various purposes. Our working space, the children’s playground, a recreation center, etc., all have turned into organic parts of our home. 

Like everything in life, a balance must be kept in our daily routine between online video games, watching the tv, and creative recreation. You can have it all now, by all means, at an affordable price when applying a healthy load of creativity.

If you enjoyed reading this article, like it and share it on your social media. Let’s manage space restrictions together! How did you shape your apartment to serve your recreation better? Please let us know your opinion, and share your comments in the comment section below! And, as usual, don’t forget to come back for more practical tips and advice.

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