Kid Eats: Top 10 Kid-Friendly Camping Recipes

In every camping escapade, from the early mornings to starry nights, only two things are constant: campfires and food. For children, camp stories will be an addition. While camping, a child’s vivid and nostalgic memories revolve around these three. Cooking by the campfire, especially with its varying temperatures, which will need extensive patience from everyone, will always be a challenge. But for the kids, what can we do? Cooking in the wilderness is fun enough that the challenges to be encountered (i.e., the fire going off with every gust of wind, keeping the food at the right temperature, etc.) will likely be worth it in the long run. But for a hungry brood of kids to feed, having scrumptious recipes planned out in advance will be best. Pack up the essentials, grab your ingredients and cookware, and cook up these kid-friendly camping recipes we’ve listed below.

Savory Breakfasts

Six pancakes cooking on an outdoor grill.

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For early morning arrivals at camp, watching the sunrise will be the best way to spend the time. What better way to upgrade this experience than eating an extra special breakfast that will keep you and your family energized throughout the day? Pancakes make the perfect campfire food: You can pre-make (and pack) the dry and wet ingredients separately, then mix them up just when you need them. Another classic that kids can make themselves are peanut butter and jelly with a twist: they’re muffins. These can make this classic delicacy easy to grab and go.

Super Sandwiches

Salmon fish tacos with mango, avocado, tomato, spring onion and lime. Mexican food.

Salmon Tacos with avocado and lime. Getty Images

If barbecuing would be your choice for lunch, halloumi would be a perfect option as it holds its shape while cooking and develops a beautiful chargrilled, salty flavor. Light up the coals and get grilling with those cheese slices! Try these quick and easy veggie halloumi burgers (top) featuring toasted brioche buns with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. These tasty little salmon tacos with lime dressing will be a real treat for your kids as they can assemble their own after you’ve cooked the salmon on the barbecue. With just a frying pan in hand, a tasty no-oven pizza is a popular camp meal for the kids. They can simply make their dough and choose a selection of their favorite toppings to garnish!

Easy Lunches

Veggie boxes

Your little ones will be refueled with these fresh and healthy lunchboxes. This pasta pesto salad is not only easy to prepare in advance but also quick to eat and nutritious to keep the kids energetic for the rest of the day. Another veggie box the kids (and adults) would surely love is this deli couscous that isn’t just healthy, but definitely tasty too!

Homemade taco chicken soup in a rustic pot

Cowboy chicken and bean stew. Getty Images

Make-ahead Meals

Minimal prep will be involved with the cowboy chicken & bean stew, but you will need a bit of patience. Give this casserole dish a bit of time to cook to get the best results. Once every ingredient has been decked out, you can simply leave it to cook on its own. Alternatively, these make-at-home recipes that you can rehear at camp will make your lives way easier, especially with your schedule of activities completely packed. Our roast summer vegetables and chickpea stew and squash, chicken & couscous one-pot are full of goodness and also perfect for making ahead.

A cast-iron pot containing red blend of veggies with some spinach leaves.

Roast summer vegetables and chickpea stew. Getty Images

Make-Ahead Mac and Cheese

This decadent pasta features sharp Cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. You’ll savor every single forkful of this dish for sure.

A pan brimming with delicious Mac and Cheese.

Mac and cheese. Getty Images

Dipping Desserts

We’re all aware of how kids would probably choose desserts over any meal, right? You can satisfy their cravings with these sticky strawberry, marshmallow & chocolate dippers. Simply melt some chocolate (milk, white, or dark) over the dying embers of a barbecue so it doesn’t burn. Be careful not to let the kids touch the pan, though, as it will get really hot. Hand out wooden skewers to be used for the marshmallows and strawberries. Add on some selection of sprinkles, flaked coconut, crumbled biscuits, or chopped nuts for kids to be creative with after dipping!

Bedtime drinks

Nothing beats looking at the starry night, with board games, bedtime stories, and a warm cup of hot caramel malted milk, as the kids get ready to be tucked in bed. Of course, hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows is a good idea, too. An all-time classic, for sure.

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