Kid Mask Review – Our Kid’s Three Favorites (And 20 That We Crowdsourced From Real Parents That Fit Well And Their Kids Actually Wear)

We’ve been way behind on the mask game for the kids, solely because we lived in the mountains, surrounded by nature, with few friends and homeschooling. Basically: we weren’t seeing a lot of people or leaving the house much, and certainly not for long periods of time. They have had some masks, of course, for the few times they’ve gone to the dentist or inside the bathroom at Skypark, but we were very unprepared for next week when Charlie starts school and will have to wear a mask for 6 hours a day. So, I thought it would be fun to order a bunch and see which ones are the best and then share our findings with you guys.

Just to be clear, in case you didn’t know, I am not a doctor, scientist, or any kind of covid expert. Just a mom trying and asking other parents what is working for them in terms of kid masks. All we want is for our kids to be as safe as possible and feel as comfortable as possible in their masks, right?

Caitlin sourced a bunch of these masks, I got the kids to try them on by bribing them with a quarter per mask they try on. Then they negotiated ice cream into the deal which felt fair. Toward the end, we were starting to lose them for sure, but we were still able to collect the data we needed from these children. So, let’s begin with our top 3:

First Place: ODD Facemasks – The Clear Winner (But Expensive)

These are hands down our favorite. They fit REALLY well — you can actually see their eyes but it also covers their noses completely (and has an adjustable nose clamp thing so it grips). Breathable, but it still feels thick. They have a bunch of different styles that are all very fun for kids, too. The only con is that these are very expensive for a mask ($12 per mask), but I guess you get what you pay for and these certainly seem like they will last a while. They’re a really great material, even I would wear these…and I do. Birdie said it smelled bad when she put it on but we’re 90% sure it was just her breath. Anyway, these get a 10/10 in our book.

Second Place: Crayola Crayon Face Masks

These fit great and have a better price point than the ODD masks. They’re adjustable on the ears and have the nose clasp to make sure they stay on & tight. The Crayola ones came very very well-reviewed by your guys too, so I highly recommend these masks.

Third Place: Grove Collaborative Kids Face Masks

The photo on the right is me asking “why am I the same size as Charlie???” Very breathable and adjustable on the ears. Big yes. These are for big kids (5-10) so these fit well on Charlie (7), but not as well on Birdie, so they’re much better for bigger kids (like me and Charlie). I guess I have a small face?? Not sure how that worked out.

Other Masks We Tried

Capelli Smooth Fit Facemask

These were OK in our opinion…no metal nose clamp/adjuster, not very breathable, but very protective (so that’s good). Charlie liked the leopard Capelli one a lot but Brian and I both thought it looked a little too big.

Kids Care Cover Protective Mask (Birdie’s Mask)

Birdie wears this one all the time and really likes it (I mean it’s rainbow leopard, how could you not?). It’s really nice that it’s adjustable on the ears (huge plus) but it can have some gapping on the sides which is why we like the ODD ones better for her.

Old Navy Critter Face Masks

Okay as far as design goes, these are SUPER CUTE. Very breathable, the kids really liked the fun animal faces and it made them very excited. They’re highly kid-approved but Brian and I thought they looked slightly too big for them and there was some gapping.

Beanie Baby TY Face Masks (Elliot)

This was probably our least favorite. Way too big of a gap between the nose and it had a very awkward shape. Both us parents and the kids all agreed they don’t fit well & aren’t very comfortable. Even on the website it looks like it doesn’t fit the kid’s face that’s modeling the mask (what the heck). Cute idea, but a big no for us.

Wild Republic Zebra Mask

This mask was cute but was just too big. As Charlie put it: BIG FAIL. They do have some cute styles so I was bummed this one didn’t work out very well.

Colorable Kids Masks

These are a VERY cool concept and the kids thought they were awesome but it might be one of those things that’s cuter in theory?? The kids started coloring them IMMEDIATELY which was very fun, but they make me nervous about going in the wash. Charlie tried on 3 at a time (right photo) so if you’re a double (or triple) masker, you could totally do that with these. All in all a decent fit and super breathable, nothing bad to say about it.

Gap Kids Masks

This was the point where my kids were starting to lose it so they didn’t try it on, but since my face is a similar size to Charlie’s, apparently, I thought I would give it a go. Here’s my review: I would totally wear this. Love the style & it’s all in all really great. Some of the facemasks (more of the accordion-style ones) gapped a little on Charlie and Elliot but if you’re an adult looking for a facemask I really liked it hahah.

Now a bunch of you guys submitted your favorite kid masks (with photos!). THANK YOU!! We had some clear winners that everyone seemed to suggest, and then a bunch of other cute masks we’ve included at the end. Let’s do it:

First Place – Happy Masks

From Jennifer: My kids and I have been wearing the Happy Mask for over a year now. The best and most comfortable mask we have tried. The parrot beak shape keeps it off your mouth so that you can breathe more freely, and (bonus as a teacher) it doesn’t muffle your voice! Super cute patterns, or plain colors. Now that the whole world has discovered them, get on the restock list ASAP!!

From Laurie: I have three kids and they have a strong preference for Happy Masks and I’ve spent more than I would like to acknowledge on masks for my kids. As a parent, they are also my favorite for filtration. The downfall is hand washing but we all make sacrifices.

From Carly: Vog Masks and Happy Masks both fit kids amazingly and are comfortable, won’t send my kids to school without filters! But they are $$. Other friends love Baggu masks.

From Emily: Hi! Happy Masks are expensive but totally worth it. Great fit, and super safe. Cute enough prints. Don’t need to wash them between every wear. Highly recommend!

From Erin: The best mask we’ve found for our 2.5-year-old is the Happy Mask Pro Series in the Kids (S) size.

  • Pros: It’s super breathable and lightweight with a rigid, beak-shaped middle so it can’t be sucked in when she’s breathing and doesn’t compress her nose. It fits her little face really well but has plenty of room to fit her as she gets older (if masks are still needed). It has adjustable ear straps and a nose wire. Several fun designs and it shipped really quickly. It’s the only mask she’ll wear for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • Cons: Pricey ($24 each) and it has to be washed by hand to keep the rigid shape and filtering capabilities.

Second Place – Baggu

From Grace: They are expensive but high quality and didn’t immediately get soaked (as all kid masks seem to do). They also have wire but still washed well- some of the ones with wire get all twisted and need to be hand washed and who has time for that? Plus she was really feeling herself in it if you can’t tell 🙂 These fit my 2.5-year-old pictured and my 4.5-year-old both very well. We also loved the adjustable Old Navy ones but they’ve been discontinued. Stride Rite has some decent ones but they do fit quite tightly and thus get wet right away (IDK what kids do behind there but their masks are always soaked). If you can’t tell I’ve spent SOME TIME on this and have bought like 8 different brands to try. So far Baggu is the best but waiting on some others to arrive.

From Emily: They have a metal strip on the top to bend for comfy nose fittings and adjustable ear straps—also best patterns and solid colors for the win. My boys love them.

From Jennifer: Best ones…. And we’ve been through A LOT!! (Jennifer’s kids also love Rothy’s)

From Erin: Baggu is our jam!

Third Place – School Mask Pack: Crayola

From Kirsten: The Crayola mask packs are the best we have found so far and have great deals! They have adjustable straps and both of our kids love them. They won’t wear any other ones I have tried! The picture is of my son Oliver who is only 4 and puts it on before we leave home!

From Alexina: Hands-down amazing fit in the age 2-5 category: Crayola Kids Mask Set, Size Small. Very affordable. Comes in a pack of 5. Fits PERFECTLY. Does not ever slip below the nose. The ears have adjusters so that you can get the perfect comfy + snug fit. Fits PERFECTLY.

This year, I also bought patches from an Etsy shop and ironed them on for a fun twist! The Etsy shop I purchased from is Honey & Apple. The other Crayola masks that are sold have designs on them, and they are…. Not cute. But buy the solid colors, and add your own sparkle, if you want!

From Amanda: Yes! The Crayola 5 pack for back to school. One for every day and the kids get to pick their color. Comes with a mesh bag for washing. My kids are PICKY, and said it’s breathable and comfortable (adjustable nose and ear grip) and it’s the best one we’ve had! I’ve bought them tons of all varieties so I’m shocked and really happy they love them. Going to get more for sure.

Honorable Mentions

LUCIFER KF94 Kids Face Mask

From Katie: These are the best ones for little faces 🙂


From Zoe: We love the Vistaprint masks because they come in so many cute patterns, are very comfortable, adjustable with a nose piece, don’t move around when you talk, fit tightly to face, and have a pocket for a disposable filter which they also sell. We just went back to school mask shopping on their website! My kids actually get excited to pick out their daily mask and then forget they are wearing it. And nope, I don’t even work for this company. Just love it and want to share 🙂

From Oona: We love the VistaPrint masks- they have a wire over the nose (non-negotiable in a good mask), adjustable ear loops, and fit really snugly on the face. Plus a pocket for filters, which they sell as well. Highly recommend! Here are both my kids wearing them.


From Skye: My 10 & 13-year-old both wear Athleta Women’s sized masks. Our whole family uses them exclusively. My 13-year-old has a slimmer face than our 10 year old and they fit her well too due to the pleats, nose wire, and adjustable straps. Hands down best mask out there.

From Kristina: Hi! Athleta youth masks are the very best. Our son has worn them for a year and a half now. He’s almost 4.5 now, they grow with kids because they are adjustable straps around the ears. He actually wears it “upside down” with the little cup that is intended for the chin as a better notch on the nose. It never falls down and that makes it the best kid mask ever.

Joah Love

From Allyson: Hello! We just got these from Joah Love and LOVE them. Aven calls them the comfy masks. They have some with lanyards (not the right name) already attached. We only got three and I wish we’d gotten more. They are just a little pricey. I also ordered some Henry masks, but still waiting for those to arrive.

From Lauren: Can’t recommend the Joah Love masks enough! They are soft, cinch on the ears to get a comfortable, custom fit (no gaping) and have washed and worn beautifully over & over again throughout the pandemic. My kids wear them without ever complaining! Kids ages 4-5 and 7-8 both have a great fit in the kids 2-6 size. I also wear these and have ordered them for other adult family members – so good & universally beloved by all who’ve tried them.

Henry Mask

From Tiffany: I absolutely swear by these masks. My kids loooooove them. Even with school starting, they say how comfortable they are to wear all day. They are called Henry Mask. It’s a black-owned company. There’s a monthly subscription and each month you select different colors/patterns of masks. Either two or four. You can always pause the subscription if you like. They sell adult masks as well. These masks have a unique shape so they do not touch your mouth or nose. There’s also two different ways to wear the mask. Around your ears or behind your head. The best part is the masks are also washable and they are perfect for glasses, you don’t have to worry about them fogging up. Although the subscription is a better deal they do have their masks on Amazon. The choices are more selective.

More Great Options That Came Recommended

Ok, that’s it! I hope this is helpful. I know this is all my friends and I have been talking about so figured I would do a little extra legwork to help you in case you needed it. Also THANK YOU again to all the parents that submitted. I really appreciate you. xx

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