KiwiCo. February 2022 Coupon – 50% Off Coupon TODAY ONLY

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KiwiCo. February 2022 Coupon

KiwiCo has released a sale to get 50% off your 1st box.


Use the code Discover to get 50% off your 1st month.

The Subscriptions

Eureka and Maker Crates are a bit more.

Panda Crate (ages 0-24 months)

KiwiCo. February 2022 Coupon

Panda Crate is a new subscription from KiwiCo. Boxes are $39.90 every two months and is for infants and toddlers. Each delivery includes age- and stage-specific products designed by experts and backed by researchers at Seattle Children’s Hospital to help babies learn by doing what they do best – play & explore their world!

Koala Crate (ages 2-4)

KiwiCo. February 2022 Coupon

Koala Crate Every crate is chock-full of play-and-learn activities that engage the natural curiosity and creativity of preschoolers, plus imagine! magazine, created in partnership with Highlights for Children.  Get a fresh, engaging new theme each month from exploring colors to going on a safari, and everything in between!  Read my reviews HERE.

Kiwi Crate (ages 5-8) 

KiwiCo. February 2022 Coupon

Kiwi Crate includes all the materials and inspiration for 2-3 activities – art, science, games, imaginative play, and more.  Every kit will have a new theme – like gardening, dinosaurs, and space.  Read my reviews HERE.

Atlas Crate (ages 6-11) 

Atlas Crate

Atlas Crate The journey begins with your first crate, where you'll meet travel buddies Anya and Milo. Explore your world map and master basic navigational skills. Build a real spinning globe! Collect Atlas cards to make your own travel book, filled with fascinating facts and photos..

Tinker Crate (ages 9-16+) 


Tinker Crate inspires kids to explore and learn about science, engineering, and technology and have fun doing it. Every month, a new crate to help kids develop a tinkering mindset and creative problem solving skills.   Read my reviews HERE.  

Doodle Crate (ages 9-16+) 


Doodle Crate Ages 9-16+ Doodle Crate inspires young makers to learn new skills and gain creative confidence. Every month, a new super-fun DIY project that kids will love to design and create.  Read my reviews HERE.

Eureka Crate (ages 14+) 

Eureka Crate

Eureka Crate  Everything needed to build, explore, and learn—delivered. Engineer solutions to real-world problems and build problem-solving skills. Explore how science, technology, and engineering shape our world..

Maker Crate (ages 14+) 

KiwiCo. February 2022 Coupon

Maker Crate Ages 14 and Up Maker Crate $29.99/month and is dedicated to the discovery of new art and design tools and the growth of creative confidence to turn artistic visions into design realities. Whether you're 14 or 104, a first-time crafter or an experienced maker, we've designed each crate to include a chance to experiment with a new technique, draw inspiration from real designs, and take pride in a finished project that's both fun and functional.


Use the code DISCOVER to get 50% off your 1st month.

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