LeBron James’ Son Pulls Off Incredible Alley-Oop to Himself

Earlier this summer, LeBron James Jr. wowed his dad (and the internet) when he came within inches of slam dunking during a game. This weekend, 13-year-old Bronny (that’s his nickname) finished what he started. He pulled off his first-ever dunk during pre-game warm-ups. And, of course, considering he’s the son of the greatest basketball player on earth, he couldn’t just do a simple dunk. Oh, no. Instead, he served up a perfect alley-oop to himself and then threw it down with authority.

A video of the alley-oop was posted on Twitter, where it’s already been viewed over a million times in just a couple of days. After the dunk, Bronny can be seen celebrating with some of his teammates.

But a successful dunk isn’t the only thing Bronny accomplished this month. He and his team, the North Coast Blue Chips, easily won their 13-and-under tournament in Las Vegas to claim the national championship. Bronny’s dad was clearly proud of his son, as he took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with Bronny’s team with the caption: “YESSIR!!! National CHAMPS!!”

LeBron James has shown time and time again that he loves nothing more than watching his kids work hard and accomplish their dreams. It’s even helped him stay on top of his game. In a preview for his upcoming HBO show The Shop, James admitted that watching his sons play basketball is the biggest motivator for himself to stay in shape and continue to be the best player he can be.

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