Love, Mrs. Mommy’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Welcome to the Love, Mrs. Mommy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!  Here you will find a wonderful array of products for the whole family! Whether you are looking to purchase items for family or friends, these quality products will surely be a hit! 

Scroll through the guide at your leisure, or use my convenient links to hop around and see what all these amazing companies can offer you this holiday season! You will also find great coupon codes to help spread your dollar even further! This post contains affiliate links. 

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Avana Logo, Avana Water Bottles, Travel Water
Avana, glass water bottle, makai bottle, bpa free water bottle

Avana's Makai Bottle has an all-glass spout and bottle. Features Premium ClearSip Spout - all-glass smooth drinking experience with wide opening for ice and cleaning and a flexible carry loop. Comes in five colors; Deep Sea Green (featured here), Lilac, Stone Grey, Onyx, and Brick Red. Plus, when you make a purchase, you are helping to provide water to communities in need. These luxurious, 19oz bottles, are a great feel-good gift, perfect for the holidays (and any time of the year)! You know it's got to be great when they offer a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee!

Available for purchase on Amazon, too!

babi by battat toys, baby doll toys, baby bassinet, baby stroller

babi by battat toys, baby doll toys, baby doll bassinet, baby doll stroller
Babi by Battat carries cuddly baby dolls, travel strollers, and more beautifully designed nursery accessories to care for you babi at home and on the go.

Babi Doll: These lovely 14-in newborn babi dolls have soft eyelashes, realistic details and a soft body, perfect for snuggles. Their outfits are removable and the pacifier fits in the baby's mouth for gentle soothing at naptime.

Bassinet: Soothe your baby doll to sleep as you rock them back and forth in this cute and stylish babi bassinet. This nursery accessory features a modern, speckled design that's a perfect fit for babi dolls. The babi bassinet's sturdy, lightweight construction makes it easy for young nurturers to create a nursery room in their favorite play areas or keep babi bedside during the night.  

Baby Doll Double Stroller: With this double stroller you can easily fit twin 14-inch dolls on your mommy and me strolls. There is a cute stylish design with gold star-print pattern, foldable canopy and a removable storage basket. The handlebar even adjusts for various heights and has a foldable frame for easy storage and transportability if you child wants to take her babi's for a stroll. 

These toys are great for encouraging nurturing playtime, emotional development with inspiring compassion and kindness as children care for their babi dolls. Safety tested, BPA, phthalate, and fragrance free for peace of mind.

Battat Education, Preschool Learning, Kindergarten Learning, Stacking Toys

EggXpress Yourself, magnetic fishing game, stacking monkeys, battat education games, kid learning games

Alphabet Fishing makes learning “reel” fun! This magnetic fishing set offers a fun, hands-on way to learn colors, letters, and words. Your little one will be improving their fine motor skills and hands-eye coordination on their educational fishing expedition. This learning playset also comes with a double-sided play board—your kiddo can practice matching colors on one side, then letters on the other! Ready to practice spelling? There are alphabet cards with words to discover too! These versatile learning tools can be used in so many ways to support your child’s educational journey.  

EggXpress Yourself!: These match and learn eggs will help develop fine motor skills to building social-emotional skills. Hop aboard the bus to find 12 matching eggs—your little one can connect them by matching the shapes and colors inside! As they practice their matching skills, they’ll also be improving their hand-eye coordination. These eggs wobble, too! Tip them over and watch them stand right back up. This set comes with multiple tools for social-emotional learning—along with the eggs’ facial expressions! Plus, there’s a Mirror Card included to encourage self-reflection! 

Stacking Monkeys: This set of stacking toys comes with 12 solid wood monkeys, 4 bananas, 1 coconut, 1 orange, and 1 guava. Help them achieve the most impressive acrobatic feats—get creative and arrange them however you like, or follow the patterns included in the playbook! However your little one stacks these tiny hands-friendly pieces, they’ll be developing their spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills. 

All Battat Education toys are made of worry-free and durable materials, and meet or exceed EU, U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Blender Bottle Logo, Blender Bottle Kitchen, Kitchen goods

Blender Bottle, stainless steel protein shaker, protein shaker

The BlenderBottle Strada Stainless Steel push-button insulated protein shaker provides sleek style and ultimate ease. The bottle’s spill-proof locking lid opens and closes with the touch of a button. A flexible, ergonomic carry loop provides a comfortable hold. Double-wall insulated stainless steel keeps 24 oz. drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Comes in a variety of colors on their website and Amazon.

coolcura go, acupuncture, feng fu therapy, stainless steel ice pod

coolcura go, acupuncture, feng fu therapy, stainless steel ice pod

The CoolCura GO is an easy, comfortable and hands free relaxation remedy. Designed specifically for on the go and travel use, CoolCura GO is carefully engineered to give users similar benefits inspired by Feng Fu therapy.  Feng Fu therapy is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, you use our specially engineered reusable stainless steel ice pod. Are you worthy and do you deserve a simple and healthy means of relaxation that you can do almost anywhere? Ages young adult +, MSRP: $29.99 - Available now on Amazon!

costway, yoga include wedge mat, air fryer, tabletop grill

yoga incline wedge mat, portable air fryer, tabletop grill, healthy lifestyle, exercise products

This Incline Exercise Folding Wedge Mat is built with high quality non-toxic and tasteless PVC cover and EPE pearl foam inside. The mat is designed for tumbling, exercise programs, gymnastics, stretching, yoga, martial arts, daily care activities and other uses. The commercial grade construction makes this mat an excellent choice for gymnastics studios or home use. The cover can be removed with a zip for easy clean up and the foldable design makes it easy to store and carry.

The 6.5QT Air Fryer Oilless Cooker has 8 preset functions and a smart touch screen. It's a 360° hot air convection fryer that helps you watch over your health by using less oil and fats for a crisper flavor. It also prevents all the oily smoke and vapors from spreading in your kitchen. With a sufficient 6.5 QT of capacity, this air fryer can satisfy a whole family's appetite, and yet easily fit on your countertop. You can adjust the time and temp with a comfortable and handy touch screen. Coated with a non-sticking finish, food will not get messy inside of the air fryer or in the frying tank and the frying tank and rack are dishwasher-safe!

Costway's 1500W Smokeless Indoor Grill Electric Griddle has a non-stick cooking plate an an ultra-large surface (15.5" x 11"), making it easy to accommodate various foods to save you time. With a non-stick coating, the plate is easy to clean and the reversible design assists you in easily switching the plate between grill plate or griddle plate. This 2-in-1 design saves you cupboard space and meets various cooking needs. Plus, it also has a large drip tray to collect oil and you can adjust the temperature to acquire the optimal heat for the specific food you are cooking.

Use code GSPKFTA for 15% OFF on Costway!

gofloats, summer water fun, water toys, kid summer fun toys

GoFloats, fire hydrant sprinkler, swim kickboard, kid swim board, adult swim board

This 5 foot Giant Inflatable Fire Hydrant Sprinkler is great for outdoor fun! This sprinkler makes for an entertaining way to cool off during the warm summer months and would be a hit at pool parties and kids birthdays! There is a zero hassle setup with rapid valve inflation and deflation taking only 2 minutes instead of 20 with traditional style valves! This sprinkler is made of premium UV treated raft grade vinyl and is 25% thicker than the competition. Providing lots of fun in the sun! Selling on Amazon for $34.99.

The X5 Swim Kickboard is not your average kickboard! The X5 features 5 hand placement options: bottom grip, side grip, interior grip, top grip, and center rest. Change up your hand positions to practice different swimming techniques. This is the perfect training aid for all skill levels. Improve your kicking, strokes, or use it for exercising. The board will keep you buoyant so you can train longer and more efficiently by isolating different muscle groups. Built from hard HDPE material the board is ultra durable and resists warping and color fading, It's also sealed to prevent water from seeping into the board. Comes in two sizes; large size is for swimmers over 54 inches and the small size is for swimmers under 54 inches tall. Retails for $24.99 and $19.99 respectively on Amazon!

GoSports, Go Sports, Outdoor Toys, snow tubes

game room pool table, full size foosball table, baseball pitching game, large dart board

7 ft. Pool Table with Rustic Wood Finish - Billiards Table Includes Cue Sticks, Balls, Rack, Felt Brush and Chalk. This heavy-duty, mid-size pool table measures 7ft x 4 ft x 2.7 ft and  includes ; 2 (57 in.) cue sticks, 15 regulation pool balls and cue ball, ball rack, felt brush and chalk! With this modern design and premium construction this pool table not only looks great, but it will last! Tabletop arrives pre-assembled and all you have to do it attach the leg with the included hardware.

This full size 54" Foosball Table includes 4 balls and 2 cup holders. Great for competitive foosball games for both adults and kids; Ultra-stable table size is great for game rooms, offices and more. Modern design and available in Oak, Black, and White Finishes.

3 ft. Giant Dartboard - Includes 12 Giant Darts and Scoreboard - New and exciting take on darts with a huge 3 foot diameter dartboard with matching giant darts. Designed for easier and faster games, which are more fun and inclusive for players of all abilities. Includes 12 giant steel tipped darts (3 red, 3 green, 3 blue, 3 yellow), dry-erase steel scoreboard, and 2 magnetic markers; Scoreboard can be mounted with included mounting tape and screws. 

Pitch N Stick is the must-have indoor baseball game for kids! This simple yet fun game comes with an extra large 36 inch x 24 inch poster featuring realistic colored graphics and 4 sticky baseballs. Kids will be entertained for hours with the 3 pitching zones and multiple ways to play (game rules included). Easily peel and stick the poster to any solid wall or door and throw the squishy baseballs at the target. The poster is safe for walls and won't leave any residue behind and the balls are ultra soft for your kids and your home.

kidrobot, yummy world, unique gifts and toys

kidrobot, gingerbread man interactive toy, candy candy ornaments, yummy world
Yummy World Large Gingerbread Jimmy Christmas Cookie Interactive Plush. What’s that pitter-patter on the roof you hear? It’s Yummy World's own Gingerbread Jimmy the large Christmas Cookie plush spreading holiday cheer! This 16-inch tall interactive Christmas cookie plush comes with the signature Yummy World “googly” eyes and dashed smile. Gingerbread Jimmy is the first Yummy World plush to come with interactive accessories! Gingerbread Jimmy comes with removable and repositionable accessories including a Santa hat, bow tie, peppermint buttons, mustache and googly eyes! All accessories can be detached and rearranged in any festive spirit you choose. Put him under your tree today! 

Yummy World Candy Cane Plush Ornaments 4-Pack. From the snowiest gingerbread house in Yummy World comes the Candy Cane Squad Plush Ornaments Holiday 4-Pack! Each of the plush Candy Canes ornaments features the signature Yummy World “googly” eyes and dashed smile. Each candy cane comes with its own Santa hat and elastic band to hang on your Christmas tree or your rear view mirror. Grab your Candy Cane ornaments pack today and spread holiday cheer wherever you go!

Kids Bright Toys, Travel Tray, Car Travel Tray, Activity Tray

kids activity tray, kids travel tray, car travel tray, travel items for kids

Kids Bright Toys Travel Tray will hold all your kids goodies wherever you are! Now your kids won’t have to balance toys, coloring books, food, crayons, or anything else on their lap in the car anymore! This tray has pockets for crayons, markers, tablet, toys, and much more. The surface area of the tray is hard, perfect for coloring and doing activities, but the underneath is soft and padded, making it comfortable for your little one's lap. This travel tray comes in three colors: Purple, Blue and Gray!

magformers, designer carnival set, magnetic building toys

magformers, designer carnival set, magnetic building toys

Bring your circus ideas to life and become a ringmaster with the Target exclusive Designer Carnival Set. Learn to build a Ferris wheel, carousel and other great circus rides! Add accessories to your geometric shapes and design whirling, spinning creations.

Magformers align perfectly with STEM education and allow kids to actively learn about kinetic motion, structural building and shape recognition.

Build with original and authentic Magformers and follow the step-by-step instructions and develop color and shape recognition, fine motor skills and problem-solving ability.

Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you'll always hear the Magformers click. When playtime is over, us the magnetic power to simply stack and store.

Available on Amazon!

Magformers Designer Carnival 46Pc Has Been Proudly Selected As A Top STEM Toy And Teaching Aid By STEM.Org.

my fruit shack, crayon molds, kids crayon toys, pop it family game

crayon melting molds, kids crayon toys, pop it family game, mega crayons, alphabet molds

Ready, Set, Pop: This jumbo size, pop game mat has 1,000 pops! This race game can have 1-4 players and is perfect for parties and family game nights. Each player gets 250 classic silicone bubbles to pop and whoever finishes all their pops and gets to the buzzer first - wins! Batteries are included. 

CraCycle 4 Pack Assorted Crayon Molds: Tired of having a bunch of broken crayons in your crayon boxes? This CraCycle 4-pack of assorted crayon molds will make your crayons like new again, but even cooler! Collect all your broken crayons and fill the molds and bake them in the oven! These molds are oven safe and are made of premium grade silicone. Molds include cute animal shapes, flowers and bugs as well as triangular and jumbo triangular size-molds. Available on Amazon! 

CraCycle 3D Alphabet Mold: Want to switch it up? Use your broken crayons to make letters! Turn your broken crayons into a fun learning experience as your children will write and draw with the alphabet. Letter mold is oven safe and made of premium grade silicone and is embossed with educational ABC phonics for fun learning. 

CraCycle 480 Paperless Crayons: If your having so much fun using all these new molds, you might end up needing some more crayons! Check out this huge pack of 480 paperless crayons, all set and ready to melt! Comes in 12 vibrant colors and are oven, microwave and double boiler compatible! 

CraCycle DIY 4 Giant Crayons and Box: This kit comes complete with molds, crayons to melt, crayon wrappers and all supplies! You can even melt the crayons in your microwave, or use a double boiler if preferred. These huge crayons even come with their own giant crayon box for storing when not in use. 

nat geo kids, national geographic kids, nat geo kids books

nat geo kids, national geographic kids, dinosaur books

This holiday season National Geographic Kids Books -- the gold standard in "edu-tainment" -- has great gift ideas for every curious kid, from big, beautiful and WOW-worthy titles to stocking stuffers that are, well, STUFFED with fun facts, silly jokes and photos galore.  

For the Dinosaur Obsessed: National Geographic Kids Dinosaur Atlas
For the Animal Lover: 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Animals) + Little Kids First Big Book of Baby Animals
For Fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series: Zeus the Mighty: The Epic Escape from the Underworld
For the Armchair Traveler: Big Book of W.O.W. (Wonders of Our World)
For Those Who Dream About What Tomorrow Might Look Like: Ultimate Book of the Future
For the Screen-Obsessed: Critter Chat
For the Littlest of Hands: Little Kids First Board Book: African Animals. 

These titles and much more are available on Amazon!

Owala, Water bottle, travel water bottle

Owala freesip, stainless steel water bottle, large size water bottle, travel water bottle

The Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle with Locking Push-Button Lid easily tackles every thirst. With a built-in, easy-clean straw and a wide-mouth opening, the FreeSip reusable bottle is designed for drinking two different ways: sipping upright through the straw or tilting back to swig from the wide-mouth spout opening. Add in a push-to-open lid and playful colors, and staying hydrated has never been simpler—or more fun. Additional features include double-wall insulated stainless steel that keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours, a carry loop that doubles as a lock, a cup holder-friendly base, and a wide opening for easy cleaning and adding ice. 

Available in three sizes: 24-Ounce, 32-Ounce, and 40-Ounce. Lid is dishwasher safe; hand wash cup. Not for use with hot liquids. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

Also selling on Amazon

pearhead, family keepsake, baby keepsake, handprint kit

pearhead family photo frame, family hand print frame, baby's first year frame

Create a lasting memory with this clear family handprint DIY artwork by Pearhead that doubles as a fun family bonding activity and a unique piece of art you can cherish forever! Includes wide white frame with triangle hangers, four clear sheets, red, yellow, blue and white paint and a black marker. Siblings can bond and make wonderful memories together while creating this artwork for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, mom birthday gift or holiday gift; also makes a wonderful baby keepsake and baby shower gift. Create a generational keepsake by capturing grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, son and daughter handprints, the whole family will love looking back at the tiny prints as baby grows
Frame Dimensions: 9.13”W x 11.38”H x 1.78”D.

Baby's first year goes by in an instant! Make sure to capture each and every moment with Pearhead’s photo moments frame. This modern, white wooden frame holds 12 1.25” x 1.75” small photos and 1 large 4” x 6” photo to highlight every moment of baby’s first year. An acid-free beveled mat is included to border each picture. Includes easel and sawtooth hanger and 

pictures on gold, custom jewelry, gold jewelry, heart locket

picture locket, custom jewelry, gold jewelry, heart pendant
At PicturesOnGold we want to make sure your shopping experience is both easy and comfortable. We have taken great measures to ensure that all gold, silver, and custom photo jewelry orders are safe and secure. In addition, as your custom jewelry source, we guarantee that your merchandise will be enjoyed for years to come.

While the lockets are made onsite, customers can take creative control from the comfort of their living room, not just choosing the picture, but designing all aspects of the personalization from engraving to embellishing. Customers can also come down to the shop.

Use discount code HOLIDAY10 for 10% OFF your purchase!

PJ Library, Hanukkah, Jewish traditions, menorah

PJ Library, Hanukkah at Monica's Book, Jewish traditions, menorah

Hanukkah Ideas from PJ Library -- and a new book for kids!

PJ Librar
y offers a wealth of ideas and free resources at the Hanukkah Hub, including kid-friendly information about the holiday, interfaith celebration information, 10 easy kid-approved Hanukkah recipes, free printables (menorah, dreidel).


The newly published and exclusive-to-PJ Publishing picture book Hanukkah at Monica's is now available on the PJ Library Amazon store. The colorful 32-page paperback book is written and illustrated by Varda Livney. 


Here's the story: No one loves Hanukkah more than Monica. And celebrating the Festival of Lights — lighting candles, singing blessings, eating delicious fried foods and playing dreidel — is even more fun with friends. Luckily, Monica has lots of friends, including a robot, a pirate, even a jellyfish! Who’s going to arrive at her party next?

Other Amazon store gift ideas: Choose easy and meaningful Hanukkah gifts, including a Jewish perpetual calendar, PJ Library aprons, and carefully curated books (like Hanukkah at Monica’s) for children:

solo stove, bonfire 2.0, campfire stove

solo stove, campfire stove, beach campfire, portable campfire, smokeless fire pit

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is their best-selling fire pit and it's no wonder with all these amazing features! This fire pit is built for the backyard and beyond. You will be able to easily light up smokeless fires anywhere life takes you. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

This fire pit is easy to use thanks to 360° Signature Airflow, now anyone can easily spark up bright flames whether you’re a first-timer or a pro. And just like the start-up, clean-up can be done in a snap. Their new removable ash pan makes getting rid of incinerated leftovers simple so that you can enjoy nights with less mess and more good moments.

A really important factor to my family is that this is smokeless! Their Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes and hair. And without that pesky “post-fire” smell, teary eyes, or a game of musical chairs to dodge smoke, you can enjoy ultimate warmth without sacrificing comfort. 

The Bonfire 2.0 is also ultra portable, weighing in at just over 23 pounds. Bring it camping, tailgating, partying at the beach, or just enjoying your outdoor oasis, pack up your fire pit in the included carry case and get moving. Plus, it's long lasting! It's made with 304 stainless steel, which is highly durable, surprisingly lightweight, and won’t cave under the pressure of an ultra-hot flame.

Looks like all you need now are some goodies to make some s'mores and you will have the perfect family campfire!

Lowest Prices of the year with sitewide savings up to 45% off until 12/4.

Also available on Amazon!

Thames and Kosmos, toy company brand, stem toys, magic toys

Robot dozr, code and control robot, magic hat tricks, magician tricks for kids

Code+Control: Robo Dozr: Build a powerful robotic bulldozer and sleek handheld wireless controller. Then use the controller to command your robot to move around in all directions, play sounds, and light up its cab roof lights. The special Code+Control wireless unit enables you to either directly control your Robo Dozr in real time, or write and save sequences of commands for the robot to perform at the push of a button. No app or separate devices are required! With LED lights, a speaker, two motors, flexible tracks, a truck bed, and a hefty bulldozer blade, the Robo Dozr is packed with power and ready for action. 

Magic Hat: With the magic hat and rabbit puppet, as well as more than 40 other magic props, kids as young as six years old can learn and perform 35 magic tricks. The manual teaches most of the tricks in three easy steps accompanied by color illustrations, first clearly explaining which magic props are needed, then how the trick is prepared, and finally how it is performed. With some practice, it becomes easy to stage a magic show filled with fun and successful tricks that will amaze your audience. For one magician, ages 6 and up, and many audience members.

the pencil grip, kwik stix, kids paint crafts

magic stix, the pencil grip, global skin tone markers

NEW to the Magic Stix Collection, color your world with Global Skin Tones! This 48 count set of non-toxic and washable markers includes 36 rainbow colors plus 12 new global skin shades! We can't wait to see you use Magic Stix to create the people, places and world around you. 

No Cap? No Problem! Magic Stix are GUARANTEED to last with the cap off for up to 7 DAYS without drying out! Featuring a new, triangular shape to promote proper grip, and help develop fine motor skills. Added bonus - Magic Stix will not roll off your table or desk while working! Comes with a carrying case that is easy to clean and sanitize.

Also available on Amazon!

tulip crafting, crafting for kids, tie dye projects for kids

tulip crafting, crafting for kids, tie dye projects for kids

Tulip Ultimate 30-Color Tie-Dye Bundle: Get the ultimate tie-dye experience with the Tulip Ultimate Tie-Dye Bundle! Includes 30 (4 fl. oz.) One-Step Dyes: (2) Yellow, (3) Red, (1) Violet, Blue, (3) Green, (3) Turquoise, (2) Fuchsia, (3) Orange, (2) Lime, (2) Purple, (1) Black, (2) Teal, (1) Pink, (1) Brown and (1) Royal Blue, plus 20 gloves, 100 rubber bands, plastic surface cover, and project guide. 

Dyes up to 90 projects. (Note: project count will vary based on size of garment and amount of dye used.) All Tulip One-Step Dyes are nontoxic and safe for crafters of any age or experience level. One-Step Dyes are formulated to be their best and brightest on natural-fiber fabrics. Dyes are safe to machine wash – colors stay bold through repeated washings.

Great for parties! Let the crafting fun begin!

Also available on Amazon!

Ubbi diaper paid, ubbi logo, ubbi bath toys, toilet training

ubbi, ubbig gift bath set, bath toys, toddler bath toys

This Ubbi Bath Gift Set is a 13-piece set that includes 4 sets of bath toys. There are 3 squeeze bath toys, 3 starfish suction toys, 4 interchangeable bath toys and 1 cloud and droplet duo. Comes in classic or muted tones color choices. (Classic is featured)

When not in use, the included bin is a handy and convenient storage solution. This 2-part toy drying bin and base scoop toys out of the tub while draining water and store toys until the next bath. 

As an added bonus, all toys can be placed in your dishwasher or rinsed and air dried for an easy clean.  

Also available on Amazon!

Whiskware, lunch boxes, snack packs, kids lunch bags

whiskware snacking containers, disney snack cups, pixar cups, mickey and minnie mouse snacks

On-the-go snacking has never been so easy. Stackable, secure, and convenient, our Snack Packs let you customize the amount and variety of snacks you can access throughout the day while perfectly fitting into backpacks, work bags, or cupholders! Each compartment clicks into place with ease so kids (or you) can feed themselves whenever a case of hanger strikes. Win win.

Each Snack Pack has 3 containers: 1/3 cup, 1 cup, and 1 cup and has a removable handle for easy transport. Their sleek design fits into backpacks, lunchboxes, and bags and has twist ‘n’ lock compartments to avoid messes. BPA & phthalate-free!

With so many fun designs, characters (i.e. Star Wars, Pixar, Disney), and colors, there's something for everyone! Time to get snackin'! :)

Available for purchase on Amazon, too!

Thank you for reading through the Love, Mrs. Mommy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! I hope you enjoyed all the wonderful gift ideas and don't forget to make use of those great coupon codes! 

Love, Mrs. Mommy wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season!