MrBeast’s net worth, earnings from YouTube videos and expensive things he owns

If you follow YouTube channels and are abreast with the gamut of reaction videos, video-game commentary and philanthropic YouTube stunt videos, chances are you have come across Jimmy Donaldson. If that doesn’t ring a bell, the MrBeast YouTube channel surely should. Crowned as one of the most-followed accounts on Google’s video-sharing platform, it has overwhelmingly high subscriber statistics and viral content which makes MrBeast’s net worth a jaw-dropping figure.

With over 152 million subscribers on MrBeast’s main channel, this young American YouTube star is at the top of his game. Celebrity Net Worth quotes MrBeast’s net worth as USD 100 million as of May 2023. He started his YouTube career in 2012 at the age of 13 and began posting videos about gaming, funny compilations of playing Minecraft and Call of Duty and analysing the net worth of other YouTubers. Donaldson gained widespread popularity for documenting his charity stunts with one of the most popular MrBeast videos being posted on 29 January 2023. As per the video, he paid all the money for the cataract operation of 1000 people.

Philanthropy, business ventures and expensive videos make Donaldson a favourite internet star with a huge net worth. Recently he also made headlines for buying separate homes for his family and staff in a North Carolina neighbourhood, close to where he grew up.

Here’s more about MrBeast’s video earnings, YouTube career highlights, luxury assets and other ventures

MrBeast YouTube channel: Stats and earnings

MrBeast net worth- youtube
Image credit: MrBeast/Instagram

Being crowned no.1 among Top Creators and the Highest-Paid YouTube Stars in 2022 by Forbes is a feat in itself. This is because Donaldson captures the pulse of the audience who enjoy watching crazy stunts online. Over the years, he has posted 742 videos through his main YouTube channel, which show huge giveaway drives and charitable stunts. It is also the fourth highest-subscribed account on YouTube. Hence, when MrBeast posted a video of being buried alive for 50 hours, it raked up over 252 million views.

Ad revenue and brand sponsorships play a major role in his YouTube earnings. According to Forbes, MrBeast’s videos garnered 10 billion views in 2021, and he made a whopping USD 54 million that year. The amount is almost double of what he earned in 2020. In another report, the media outlet mentions, the amount includes USD 32 million from YouTube ads across all his accounts and USD 9 million from sponsored content and in-video brand deals. The Richest says he makes around USD 3-5 million per month as a YouTuber, mega philanthropist and entrepreneur.

MrBeast operates multiple YouTube channels for different genres of videos — Beast Philanthropy has 13.2 million subscribers and 23 videos, MrBeast Gaming has 32.3 million subscribers and 139 videos, 24.4 million people have subscribed to Beast Reacts which has 241 videos, and MrBeast 2 is hub of all his 113 YouTube shots and boasts 23.7 million followers. MrBeast en Español, Donaldson’s Spanish channel, has 67 videos and 24 million subscribers.

Most expensive MrBeast YouTube videos and how he earns all the money

By now it is well-established that brand deals and AdSense (displaying ads next to one’s online content) are pivotal in earning money from YouTube videos. However, since the cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), or the money advertisers pay for YouTube ads, differs across regions, it is difficult to quote a ballpark figure as to how much MrBeast earns through ad revenue specifically.

According to The Verge, “The more viral he becomes, the more brands want to work with him, and the bigger his own AdSense earnings get. He can then entice viewers with even bigger giveaway videos. It’s a never-ending cycle.” The report cites a 2018 video and says, “It started with incrementally sponsored deals from companies like Quid, working with Donaldson on USD 10,000 videos.” When he gave away his first USD 10,000 to a homeless stranger, he felt very positive and realised, the bigger the giveaways, the higher the chances of going viral.

In one video, MrBeast set up a Squid Game-like scenario where fans took part in such games, and the winner was given USD 4,56,000 cash prize. The investment behind making the video amounted to around USD 3.5 million. The November 2021 video amassed over 418 million views.

Insider states that in 2022, his “outlandish” giveaways amounted to nearly USD 3.2 million. In one of his gaming videos of June 2022, 10 lucky fans, who found ‘golden tickets’ in MrBeast bars, were flown to a North Carolina warehouse where a replica of the ‘Chocolate Factory’ awaited them. They were made to do a number of tasks and the surviving winner could choose between winning the structure he created and encashing the deed, which amounted to USD 5,00,000. YouTuber Dallin Lambert won the cash. The total giveaway amount was around USD 6,13,000. The video received over 192 million views.

In an April 2023 video, MrBeast took fans on an all-expense paid private charter jet flight and treated them to gourmet meals. The tickets, reportedly, cost USD 5,00,000 per person and the plane featured carpeting, artwork and gold-plated sinks that cost around USD 2 million. If that wasn’t enough, those onboard were taken to Disney World as well. The video has garnered over 150 million views and is estimated to have a budget of at least USD 4.5 million.

Such mind-boggling ideas and astonishing giveaways make MrBeast’s YouTube channel not only a fun space but also endearing. While the investments may seem a lot, millions of views and impressive AdSense ensure returns are equally high. It is interesting to know, Donaldson doesn’t take home all the money and instead invests in the production of his next viral video.

MrBeast Burger and Feastables

MrBeast net worth- business venture
Image credit: MrBeast/Instagram

Besides creating unusual YouTube videos and keeping fans updated via his Instagram posts, MrBeast is also an entrepreneur with his own unique restaurant concept called MrBeast Burger. Donaldson conceived the idea in December 2020 and the brand began as a virtual delivery-only restaurant chain. It is a joint venture with Virtual Dining Concepts, owned by Robert Earl of Planet Hollywood.

Reportedly, Donaldson shook hands with over 300 eateries across the US at the time and in 2021, the MrBeast Burger app became the most popular free app on Apple Store. It now allows fans to order MrBeast-themed burger meals from 1,600 such restaurants. The YouTuber handles the marketing aspect and ensures proper operations. In 2022, it had sold over a million burgers. The same year Forbes said, “In 2021 it had USD 70 million in annual sales, and it’s on track to hit USD 100 million in sales this year.”

MrBeast net worth- feastables
Image credit: MrBeast/Instagram

Now, onto some desserts. Donaldson entered the candy business with his brand Feastables and caught his fans’ attention as a modern-day Willy Wonka.

His chocolates are made with organic cacao and use less than six ingredients. Within four months of operation, the brand sold over four million bars. In November 2022, Forbes reported, “Donaldson is the majority owner, with venture investors pumping in a reported USD 5 million for 20%.” He is making it big in the offline segment and the chocolates are available in over 4,700 Walmart stores. The media outlet also mentioned, “Feastables is more profitable, pulling in an estimated 40% gross margin compared to around 30% for the burger chain.”

Undoubtedly, these business ventures become another main channel of income which helps fuel MrBeast’s net worth.

Expensive things owned by the viral YouTube sensation


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While not much is known about the expensive assets Donaldson owns, his net worth is proof enough that he has a penchant for all things grand and opulent. In one video he was seen buying a BMW i8 with just USD 1 bills. The luxury car cost over USD 1,20,000 and has some outstanding features which he revealed later.

In another video, Donaldson poses as a homeless man and enters a Lamborghini store and browses through the colours. He asks a series of rather absurd questions and when the salesperson casually mentions buying it, the YouTuber makes the luxury purchase.

MrBeast’s friends also shower him with luxury gifts. Fellow YouTuber ZHC once gifted him a custom-painted Tesla Model 3. He painted the expensive car light blue and added the tiger motif from MrBeast’s main channel logo. Since the base price grosses over USD 60,000, it won’t be wrong to estimate that the customisations went over USD 1 million.

In another instance, Jimmy gave fellow YouTuber Hacksmith USD 10,000 to make a fascinating lightsaber. However, Hacksmith took the challenge and ended up making two. Hence, it became one of MrBeast’s most bizarre possessions.

MrBeast net worth- real estate
Image credit: MrBeast/Instagram

Donaldson also has an interesting real estate portfolio. According to a New York Post report, the Greenville, North Carolina neighbourhood, which he bought for his family and employees, has five homes and the first property he bought costs USD 3,18,000.

MrBeast purchased his first house in the same locality in 2018 for USD 3,20,000. The nearly 280 sq m two-storey house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. A fancy kitchen and glass fireplace make its biggest highlights. This was followed by a 2020 purchase of USD 2,63,000 and later in 2021 and 2022, he bought three more homes for a combined USD 1.45 million.

MrBeast gives millions of dollars in charity

Jimmy Donaldson
Image credit: MrBeast/Instagram

If a man walks up to you and asks your height and says if you measure exactly that figure, you would get a lump sum amount, would you believe? Well, that’s exactly what MrBeast did in one of his videos, and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Right from his initial videos, MrBeast gave away millions of dollars to charity. His Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel shows why he is considered the biggest philanthropist out there on the platform.

In 2017, when he gave USD 10,000 to a homeless man, the video skyrocketed with over 10 million views. The following year he doubled the amount and gave USD 20,000 to a homeless stranger. In 2018, he also teamed up with YouTuber Mark Rober to raise USD 20 million for the Arbor Day Foundation. It aimed to plant a tree for every dollar. Later, the two, reportedly, worked together for ocean conservation and raised USD 30 million as well. On 7 May 2023, he received over 50 million views when he paid USD 3 million for hearing aids for 1000 people.

Personal life and awards

MrBeast net worth- personal life
Image credit: MrBeast/Instagram

Born on 7 May 1998, MrBeast and his YouTube accounts have changed the shape of the platform. Although not much is known about his personal life, fans have gathered details from his videos. He reportedly attended school at Greenville Christian Academy, North Carolina and then went to East Carolina University but dropped out after two weeks. But that did not stop Donaldson from teaching a class at Harvard University.

In 2018, he showed support for fellow YouTuber PewDiePie, who was battling to become the account with the highest number of subscribers. Although he lost to T Series, MrBeast posted a 12-hour-long video saying PewDiePie 1,00,000 times and showed up at the Super Bowl in a ‘Sub 2 PewDiePie’ shirt.

The benevolent creator has received several accolades. In 2023 Donaldson won Favourite Male Creator at the Kids’ Choice Awards. In 2021, he received the YouTube Creator Reward and was named Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards, which he also won the previous year. Donaldson bagged the Shorty Award as YouTuber of the Year in 2020 as well.

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