Outdoor April Fools: Check Out Our Favorite Spoof Gear

April Fools gear

The April Fools’ Day tradition of ridiculous outdoor product launches grows stronger — and sillier — every year. From a backpacking toaster to a max-smoke fire pit, we’ve rounded up this year’s absurd gear spoofs for us all to enjoy.

And as an added bonus, one of these is actually real! Scroll down to find out!

Traeger x WhistlePig Grill ‘Still in a Grill’


Smoking delicious meats in your own backyard is fine and good, but why not also craft a homemade spirit to wash it down? Traeger Grills and WhistlePig Whiskey team up to create a brilliant innovation in all-in-one meal preparation: the world’s first “still in a grill.”

WhistlePig’s still attachment fits directly into Traeger’s new Timberline and Ironwood grills — just remove the grates at the top of the grill and drop in the copper still. Plus, WiFIRE connectivity allows you to monitor your fermentation progress while you lounge on the couch and watch the game.

After an all-day grill and distill session, you’ll have a fresh batch of whiskey with hot smoked bacon for garnish. It’s sure to be the envy of your entire suburb.

Moosejaw ‘Double or Nothing’ Checkout


As it turns out, humans are far more engaged when winning or losing hangs in the balance. From language learning programs to fitness apps, our world is increasingly gamified.

Now, outdoor gear retailer Moosejaw spices up its shopping experience with an enticing casino-style offer. When you add a product to your cart on Moosejaw, you’ll be given the option to check out with a “Double or Nothing” button. If you choose to play, that new backpacking tent might just be absolutely free. Or, of course, you could end up paying twice as much. That won’t happen to you, though — today’s your lucky day.

Roofnest Hatchling


This April, Roofnest is tapping into a fast-growing market: younger drivers. Today, Roofnest reveals the Hatchling, the first-ever rooftop tent for kids. From Jeeps to Broncos to Land Cruisers, children have been enjoying pint-size versions of their parents’ adventure vehicles for generations. Though these resemble full-size rigs, they lack one key overland accessory: rooftop tents. Until now.

Designed to fit atop children’s Power Wheels, and even Little Tikes, Hatchling is large enough to sleep three small toddlers, two kids, or one tiny tween. “Roofnest recognized that no backyard campout is complete without a rooftop tent,” said Roofnest’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Rogers. “Hatchling is perfectly proportioned to be mounted atop any children’s powered adventure vehicles.”

Roofnest’s Hatchling is a downsized version of the lightweight Meadowlark rooftop tent. Hatchling measures 36 inches long by 24 inches wide by 23 inches tall when open, and pricing starts at $4,123 (including free shipping).

Nikwax ‘Tooth Wash’


Got a dirty down jacket? Wash it with Nikwax. Nonfunctional rain shell? Nikwax has your back. In need of new toothpaste? Uh, apparently Nikwax!

That’s right — the international leader in gear cleaning supplies jumps into the oral hygiene game. The brand’s Tooth Wash and Plaque Proof products offer the same revitalization effect as its technical detergents — but this time, for your teeth. When used together, these products are guaranteed to brighten your smile by a very precise 112%.

It’s an unexpected pivot for Nikwax, but topsy-turvy economic trends are demanding creativity across the board. As it turns out, there’s a whole lot of money in toothpaste.

Rumpl Slumber Sack


Perhaps the biggest sleep-system innovation in recent memory, Rumpl has achieved the unthinkable. The rumors are true — the blanket-peddling brand announces the world’s first-ever “sleeping sack.”

After years of rigorous tinkering and labor-intensive testing, Rumpl has finally found a way to sew a piece of material into a bag shape. No longer will people’s legs remain free and uninhibited at night. Never again will the icy stab of chilly air harm a poor soul’s sockless feet.

In addition to extra warmth and comfort, the Slumber Sack offers endless additional benefits. First, its airtight construction completely traps odor so users can sleep soundly knowing they’re engulfed in a cloud of their own natural musk. Also, the embedded phone pouch exists. Boom.

Subaru Granola

(Photo/Subaru of America)

Subaru of America, Inc. today announced that as part of its commitment to be “More Than a Car Company,” the automaker is entering the granola business with the debut of the all-new Subaru 2023 Forager Granola.

The closest thing you’ll find to eating compost for breakfast, Subaru Forager Granola is a companion snack to power you through life’s crunchiest pursuits. The ultimate driver’s seat treat (just ignore the crumbs), the Forager can power even the busiest days, whether you’re scouting out trees to hug, talking to plants, or searching for a spot for your latest bumper sticker.

“At Subaru, we’re committed to being More Than a Car Company,” said Moe Muesli, head of texture and granularity at Subaru. “We know Subaru drivers have a reputation for being ‘crunchy,’ and now we have a snack that is as crunchy — or perhaps crunchier — than they are.”

Subaru’s Forager Granola blends wholesome grains, nuts, dried fruits, and the “promise of the open road” in one tasty package. And, Subaru says, Forager is customizable with any ingredients. Subaru recommends fresh steam from Old Faithful, crunchy macrobiotic twigs, or berries you find in the woods.

Subaru Forager Granola was set to launch on April 1 … but because this is an April Fools’ Day joke, it won’t be hitting grocery shelves or Subaru locations any time soon.

Solo Stove With Extra Smoke


For millennia, humans have gazed into the immortal flames of campfires, spellbound by the flickering beauty, pacified by the warmth, and inevitably thinking: “Damn, I wish there was more smoke in my face right now.”

Luckily for us, Solo Stove solves the problem of sub-par smoke with its new Plume SmokeMore pit — a cutting-edge design that’s purpose-built to absolutely obliterate your vision with plumes of thick toxic smoke. The Plume burns like a campfire that was shoddily built from heaps of wet vegetation — 100% of the time. If your neighbors didn’t know you were having a backyard bonfire get-together, they surely will now.

Granite Gear Pocket Toaster


When backpacking, the No. 1 goal in the morning is to hit the trail. Busting out the stove for oatmeal can be an inefficient drag. Why not eat on the go?

In partnership with Pop-Tarts, Granite Gear drops the Pop-Tart Toaster Add-On Pocket. At just 8 ounces, this solar-powered toaster weighs a little more than a single pack of Frosted Blueberry ‘tarts. With 1,200 W of power and “keep warm” and “broil” functions, this ultraportable toaster will keep you fueled up until lunch.

On the grueling back half of the PCT, the prospect of choking down a rock-hard Clif bar is enough to make a person bail on the entire endeavor. Hot, fresh Pop-Tarts are the key to keeping your morale as high as your mileage.

Yakima EXOhMega Cargo System


Yakima just quadrupled available cargo space with the new EXOhMega.

What to do when you’re packing for your next adventure and there’s just not enough room? Can’t decide what gear to bring? With EXOhMega, you don’t have to make those tough decisions any longer, thanks to Yakima. Biking, spelunking, competitive baking, camping, or ripping corduroy at the local hill — with this high-capacity cargo system, you can do it all.

Today, Yakima released specs on the EXOhMega, including over 1,000 possible configurations, swing-away rear trunk access, an easy-install design with the tool-free EXO cleat system, a jack for base camp mode, and more. The Yakima EXOhMega fits 2-inch hitch receivers with a minimum tongue weight of 800 pounds.

Chubbies Pattern-Changing Swim Trunks


On April Fools, it’s never easy to tell when a person is joking. The old “no seriously, this isn’t an April Fools” could be sincere, or it could just be a form of doubling down from a seasoned prankster. With that said, these pattern-changing shorts from Chubbies are fully real. Take that as you will.

In Chubbies’ own words, these “jealousy-inducing” trunks feature a “magic” stretch fabric that becomes printed when you get them wet. The royal blue version is sleek and plain when dry, but after a mega cannonball off the diving board, a festive taco-themed pattern appears.

Four colors are available, each with its own unique prints.

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