People Who Have To Enter Other People’s Houses As Part Of Their Job Share The Most Disturbing Things They’ve Seen (67 Answers)

A person's home is a reflection of their personality. Or at the very least, their lifestyle. That's why so many of us are wary of having people over. But some don't need an invitation. Movers, technicians, and even delivery drivers get to step (or at least have a peek) inside our properties virtually every day.

So when Reddit user Valar_Morghulis888 made a post on the platform, asking people who have jobs that require them to go into strangers' homes to share the weirdest things they've seen, many stepped up and delivered. Continue scrolling to read about their experiences.


Not my story, my Dad's.

He used to deliver furniture. He and his buddy go to deliver a dining set to a house. The homeowner is sitting on a recliner as my dad and his coworker unpack the dining set and set it up. The guy had a gun on the side table directly next to him, he was just chillin and watching tv.

Finally they're done setting it up, the guy then grabs the gun and points it at my dad. Tells him to empty his wallet and get out. Dad's coworker was pissed, my dad did exactly what he said, coworker did the same. They left.

There was a payphone at the corner, my dad calls 911, says he just got mugged. Dispatch asks for details of the mugger, my dad was able to give the guy's first and last name, address, phone number, and a description of what the guy looked like.

Guy got arrested, my dad and coworker got their money back.

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I work for a funeral home. I go into people's houses on a daily basis. I've seen hoarders. I've seen decomposing bodies. But nothing was weirder than the family that had their refrigerator in the living room. Not even against a wall. Dead center middle of the floor.

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Delivered furniture. Lady has mannequins EVERYWHERE in her home doing various tasks. At the dinner table, watching tv, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, playing cards in the game room, IN HER BED. Every single one was dressed up very nicely as well. She had us move "Gavin" from her bed to replace the mattress. When we were done she pulled a wad of money out of her bra, flipped through about 30 $100 bills, several $50's and gave us $20 each.

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Well just food deliveries. This dude answers the door in just a speedo.(you'd be surprised how many people answer their doors with little to nothing on) I didn't acknowledge it so he says you may have noticed I don't have any clothes on.I just didn't expect you so quickly. So when I didn't mention his attire he had to make sure we talked about it then he asked if I would like to come in for a beer and a hit of his bong.

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Not a job, but found a dog that had escaped a lady's back yard. After returning it she was so pleased she wanted to give me a reward and invited me into her home. (heyo)

Inside her house was piles upon piles of boxes of strange kids toys that appeared to be from that old magazine "Oriental Trading Co." She tried to give me bouncy balls, tops, silly putty, packs of markers, stickers. These boxes were literally stacked to her roof, absorbing her entire living room. Why she had so much I have no idea. I ended up leaving with an armful of silly toys, hard candies and stickers.

Fun Fact: Silly putty is still pretty awesome.

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I work for a remodel company and this lady who lives all by herself in this huge three story house had an exorbitant amount of dream catchers in basically every room of the house. There was one particularly large dream catcher (about the size of a smart car) hanging down in the middle of the dining room. I never got the nerve to ask what her fascination with them was.

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I worked for Best Buy's Geek Squad and Circuit City as an in-home technician (They named their in-home service 'Firedog'. Does anyone remember that?) for over five years. I've seen some s**t. Here are several of the highlights.

1) Had several people try to pay me in drugs.

2) I had the police show up and arrest an old guy for domestic violence while I was at his house. That was fun.

3) One guy had a bunch of issues with my store and a computer he bought there. He was pissed, so they sent me on a free in-home call to fix things and make him happy. He tried the 'macho intimidation' thing by cleaning his gun collection in the same room where I working on his computer. (I was/am a recreational shooter, so this didn't faze me.)

4) Single Mom wants me to work on her teenage daughters desktop computer. The daughter is watching me work and asking questions, which was fine. It's a long job, and as time passes, the daughter starts getting really flirty. She keeps finding excuses to touch me, laughing at everything I am saying, and making "suggestive" comments. I'm feeling uncomfortable, but I ignore her advances and try and concentrate on the job.

She finally gets up, walks over, and sits down on my lap. No warning, no asking permission, just does it. I shot to my feet instantly, dumping her on the ground. I went to find the mom, only to discover THE MOM HAD LEFT. SHE HAD LEFT ME ALONE IN HER HOME WITH HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER.

I noped the hell out of there ASAP, drove straight back to the store, and reported it to my manager.

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I once entered a home where literally (and I am using the word correctly here) every spare space on the walls was occupied with cuckoo clocks. There must have been hundreds.

So you walk in, get a strange feeling ("Something's off here") and then you register that you can't see the walls.

And the sound... All the tick-tock's just fused into a hum.

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Walked in on a p*rn shoot once. Owner's assistant forgot to tell me they rented out the house on the same day I was supposed to work on the aquarium.

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I used to work delivery and we went into this one house where an old lady had a ridiculous amount of birds. Every corner seemed to have a cage in it. It smelled like she never cleaned any of the cages. The stench was so bad that we had to occasionally stop to go out side and get a breath of fresh air.

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Had to shoot an interview with a former homeless man. He was living from a tent he set up in his livingroom.

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Former door-to-door telecom salesman. Once entered the home of an elderly lady who I am 100% certain is a serial killer. The insider of her house was COVERED in thousands of dolls of all kinds, mostly porcelain dolls. All the walls, floor to ceiling. Every piece of furniture. Every table, every shelf. She had a china cabinet full of little dolls. Her floor was covered in big dolls. Her garden was full of ceramic dolls. It was terrifying.

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No, you don't understand.

So many f*****g cats.

These people had a literal breeding program set up. Their living room was a maze of floor to ceiling cages full of cats. Wire cages with p**s and s**t filtering down to the cats on the bottom. The smell was horrific. I walked in their house *once*. I almost couldn't register what I was seeing.

I found out later they were running a similar operation, this one with puppies, out of a barn on another part of the property


I'm an EMT and I think I've seen it all by this point. Extreme hoarding situations hidden in what appears from the outside to be a beautiful luxury home, literal herds of cats, dead animals (ew), trash, bizarre decor, houses completely devoid of any furniture for some reason.

And then, there's the clown house. Holy f*****g s**t. There's a bizarre old lady in our district who occasionally needs assistance getting out of her recliner... whose house is packed to the ceiling with clown memorabilia, including a 5 foot tall Murano glass sculpture of a crying Bozo that stands at the end of a shadowy hallway. I'd call myself a tough cookie, but I get the creeps every time.

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Did appliance delivery/installation for a summer, we delivered a dishwasher and a range to a house that on the outside looked like a typical middle class ranch style house. We went inside, and there were no walls in the entire house. The frame work was there, all the electrical and duct work was ran like normal, but no dry wall or plaster on anything. You could see from one side of the house to the other, including bedrooms and bathrooms. The latter was very apparent when, during the installation of the dishwasher, the guy went to the bathroom that was adjacent to the kitchen and proceeded to take a dump. He was still talking to us and we unfortunately could see everything, including the fact that he did not wash his hands when he was done.

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Door to door window sales; dude answered the door buck naked. I didn't know what to do, so I just kept trying to sell the windows. I took his first 'no' and gladly left.

Pizza delivery; dude lived in an RV, smelled so bad, like s**t and death and rot. He ordered twice a week and always when I was the only driver, didn't tip either. I would alway hyperventelate in the car to get good O2 then take a deep breathe so I would have enough air to speak and not have to breathe in his plague lair.
Also pizza; Worked there 3 years, first time I delivered to an older lady she was fat, later she was in a wheel chair, the she lost a foot, then a whole leg, then stopped ordering all together. Probably dead. Always got stuffed crust and 2 2-liters.

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Rich people in San Francisco high-rises love spying on one another. Like every condo has a telescope.

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I used to deliver mattresses. People don't seem to care about someone they will probably never see again coming into their home so they don't really make an attempt to hide anything. Also, people hide everything in their beds. I've found money, guns, sex toys, drugs. The cooler things seem to have happened to me when I worked there. More than once, a customer has smoked weed with me, and given me some as a tip. I delivered to a house where they were having a party, and offered me shots. One time a Filipino family was having dinner and offered me and my partner dinner. We sat down and had these mini egg roll things with them.


I'm currently a sub contractor working for health canada. I go to military homes and install radon gas detectors. I have a ton of horror stories and some great ones.

Went into one guys basement and there were piles of cat s**t everywhere. I mean everywhere, over 50 piles easily. It looked to neat and tidy to be natural. either he was placing the cat poo in those spots, or it was his poop. Still a mystery.

Rang the door bell and a woman yelled from the living room for me to come in. Take my boots off, turn the corner and the couple are having sex casually on the couch while watching tv. No blanket, I see everything.

After finishing the work, I come up from the basement and the guy is standing there, massive erection, asking me questions about radon gas. I think they were F*****g with me. Or the guy liked showing off his huge d**k.

Another home I went into seemed super normal. Older man, 50s, very polite and his house was super clean. He appeared to be living alone. As I walk through the living room to get to the basement, I notice the very polished stripper pole in the middle of the room.

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Worked as a meter inspector for a few summers, weirdest thing I saw was a tree with a sh*tload of doll heads hanging in it. Zipped out of there preying quick.

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I was a Mormon missionary. This is one kinda bizarre story.

I went into a hoarders house, but it wasn't your typical garbage nasty hoarders house. It was a sweet roughly 80 year old lady. She had the typical pathway that you could use to walk through the house and huge amounts of stuff but the difference was that everything was neat, clean, and organized. For example, she had couches that were nice and clean and in good shape, but they were completely unusable because the couch was completely covered with couch pillows, neatly organized. Her walls were completely covered with pictures, appearing to be stacked like Tetris pieces. Most of her floor was covered with decorations and lawn ornament type things with only a path that you could walk through.

She was a super nice and wonderful lady

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I used to work as a mortician removal technician.

Which means I'd go to hospitals, senior living places, and homes to pick up and transport dead folks.

So, you f****n' name it man.

One lady died in her trailer with no relatives or friends, guy out for a jog called it in saying that the road out front of her trailer smelled really bad. Get inside and there's about 20 dogs of varying sizes, all very nice, all very full off of their owners corpse. There were cigarette butts literally (not figuratively) an inch or two deep covering the entire floor. And dog s**t, so much dog s**t.

So we put the remainder of her body in a bag and took her away.

There was another that was an old homeless dude, he lived in this clearing in the forest with a home made of weird metal scraps and clothes and such. It was like a 2 story Fallout building, s**t was hella intricate. He had somehow acquired a small walk in freezer that he used as a place to sleep. He died with his d**k in his hand, as we all hope we do.

Overall pretty good job though. Lots of down time.


I cleaned out the apartment of someone who cared for barnyard animals, and I'm pretty sure had a Valium problem.

The place was absolutely disgusting. One guy I was working with walked in and immediately threw up. Found needles. And empty liquid Valium bottles, crusty blankets and old food, and about 200 gay porn vhs tapes. The most recent of which was from like 98 (this was in 2015). Also lots of weird nik naks and things.

The weirdest thing though was a chewing tobacco tin. It felt light so I opened it. And inside was a little person made out of pipe cleaners, complete with facial features and an abnormally large pipe cleaner penis, that fit perfectly into the tin.


Back in early 00's I was a Dominos pizza delivery guy. On a normal delivery, this woman in her 30's slams the door open and yells "Do you want me to suck your d**k or what?". Me, 18 years old in Dominos outfit, cap and pizza bag in my hand is totally caught off guard. All I manage to say is "why?".
Luckily, her girlfriend comes to the door and tells me that she is just f*****g with me.


I used to work for the local council as a plumber and saw many strange things but I think the strangest thing I have seen is this. I had to bleed all the radiators so asked the tenants if I could proceeded to go round the house and do so. Permission granted I set about going from room to room releasing the air from the radiators and filling each one up, everything was fine until I got upstairs. I did the first 2 bedrooms and the bathroom without a hitch then I went into the final bedroom. As I opened the door I could hear there was something in there running about, I just assumed it was a dog as it wasn't unusual for tenants to put their dogs out the way while we worked in the property. As I walked in the room I noticed a strong smell of urine and that there was no furniture I looked down towards where the sounds of movement had come from to see the most flea bitten fox running around in circles. I was out that room like a shot


Occupation: Jeweler/precious metal dealer.

I was on a call with a man who had recently lost his wife. He was selling me her jewelry and some of his jewelry. The whole thing was very, very sad. He looked at every piece as though it were her, crying and screaming. Now, I understand grieving a loved one is rough. I've been there and I'm certainly not mentally well for a while afterwards... However, that's not the weird part.

The weird part was when he took me into other rooms of the house asking if I wanted to buy other things. Him and his wife were both massive hoarders and collectors of pretty much anything collectable. Each "pile" was fairly neatly organized and was mostly standard stuff like bottles, art, books, etc. Until I got to the large board filled with rat s**t organized by color and shape...


while working for the red cross some years ago, I went into peoples houses to install some emergency system to call the doctor.

Some of these people were quite rich and the stranges thing I encountered was a bowl next to the door, that had multiple bundles of money of different currencies (Euro, Pound and I think Russian money)

I asked the old man whether this was such a clever Idea, to which he only said that there were far more valuable things to steal in the house (i didn´t dare to ask what) and that if somebody would steal it he would just get new money.

he was just not interested in getting money from the bank all the time and didn´t want to hire anybody to do it for him.

still gave no tip in the end.


My dude is a flooring guy and owns his own business. He always tried to only take jobs on referrals so he doesn't get stuck with weirdos but he ran into a slow patch. He went to a house of a lady that had found his number on the internet to provide a quote. She was in her 30's, not terribly attractive and high on something. Oh and wearing sheer lingerie. He walks further in the house and realizes her mother is sitting in the living room wearing a similar outfit. He hurriedly slaps together a quote ten times higher than the going rate then let's them know he's super backed up on his schedule and gets TFO of there.


Not homes but I go into customer's cars all the time for work. Usually it's mostly stuff like left over drugs or whatever. The best one though was these two chicks who had locked their keys in their SUV. They look really stoned and I think they said they were at a Wiz Khalifa concert the night before. Understandable. I unlock the car and the keys are nowhere to be found. Now I would figure most people would be discreet about this and thank me for coming and send me on my way, but these girls right in front of me began opening every compartment in the car. The glove box was filled with small bongs, pipes, blunt wraps and weed grinders. The center console was filled with sex toys and a few ounces of weed. They were just dumping all this s**t out for the world to see in a public parking garage while they rummaged through the car for their keys. All I could say is "uhhhhh...nice collection" they said thanks and went back to looking for the keys. I just decided to shuffle away from that nonsense.


Hoarding. I was a state social worker...

The pattern on the wallpaper started moving... and I realized it was thousands of cockroaches. Holes in the walls where cats ran through them.

Counted 25 alive cats. 2 found dead under couch.

The carpet was so filled with cat urine it squelched over the top of my flats and into my shoes.

And used tampons..everywhere.

Had to remove all children. Home was condemned and eventually burned by the city.


Car not house, but this one guy had hundreds of stuffed animals in the back seat of his car and in the trunk. All brand new, still with tags. Turned the car on and the radio started blasting some hardcore rap. Found out after he passed away that he was really good at claw machines and would donate all the toys to childrens hospitals. RIP dude, sorry I thought you were a weirdo.


I sometimes help my uncle do house clean outs. This one house had more books than a library. Their entire attic, garage, and basement were filled with books, some from the 1700s. I helped out on third day of the job and we were still able to completely fill my uncles dump truck twice with just books. I should probably mention that this was a 3 story house with a basement.


Story time: My friends wife works for the DCF (Department of Children and Families) and she was telling us about one of her cases. She visits kids in care of foster families or just kids who have mental problems. One case in particular still haunts me. She went to check on a Mom and her 8 year old son who has some form of mental disability. She knocks on the door and the Mom answers. The Mom invites her in and she sits in their living room. They are sitting chatting and then the 8 year old son comes into the room so my buddy's wife greets him and asks him how he is doing. He was chewing on what she thought was candy or taffy. When he gets close to speak to her, he takes what he had out of his mouth to say hello. My buddy's wife looks at what he has in his hand which was just in his mouth and it is a f*****g used, bloody tampon. She is absolutely disgusted and asks the mom how she could let her son chew on a used tampon. The Mom nonchalantly explains that her son is very wild and out of control and when he chews on the used tampons it calms him down so she gives them to him. These are her used tampons that she lets her own son chew on for comfort. Needless to say she was reported and I think she was headed for a pysch eval after that.

TLDR: Friends wife works for DCF. Had a case where Mom let her 8 year old son chew on her used tampons for comfort.


I install internet. While being shown where they wanted their modem I was ushered into a bedroom with a women sleeping in a bed with a goat next to her. The goat was watching T.V.


I'm a tree surgeon so I have to go to a different house pretty much every other day. I never normally go in to houses but this time I did and I'm scarred for life. I went to this little old partially blind woman's house, as she wanted a couple of apple trees shaped and trimmed down. I finished the job and knocked on the door, the force of my knock just slightly opened the door. I didn't get an answer but I heard a heated one side argument from inside her house, so I went in. I walked in to the living room and she was shouting at her husband for not replying to her for the whole week. Her husband was dead in his armchair. She couldn't see very well obviously, she thought he was just ignoring her and not coming to bed. I burst in to tears, it was heartbreaking.


Guy had tons of photos of naked guys all over the walls in one room. In all kinds of poses. I thought they were wrestlers with body suits on until I got a closer look and they were absolutely naked. I double checked to see if any looked obviously underage and then finished up my job.


A moose-head mounted on the wall over a tall fireplace with its antlers drooping down instead of pointing up.

I kept wondering why its antlers were down as opposed to being erect, but decided not to ask because the guy seemed strange - as if he were just waiting for me to inquire.


Worked for a moving company my senior year of high school. 80 year old lady had a massive box of sex toys.


Went out with district nurses as a student to this old guy with leg ulcers. His house is filthy and he's a bit of a hoarder so it's one of them try not to breathe or touch anything visits. Took the dressing down and turned round to get something and when I turn back he's happily letting his dog lick the wounds.


Not me but a home inspector who came to our place recently told us that he had just visited a house where the entire floor, basically every square inch of the place was covered in loose change. He said that there was probably a solid layer of coins and now they were working on their second. Said it must've been thousands of dollars worth.


House full of unsupervised children under the age of six, answering the house's landline, dirty kitchen full of plastic bowls with uneaten top ramen in them.

There was an adult "around," but he was in the house's adjoining garage, watching movies: audio at full blast, two fans full blast, door closed. He got out at some point to see what was going on, but didn't even make contact with us.

Anyway, the landlord wanted to know why the dishwasher wouldn't drain (no air gap).


I deployed as part of the military's response to the Black Saturday Fires in '09 here in Victoria Australia.
We had permission to enter homes to check for bodies of those who might have died from smoke inhalation.

We entered a property in Flowerdale and Jesus Christ. Every room had a layer of clothes ankle deep, animal faeces everywhere and children's toys, so obviously kids lived there.

Out the back were animals of all sorts, no water and still locked in cages.
We used our own water to hydrate the animals and of course reported what we saw to the police we were working with.


Few years ago I was volunteering with the city council helping people clean their houses after the neighborhood I lived in had been flooded.
One house belonged to a Chinese couple who ran the local convenience store. They had asked our crew to help remove water damaged carpet from the ground floor rooms of their house so it could be thrown away.
As we were removing this carpet, we realised that it ran in one piece under a closed door and into a locked room, so we asked the lady of the house if she wanted us to cut it off at the door and leave whatever was in the locked room behind, or if she wanted to open the room and have us remove the carpet in there also. She responded, "I'll check with my husband what to do. That's his special room."
This lead to some nervously puzzled looks from our crew. What does a middle aged Chinese man who owns a convenience store keep in his "special room"?
Eventually the wife came back with a set of keys and told us that we could remove the carpet in the room and she unlocked the door. We all crowded around as the door opened to reveal..
A room with carpet up the walls, a mirror ball on the ceiling, a stage at one end with a PA standard sound system, a projector, and in the corner just about the fanciest karaoke machine I'd ever seen. Special room indeed.


Human s**t on the floor.

Also there were two entrances inside, one in the kitchen and one at the living room. The one that came through the kitchen seemed like the logical one from the outside but it was completely blocked with random c**p. Couch was filthy covered in random black smudges, like gum on the sidewalk. Floor was filthy. Crumbs covering everything. Three small boys all under the age of 6, all wearing diapers. Filthy f*****g filthy place. Had a therapist quit after one visit when apparently the oldest boy pulled off his diaper and started wiping s**t in her hair.

Also remember a house with a china cabinet full of random figurines. Like Disneyland souvenirs but random whatever. That kid had a sweet a*s toy vacuum though, so that was what was most important.


I once did door to door vacuum sales for a week and ended up entering this single 40+ year old ladies house. She was really nice and wanted me to clean the carpet by the sliding door in the kitchen. So as I walk through the living room there are nesting dolls EVERYWHERE. I had never seen so many nesting dolls in my life some were even child size. Every single desk, coffee table, couch corner, TV stand, etc. had nesting dolls covering the entire surface. When I asked her about the dolls she said her mother use to collect them before she died when she was younger and has been collecting them ever since.


I work in the IT department but was shadowing a workman and how he used his PDA and what could be improved with it. First house we go into the tenant points us towards a door to the bathroom, 'Yeah that's the handle that needs fixing' she says, 'go ahead', workmen pushes the door open to a bloke sat on the toilet having a s**t. Not sure who was more surprised.


I work for a company that contracts work for utility companies. Mostly gas companies. Anyway, right now we're on a contract inspecting residential gas meters. I wouldn't say I've really seen anything "weird", but there's definitely been some interesting s**t.

1.) I work in Idaho right now which has a major meth problem, and I was assigned a huge trailer park for my route one week. I saw some truely horrific houses and met some really f****d up people that week. One guys trailer was just torn to s**t, broken windows, siding missing with exposed insulation, real dreamboat. I get around to the back of his place and he's got a wire running out a back window, across his lawn and its spliced into the power line running to his neighbors house. It was obviously hot because it was melting the snow around it in his yard. So I call the sheriffs, tell em what I'm seeing, and move on to the next house. Literally next door lady has two of the most neglected looking dogs I've ever seen. Back on the phone with the sheriffs. Two sheriffs deputies and an animal control officer show up at the same time, deputies go to look at the cable, AC officer goes to talk to the lady. Deputies come back after a minute and say no ones home, so they'll have me sign a witness statement and they'll contact the power company to take it from there. As soon as they finish up there they walk next door and arrest the lady who owned the dogs while the AC officer loaded them into his truck. I felt bad it was animal control taking them and not our local humane society, because they were more than likely just put down. I doubt the state would spend the money trying to rehabilitate them and then adopt them out. But, honestly, I think a quick death was a far better ending than what they had in store if left at that house.

2.) A week or so after starting with this company I was using a flathead screwdriver to try and chip some ice off the top of a meter ( I don't know what I was thinking). Sure enough I punch about a dime size hole right through the meter and get blasted in the face with natural gas. I get on the phone with the gas company to have them dispatch someone for repairs and had to walk around front of the house to get the house number. I come back and the old lady whose house it is is standing about 3ft from the meter with a lit cigarette in her mouth. I was kind of frozen because I thought we were all about to die in a giant fiery explosion when she takes a drag off her cigarette, and, with cigarette still between her two fingers, points down at the hole in the meter and says "Now has that always been there?". It was one of those moments you could feel your heart seize up in your chest. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Took about 4 hours for my b******e to fully unclench.

3.) I met a guy who was turning a huge old church into a house. Got to walk trough a bit of it on the way back to his meter. He'd done a pretty good job so far, but I was curious why would he take on such an endeavor? "Well, I have a lot of children." he says. I'm like "What like, 10 or 11?". He sort of chuckles, "No, 23... 5 biological and 18 adopted. 15 of them live here now, and 6 of them are disabled.". Ho-ly s**t. I don't believe in god, but I was like somebody or something bless this man. I mean, this guy had to have surrendered any kind of personal life outside of his kids and that house so that these kids could have parents and a home. The more I talked to him the more I kind of just wanted to hug the guy. Really cool dude. Me and the gf have been hooked on Fixer Upper so I sat and talked with the guy for like an hour about his family, and home renovations. I know his wife is a nurse but I never did bother asking what he did.


I am an HVAC mechanic. I was dispatched to a clean and tune for a furnace in a VERY upper class neighborhood (million dollar homes). Rang the door bell. A young girl around 7 or 8 opened the door *wearing nothing but diapers*. Wow. OK. I asked if her mommy or daddy was home and she said daddy "Isn't here anymore" and that "Mommy drank a lot of orange juice last night and is still sleeping". I left right away.


Was doing some shifts with paramedics as part of med school. The one that stuck out was a flat belonging to a well known alcoholic. You could barely push the door open, only enough to squeeze through. The entire floor in all of the rooms was littered with plastic 2L cider bottles, probably a foot deep. It was like walking through a ball pit


I'm a paramedic and one time I went into this older ladies apartment to help her, while asking her about what was going on I couldn't help but notice the huge canvas painting on the wall behind her which was clearly her completely naked sprawled out on a motorcycle. The weirdest part was that the lady was probably 60 years old and the painting was probably done when she was 40ish...


Worked over 12 years as a cable guy (basically). Average 6 houses per day I'd be in 150 a year. So 1800 different homes. I've seen it all.

Hoarders. I see this so much it doesn't even faze me anymore. Curse it every time though trying to work around it all.

Drugs. So much drugs. Full grow ops. Seen lots being done and have been offered some.

Dirty homes. Just beyond words nasty.

Left alone with kids. Worse ever was a woman he left without telling me and I was there with her 8 and 6 year old kids. Yes she left me there and went back to work. Kids are usually home alone after school for a couple hours until she got home. I didn't care and told her off.

P*rn/sex toys. I knocked a big dildo off a computer desk onto my own head once.

Nudity/advances. Flat out had a woman pull her skirt up and showed me that she wasn't wearing underwear.

Dead things. I had to run a line through a old ladies attic. Opened hatch and the smell gagged me. Flashlight showed numerous dead cats. Yes cats. How they got there or what happened I don't know.


I work in low income occupied rehab. One of the weirder things I found was a rubber glove with hot dogs in it. We found it under a bed that we moved to replace a window. Pretty sure the gal was using it as a sex toy. I come across a lot of sex toys moving stuff.


I used to work for Best Buy's Geek Squad doing in-home stuff. I once had a lady with nothing more than a bra and panties on the entire time I was in her home. Meanwhile, her obviously high boyfriend was in the room and never said a thing.


my dad cleans air ducts. one time there was a bunch of human s**t in one air duct. the owners were complaining about a smell when their AC was on or something like that. turns out their kid somehow knew how to get in them and pooped in there for like a few weeks straight


This reminds me about the time I was out late with some coworkers at the apartment of one of our bosses after a team outing with a lot of drinking. It was me, two coworkers who were about the same age as me, another coworker who was several years older than us, and our boss, who was probably in her late 40s.

We were all hanging out on the balcony out back, when some of her neighbors noticed she was out and told us all to come over. Our boss told us to go and meet these guys, because they were awesome, so we went.

When we got there they introduced themselves and gave us all a drink, even though we all already one in our hands. Then they gave us a tour of the apartment, which was pretty typical, until they got to their bedroom.

"And this is our leather wall..."

The two coworkers who were around my age and all exchanged looks that conveyed the sentiment of "wtf?" It was literally a giant piece of plywood that had been upholstered and hung on a wall, covering a good portion of it. To them it was completely normal and something they were really proud to show off.

They were actually really nice, friendly guys and we ended up hanging out for a bit before leaving, but I still think that leather wall was pretty bizarre.


I used to install and repair home care equipment. Went into this old person's house and the smell of dog s**t was overwhelming. There were dog turds everywhere. Worked fast, holding back a puke. Didn't even ask for him to sign. Told him I was done and left quickly.


I volunteer for hospice in stl. This one house had a collection of beanie babies like no other. Among the collections, there were beanie babies dressed up and placed in family scenes, action scenes and in small workshop type scenes. All over. They were covered in dust like they'd been placed there a long one ago. Hundreds. The creepy part was, when I went to throw a soda away, I opened up the cupboard under the sink and found a bunch of beanie babies in cages under the sink. The ones I could see had their eyes ripped out. The dude was 76, dying of COPD stuff. I didn't see any pictures of kids or family. Just a couple photos of him in the 90s with beanie babies. I wish he spoke. We're all without answers on this one.


I was sent in to replace a ceiling in a rental unit over the bathtub. It was bulging down like it had water damage.

I thought it would be fast to just smash into it with my crowbar and yank it down,

It all came down and I got covered from head to foot with ant larva.

I did a little ew, ew dance.


I worked for myself as a cleaner and people would give me a key for their place or meet me there, leave, and get me to lock up before I left. One time I showed up to one of my regular cleans and let myself in, as per usual. I started from the top floor down. I got to the second floor from the third and went to go into the daughter's bedroom. I walked in to find her leaning over a cardboard box, she looked at me with panic in her eyes because she was supposed to be at school, and whispered "I'm hiding a bunny from my parents, please don't tell".

I backed out of the room, finished the job, and left. I never did tell her parents about the bunny. Not really weird, just odd and super cute.


While in college I was a runner for a real estate company. So I'd drive around and take pictures of the homes and put up signs. One time I was sent to a home that was vacant as the owners had already moved to another state. I tried getting in the front door with the key provided but it was stuck. I couldn't see inside but I could see some condensation on the front door window. I head to the back door and was able to open that one. I walked in to one of the craziest things I've ever seen. The house was filled with mold and mushrooms were growing out of the floor. Apparently the dish washer's hot water was leaking from the kitchen for weeks. The hot water flowed down the stairs into the basement. Everything was ruined. Apparently they were able to salvage the house but I thought they were going to have to condemn it. I felt bad for the owners but I believe insurance covered them.


I go in people's houses all the time. One time I was working under someones sink. I needed a flashlight looked over and saw one. Turned on said flashlight and it started vibrating. It was a Fleshlight not a flashlight.

Had to clean an apartment out of a guy that was known to hire hookers all the time. He left behind a blood-soaked mattress that I had to dispose of,out of a high rise condo.


Deliver furniture for a charity, you get good customers and pretty terrible customers. My first day we were delivering a freezer to an old lady, she seemed nice enough when she came to buy it so all was fine, got outside her house in the van and the front garden contained six cats and four dogs. You could smell it as soon as you got halfway up the path, she obviously didn't let these animals out often and they'd all bolted out when she opened the door to let us in. The first thing we noticed inside the house was the fact the stairs had different carpet to the rest of the house, it wasn't different, it was caked in s**t. Had to move the fridge between each room and then make an excuse to get out, along the lines of "need to go and speak to the boss". We got out and it became policy that we carry a tub of Vicks in the van now. The upside being it's still for a charity and, you get some great customers too! Delivered a suite to an old couple a few weeks back and the wife insisted on making us dinner.


A giant pile of cat carriers (like 30 of them) in the living room, tons and tons of cat fur on everything, no cats.


Tippy-toeing across the living floor to avoid the piles of dog s**t. Old peanutbutter sandwich behind the tv. Bedroom with dirty clothes stacked level with the bed. Cat lady house....avoid those. Guy pranking his neighbor with tv remote...guy called in for a service call because his cable box kept changing channels by itself. Neighbor fessed (he had the same cable remote) up while I was there we all LOLed. Life of a cable guy.


Property manager here, I work in rentals and have had a few weird things happen in my time. I deal with a lot of vacant properties so there are the few creepy/weird ones from time to time.

- I took over the management of a property and went to inspect it for the first time. The whole house was beautiful, really well maintained and looked after, that is until i reached the 4th bedroom upstairs. The walls were covered in porn magazine pages and weird sexual writing, mostly nonsensical rambling.
I'm talking EVERYWHERE. Maybe they thought I wouldn't notice?

- Once while in a property by myself doing a condition report, I went to the bathroom and when I came back out every single light in the house was on. It was the middle of the day and I had left all the lights off when I came in. That was pretty weird for me.

- Similar to the one above, once while in the bedroom of a property doing a condition report I heard a loud bang and the sound of running and walked out to see the front door and back door wide open. It could have been wind but that day was a sunny calm day, no wind at all. The house was vacant at the time. Squatter?

- I had a family once turn up for an open for inspection and as they reached the door to greet me and come in, the mother decided not to, saying we aren't welcome and shouldn't be here. She didn't feel right about it. I stayed out the front for the rest of the open home.

- This ones kinda sad, not me but my colleague was trying to contact her tenants that were an elderly couple. After multiple phone calls and a couple of days she received a call from the elderly couples daughter. She also couldn't get in touch with them and was worried. They both decided to go over and knock on the door and use the spare key if they needed to.
They knocked on the door and no one answered, so they used the key to get in. Once they opened the door they heard this really uncomfortable moaning noises coming from the bedroom. The man has fallen over and took his wife with him, the both had broken bones and couldn't get up. They had been there for days. You can imagine the smell. Unfortunately they passed away in the hospital shortly after.

I'm sure there's a heap more that people in my office have experienced but that's all I can think of now.


This is late but in my old job I had to always be in people's homes for quality checks and repairs for Internet related issues, had a request to fix a PC, we'll I had to install new wireless drivers so I eject what's in there and of course it's a porn DVD. Well knowing this is a teenage boys room I discreetly lay the disc face down on his desk and install my drivers while putting the DVD in one of his game cases and just wrote a sticky note telling him I put his game back in its case after fixing his drivers. Signed the note, You Welcome.

Probably saved him from at least being grounded cause hey, we were all little dudes at one time.....


A hairy bachelor who had lined every single inch of all three bedroom walls with pages out of Cosmo - up close model faces from advertisements, with many of them folded to show only the eyes. Interspersed among them was a similar picture of his own mother every few feet. He had stapled all of them, with at least a dozen staples on every one.
He also had a thin coating of his own hair and grease all over the walls and floors. And gold chain necklaces.