Practice Name Writing in 12 Fun Ways for Preschoolers

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Give your preschooler a little boost in school with easy and fun ways to practice name writing! They’ll be ready to go for the first day of school!

One of the first things your preschooler will learn is how to spell and recognize their own name. Your little learner will be discovering how to spell it.

And that means writing it down.

Instead of using a name writing practice sheet or worksheet, add a little bit of fun to name writing practice.

Hands-on writing is much more exciting for preschoolers than putting pen to paper and writing the same thing over and over again.

Plus, preschoolers might not be ready to grip the pencil and be able to write in this way yet.

And that’s okay.

Okay, quick disclaimer, I know that just sounded like I know what I’m talking about, and kind of sounds like it’s from a teacher’s perspective, but it’s not.

I’m a parent, not a teacher. I never have been a teacher.

This is just information that I’ve gathered through experience and through researching for many years on my own.

Practice Name Writing in 12 Fun Ways for Preschoolers

Making name writing practice a hands-on experience can be so much more meaningful.

Over the years, I’ve done many of these in some shape or form. I hope you enjoy these 12 ways that kids can practice name writing.

Best of all, you can use these ideas at home or school. It will make learning fun for them without adding pressure!

12 fun ways to practice name writing with your preschooler!

Ways for Preschoolers to Practice Name Writing:

  1. Highlighters are awesome for tracing anything! Add in glue and yarn and it’s a hands-on experience, or triple the name tracing fun!
  2. Buggy and Buddy loves to rainbow write their names! Writing their name over and over again in different colors to make a rainbow. Make it big and fun!
  3. Another twist on rainbow writing is rainbow name painting from NurtureStore! Paint over and over in different colors!
  4. Discover Explore Learn traces letters with paint and Q-tips, put this to their name and the kids will love it!
  5. Jen’s OT for Kids uses glitter glue to practice name writing! (Get glitter glue here, affiliate link)
  6. Practice writing their name on the chalkboard, but with water to erase it away!
  7. Make a sensory bag to practice pre-writing skills to write the letters of their name (from Play at Home Mom)
  8. Fingerpaint their name! This idea from Creative Tots is a great one for kids struggling to grip a pencil yet.
  9. Practice writing their name in a salt sensory tray! Great idea from Bounce Back Parenting. No salt? Try flour!
  10. Get out the watercolors and trace the letters of their name with a paintbrush! This is a pretty one from Play to Learn Preschool!
  11. Teach Preschool has a fun name writing game to do on the whiteboard.
  12. When all else fails, break out a can of shaving cream. This idea from Gift of Curiosity always wins! Write their name in a tray!

12 fun ways to practice name writing with your preschooler!

Not quite ready to practice name writing yet? Try some of these name activities to start recognizing and spelling their name first.

What are your favorite ways to help your child practice name writing?

These affiliate products are non-worksheet ways for kids to practice writing their name.

Here are 10 more ways to prepare your little ones for school (that have nothing to do with academics!), from