Shape Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

The ultimate collection of the best shape activities for preschool and kindergarten! Explore these fun and easy activity ideas to teach your child about shapes through hands-on activities, sensory play, books, art projects, snack ideas, and more.

Which preschool shape activity will you try first?

The ultimate collection of shape activities for preschoolers

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Shape Activities for Kids

One of the most playful ways to start a school year off with math with young children is by learning shapes. Learning shapes helps children identify and organize visual information. It also can help them learn skills in other curriculum areas including reading, math, and science.

To better understand the why’s behind teaching shapes, take a look at What Children Know and Need to Learn about Shape and Space from Stanford. This article from NAEYC shares tips for discovering shapes and pace in preschool.

What activities can you do with shapes? We’ve put together for you a collection of shape activities to encourage learning and exploration with shapes throughout the year. The more our little ones explore shapes the better they will understand more complicated concepts in math later on, trust me on this.

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Activities for Exploring Shapes with Preschoolers

This collection of activities highlights how many different ways your child can have fun and learn with shapes. Let’s get started exploring shapes!

Dinosaur Shapes Game for Preschoolers and Toddlers
Teach My Child About Triangles with Kiwi Sticks

Grab your playdough and get started with this easy-to-make Dinosaur Shapes Game.

Have you ever used Kwik Paint Pens? Try them out by making this colorful Triangle Math Art.

Ready for the change in season? Have some fall fun with this Shape Scarecrow.

Want more shape writing practice? Try this Rainbow Salt Writing Tray Activity with Shapes.

Ideas for Hosting a Box Play Date with Kids

Bring shapes to life by hosting your own Box Playdate (I bet you and your friends have a few Amazon boxes around the house)

Looking for a fine motor activity? Try making this Shape Necklace with Dyed Pasta

DIY Blocks are so much fun to make as you explore 3D shapes, here’s the tutorial how to make.

giant felt pattern block with toddler

Grab your painters tape for this adorable movement activity to Move and Learn with Shapes.

Pattern blocks go life sized with this fun shapes patterning game with felt.

Looking for movement ideas with shapes? Try playing this inviting Shape Hopscotch!

10 Lessons for Preschoolers Using Lids
Fun and Easy Math Games for Kids with Shapes

Making shape rocks can be a fun art project that turns into a scavenger hunt or even patterning.

Looking for a circle activity? Try these 10 Circle Math Activities with lids.

Want more math activities with shapes? Here are 8 fun and easy math activities.

Additional with Engineering Activity

Puzzles can make the best stencils, especially when it comes to shape puzzles. Try this trace and match activity that sneaks in literacy too.

Grab your blocks to focus on learning addition with engineering. Hands-on fun with 3D shapes math addition towers.

Monsters make everything fun! Grab a few googly eyes to create this Shape Monster Sorting Activity.

Head outside to create these adorable Blowing Bubbles Shape Wands.

Do you have kinetic sand at home? Try making Sand Dough Shapes with Cookie Cutters.

Begin exploring 3D shapes with this fun STEM Project: Tensile Bubbles.

Shape Button Activities

I must admit, I’m slightly obsessed with these adorable shape buttons. You can grab them on Amazon or at your favorite local educational store. There are so many fun ways a child can learn with these shapes.

Here’s my top picks for shape button activities…

Get started with this hands-on exploration of button shapes in a Shape Sorting Sensory Bin.

Want a keepsake from your sensory bin adventure? Make your own Shape Bracelet.

Start to learn the letters of the alphabet by playing this Roll and Cover Alphabet Shape Game.

Want a shape activity they can play again and again, set up a Shape Sticky Wall Game.

And a whole new dimension by using a paper towel roll and contact paper for this Sticky Button Match Game. So many ways to challenge your little learner with this activity.

Start sorting and graphing by playing Shape Graphing Activity with Shape Buttons.

This hands-on game challenges your child to make your playdough shape, match your button shapes.

Here are a few of my favorite button shape manipulatives on Amazon…

Playdough Shape Activities

There’s just something about playing with playdough and learning about shapes that is a perfect match. Here is a collection of playdough shape activities to challenge your child with as they learn about shapes.

Start off with having your child find a few shapes around the house to create this Playdough Shapes Quilt.

Once it’s time for the holidays do the same challenge with Playdough Christmas Trees and shapes!

Have you tried using the Wikkistix Wax Sticks? They are a fun option for making shapes that’s mess-free.

Playdough Christmas Tree Activity for Fine Motor Skills
Button STEM Activity Challenge for Kids

Will you take the playdough button STEM challenge? A quick activity that challenges your child’s fine motor skills and critical thinking skills as you explore shapes. 

Use these playdough shapes mats to encourage hands-on learning and even a little math literacy too.

What better way to teach preschoolers about shapes than by letting young children build them?! Try this toothpick and playdough math challenge cards.

Have some popsicle sticks? Try making these 2D shape activity using craft sticks and play dough.

Grab some shape cookie cutters to create playdough shapes!

Book Inspired Shape Activities

Gruffalo Themed Animals Shapes
Mouse Count Activity with Lids for Preschoolers

Bring the beloved characters to life from this popular picture book by making Gruffalo Shape Animals.

Create a memory game with shapes with this cute Mouse Count Lids as you retell the story.

A fun literacy twist with shapes, learn to spell your name shapes activity with the book Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

Use Eric Carle’s popular book to be inspired to make your own Brown Bear Brown Bear Pool Noodle Stamp Art with Circles.

Child Playing Pete the Cat Movement Game with Sidewalk Chalk and Pete the Cat Hat Craft Idea using Construction Paper
Click Clack Moo Activity featuring shapes

Head outdoors with this Groovy cat activity and some circle buttons to play a Pete the Cat Craft and Shape Movement Activity Plus a tutorial for making a Pete the Cat Hat using shapes too!

Make a Shape Train Matching Activity inspired by the popular book Freight Train by Donalds Crews.

What message would a cow type? These special cows request shape blankets in a fun Click Clack Moo Shapes Activity.

Shape Art Projects for Kids

One of my favorite things to do with shapes is to create art projects with kids. Here’s a collection of shape art projects that your little one will enjoy using their artistic eye with.

A few of these art projects would be adorable in a frame too!

Paint Resist Toy Boat Art Project for Preschoolers

Explore resist painting by making this shape boat art project.

Set up a collage tray to inspire your child to build their own Shape Monster Art Project.

Get inspired by a famous artist and learn How to Draw Paul Klee Castle with shapes.

Star Shaped Stamp for Kids to Paint and create with and create something special for someone who SHINES bright in their life.
Watercolor Star Garland with LED Lights for Bedtime
child made starry night by van gogh

You can create any share with pipe cleaners to make your own shape stamp. Try this star shared stamp art project.

Add a little glitter for some shape magic and create this easy colorful star banner with watercolor paint.

Did you know some fruits have a shape hidden instead of them? Try this starry night inspired painting project with shapes!

2D shape Painting with Preschoolers

If you have unifix cubes, this Square Painting Art Project is super easy and fun.

This collaborative shape art project is a quick set up as your child explore shapes.

Find a fun way to repurpose your cardboard tubes by making shape painting.

This Circle Art Project is a great open ended art activity for kids with new tools, materials, and techniques added as interest demands.

Learn about the famous artist Wasilly Kandinsky and make your own version of his famous circles picture, exploring color theory and oil pastels.

Create this gorgeous geometric art project. In this colorful math art project you will use symmetry and axes to create lovely paper tiles!

Shaped Themed Recipes for Kids

One fun thing you can do with shapes is to head to the kitchen with your child to make these shaped inspired snacks.

heart shaped pancakes
Kale Pizza Christmas Tree Recipe: Read a Christmas Tree Book with your kids, then head to the kitchen to make this healthy dinner together! Kids that cook with books.
Apple Pie Pockets Recipe for Kids

Learn about shapes by creating your own special shape pancakes.

What shape pizza will you make your pizza? So many options!

Challenge your child to make circles that transform into delicious apple pie pockets.

Get creative by making a train-shaped snack using various shapes.

Indian Samosas on plate
Close up of Moon Bread Recipe and Astronaut Toy

Make a square into a triangle by making Indian Samosas with kids.

Get out of this world with shapes by making moon bread shaped like a circle.

Enjoy a book-inspired healthy and yummy treat! Make the Tortilla Shape Snack.

A childhood favorite! Make shape-specific rice Krispie treats like these star treats.

Shape Themed Books for Preschool

There are several shape books that are sure to be a hit with your preschooler. Here’s a whole post I wrote about my favorite twenty five shape books.

Shape Books for Preschool

Grab our preschool daily schedule samples to organize your day!

The Best Shape Toys and Manipulatives for Preschoolers

As a busy mom of 3 and former Kindergarten teacher, we’ve seen quite a few shape toys at our house. I’m sharing with you below my top picks of shape toys for kids to have in your preschool learning area. Children learn so much more than just identifying shapes when it comes to these types of manipulatives.

With these featured toys, your child will explore sorting, counting, colors, fine motor skills and more. Plus so many of them lead to building your child’s imagination. Did you know using make-believe objects is the beginning of learning to read?

Which shape toy will your child enjoy the most?

Additional Learning Activities for Preschoolers

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