Sort & Recycle Ride-On Truck by VTech

The Sort & Recycle Ride-On Truck is an all-in-one toy for gross motor, fine motor, and language development. Toddlers can ride their truck, collecting shapes in the front loader and dumping them inside or use it during floor play with four different learning modes: Quiz game, Music time, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and Learning Mode.

This awesome truck not only talks the talk, teaching our children to be kind to the Earth, but it walks the walk. It’s made from 90% reclaimed plastic. The different playing modes teach recycling methods, categorization (plastic, metal, paper), and early preschool concepts like shapes and colors. It encourages flexible thinking, prompting “what else could we do with a water bottle? Reuse it to water plants and flowers!”

The truck also features 3 smart sorting bins for collecting recycling items. This feature acted as a built in shape sorter with an added learning component – classification. Learning categories is important. Children begin to develop understanding of the way something looks, how it functions, etc. Once kids are able to file this information in their brains, they can more readily use these skills in language and conversation. The shape sorter supported spatial awareness and emphasized learning of shapes, colors, and recycling categories.

This fun truck also has great pretend play value. With a horn and turning ignition, kids loved pretending to be the drivers. Shapes were scattered around the room for neighborhood pick ups. They practiced motor skills like gripping and grasping as they held the top handle bar and scooped up shapes. It helped with teaching coordination and independence too.

Toddlers will love this truck. With different ways to play and learn, it’s great for language and motor development. Beep Beep! Coming through – the Sort & Recycle Ride-On Truck is perfect for you!

Available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon

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