Spring Break Boredom Busters!

These Spring Break boredom ideas for kids will help keep your kids entertained, and help you keep your sanity!

Spring Break will be here before we know it. And although we’re in full support of our kiddos getting a much-needed break from school, little ones aren’t always willing to “take it easy” during their off time. Some of it is out of habit—constantly moving during the week is a tough routine to break for kiddos. On the other hand, their unwillingness to just chilld out is because they simply don’t need to the way we moms do. Children have more energy (we know that’s not new news!). The idea of sitting still longer than the length of a couple of Blueys can be downright painful for them. That wouldn’t be a problem, except it also means you’re bound to hear, “Mom, I’m bored” we don’t always have boredom ideas for kids handy.

Not this year! These Spring Break boredom ideas for kids are going to prevent you from hearing that dreaded complaint. Whether you need to entertain them while you work from home, want to make sure the babysitter has an arsenal of tools, or they’re at the age where they can stay alone for a little bit while you’re at the office, these ideas are going to save the day! Start building your anti-boredom box with this list and you’ll be fully prepared for Spring Break!

KiwiCo Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume

Donning a dinosaur costume is even more fun if you make it yourself! This crate from KiwiCo includes everything you need to complete your costume — felt spikes, felt teeth, felt eyebrows, a set of 6 ready-to-wear felt claws (3 for each hand), and more! 

KiwiCo Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume ($29.95)—Buy Now

KiwiCo Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume

For the unicorn-lovers, this costume kit is magical! It comes with everything they need to create their own beautiful unicorn: an LED light, colorful tulle, an iridescent cutout to shape into a horn, and more.

KiwiCo Glowing Horn Unicorn Costume (29.95)—Buy Now

Connetix 66 pc Ball Run Expansion Pack

Connetix Magnetic Tiles guarantees hours of fun! They grow with your child as they learn to create more complex designs as they get older. This open-ended expansion pack includes connector square magnetic tiles, wooden balls plus a range of clear, fluted tubes to allow you to explore motion and gravity like never before – an X-shape to redirect and pivot the action, double-entry bowls for new ways to collaboratively play and race, spiral pieces for eye tracking fun, plus 1/2 and 1/4 pieces for twists and turns.

Connetix 66 pc Ball Run Expansion Pack ($79.00)—Buy Now


What if you could improve their reading during Spring Break while they have fun? Sneak in some educational screen time and you have Readability! Readability uses AI-interactive technology to keep kids engaged, allows you to track their progress through the platform, build vocabulary lists, and foster a lifelong love of reading!

Readability—Sign Up Now

Mom, I'm Bored Activity Book

We promised you wouldn't hear that phrase anymore, but the Mom, I'm Bored Activity Book should definitely be in your toolkit! 

Mom, I'm Bored Activity Book ($12.99)—Buy Now

Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt Game

Scavenger hunts will never go out of style! That's because they're always fun, and this one can be played inside or out. Plus, it's family-friendly and can be played with kiddos 3+ thanks to the picture cards!

Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt Game ($9.99)—Buy Now

Beat That!

Win by betting on your ability to successfully complete a series of ridiculous dexterity-based challenges! With a bunch of tricky and outrageous challenges to test your skills, this board game will have you hooked in seconds.

Beat That! ($19.95)—Buy Now

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

10 rocks + a whole bunch of supplies give kids a ton of different options to get creative during this Spring Break!

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit ($14.99)—Buy Now

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

Frisbees are a great way to get active and improve fine motor skills, but standard frisbees are heavy (and painful!). Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings are 80% lighter and are so much easier to throw and catch!

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings ($11.99)—Buy Now

Sand Art Kit

This kit includes 10 bottles, lots of sand options (including glitter!), and easy-to-fill funnels! 

Sand Art Kit ($24.99)—Buy Now

Busy Board

There's so much for little ones to do, all in one place! Kiddos can develop practical ability, cultivate patience in constant attempts, and keep them entertained!

Busy Board ($11.99)—Buy Now

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