Thanksgiving Craft with Clay Pots

This Thanksgiving craft is made with clay pots and simple craft supplies. It’s a great Thanksgiving craft and fun activity for kids of all ages. You can use this adorable pumpkin and these cute pilgrim hats as table decorations or as party favors, or as both.

2 pilgrim craft hats in front of a clay pot pumpkin on wood table

I grew up crafting with my mom and those were such special times. I’ve always looked for simple, fun crafts that I could make with my children. It’s a great way to spend time together and build family memories. It’s even better when the craft can also be use as decoration or great gift. This Thanksgiving craft checks all those boxes at once.

How do you make Thanksgiving fun?

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to focus on family and friends and create family memories. Planning ahead is a great way to make those treasured family memories with your Thanksgiving guests.

  • Plan age appropriate activities for guests. This keeps younger guests (and unruly guests) busy and out of your hair.
  • Choose fun ideas and activities to keep children active so they can burn off excess energy.
    • Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt – This free printable 4-page Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt printable is available immediately for a fun time. It’s a fun activity that keeps kids busy.
    • Fall Scavenger Hunt – Explore autumn with this free 4-page printable fall scavenger hunt. It’s perfect for a backyard or great outdoors activity for kids and the whole family.
  • Plan fun and easy crafts to have guests make decorations for the Thanksgiving table and favors they can take home with them.
    • This clay pot pumpkin and pilgrim hat is a fun craft.
    • Hand turkey crafts are always a great craft for younger kids and can be used to decorate the kid’s table.
    • Several additional cute Thanksgiving crafts are listed below.
  • Add table decorations like:
    • Place cards
    • Adorable turkeys
    • Pine cones
    • Native corn corn cobs
    • Pumpkins
    • Decorative napkins with napkin rings
  • Add favors to the Thanksgiving table as decorations and a party favor.
  • Have small toys, like finger puppets or Thanksgiving craft kits, for children.
  • Plan different area for groups of people to gather to talk, play games and watch TV.
  • Make Thanksgiving Blessing Bags. This has become a favorite Thanksgiving tradition for our entire family and is the perfect activity to focus on gratitude and sharing blessings at this time of year during the holiday season.

This clay pot and pilgrim hat craft has become a favorite Thanksgiving craft. It can be a fun project, a cute way to decorate the Thanksgiving dinner table or an adorable favor to give to guests.

crafted clay pot pumpkin with 2 crafted clay pot pilgrim hats in front

Thanksgiving Craft

This DIY project is uses small clay pots. You can find them at your local hardware store or order them online.

What you need to make this Thanksgiving craft

How to make this clay pot Thanksgiving Craft step-by-step

Gather all the supplies.  Remove stickers from bottom of clay pots and the saucer. 

Step One

Basecoat the clay pots with acrylic craft paint, let dry.  Apply a second coat, if necessary. 

2 small clay pots painted black with paint brush and bottle of craft paint

The 4-inch pot and saucer is painted orange to make the pumpkin. The 2-inch pot is painted black to make the pilgrim hat. 

Paint a wooden spool with brown craft paint. 

TIP:  Place the spool on a pencil so the entire spool can easily be painted at one time.

supplies for crafting clay pot Thanksgiving decorations

Step Two

Use a pencil to draw shapes on the craft foam prior to cutting.

Cut a leaf shape from the green craft foam. 

Measure and cut a half-inch by three-inch rectangle from white craft foam. 

Measure and cut a one-and-a-half-inch square on yellow craft foam.

Cut a circle with a three-inch diameter from the black craft foam. 

Step Three

Fold the yellow craft foam square at the one-half-inch mark and cut a three-eighth inch slit with scissors. 

Repeat this step on the left side of the square, and then insert the white rectangle to create the buckle for the pilgrim hat.

hand holding yellow buckle and white band

Step Four

Attach completed buckles to the black painted clay pot with glue gun and glue sticks. You can cut any excess white strap until there’s just enough to overlap for gluing.

glue gun next to 2 crafted pilgrim hat

Step Five

Adhere the three-inch black craft foam circle to the base of the black painted clay pot with the glue gun.

small clay pot painted black with glue gun near by

Step Six

Wrap the green pipe cleaner stem around a pencil.  Twist the end of the pipe cleaner around the spool to attach it.

clay pot pumpkin in mid process with 2 bottles of paint, and paint brush

Attach the spool stem, craft foam leaf and chenille stem vine to the top of the pumpkin lid with the glue gun. Use photos for placement.

crafted clay pot pumpkin with 2 crafted pilgrim hats in front

What makes this Thanksgiving craft with clay pots great?

  • It’s lots of fun to make.
  • It’s a great craft for kids or beginning crafters.
  • It make festive Thanksgiving decorations for the home or the Thanksgiving table.
  • You can add names and use them as place cards.
  • You can fill them with candy and they make great gifts and party favors.
  • It’s a great Thanksgiving craft for kids.
    • Big kids enjoy the art project.
    • It’s a great way for younger kids to practice fine motor skills.
  • It can become part of a family tradition.

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Other fun Thanksgiving activities

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