The Best Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have gained popularity recently and they are not only entertaining but serve multiple purposes to improve your health and well-being. Completing jigsaw puzzles is an activity that can include a family of people or you can complete on your own. They also can display memories you’ve cherished before and now get an opportunity to cherish. Creating the best jigsaw puzzles is easy with the different designs Shutterfly has to offer and once you finish you will have a gorgeous art piece that doubles as an amazing keepsake.

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Bring your friends and family together to complete a personalized jigsaw puzzle that is filled with wonderful memories of the past. Explore the vast range of jigsaw puzzles you can create for yourself as well as for the members of your family and friends.

Best Online Jigsaw Puzzle

The best puzzles you can buy are the puzzles you can personally create online with your favorite images and pictures. Choose from a variety of designs, templates, shapes, and colors to make your jigsaw puzzle one of a kind made just for you. Explore the best jigsaw puzzles for every member of your family from adults, to kids, to seniors, jigsaw puzzles are the best for everyone. Jigsaw puzzles make great kids gifts and gifts for adults of all ages, find the best jigsaw puzzle gifts that fit your gift receiver’s style and personality.

Best Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults

The best adult puzzles can be a variety of sizes depending on the adults’ jigsaw puzzle piecing skill level. Finding the best jigsaw puzzles for adults depends on how many puzzle pieces you want for your jigsaw puzzle; typically, the easier jigsaw puzzle ranges from 50 pieces to 60 pieces, but adult puzzles can go up to 252 pieces, 520 pieces, and 1014 pieces. In addition, you can choose from a variety of materials – such as puzzle board and thick puzzle board-  that the jigsaw puzzle is made out of to create your one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle.

Gallery of Five Puzzle

Create a gallery of your favorite five photos and create your memories into a photo jigsaw puzzle that will give you hours of fun putting the pieces together. This puzzle makes a great addition to your family game nights or relaxing on weekend nights. As you put together the pieces to this puzzle, you will be reminded of all the memories that are appearing as you piece together your gallery of five puzzle. This puzzle is offered both in a landscape layout or a portrait layout to best fit your gallery pictures.

gallery of give puzzle with family of three taking family photos

Love And Joy Always Puzzle

With the words “Love & Joy” printed on the bottom of this jigsaw puzzle design layout, you can use one single image that you like the most for your personalized jigsaw puzzle design. This landscape layout jigsaw puzzle will look great with any scenic photos you have of people or of nature scenery. In addition, you can add text or a special message under the printed words “Love & Joy”. This puzzle comes in four different puzzle sizes and varying jigsaw puzzle pieces to match.

love and joy always puzzle landscape orientation with sunflowers

Best Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids

Jigsaw puzzles are great for kids as they learn the skills behind completing jigsaw puzzles. They learn problem solving skills, skills of working together to solve a common goal, and improving their motor skills. As your kids complete their personalized puzzle, they will know how fun and interactive completing jigsaw puzzles are.

Active All Star Kids Puzzle

These jigsaw puzzle pieces are perfect for small hands as they are made with thick jigsaw puzzle pieces compared to standard jigsaw puzzle pieces. Made with kids ages 4 and up, these festive designs and thicker jigsaw puzzle pieces will help them get used to completing this personalized jigsaw puzzle. As they piece together these jigsaw puzzles, they will see the image printed on the jigsaw puzzle come to life and they will be more and more excited to piece together their photo jigsaw puzzle.

active all star kids puzzle with color block middle and eight pictures

Photo Gallery Toddler Puzzle

As your toddler grows up, they start to be more hands-on in their learning. This toddler jigsaw puzzle is made with a thick wooden board with 12 easy to piece jigsaw puzzle pieces. These jigsaw puzzle pieces come in a wooden tray which makes them easy to assemble for your toddler and makes storage a breeze. Having your toddler learn how to put together these jigsaw puzzle pieces will stimulate their motor skills and will improve their problem solving skills.

photo gallery toddler puzzle with wooden tray and wooden pieces

Best Jigsaw Puzzle For Seniors

Keeping an active and engaged mind is important to seniors and completing jigsaw puzzles is a great way to do those things and when you’re finished you’ll be able to see an image that is heartwarming. This activity is perfect for seniors to keep their minds engaged and is a great activity to include with kids and toddlers.

Simple Heart Best Large Piece Puzzle

Perfect for grandparents who love and adore their kids and grandkids, this jigsaw puzzle is perfect for grandparents to complete as a reminder of their love for their family. With the words “Best Grandparents” and “We love you”, this jigsaw puzzle is a constant reminder of the memories and love your family gives to you. As the jigsaw puzzle is completed, eight of your favorite family pictures will appear as the happiest times of your life. Choose from different color designs and pictures for a more personalized touch.

Simple Heart Best Large Piece Puzzle with family photos and custom colors

Gallery of Five Portrait Large Piece Puzzle

As we get older, we tend to forget the pictures we took when we were young and are stored away in our attic, closet, or photo album. Creating a jigsaw puzzle of your favorite past time memories is a great way to see the pictures that you’ve stored away but be reminded of the wonderful times you’ve had taking those pictures. This gallery of five portrait jigsaw puzzles is perfect for adding your vintage pictures and portraits for a lasting jigsaw puzzle you can complete when you miss the memories of your past.
Gallery of Five Portrait Large Piece Puzzle

How to Preserve Jigsaw Puzzles

Once your jigsaw puzzle is finished, you can choose to take it apart and reconstruct it but a better way of preserving the puzzle is by gluing it together and displaying it for everyone to see. Displaying your puzzle is a great way to reuse the puzzle as a wall art and home decor piece. Once finished, turn your puzzle over to the backside of the puzzle and apply a few coats of glue on the back and let dry. When the glue drys, you can add additional reinforcements such as tape so that the puzzle holds its shape for when you display it on your wall.

Another way to preserve your jigsaw puzzle is by putting the finished jigsaw puzzle in a framed prints picture frame. This way when you display your finished jigsaw puzzle in a beautiful frame that matches your home’s existing decor; it will be a reminder of the hard work it took you to complete the jigsaw puzzle and it will be a memorable way to decorate your living space. Framing your custom jigsaw puzzle will also be a nice way to display your favorite memories in your home.

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Completing jigsaw puzzles have a lot of health benefits and problem solving benefits that are great for people of all ages. From toddlers, kids, adults, and seniors; completing puzzles will help with learning skills, motor skills, and actively gets the brain stimulated, which improves attention, concentration, and brain focus. Kids will benefit from completing puzzles as they learn how their motor skills are engaging and how to properly problem solve putting jigsaw pieces together one by one. For kids, adults, and seniors, it can improve our attention span, problem solving skills, and skills on how to work together, which is focused on completing a common goal.

Wrapping Up

As you create the best jigsaw puzzle, you see that there are different varieties suited to each member of your family. Explore all the options best for you and your family and start piecing together the best jigsaw puzzle you ever bought. Puzzles are a great gift to give all year round and will improve brain and mentally stimulating activity.

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