The Best Kids Baseball Gloves For Every Style of Play

Playing little league or youth baseball — or just having a throw with dad — is a rite of passage for many kids. Whether your child is just starting out or has already played a few seasons, the best kids baseball gloves are those that are comfortable, durable, and flexible for all styles of play. Sure, different kids (and positions like catcher) need specific kinds of mitts, but the best youth baseball gloves are, above all else, forgiving enough to be used in nearly all scenarios.

The proper glove can make all the difference when it comes to scooping up a grounder or snagging a fly ball. Many T-ball or youth gloves are often designed to open and close more easily than a standard baseball glove, for instance. And many come 100 percent broken-in, so kids can play from day one rather than spend a week oiling/staring at a belt-wrapped glove on the shelf. Most use a soft leather or leather-like material with extra palm padding to protect little hands. Finally, baseball gloves for kids under 10 are generally sized between 9- and 11.5-inches although some even come with adjustable wrist cuffs to ensure the perfect fit.

The Best Kids Baseball Gloves

This is 9.5 inch glove is what you get for your up and comer who's yearning to practice his or her catching and throwing skills. It's made in both right- and left-handed versions. It's constructed with lightweight mesh for comfort and ease for young players just starting out. And unlike other gloves, these don't need to be broken in, thanks to their RTP II construction.

If your kid plays second or third base, or is a shortstop, this is the 11.5 inch glove you want. It has all-leather lacing, comes 90 percent broken in, and has a taper fit. Meaning, it incorporates smaller hand openings and lowered finger stalls. It's essentially a pro style model for growing players.

This 12 inch glove has a redesigned smaller hand opening, so it fits just right. It's made entirely of leather, and has a double palm construction for pocket stability. Plus, dual welting provides long-lasting shape and quicker break-in; it does not come broken in, to be clear. This glove is ideal for players who are at home in any position on the diamond.

This a 10-inch mitt that is made of EVA — that means, it's not leather — and has an H-pattern webbing. It's designed for kids just hitting the baseball diamond for the first time. For some added flair, the glove is available in colors to match all 30 MLB teams, and with the team's logo emblazoned on the pocket.

This adult-sized glove is ideal for more experienced players (and older players). The leather glove is pre-oiled to decrease player break-in times, has palm padding to absorb the impact of the ball, and a combination of pull straps and Velcro closures to customize the perfect fit. You can choose one for a rightie or a leftie.

This baseball glove stands out for two reasons: It has a power close feature that makes it easier for players to catch the ball, and it has a special pad that helps absorb the shock of repeated catches. It uses a 'V Flex Notch' and Power Close technology to help younger players drop fewer pitches. A 'ParaShock' palm pad protects young hands from the pain of catching two-seam heaters all game. It also comes broken-in.

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