The Best Men’s Flip-Flops: 7 Pairs to Wear This Summer

There are few types of men’s footwear as seasonally mandatory as the flip-flop in summer. Made legendary by Jimmy Buffet in “Margaritaville,” they’ve come to epitomize casual, effortless style to the point of a uniform. But take it from us, with men’s flip-flops, there’s little uniformity. Whether you’ve stepped on pop top or just want to freshen up last year’s wares (feet, we admit, can turn thongs stanky), our list for this year is a breath of salt air. 

But what should you look for in a good sandal? Before you start shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind, courtesy of the American Podiatric Medical Association: Make sure the flip-flop bends at the ball of the foot, and also make sure that your heel doesn’t hang off of the edge. Buy new ones regularly because these babies wear out, fast. And this sounds obvious, but because of the risk of injury, don’t do yard work, play sports, or operate heavy machinery while wearing a pair.

Aside from comfort, the best flip-flops for men are capable of taking you to the beach as well as on casual errands or strolls around your neighborhood. In other words, they’re versatile. If you’re looking for hiking sandals, look elsewhere. Our choices below are not appropriate for long, hard hauls. For everyone else, here are the best mens flip flops to check out.

Born to be off-road, the Mountain Goats is the most rugged, robust flip-flop on this list by design. By adding a heel-securing strap, it locks the foot onto its ultrasuede lining and a Vibram outsole. You can hike, run, and cut like a running back with its minimalistic approach.

While they may have adorned a thousand Jack Johnson-inspired acoustic guitarists, the understated look of these leather flip-flops is incorruptible. A nonslip bottom, super comfortable leather lining, foam arch support, and a lifetime guarantee have ensured these gracing the bottoms of bubble toes since 1974.

A Hawaiian original, Originals can be spotted both on the island and across on the mainland. Super affordable, these synthetic thongs may not be the most durable (cue that Jimmy Buffet song and cruise on back home for repair), but they come in myriad colors and are a nod to the Pacific lifestyle.

Made of premium natural rubber from rubber plantations in Sri Lanka, these flip-flops are light, comfortable and basically mold to the shape of your feet. They're not meant for rugged outings, but they're the ideal summer sandal if you're just kicking around.

OluKai is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The Ohana flip-flop has a compression-molded midsole with a brushed drop-in ICEVA footbed for daylong comfort. They're vegan-friendly and provide ample footbed support.

Reef has been in the beach style game for a long time. These quintessential sandals have great comfort and support thanks to an EVA foam cushion (the same you’d find in your favorite running shoes) and a heel air pod for ultimate support. And, because these are Reefs, there's a signature bottle opener on the sole of the shoe.

Crocs get a lot of crap. But there's a reason so many on their feet all day turn to the colorful, clog-like footwear. Thanks to that trusted cushioned base, the Crocs Reviva flip feels soft from first step and only gets better as the day goes on. The footbed is the star on this sandal, and the small bumps built in are like a mini-massage with every footstep.

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