The Best Toddler Baseball Equipment & Gear for Little League

Proper baseball equipment is a must if you’re raising the next Derek Jeter or Dot Richardson. Sure, kids can use a wood stick, in a pinch, but investing in essential baseball gear like a bat and glove is worth your time and money. The best toddler baseball gear instills a love of the game in youngsters, and considering that baseball is America’s oldest pastime, teaching kids how to play is both a paternal and a patriotic duty. Improving a young player’s skills requires two things: proper instruction and a crap ton of practice (It’s all about the muscle memory, son). Assuming your kid’s coach knows what he’s talking about when it comes to proper batting stance and slider-throwing, this baseball equipment and baseball gear for kids will help your Little Leaguer put it all together in the backyard.

It’s also important to know that as of January 1, 2018, USA Baseball implemented new bat requirements that impact 14-and-under youth leagues. That means that bats bearing the 1.15BPF stamp are no longer approved for use in these leagues; you must have a bat that is marked USA Baseball.

So your toddler is into baseball? Great. This set is height-adjustable for your growing kid. The oversized bat makes it easy for toddlers to make contact with the oversized baseball and practice their swing. Over and over again.

Toddlers don't have great aim. Which is why you need these foam nine inch baseballs. Unless you want a shiner.

The foam handle is great for grippiness. And the jumbo 24-inch baseball bat is perfect for kids learning to play.

Sluggers start out using the tee attachment for practice and to learn how to swing. Once they feel comfortable, they switch the pop-a-pitch pitching machine to practice hitting a moving ball. This set includes the pop-a-pitch machine with tee attachment, a collapsible 22 inch plastic bat, and three aero-strike baseballs. The height is adjustable from 21 to 25 inches.

This lightweight glove is perfect for very young players, thanks to its soft mesh construction.

This batting tee is height-adjustable and you can customize it to your kid's needs. Beginners start by using it at the starter level, at 18 inches to 26 inches. As they become more proficient at hitting the hanging ball, you can remove the hanging arm and attach the traditional tee topper, which can be adjusted in height from 25 to 35 inches.

Kids can improve their technique, develop a better swing, and boost their confidence by developing hand-eye coordination, hip rotation, stance, and switch hitting technique with this batting trainer. The resistance is adjustable, as is the height, for low and high pitches. And it has a multi-twist design that gives you instant feedback on your swing.

This bat is meant for sluggers 14 and younger. This USA Baseball bat is perfect for kids because it's durable, light, and gives young players more control.

This baseball glove stands out for two reasons: It has a power close feature that makes it easier for players to catch the ball, and it has a special pad that helps absorb the shock of repeated catches.

If you're into stats, this gadget is for you. This bat swing sensor with on-device display delivers instant metrics, feedback and coaching tips to help shape the ideal swing. Plus, it gives you instant key swing metrics, including bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, elevation angle and attack angle.

Officially licensed by MLB, the battery operated Pitch-N-Hit pops up a new baseball pitch every seven seconds. It's height-adjustable and is a fantastic way for kids to improve their batting skills.

This pitching machine throws any type of ball, hard balls, fast pitch softballs, dimple balls, light flight, plastic plus soccer balls and volleyballs. For parents whose pitching arms aren't what they use to be, this top-tier pitching machine throws hard balls from 18 to 45 miles per hour, and has easily adjustable speed controls. You can move it around easily, and because it's manual, you don't need to spend a ton on batteries.

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