There’s a Huge Sale On Baby Essentials Happening Right Now

Baby thermomceters, nasal aspirators, and baby nail files might not be the sexiest items you buy this year, but like Clorox wipes during flu season, no parent wants to be caught without them. Sure, you’d rather be browsing for a baby lobster Halloween costume, but at least you can take comfort knowing that these practical products are all on sale. You’ll need them, so stock up. 

Babies have sharp nails and they scratch themselves, so get these baby scratch mittens, which are normally $35.

These baby mittens are big enough that little fingers can wiggle around, but protective enough to stop them from tearing up their delicate skin.

Braun's digital thermometer normally runs you $50. It's one of our favorite ear thermometers, both for its ease of use and pre-warmed tips that help assure accurate digital readouts.

Best of all, this is great for kids and adults. The thermometer has disposable lens filters, and is easy to clean so it’s always sanitary.

This digital baby thermometer, normally $38, has a high precision infrared sensor for instant temperature readings.

If you need to take your baby’s temps in the middle of the night, this thermometer goes into silent mode with a large, bright, easy-to-read LCD screen. So you can do your thing without waking up your baby. It also has a tri-color indicator to detect light and heavy fever.

For much less than $37, you get a top baby thermometer that measures the temperature of the baby's ear and forehead, and can also detect room and milk temps.

This all-in-one thermometer scans your kid’s temperature within one second and keeps previous temps stored so you can keep track of fevers.

Amazon is currently offering more than 10 percent off the gold standard of nasal aspirators.

Although the prospect of sucking snot out of your kid’s nose is, well, terrifying, once you realize how well this thing works (and how much more sleep your little one gets post suctioning) you’ll be a convert. Basically, you stick a tube into the nose and use your own mouth to provide suction, but the filters keep you from catching all the daycare germs.

Lights! Music! Suction! This battery-operated aspirator is currently 15 percent off, thanks to an Amazon coupon.

If you just read about the Nose Frida and thought GTFO, no way in hell am I doing that, stay with us. This gizmo has optional music and flashing lights to distract your child as you’re going to town on his nostrils. There are two sizes of food-grade silicone tips (newborn and toddler) even customizable settings depending on how thick things are getting up there.

Why spend $35 for this set of three swaddles, which are key to helping you baby fall asleep and stay asleep?

We love SwaddleMe because these swaddles are simple and effective. They keep your baby from waking himself or herself up, and help the infant feel more secure. And you get three for a great price.

Because those baby talons aren't going to trim themselves, and this cute little baby nail trimming kit is now $4 off with a coupon.

Nothing ruins a new baby’s Insta game like a giant scratch on her cheek (JK, we know she’s the cutest regardless). But in all seriousness, babies can do some damage with their fingernails and you need to deal with them for the foreseeable future. This adorable set is housed in a bear-shaped case, and comes with mini versions of nail scissors, a glass file, clippers and soft plastic tweezers (note that they’re used to get gunk from her nose—not shape her brows!).

This basic and easy to use baby nail clipper is normally $10.

If you’re feeling brave, use these baby nail clippers to give your infant a manicure. We like the large soft-touch handle that gives you a more secure grip.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that a baby's bath water be at a consistent 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep tabs with this bath thermometer, down from $17.

This cute little hippo measures both water and room temperature in Fahrenheit, which is crucial because babies can be easily chilled when wet.

Speaking of bath time, this bathtub seat is normally $40 and provides hands free support for your baby during bath time.

This baby bath seat has suction cups for added stability and is recommended for babies five months and older. It prevents any slipping or sliding around.

This popular baby bath support is down from its regular price of $30. It has holes to drain away soapy water, and a soft, ergonomic cushion for your infant.

This baby support is ideal for newborns on up, and makes bath time that much less stressful.

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