These Kids’ Alarm Clocks Will Have Children Out of Bed in No Time

It seems like from the time a child is born, sleep is a daily struggle. As you get less and less of it, your kids get more and more of it, creating an imbalance in many households that leaves parents feeling a little salty after a long night. Enter kids’ alarm clocks, which can be a great teaching tool for those as young as preschool.

Whether you’re looking to get your little one used to sleeping in until a decent hour, or you’re working overtime to get your child up and at ‘em in the mornings, kids’ alarm clocks are designed with a variety of needs in mind. Plus many of them are colorful, educational and specifically designed to make parents’ lives easier, and what’s not to love about that?

We’ve curated a list of some of the best kids’ alarm clocks on the market. Check out our sanity-saving selections, below.


1. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock


Whether you’re trying to keep your kids in bed until a decent hour or working on getting them out of it before noon, this Ready to Rise unit comes in handy. The cute little robot design comes with sleep machine sounds, a night light and a nap timer for younger kids so that they can stay calm and comforted all night long. The clock also comes with three distinct light settings so kids know when it’s time to sleep, play and wake up. And when kids are older? This is a sturdy unit that’s meant to last, so children can use it for years to come.

Kids' alarm clock

2. LumiPets Lumiclock Bunny


This not-so-furry alarm clock makes a cute addition to kids’ rooms and nurseries alike. The unique shape is a hit with kids, especially since you can program it to make funny faces. But the battery-operated unit is also practical, and it comes with a multi-color nightlight and the ability to play soothing bedtime music. Of course, it also wakes your kids up in the morning, which is the main point, but with extra features like these, this is definitely a unit you’ll love for years.

Bunny shaped kids' alarm clock

3. Light Up Dinosaur Digital Clock


Bring your kid’s love of prehistoric creatures to the present moment with this cute dino-shaped clock, which comes in a bright green hue and features a dino tail trailing along the back. Not only can you set this alarm (and its snooze function) to one of eight different songs, but you can also set the day and temperature as further learning tools for your little one. As for the unit itself, it’s made from plastic and silicone, so it wipes easily and should last for years to come.

Kids alarm clock shaped like a dinosaur

4. Kids Digital Alarm Clock


If you’re looking for a basic alarm clock to get your kid’s butt out of bed, this model has everything you need at a reasonable price. It comes with seven different nightlight color options and a snooze button, but the digital display also serves up the date and temperature. It’s a smaller unit that fits most night tables or desks, which makes it an easy addition to an already-packed kid’s room.

Kids' alarm clock, basic Buy: Kids Digital Alarm Clock $9.99

5. FLOITTUY 4” Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Backlight for Bedroom


Sound sleepers are great and all, but maybe not so much when it comes time to wake them up. If you have a kid who has a hard time hearing an alarm go off in the mornings then it may be time to shake it up with a little old-school inspiration. The bell on this clock is enough to get anyone out of bed, no matter how asleep they are. Plus it features a traditional clock design, so you can teach your kids how to tell time the traditional way while you’re adjusting their sleep schedule.

Old school kids' alarm clock Buy: FLOITTUY 4'' Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Backlight for Bedroom $11.99

6. Plumeet Digital Alarm Clocks


This nifty clock has a large display but fits in the palm of your hand, which is perfect for when you’re on the road or trying to find somewhere practical to put an alarm clock in your kid’s already stuffed room. It’s also a more gentle way to arise from that slumber since it has an ascending wake-up sound and an eight-minute snooze button. Be warned that the clock will eventually turn itself off though, which is a pro for parents of kids who forget to do such things, but a con for children who will ignore the alarm and fall back to sleep.

purple travel alarm clock Buy: Plumeet Digital Alarm Clocks $13.99

7. Unicorn Alarm Clock For Kids


Make any morning a little more magical with a unicorn alarm clock with pink and rainbow features. This unit is made with kids in mind and features non-toxic paint and a durable coating so that it will stand up to years of use. There are also two ringtones: a soft song for kids who prefer to wake up with a gentle touch, and a loud beep for those who may need a little extra nudge from that horn to get out of bed.

unicorn alarm clock

8. Toddler Sleep Training Alarm Clock


Most kids love dogs, so they’ll never have a problem waking up to a dog-themed alarm clock, right? Well, that’s the hope for newer parents with this contraption, which isn’t just an alarm clock but a sleep-training alarm clock. The light-up ball that Fido is holding indicates whether a child should be awake (green) or asleep (red), plus it comes with a nap feature and a two-alarm setting, which means you can pre-set one for weekends and the other for weekdays. Some users report this can be a bit of a hassle to set up, but once they got it going it was all sweet dreams from there.

Kids alarm clock shaped like a dog

9. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels


Hitting the snooze button is easy. Getting out of bed, catching that thing making the racket, turning it off and getting back into bed? Not so much. Given that, it’s no wonder people love this little alarm clock on wheels. It’s perfect for kids too, because as any parent knows the second you make something a game your kid is instantly more interested in it. Waking up is no exception.

Alarm clock on wheels Buy: Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels $44.95

10. The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock


If you want an alarm clock that doubles as a teaching tool in your child’s waking hours, this highly-rated kids’ alarm clock is a parental favorite. It comes with two play modes to help teach kids how to tell time the traditional way, plus it helps with essential development skills like numeric recognition, listening skills and fine motor skills (since they’ll be turning those clock hands). This one is geared towards preschoolers and elementary students however since it contains small parts that aren’t suitable for kids under three.

Teaching alarm clock Buy: The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock $27.33

11. My Tot Clock Toddler Clock


If you’re in need of a more extensive sleep training clock for toddlers, this one does it all. Not only will kids be able to tell when it’s time to go to sleep, wake up, play and nap thanks to the color-coded light settings, but you can practice time-outs with it, too. This one also plays bedtime stories and you can set it to fun wake-up music, and the hidden parental controls mean that it can stand up to lots of wear-and-tear. Not sure about the design? This clock has become so popular that there are separate faceplate designs featuring your kids’ favorite characters, like Dora the Explorer and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (sold separately).

light-up kids' alarm clock Buy: My Tot Clock Toddler Clock $49.95

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