Top 10 Best Camping Screen Houses in 2020 Reviews

Summer is just around the corner! For most of us, this is the best time to catch up with friends, bond with our kids, and have fun outdoors. Camping tents may suffice, especially when camping deep in the forest. However, during this period, the temperatures are often high. As such, you’ll need something that not only provides you optimal weather protection but also enables you to relax and enjoy the feel of the fresh breeze. Does this sound like anything you have ever wanted? Well, make it a reality by picking any of the following best camping screen houses.

Unlike the clumsy tents, screen houses feature a solid frame and roof coupled with mesh sides. This provides you optimal protection from UV rays, rain, and other harsh weather elements. The wall meshes also let in the cool breeze. More importantly, the mesh wall keeps the blood-sucking mosquitoes, biting insects and other irritating bugs outside. This allows you to enjoy a candlelit dinner, evening game, or even watch the stars at night. But, there is a catch; you’ll need to select the best camping screen house before you can enjoy this dreamy experience. Take a look at the following best-rated screen housed for camping and pick the model that meets your needs.

1. Coleman Screened Canopy Tent

1. Coleman Screened Canopy Tent

Are you planning to spend quality time with your family outdoors, or maybe attend a sport event with your friend this summer? Well, besides monitoring weather forecast, Mother Nature is often unpredictable. Enjoy every moment outdoor with the Coleman screened canopy tent. Dissimilar from other models on the market, this unit boasts of an exquisite design that provides optimal weather protection at the same time ensuring a clear view.

By so doing, you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain views, beach breeze, and fresh breath wherever your adventure takes you. Unlike the fully covered tent, this screen features full mesh sides and a solid roof. The mesh sides offer you a clear view of your surroundings, at the same time allowing you to enjoy the fresh breeze.

This is to mean, you can enjoy your lunch shielded from the harsh sun, take your supper as you watch the stars, or play a game at night without being distracted by the annoying bugs. The tent features a superior roof that is not only waterproof and UV resistant. This makes it the best camping screen house for the upcoming summer.

Staying true to unmatched Coleman’s style, this screen house is also incredibly simple to set up. The pop-up design enables you to set it up and stake in less than five minutes. Better still the foldaway design enables you to take it down in no time. More importantly, this unit has a large indoor space that accommodates up to eight adults.

Key Features
  • Sturdy frame and UV guard roof ensures optimal UV protection and durability
  • Pop up design takes minimal time to set up and takedown
  • Features full-length mesh that allows for a clear view while keeping the mosquitoes away
  • Includes a wheeled carrying bag
  • Solid construction to withstand repeated use season after season
  • It is large enough to accommodate all your family members and family
  • Also included curtains whenever you need privacy
  • Easy to install and lightweight design
  • We found none

Perfect for mountain camping, beach picnics as well as holding backyard birthday parties; you will never go wrong with this model from Coleman. It packs the entire crucial feature that you need to enjoy outdoor camping without distraction from weather elements or annoying bugs. Moreover, this unit comes in a large interior space allowing it to accommodates your entire family.

2. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

2. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

Arguably, Tailgaterz is the king when it comes to outdoor living. Over the period it has been on the market, tailgaterz has come up with numerous products aimed at improving outdoor enthusiast experience. True to its mission, this magnetic screen house shields your campground from harsh sun, sudden rain, and annoying bugs. As expected, this camping screen house is crafted to meet the highest values of versatility, durability, and comfort.

The screen house provides you with a 12 by 12 square feet interior space. This offers you a large space for a picnic table, chairs, and a sleeping area that accommodates up to eight adults. The tent features full-length mesh walls that offer a clear view and optimal protection from tiny crawling and flying insects.

Different from other models on the market, this unit boasts of a fiberglass frame that is not only durable but also lightweight. This ensures easy portability and fast setup. Equally, this unit boasts of front and back magnetic doors that allow for simple exit and entry.

Equally important, this unit boasts of a high-end denier oxford roof that not only provides optimal protection from rain but also provides superior UV protection. The roof is made from triple layers materials that withstand rugged use even in areas with strong winds. Speaking of winds, a tent features six deluxe tents stakes as well as tie-down ropes that ensure superior stability against storms.

Key Features
  • Features magnetic doors that allow for hands-free yet secure closure
  • Made from sturdy fiberglass frame and triple-layered roof
  • Heavy-duty mesh wall ensures a clear view, cool breeze while keeping the insects out
  • Also includes a perimeter wall which keeps you dry
  • Boasts of an ingenious style that is easy to set up
  • Provides optimal protection from weather elements and pesky bugs
  • Has large indoor space to accommodate your entire family
  • Lightweight and easy to set up anywhere
  • Some find it too transparent

Tailgaterz isn’t a new name, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. As you probably know, your camping adventure is often determined by your camping gear. Whether you are planning a backyard party or camping outdoors with your family, this screen house will not let you down. Besides offering you weather-resistant roof, the full mesh walls keep out blood -mosquitoes, biting flies, and other annoying insects.

3. Gazelle 4 Person 5 Sided Screened Tent

3. Gazelle 4 Person 5 Sided Screened Tent

What motivates you every day? Is it your family, social status, own goals, or otherwise? Working hard is crucial to meet your goals. However, when you are looking to unwind with your family or friends in the outdoors, the Gazelle screen provides you with an ultimate solution. This tent is designed to deliver high-end performance in your backyard, favorite picnic, or camping spots. With a beautiful design and transparent side, this tent enables you to have a great view while still protected from weather elements and annoying bugs.

Besides, you don’t need to enjoy all these features alone! This unit provides you with an ample space that accommodated up to four people and leaves plenty of space for your luggage. If you are not planning to sleep in a tent, it enables you to set up a center table and chairs.

Better still, transporting this tent isn’t a problem. Actually, this unit weighs a mere 23.5 pounds and includes a carrying bag. This makes it easy to carry for all your outdoor activities. When it comes to your safety, it boasts of YKK zippers that ensure that all you and your luggage are safe. Equally, this unit has reinforced corners and high strength pole poles to ensure enhanced durability.

More importantly, this tent boasts of a UV and water-resistant roof. This ensures optimal protection from the sun, biting bugs, and more. Different from other models from the market, the roof has a UV 50 + rating that enables it to block the detrimental sun rays. It also resists water to ensure a comfortable experience during light showers. As expected, the weave mesh keeps the annoying bugs out.

Key Features
  • Boasts of a water and UV resistant roof
  • Equipped with a durable and secure YKK zippers
  • Spacious enough to accommodate up to four people
  • Tight weave mesh keeps all the annoying bugs out
  • Takes minimal time to put together
  • It has breathable wall panels
  • Decent interior space makes it ideal for a family
  • Weatherproof design makes it perfect to use outdoor
  • Slightly heavier than other models

Whether you are looking forward to camping with your family, a day out with your co-workers, or enjoying outdoor activities with your friends, this screen house serves you right. It is crafted from superior materials and offers you plenty of space to enjoy the fresh breath almost anywhere. We also love the lightweight design that enables you to carry it almost anywhere. Moreover, the unit has wide opening doors that allow for easy exit and entry.

4. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House

4. Wenzel Magnetic Screen House

Wenzel Magnetic Screen House combines a pop-up design, hexagonal shape, and meshed sides to ensure a comfortable place for your family to enjoy their time outdoors. With it, your friends and family are safe from blood-sucking mosquitoes, harsh weather at your campsite or backyard. It features a decent 14 by 12-foot space that provides you ample space for up to eight adults with camp table and chairs included.

What sets this unit apart from the rest is the fast pole connection system. Make no mistake; this unit features a sturdy construction that withstands rugged outdoor use. Luckily, the sturdy yet solid frame, coupled with an innovative connection system enables you to set it up and take it down quickly. Despite the tough construction, this screen house is lightweight and easy to transport.

Equally, this unit comes with advanced features to boost your convenience. For instance, this unit comes with magnetic strip door closure. This allows for hands-free opening. This feature also enables you to keep your curious kids contained and safe from rain and other harsh weather elements.

This shelter is also designed to ensure optimal protection from rain, UV rays, and wind. Notably, thanks to the included stakes, ropes and sandbags, this unit delivers best in class stability. This ensures optimal protection even in areas with strong wind. What’s more, the woven mesh ensures that even the smallest bugs cannot ruin your perfect candlelit dinner or evening game with your family.

Key Features
  • Delivers a large interior space
  • Has a decent height clearance making it ideal for even taller individuals
  • Comes with a solid yet lightweight frame
  • The 68D Polyester Taffeta roof provides optimal weather protection
  • Easy pole connection setup takes minimal space
  • Provides a clear view and a cool breeze
  • Large enough to accommodate your entire family
  • Classy, modern, and durable construction
  • It does not offer 100 percent UV protection

The Wenzel Magnetic Screen House is an exciting screen house that delivers you the comfort you need to enjoy the breathtaking views in the wilderness and protect you from the excess sun while camping in the jungle. We love the fact that you get plenty of space and headroom allowing you to sit and sleep. What’s more, the simple assembly and takedown save you both time and energy, allowing you to get the best from your camping trip.

5. Caravan Sports 81018013320 Screen House Shelter

5. Caravan Sports 81018013320 Screen House Shelter

Camp tents are great especially when you are looking to spend a few days on the hillside, wilderness or even in the jungle. However, while a fully enclosed tent will make a perfect place for you to sleep, you’ll need to step out to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The caravan sports house might be your best pick especially when planning for a picnic, beach, or tailgate trip. Different from standard camping tents, this unit will protect you from weather elements; biting insects at the same time enabling you to enjoy a cool breeze and breathtaking views.

Better still, this screen house provides you with a large interior space. Actually, this unit boasts of a 100ft interior space, which is large enough to accommodate up to eight adults. The frame is crafted from powder-coated metal to ensure outstanding weather resistance.

Similarly, the screen house has a superior roof cover that offers impressive water resistance and 99 UV protection. It also features full mesh walls with curtains. The mesh wall provides you the much-needed ventilation during the summer. At the same time, it keeps the perky biting flies, mosquitoes, and irritating bugs.

Moreover, this unit takes pride in a pop-up design. This means you don’t have to worry about time and energy-intensive setups. The tent also has sandbags and stakes that ensure optimal stability against wind. Besides, the unit features a light yet sturdy frame, foldable design, and a handy carrying/ storage bag.

Key Features
  • Features a sturdy powder-coated frame
  • Provides 99 percent UV protection
  • Solid construction while remaining simple to assemble and carry
  • Offers large 100 square space interior space
  • It delivers optimal weather protection
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage
  • Takes minimal time to set up and takedown
  • Premium construction ensures reliable service for long
  • Only available in one color

Weighing at only 17 pounds, this is one of the best summer camping screen houses. You don’t have to worry about hauling a heavy camp tent wherever your adventure takes you. It also includes all the features needed for optimal weather and bug protection. Moreover, the sandbags and ground stakes ensure optimal stability even in areas with strong winds.

6. Alvantor Screen House

6. Alvantor Screen House

If you are looking forward to the upcoming summer with your family and friends, the Alvantor screen house will take all your needs. Notably, this gorgeous summer shelter features an instant pop up design. This means you’ll spend minimal time when it comes to assembly. With a 12’x12’x7.5’H interior space, this rent provides you ample shelter for up to adults. This makes it a great pick for camping, picnics, as well as backyard BBQ parties.

The tent comes with full mesh walls that offer excellent ventilation. At the same time, the mesh dissipates the body heat and odor. Equally important, the mesh shield keeps the mosquitoes, bugs and other biting insects from ruining your fun. With it, you can have endless fun outdoors day and night.

In addition, this is just the beginning! The tent also boasts of a patent design that delivers superior UV protection from harsh UV rays and superior rain protection. The tent has dual entrance doors that feature silicon sipper. This ensures easy and easy closure from outside and inside. More importantly, thanks to the included sand bags as well as person lines, the tent delivers superior stability especially in windy conditions.

Similarly, the unit boasts of creative fiberglass frame that pop up in seconds. This eliminates time intensive and complicated setups. Unlike other models, you don’t need any extra tools to set it up. Better still, when compared to other models, this is one of the lightest models available on the market.

Key Features
  • Pop up design that requires no tools for setup and takedown
  • Comes with a superior 210D roof with superior water resistant and 50+ UV protection
  • The full mesh wall delivers optimal ventilation and view
  • It has a spacious interior that accommodates up to ten adults
  • Light yet sturdy construction for enhanced portability
  • Full mesh walls ensures a clear view while protecting you from annoying insects
  • Features a sturdy, lightweight and durable fiberglass frame
  • Also includes a compact carry/storage bag
  • Not 100 percent waterproof

Mother Nature is unpredictable. In addition, when you are planning for an outdoor party, you’d want your family and guest to enjoy every moment. This screen house is a decent choice for anyone looking to enjoy themselves on their picnic, hiking or camping trips. It features a fiberglass frame, weather resistant roof and mesh walls that keeps the bugs out while enabling you enjoy the cool breeze. Moreover, thanks to the silicon sandbag, you don’t have to worry about strong wind ruining your experience.

7. Quictent 10×10 Ez Pop up Canopy

7. Quictent 10x10 Ez Pop up Canopy

If you are looking to travel light, then the Quictent Ez pop up canopy will suit your needs. Different from regular camping tents, this unit delivers a large and comfortable resting for you and your family and friends. The best part about this unit is that it offers you with a 10 by 10 foot interior space. This provides enough space to accommodate up to seven people with a large picnic table and chair included.

Another great feature that makes this unit stand out is the no floor design. Generally, camping screen houses with floors are heavy. This limits their portability to only your backyard. Howbeit, this is a lightweight tent that you can take anywhere. Better still, it includes a carrying bag that not only makes it easy to transport but also store.

Obviously, you would not want to take a lot of time when assembling your tent. With a simple set up without any assembly required, you can now focus on enjoying the breathtaking view. Equally important this unit boasts of a simple take down that ensure that you are on your way in less than five minutes.

Despite the simplicity, this unit includes all the crucial features that you need in a high-end camping screen house. The walls feature a woven mesh that keeps all the biting flies, bugs, and mosquitoes away. It also features large exit and entry doors that are equipped with sturdy zippers for enhanced security and convenience.

Key Features
  • Pop up design saves you setup and take down time and effort
  • Woven mesh keeps all the bugs and insects out
  • 420 PU polyester cover delivers superior weather protection
  • Includes a carry bag for easy storage and portability
  • Features large entry and exit doors with durable zipper
  • Ideal for backyard parties, picnics, and outdoor camping
  • Also included ropes and stable for enhanced stability
  • Delivers superior UV and water proof protection
  • Not recommended for areas prone to storms

Lightweight, sturdy, and portable, the… makes a great pick for your outdoor adventure. It will not only enable you hold a BBQ party, birthday party or anniversary celebration at your backyard but also explore the wilderness, mountainsides, and jungle with your friends and family. Moreover, this model comes at an affordable price, making it a great pick for people working on a tight budget.

8. Quest Recreational Mesh Screen House

8. Quest Recreational Mesh Screen House

Outdoor camping is only enjoyable when you have the best camping gear. Otherwise, bad weather and annoying bugs may make your experience unbearable. Luckily, with the Quest recreational mesh screen house, you will get the best camping, picnic as well as backyard parties. To begin, this unit provides you with ample shelter for you to relax and sleep. Unlike other models on the market, this unit provides you with 140 square feet of interior space.

Traveling to your campsite is also easy with this unit. Remember, for the best experience, you’ll need to camp deeper in the woods. This allows you to enjoy fresh breath, enjoy breathtaking views, as well as watch the wildlife. The best part of this unit is that it comes in a lightweight design. This enables you to travel deeper into the jungle without any problems.

Notably, this unit also provides optimal protection from harsh weather. Actually, this is one of the few screen houses that are capable of providing up to 99 percent of UV protection. At the same time, the fabric is waterproof and withstands strong wind.

Setting this tent is also a breeze. This is made possible by the telescoping poles and popup design. Unlike other models, you can set this unit under five minutes. In the same breath, the unit comes with sturdy mesh walls that give you a clear view, fresh breath at the same time keeping the mosquitoes out.

Key Features
  • Provides you with ample space and optimal weather protection
  • The rugged frame ensures stability while remaining lightweight to carry
  • The roof is made from silver-coated polyester to ensure 100 percent UV protection
  • Includes a premium storage/carrying bag
  • The cover has impressive oxidation and fading resistance
  • Takes minimal time to assemble and takedown
  • It has large rear and front access doors
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • When compared to other models, this unit is slightly heavy

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a premium camping or simple picnics will enjoy the services that come with this unit. We love the house design that allows for easy accessibility and plenty of room to relax. It also features a sturdy design that is stable even in rough weather. Moreover, the unit is incredibly easy to set up and takedown.

9. Eureka Northern Breeze Screen House

9. Eureka Northern Breeze Screen House

Are you looking to travel light in your upcoming picnic, mountain hike, or jungle camping trip? Well, make your trip a success with this screen house from Eureka Northern Breeze. For starters, this unit boasts of a solid polyester roof and a see-through 50D polyester mesh walls. It also includes rain/wind curtains, which provides you optimal protection from harsh weather as well as providing you with the privacy you need. However, these are just some of the features that you will love. Read on to find other features that make this unit stand out.

Notably, this unit provides you with a 144 square feet interior. This makes it a great pick especially for people with a large family. The tent accommodates up to ten adults and leaves plenty of space for their luggage and sporting gear. Carrying and assembling this tent is also a breeze.

It features a lightweight aluminum frame with a ring, pin assembly. This allows you to assemble it in a moment notice. Despite the simple assembly, this unit includes solid stakes, ropes, and sandbags that ensure optimal stability. This ensures top-notch stability even in areas with strong winds.

At the same time, the roof provides outstanding weather resistance. The tent comes with a polyester roof that is tested to provide up to 99 percent UV protection and superior water resistance. The walls are also well-woven to ensure mosquitoes, biting flies, and bugs are locked outside. For enhanced convenience, this unit comes with a carrying bag, making it easy to carry it wherever your love for adventure takes you.

Key Features
  • The four-pole design ensures optimal stability
  • Features large doors for simple entry and exit
  • Rugged construction to ensure superior durability
  • Large enough to accommodate up to eight adults
  • Made from solid aluminum frame and polyester cover
  • It has a spacious floor and head clearance
  • Also included curtains to block rain and wind
  • The setup and take down is quite easy and fast
  • The carrying bag is not wheeled

If you are looking forward to camping up in the mountains or deep in the wood, then you need a dedicated camping tent that keeps you safe from elements. This tent is built to offer optimal protection from bad weather, bug, and still enable you to watch the birds, enjoy fresh breath and watch the stars at night. Similarly, the tent is easy to set up, portable, and include curtains for enhanced privacy.

10. Formosa Covers SUNMART Screen House

10. Formosa Covers SUNMART Screen House

Our lives often revolve around school, work, and home. The summer is probably the best time to unplug from your regular activities and enjoy your time together with your family and friends. Take advantage of the favorable weather and explore the outdoors with this Formosa covers screen house. Take refuge from the elements when picnicking, hiking, or mountain camping with this exquisite screen house.

This outdoor tent boasts of a spacious interior while the full-length wall shields you from creeping bugs, biting flies, and mosquitoes. The awnings also provide ample shade from the weather elements including the harsh UV rays from the sun and rain.

The best part about this unit is the exceptionally high-quality waterproof materials. These materials are engineered to withstand aggressive rain and other harsh weather elements. At the same time, the tent keeps you protected from the annoying insects, which are also rampant in this period. Better still, this unit boasts of a simple design that ensures effortless exiting and entering.

At the same time, this unit boasts of a large 20 by 12 inches interior. This provides enough space for up to ten adults together with their language. Better still, unlike other models that come with only mesh sides, this unit included curtains for privacy. This makes it ideal especially at night or when changing your clothes.

Key Features
  • Spacious 20 x12 interior accommodates a large family
  • Stylish Screened Canopy delivers a decent shade while keeping the bugs out
  • The quick assembly that requires no special tools
  • The roof and side cover delivers optimal protection from weather elements
  • The tent is foldable, light and comes with a carrying bag
  • It features six easy entry and exit doors that are zippered
  • Great for camping, picnics, and backyard parties
  • Durable construction ensures a performance you can rely for years
  • Not designed for rainy and or windy conditions

The Formosa SUNMART Screen House will not only keep the annoying bugs out but also keep you protected from harsh weather elements. Both the side and roof offer the best in class protection from UV and light rain. At the same time, this unit is incredibly easy to carry and assemble. You are also provided with a premium grade carrying/storage bag with caster wheels.

The Best Camping Screen Houses | Buyers guide

At the end of the day, you will love having a camping screen house that delivers on all fronts. However, with the various models on the market, you cannot be sure that you will have the best experience. Below are some of the features that should help you in picking a model that meets your needs.

Check the size

Imagine a situation where you pick a model that isn’t enough for your family members. It is distressing when the tent doesn’t accommodate you or you’ll have to squeeze. Before making your selection, we recommend finding a model that is large enough to accommodate your family and friends. You should also take account of your luggage when selecting the right size.

Construction materials

It is understood, you will need a model that is sturdy enough to withstand repeated use in the outdoors. Therefore, go for a model that is made from solid materials. Ensure that the frame is sturdy enough to withstand strong wind. On the other hand, the roof materials should offer optimal weather resistance while the side meshes must keep the bugs out; where they belong!

Make sure it is easy Set-Up

You’ve worked so hard all year long, and you definitely need a break and spend quality time with your family and friends. Unfortunately, a screen house with a complicated set up may bring you the same experience that you undergo in a busy week in the office. We recommend going for a model with a pop-up design. This saves you time, effort as well as headache and allows you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.


When it comes to spending time with your family and friends outdoor camping comfort is key. Unfavorable weather conditions or biting insects may ruin your experience. However, with any of the following camping screen houses, you can enjoy quality-bonding moments with your kids and catch up with your friends. Each of these models provides you with the best features. All you need is to set your priorities straight and pick a model that works for you perfectly. Happy camping!

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