Travel Activities & Apps For Kids

Longing to travel but the mere thought of travelling with kids gives you shivers? Well! You are not alone.

Travelling with kids is not for the faint hearted! Their constant nagging “Are we there yet?” And “How much longer?” is enough to deter any parent and is the perfect remedy for those bit by the travel bug.

But planning ahead can diffuse those on-the-move-meltdowns and save you from the agony of entertaining your kids on a long car ride (or a flight!) 

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While we don’t promise that your ride will be a cakewalk, we do assure these travel activities and apps for kids will do wonders for your sanity and bring back the excitement of travel (well…most of it!).

Travel Activities for Kids aged 2- 6 years

1. Aqua Doodle

Aqua doodle is perfect for long car trips or flights. It is mess free and great at keeping your kids busy while travelling and also in public places like restaurants and cafes. 

Suitable for kids 2 years and above.

2. Travel Tray

This is a wonderful way to keep boredom at bay and keep your child entertained on a long ride. 

Travel activities for kids

It comes with tonnes of storage to keep things handy for your kids and is extremely versatile. Be it Legos, a tablet or a dry erase board – it is the perfect choice to fit them all!

3. Coogam Travel Tangram Puzzle

Suitable for kids 3 years and above, this magnetic Tangram puzzle can be played on the go. It is compact and handy and comes with 360 different patterns to play with.

Travel games for kids

4. Melissa & Doug On the Go Scratch Art

You cannot go wrong with this one! Young children simply love scratch art and it can keep them busy for a good time.

The only downside is the residue that is left from scratching, though you can easily vacuum it up. Suitable for kids 5 years and above.

5. Travel Spirograph

Engage your kids while travelling with this travel Spirograph. Perfect for kids 5 years and above, it allows them to explore their creative side and make countless designs while on the move.

Travel activities for kids

6. Wikki Stix Travel Fun

Another art & craft travel activity to keep your kids entertained is Wikki Stix. It is perfect to keep little hands, 3 years and above, busy while expressing their creative side.

It comes with an ideas booklet, 24 colorful Wikki Stix and a lightweight play-board.

7. Funny Faces Magnetic On-The-Go Travel Play Set

Your kids will simply love making silly faces and enjoy a good laugh with this one. The set includes 25+ magnetic pieces and 2 individual play scenes to allow kids to make nearly 100 wacky silly faces.

Certain to entertain kids, 3 years and above, on the go!

Travel games for kids

8. Little Traveler Board Book Set

Keep your kids occupied with this board book set and help them learn about the famous landmarks, food, animals, and vehicles from around the world. 

Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Travel activities for kids

9. Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow!

This is a great product for kids who love to colour. Sturdy activity sheets and chunky pens make it a perfect travel partner for kids. 

No more messes! Suitable for kids 3 years and above.

10. Sticker by Letter: In the Wild

This is one activity book that will totally engage your child while travelling and save you from the misery of answering “Are we there yet?”.

Travel activities for kids

Your kid will simply love creating these pieces of art with stickers. It’s sturdy card stock and wire spiral make it easy to use while travelling. Suitable for kids 4 years and above.

11. I SPY Travel Card Game

This is a great road trip game to make travel fun for kids. The game comes with 48 cards that encourage kids to look outside and observe the countryside.

Suitable for kids 4 years and above.

Travel games for kids

12. Mom, I’m Bored Children’s Activity Book

This is a fun activity book for kids 3 years and above and pretty much packs in everything, from mazes to I spy, to entertain young kids. 

It has 22 dry-erase activities to keep your kid’s mind stimulated. 

Travel activities for kids

13. Melissa & Doug On the Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set

This travel activity comes with 188 felt stickers to help your child unleash his creative side. Good choice for kids 4 years and above.

14. Connect 4

Connect 4 is a great game to play on the move. It is quick and perfect for keeping children occupied. 

The travel version is compact and easy to carry. Perfect for kids 4 years and above.

15. My Brick Case

This is a perfect travel activity for kids who like to build. It is easy to use and very convenient. Just perfect for long flight or car rides.

Travel activity for kids

16. Window Clings

Keep children entertained with window clings. They are reusable and can be easily used on car or plane windows.  

17. BusyBags – Travel Activity Bag for Kids

This busy bag packs in a lot of travel activities for kids 3 years and above. 

Each bag comes with 1 Coloring/Activity Book (80+pgs), 1 Mini Chalkboard w/ Chalk and Eraser OR 1 Sticker book, 24 Crayons, 1 reusable Water Reveal book, 1 Play Dough, 5 Play Dough Shape Cutters, 1 Lap Board, and a toy to keep your travel worries at bay.

Travel activities for kids

18. Melissa & Doug Seek & Find Sticker Pad

This Seek & Find sticker pad makes for a great travel companion for kids. Children love stickers and this one brings stickers and I spy together. 

Suitable for kids 4 years and above.

Travel activities for kids

19. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Don’t let travel plans derail your kid’s learning. This Scribble and Write toy from LeapFrog is simply wonderful at making preschoolers practice their letters and numbers.

It’s handy design makes it a great travel toy for kids.

Travel games for kids

20. Crayola Washable Window Markers

Let your kids scribble and draw on your car window while you travel with these washable window markers. Suitable for kids 4 years and above, they are easy to clean, even from clothes and skin.

21. Rhyming Games

Rhyming games are wonderful at building phonemic skills in young children and are a great boredom buster.

Simply call out a word and ask your kid to think of a rhyming word that could go with it. Like if you say bat, your kid should say rat or mat. 

Take turns in calling out the words and once you run out of rhyming words to match with the root word, start all over again with a new root word. 

22. Toiing Memorytoi 

Why not practice memory-building skills on the move! This electronic memory game makes up for a wonderful travel game for kids. 

Travel games for kids

Kids have to observe the sequence of light as it appears and have to repeat the sequence correctly to win the game. Suitable for kids 3 years and above.

23. Pinball Pocket Game

Pinball is a fun game to keep kids entertained while travelling. This classic game is sure to keep your kids happy and away from boredom.

24. Podcasts

Entertaining kids while travelling could not get any easier. Simply choose for the variety of kid-friendly podcasts and let them enjoy a good podcast.

25. BabyByMe Lightweight Toddler Busy Board 

This busy board is compact and just the perfect travel companion for your back seaters. 

Travel activity for kids

It comes with 16 learning activities, including alphabet and fine motor activities that are sure to keep your kiddo busy. 

26. Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle

These metal wire puzzles are simply wonderful at keeping children busy. 

Travel activities for kids

Recommended for kids 5 years and above, they come with a handy pouch to keep them safe.

27. Squigz

These suction toys are perfect for travel and can be played anywhere, like on airplane windows or car windows or any compatible surface!

Travel games for kids

Kids, 3 years and above, will surely have fun playing with them. 

Travel Activities for Kids aged 6 years and Above

28. License Plate Travel Safety Bingo

Keep your kids busy and entertained with this license plate travel bingo. This quiet game will keep them quiet and give you a trip down the memory lane.

Travel games for kids

29. Would You Rather Questions

These questions are excellent at making children think and can give you quite an insight into your child’s mind. 

Quiz your kids with these fun questions to entertain them and engage in some silly, creative talk.

30. Guess The Personality

Like the name suggests, this is a guessing game for kids that can be played on the go. Give clues to describe the famous personality and let your child guess the name.

31. Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

Who wouldn’t love to play Minecraft? This travel version of the famous online game challenges kids through 40 levels, starting from beginner to expert.

Travel activities for kids

The goal is to travel through the Minecraft worlds and trick the ender dragon from stopping you! Suitable for kids 8 years and above.

32. Jokes

Jokes are always a big hit! Engage in light hearted, kid-friendly humour to keep your kids gleeful and chirping.

33. Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game for Kids

This is an old classic and perhaps one of the most loved games on the go. It is a cool way to pass time while you take a long distance trip. 

Travel games for kids

34. Maps

Give your kids hands-on experience of navigation by printing a map of your route. Let your child be your road guide or simply observe the route as you travel.

Not only maps will keep your kids occupied but also build their spatial skills.

35. Sticker Books

Sticker books are a foolproof way of keeping children busy while travelling. Be it a long road trip or a plane ride, stickers books can always be banked upon to keep boredom away.

36. Mad Libs on the Road

If you are looking for a fun way to keep children busy while travelling, we strongly recommend Mad Libs on the Road. 

Children will have a blast while filling in missing words on each page and come up with their very own funny stories. Suitable for kids 6 years and above.

37. Rubberneckers

The best travel game that you can possibly play on a really long drive is Rubberneckers. It is the game that will keep even the grumpiest young traveller entertained.

Travel activities for kids

Players score points by finding objects on their cards. And the things to look out for does not include boring things but rather a hilarious list that is sure to get the entire family laughing. Perfect for kids 7 years and above.

38. Books 

What could be better than bringing some favourite children’s books on the trip? Or maybe a new book from their interest! 

Choose anything from Family readsSTEM Books or Biographies, whatever catches your child’s attention.

39. Number Games

Simply call out a mathematical equation, something like 34+76 or 15 times 2 and let your kids compete to answer first. 

This is a great way to practice numeracy skills on the move and keep children mindfully engaged. 

40. Story Telling

Travelling is a perfect time to visit family memories and retell family stories. Talk about the funny instances or revisit an old memory from your college.

Sharing your real life experiences with kids is not only deeply satisfying but also helps kids learn from your experiences.

41. Melissa & Doug On the Go Secret Decoder Activity Book

Engage your kids in a mystery as you travel with this decoder activity book.

Travel activities for kids

Recommended for kids 7 years and above, this one is sure to catch their interest and keep them hooked.

42. ThinkFun Shape by Shape

This is such a cool, handy game to practice critical thinking skills and keep children entertained while travelling.

Travel games for kids

This pattern puzzle is handy and comes with 60 challenges to keep your kids absorbed. Perfect for kids 8 years and above. 

43. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube can really entertain your kids through the trip. Make it into a competing game within the family and friends, who are travelling together, by timing how long each player takes to solve the cube.

44. Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain Game

This fun cube packs in 4 games to keep your kids busy as you travel. The handheld cube offers two speed games and two memory games to play with. 

Travel games for kids

Perfect companion for long travels, it is recommended for kids 6 years and above.

45. Pocket 4-Piece Jigsaw Brainteaser

This pocket brain game, handy and compact, is a great travel game for kids 8 years and above.

Harder than it appears, it is sure to keep your kids busy.

Travel game for kids

46. USA Geography Flash Card Quiz

Make best of travelling time with this cool pocket puzzle that challenges players to guess US states and capitals. 

Travel games for kids

This cool puzzle is the perfect way to practice learning on the move. Suitable for kids 6 years and above.

47. Knock Knock On-The-Go Game Pad

This is your perfect travel companion that can save you the agony of hearing ‘I am bored’ on repeat during travel.

Travel activities for kids

With 60 sheets of activities, this on-the-go game pad will certainly keep your child engaged and happy.

48. Disney Mandala Colouring Book

Colouring can be extremely relaxing and a wonderful way to pass time while travelling. 

Travel activity for kids

This Disney themed Mandala colouring book is just what your kids need to keep themself happy and relaxed on a long ride.

49. Kids Create Absurdity

Bring on some fun to your long journey with this hilarious card game. 

This award winning game will have your kids in knots and make travelling fun. Suitable for kids 7 years and above.

Travel activity for kids

50. Coggy Neon

Got a fidgety traveller? Try Coggy to keep her entertained and her mind buzzing with this fun puzzle game. Great travel game for kids 6 years and above

Travel activity for kids

51. Ivan’s Hinge

We absolutely adore this folding, bending brainteaser. Suitable for kids 8 years and above, it comes with 56 challenge cards to keep them mindfully entertained. 

Travel games for kids

52. Riddles

Riddles can never go wrong with kids! Engage in a quick session of riddles to make travel fun for kids.

53. Name That Tune

This is a classic game to entertain kids on long car rides. Turn on the radio and switch through the channels till you find a song. The first person to guess the song wins!

54. Knot So Fast

This is such a fun way to keep children, 12 years and above, entertained on a long journey. 

Travel activities for kids

This knot tying race game includes 4 color ropes, 2 rings and 40 challenges to keep your tweens and teenagers busy.

55. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

Keep your fidgety traveller engaged with this exciting shape shifting cube. This is one travel toy that has the ability to keep your child engaged for hours and hours.

Recommended for kids 8 years and above.

Travel activities for kids

56. The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids

Such a mindful way to keep children engaged and make the most of their travel! 

This travel journal includes guided prompts, travel activities and DIY souvenirs to help children make ever-lasting travel memories and will last for four trips!

Recommended for kids 6 years and above.

Travel journal for kids

Travel Apps For Kids

Plus, these travel apps for kids are great at giving you the quiet time and saving your sanctity. So, just sit back and let kids indulge in some screen time.

While the above travel activities for kids are all exciting and fun, adding a few travel apps for kids will make a great mix of activities and screen time. 

1. Melody Jams

Kids will have fun mixing, matching and creating their own songs with this musical travel app for kids. 

It has twelve monsters, each having a different instrument, ready to play for you and mix up tunes! 

2. Bamba Airport

What a great way to learn all about air travel and give kids a little hands-on prep before their airport visit. 

This travel app for kids lets them take charge of the airport and run it the way they want. Perfect for kids as young as 2 year old.

3. Sago Mini Friends

This is a delightful, cute dress up game that toddlers can play with their animal Sago friends. Children engage in fun, relatable activities while playing house. 

Travel apps for kids

Bonus points for no requirement of active internet connection, post download. That makes it quite handy and a great travel app. Perfect for kids 2 years and above.

4. Crayola Colourful Creatures 

This travel game is perfect for your little animal lover who will learn about native animals and cool facts with this creative game. Suitable for kids 2 years and above.

Travel apps for kids

5. Duckie Deck Collection

This game app for kids, 4 years and above, is wonderful at teaching responsibility through role playing. The app includes six activities for children to play with and learn to be responsible.

Travel apps for kids

6. Lego Duplo World

This online game is just right for your budding engineer who simply loves to build. 

It’s smart feature allows parents to set time limits and freeze the app at the time chosen by parents. Suitable for kids 3 years and above.

Travel apps for kids

7. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Your kids will have fun with this fairy tale themed puzzle for kids. It has progressive levels that help build logical thinking skills while on the move.

Recommended for kids 5 years and above.

8. Plum’s Creaturizer

Let your kids make unique creatures by mixing and matching body parts from different animals. 

Travel apps for kids

It’s such a creative way to keep children engaged and happy while travelling. Recommended for kids 5 years and up.

9. Geo Touch

Geo Touch is a perfect travel app for kids that helps them learn geography on the move. It is a fun way to help your child learn U.S. states, state capitals, state flags and other countries around the world. 

Recommended for kids 4 years and above.

10. Toontastic 3D

Storytelling is a great way to pass time while travelling. And this app for kids gamifies storytelling and lets kids make their own stories.

Travel apps for kids

This app works offline as well, so it’s a great choice when you are travelling to the countryside. Recommended for kids 4 years and above.

11. Toca Builders

This building app allows children to build their very own world on a far away island. What a fun way to keep children engaged on a long trip!

Travel apps for kids

Suitable for kids 5 years and above.

12. Stories By Gus On the Go

Your kids will love listening to these classic stories with a twist and also learn a foreign language with this educational app for kids. 

Travel apps for kids

Available in French, Hebrew, Spanish and Greek, it is a fun way to pick a new language for kids. 

13. The Robot Factory

Keep your kids entertained on a long journey with this fun, building app that allows them to make their own robots and test them too!

Travel apps for kids

Perfect for kids 6 years and above.

14. Balloonimals

While it may not be proper to let your back-seater play with real balloons as you travel, you can certainly let them play with virtual balloons and make balloon animals with Balloonimals.

We bet your kids would love it! Recommended for children 4 years and above.

15. BeBop Blox

This travel app for kids will assure your kids to not get bored as you take a long trip down the road. 

It’s cute blocks lets your kids build trains, elephants and even submarines! Just the perfect travel app for kids 3 years and above.

Over To You…

These travel hacks are sure to ease and make travelling fun with kids! So what are you waiting for? Get-Set-Go

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