Trendy Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for Teens!


ROCCOCAT and Turtle Beach will put a smile on every tween, teen, and college student's face! I'm sure that many adults will also light up when they receive gifts from either of these brands. My teen's #1 request for Christmas was a fabulous gaming keyboard and mouse. He mentioned that a larger size gaming headset that fit around his glasses better would be nice too. I asked what his friends were hoping to receive for Christmas from their parents and he told me the same thing. They've all outgrown Legos and general kids toys. The must-have holiday gifts include RGB keyboards, RGB mice, gaming headsets, and video games. As I move to being the parent of a teen, it's fun to move to a new gift genre!  (Don't worry - I still have a younger son and nephew, so I'll still feature my favorite toys for younger kids too!) 

I did a lot of research online, asked others for their opinions, visited stores to see items in person, and found that ROCCOCAT and Turtle Beach  are the brands that I recommend the most!

Let's start with the RGB keyboards.  Depending on whether you child wants a full size or mini keyboard.  This decision probably depends on your child's preferences, desk setup, and aesthetic preferences.  We tried the Vulcan II in both sizes. Both are fantastic! The ROCCOCAT Vulcan II Mini Keyboard may look pretty to many parents at first glance thanks to the sleek design and vibrant AIMO RGB lighting, but there is a lot more to this keyboard that gamers will appreciate! 

Gamers will gain advantages because this keyboard has Titan II Optical Switches with ultra-fast linear actuation, 65% mini form factor with arrow keys, Smart Keys with dedicated LED indicators when secondary functions are active, stores up to 5 user profiles, and has cross-shaped stems with third-part keycap compatibility. These features allow gamers to gain efficiency while they play! In addition, this is built to last with an anondized aluminum top plate for added durability!

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The ROCCOCAT Vulcan II Max Keyboard is a full size keyboard that made me realize that I've been living in the stone ages. My son and his friends rave about gaming keyboards and didn't understand until I tried some myself! The comfort and responsiveness really is a game changer!  

It's easy to notice how this keyboard will make gaming fun, but I also noticed that it would even be great outside of gaming. This keyboard features TITAN II Optical Mechanical Switches, Easy-Shift[+] to unlock a second function layer, Smart Keys with dedicated LED to indicate when secondary functions are active, dedicated media controls, 3rd party keycap compatibility, HD AIMO RGB Lighting, and on-board storage for u to 4 user profiles. It also includes a translucent detachable palm rest that looks cool when it lights up and a durable aluminum top plate.

The ROCCOCAT Kone XP Air Gaming Mouse is not only aesthetically impressive, but it's also has the nice ergonomic KONE shape.  It gives kids more comfort and even advantages in their games since it is so responsive. I never thought that I would describe a mouse as comfortable until I tested this mouse, but that's actually a very accurate word.  The multi-button design and 4D wheel has 29 programmable inputs. It's very responsive. In my research, I learned about gaming grade mice.  This mouse is gaming-grade with impressive 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth dual connectivity. It has Titan Switch Optical for a tactile feel with optical speed. It offers 3D RGB AIMO lighting with 5 programable zones that offer fun for kids!  It comes with a lightweight and flexible PhantomFlex USB-C charging cable and up to 100 hours of battery life.While it's a gift for a teen, I think that anyone who uses a computer will appreciate the comfort and responsiveness that this mouse provides! Of course, the cool RGB lights seal the deal for teens!

Turtle Beach is an iconic brand that is well known for their high quality headsets. The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Max Multiplatform Wireless Gaming Headset stands out from the crowd in terms of quality and features. They have proprietary, lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless connection, a proprietary game changing Superhuman Hearing Sound setting, 50mm speakers for immersive 3D audio for PS5, Gen 2 mic for clear chat, and a massive 48+ hour battery life.  One of my son's favorite feaures is the comfortable and glasses-friendly ear cushions! My son was thrilled with the design! He commented that this headset is a game changer in terms of quality and comfort! These headphones are sure to bring many smiles this holiday season and will be used for hours and hours of fun!

CeraVe is the ultimate skincare brand for teens. They offer skincare products that were recommended to us by our dermatologist.  I love that their products are gentle and effective. Our son plays hard in the Texas humidity, so he needs a good skincare routine that is effective without being overly harsh and damaging his skin barrier. Our dermatologist told us that a common mistake for teens is that they will have a breakout and use overly harsh products and/or scrub too hard which then starts a chain reaction of problems.  Gentle and effective skincare products are the best solution. Since there are multiple factors that affect his skin such as changes in humidity, hormones, or even allergies, he rotates his face washes based on what he needs each day. The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is his baseline face wash. It is fragrance free, contains niacinamide to help calm skin, and contains hyaluronic acid to help retain skin's natural moisture.  When acne pops up, he switches to the CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser contains salicylic acid with barrier strengthening ingredients to gently exfoliates his skin without being too harsh. He then uses the CeraVe Hydrating Toner that is for normal to dry skin. As he's a teen and still trying to perfect his skills when it comes to washing his face without overdoing it, this product is extra important at this phase of his life. He uses a cotton pad to gently sweep this formula over his face to hydrate and remote leftover residue while also restoring the protective skin barrier.  He always says that it feels good to use it. His final step before bed is to use the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. His skin quickly soaks up this ultra lightweight formula that helps to moisturize throughout the night. These CeraVe products have been getting us through his tweens and teens smoothly so far. I think that our dermatologist was right when he recommended this brand to us.  If you haven't tried them, we personally recommend them! Tweens and teens will love the gift of good skincare products!

CeraVe Healing Ointment is a great stocking stuffer for kids that experience dry skin.  The Dallas/Fort Worth metro shifts from extremely humid in summer to very dry in winter.  My entire family suffers from dry skin. One of my children has eczema.  CeraVe's Healing Ointment is a nice stocking stuffer because this product is simple and works extremely well for my children.  My children are sensitive to residue from lotions and potions, so they love that this product has a non-greasy feel.  It helps to protect and sooth dry, cracked, and chafed skin. They dry skin problems often escalate quickly, so we appreciate that this product is such a great fit for them!  If you have a child with dry skin that won't put up with greasy formulas or strong scents, then this may be the perfect product (and stocking stuffer) for them too!

Fundamental Coast offers stylish clothing for teens and college aged children. Their laid back looks help kids to look effortlessly cool and sporty.  As a mom of a teen, I know the styles that my son will wear and that Fundamental Coast has us covered. For instance, we love the Slater Full Zip and Andy Joggers. The Slater Full Zip hoodie is my son's go-to jacket for school. All of the kids seem to have a similar version by different brands, but the the Fundamental Coast Slater Zip stands out from the crowd thanks to the super soft micro sanded fleece, kangaroo-style pockets, double-layer hood, fibbed cuffs, and oversized draw cord with leather trim.  Depending on your teens preference, if they prefer a more relaxed fit, they recommend sizing up. 

The Andy Joggers are a capsule item in my teen's wardrobe. They seem to go with everything in his sporty wardrobe.  These joggers are his favorite thanks to the brushed cashmere touch fabric, flattering fit, stretch for comfort, front quarter top pockets, one rear zipper closure pocket, and leather Fundamental Coast icon details.

We highly recommend Fundamental Coast if you are shopping for coast inspire clothing this holiday season!  Their stylish and cozy clothing is on trendy for teens!