Ugly Christmas Sweaters Party Games And Activities To Delight Your Guests

Selection of ugly Christmas sweaters party games that will guarantee to make your guests laugh.

Have a whole heap of fun this Christmas season with an ugly sweater party. This is a great way to get everyone together in a relaxed environment and have some good old fashioned fun!

Use these ugly Christmas sweaters party games to ensure that the party is a real hit.

Selection of ugly Christmas sweaters party games that will guarantee to make your guests laugh. Have a whole heap of fun this Christmas season with an ugly sweater party. This is a great way to get everyone together in a relaxed environment and have some good old fashioned fun! Use these ugly Christmas Sweaters Party Games to ensure that the party is a real hit.

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The Christmas season is always full of lots of different parties and activities. Everyone wants to have a good time and get into the holiday spirit.

So much so, that it often feels like you are running from one holiday party to the next.

So just to make the holiday season even more crazy, why not add another party to the list. And that party would have to be an ugly sweater Christmas party.

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are simply a lot of fun.

They are a place where everyone can relax and have a great time without worrying about dressing up in your best clothes. In fact at ugly sweater parties, the exact opposite is true.

You want everyone to dress in their ugliest Christmas sweater teamed with their most awful Christmas accessories.

Don’t over think this.

This party is supposed to be relaxed and fun and these ugly Christmas sweaters party games and activities will help that happen!

What Is An Ugly Sweater Party?

Without making things overly complicated, an ugly sweater party is simply a party where everyone wears a Christmas ugly sweater!

Pretty straight forward right?

Guests arrive in their extra ugly Christmas outfits, there are lots of grotesque props (Christmas styled of course) and ensure that you have several ugly Christmas sweater party game ideas lined up.

One of the best things about this party is that everyone can relax.

Style goes out the window and instead it’s just full of good old fashioned fun.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

But rather than just have everyone rock up in their ugly sweater, it’s a lot more fun to organise activities for all your guests.

That’s where these ugly Christmas sweaters party games come in handy.

These games are easy to coordinate and will bring your ugly sweater party to a whole new awesome level.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Party Games And Activities

When it comes to ugly Christmas sweater party games, anything goes.

There are a lot of fun games that can be played at this party (they don’t need to be Christmas specific either).

But if you are looking for some popular games that would be perfectly suited to the ugly sweater theme, then this selection of Christmas party games and activities are perfect for you.

It would also be a nice touch to have some small prizes available to winners of games. This is a great way to provide a little bit of extra competition amongst guests.

Have A Fashion Show:

The best way to see everyone’s ugly sweater is to have a fashion show. This is a typical ugly sweater party game that is also incredibly easy to organise.

All you really need to do is create an area where the fashion show can take place. A great location however would be directly in front of the Christmas tree as this is a natural focal point.

Ugly Christmas sweater fashion parade
Photo credit / Pexels

No one needs to be embarrassed about showing off their sweater. It is an ugly sweater Christmas party after all!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest:

A great way to follow up the fashion show is to have an ugly sweater contest.

But who really does have the ugliest sweater?

It’s not often that you want to be considered to be the worst dressed person at a party, but this is the perfect time!

Ensure gusts know that their sweater will be part of a competition, so that everyone can make a real effort.

To make it a fun contest, have all the party guests vote on the sweaters in a secret ballot.

You could even have several categories to vote on, such as:

  • Worst overall sweater
  • The worst Santa sweater
  • The worse Christmas ornament sweater
  • Worst dressed couple
  • Brightest sweater etc

Hand out a small prize to the winners and don’t forget to take a photo with their prize, showing off their ugly sweater with pride.

Make An Ugly Christmas Sweater:

Rather than attend an ugly sweater party actually wearing one, how about making your own?

Supply all guests with a plain sweater and create a craft table. Guests can make their Christmas sweater as ugly as possible and then they can wear them.

Remember, your guests are trying to make the most visually unappealing sweater possible!

Get the glue gun out and as many Christmas items as you can think of. Baubles, tinsel, glitter and Christmas fabric cut outs. Maybe even give guests a time limit to add on the pressure to make their creation.

Photo Booth:

It is always a good idea to set up a photo booth at a party. It allows guests to capture memories together in an easy fashion.

The easiest way to do this is set up a party backdrop, then have some props handy for taking photos with.

Ugly Christmas sweater photo booth
Photo credit: Rodnae Productions / Pexels

In this case, the ugly sweater is going to be the star of the show, but add some extra Christmas printable props, tinsel, Santa hats etc, that party guests can add to their outfits.

After the party has finished, you can then have a lot of fun checking out all the fun photos.

Reindeer Antlers:

What’s the perfect way to finish off the ugly sweater? Wear some reindeer antlers of course!

Reindeer antlers is literally a hilarious game, and will be even funnier when it’s placed on someone’s head who happens to be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater!

The game is simply a blow up ring with reindeer antlers attached. Players then get to toss rings around the antlers.

Everyone can take a turn to wear the reindeer antlers whilst wearing their ugly sweater.

Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorating:

Bake some cookies in the shape of sweaters and then have guests decorate their own ugly sweater cookies. It would be so much fun, and gives everyone a tasty treat too.

Sing Holiday Karaoke:

Do your guests love to have a good sing?

Set up an area where some karaoke can take place. Everyone can belt out some Christmas tunes whilst wearing their ugly sweater of course!

Watch Christmas Movies:

You might just want this party to be a totally relaxed affair. If that is the case then offering some Christmas movies would be an awesome choice.

Simply ask everyone to attend in their ugly Christmas sweater and then settle down with some comfort food snacks and enjoy one or two Christmas movies. It’s the perfect way to add some holiday cheer without having to enter into too much party planning.

White Elephant Gift Exchange:

A white elephant gift exchange would be a fun element to add to the gathering. And to keep in the theme of the “ugly sweater”, ask all the guests to bring the most tackiest gift they can find to the value of $5 or $10.

White elephant gift exchange
Photo credit: Rodnae Productions / Pexels

To play the exchange, everyone places their gift in a pile. Every guest then picks a number, with number 1 going first.

The first player picks a present from the pile and opens it.

Number 2 can chose to either steal the opened present or choose another present from the pile to open.

Each player goes in turn according to their number. As soon as a player has their gift stolen, they can choose another present from the pile.

The game continues until all the presents have been opened or stolen and everyone is holding a gift.

The more people involved in this game, the more fun it becomes.

Ugly Sweater Party Decorations

For the full party experience grab yourself some Christmas party decorations that suit the theme.

For instance, you want to be thinking about Christmas ornaments and decorations that you wouldn’t normally want to display.

Think about using tacky Christmas decorations, the ones that normally make you cringe. These will be perfect!

This is the type of party that doesn’t need to be perfectly styled.

Of course you might just want to stick to your normal Christmas decor that you already have up and that is totally fine too.

Ugly Christmas Tree:

A fun activity that the kids would enjoy is making up an ugly Christmas tree. Simply leave a blank Christmas tree available for them to decorate.

Decorations for the tree can include bulky tinsel, handmade decorations, ugly ornaments etc.

Think of all the Christmas decorations that you have seen that you don’t want to add to your tree. These are the ones that will be used to decorate this one!

Music Playlist:

A party isn’t complete without music, so make sure you set up a playlist of Christmas tunes to have playing throughout your party.

There is no better way to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas.

Everyone receiving ugly Christmas sweaters
Photo credit: Ekaterina Bolovtsova / Pexels

Hosting an ugly sweater Christmas party is certainly going to be a way to create some great memories.

This is the kind of party that you can pull together at the last minute or spend weeks planning.

It is also the kind of holiday celebration that everyone can enjoy regardless of their age, and simply coordinate different games and activities as appropriate.

If you havn’t done it before, then definitely add an ugly Christmas sweater party to your list of Christmas parties this year.

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