Victor DC840B Desk Review

Victor DC840B Desk Review 1

I’ve often heard the benefits of standing desks in offices and it wasn’t until I started working at a desk full time that I really understood how important getting up and moving around could be. After an hour or two of sitting and staring at a screen I find myself needing to take a walk or stretch, just to break the monotony of it all. When I received the Victor DC840B Desk I was excited to try, though a little skeptical.

The DC840B ships in two large boxes, and they definitely aren’t light. I was worried that an electric desk would be complicated to put together, but the desktop itself came already built and I just had to attach the legs, it was simple and took very little time—though next time I may build it in the room I intend to use it, moving it wasn’t a treat. The desk comes in black or white to fit in any room’s style and once in place, the black desk looked sleek and modern and felt sturdy. It’s not bulky and it comes with handy little clips to keep the wires tucked away. It is probably the tidiest looking part of my office, and to me, that’s a bonus.

Victor DC840B Desk
Victor DC840B Desk

I’m a writer, a mom and a gamer, this means I require a lot out of my desk. It is necessary for work, play and teaching nowadays, so it needs to be versatile. The DC840B proved up to the challenge. The desk’s surface is 48 inches wide by 23.6 inches deep; it had plenty of room for my large desk pad, mouse, keyboard, wireless phone charger, my kids school supplies and dual monitors. My only complaint was the depth in some cases. I tested it out with my flat and curved monitors, unfortunately the curved monitors were just too deep for the desk, making me feel like I was right up against them. If you have flat monitors, you’ll be in great shape. 

With all of that junk on my desk, I was worried that it would struggle with movement. The monitors aren’t light, but the added weight proved no issue for the Victor DC840B. It glided up and down with ease, even when I was really pushing its limits. The desk moves smoothly and at a decent speed as well, so it was perfect for me and my impatient kindergartener.

“…able to accommodate everyone in the household or office space,”

I enjoy that the desk has four programmable heights as well. My son uses my desk for online learning and the occasional Fortnite, with him being only 6-years-old, when we raise the chair so the computer is a proper height for him, he can’t touch the ground. With the DC840B we were able to adjust and program the desk to its lowest setting to help him sit more comfortably.

I’d like to pretend I didn’t also need to do this, but at 5 feet 1 inch, I also required the lowest setting to keep both feet flat on the floor. However, extra settings were helpful since I have a husband at home who is over 6 feet. It’s nice to be able to accommodate everyone in the household or office space, especially if it’s just a quick press of a button.

Victor DC840B Desk
Victor DC840B Desk

Now, for standing, I can’t say the desk would get much use from me specifically. I found it more useful for size adjustments rather than standing to sitting, though that is just a personal preference. If a standing desk is something you’d appreciate, this desk is height adjustable from  28.7 inches to 48.4 inches. Again, for me this worked well, I’m short, it’s not hard to please me with something that lowers. I managed to use the desk with both my Editor and Husband, both over 6 feet tall, and the Victor DC840B worked well for them both at max height. I worry that, though a rare issue, anyone much taller than that would be uncomfortable in the standing position.

“The Victor DC840B will continue to be a regular staple in my office and gaming space.”

Though the Victor DC840B is a downsize from my usual desk, I intend to keep it around. The style and comfort that comes alongside the adjustability is worth sacrificing the small amount of space. I highly recommend this desk for anyone under 6 feet, especially anyone who leans on the short side of things. I can also strongly recommend it for shared work or gaming spaces as the presets allow plenty of versatility for multiple users. Though ideally my desk would have a little more width, the Victor DC840B will continue to be a regular staple in my office and gaming space.