We Found 33 Awesome Star Wars Gifts for All the Jedis on Your Holiday Shopping List

If you’re a Star Wars fan, and most people are, then you have a lot of reasons to be thankful. The long-wished for Obi-Wan Kenobi series is coming soon, The Mandalorian continues to rule, and exciting new anime shorts recently debuted Disney+. The controversial J.J. Abrams trilogy is behind us, but there’s tons more Star Wars to enjoy in 2021, with even more on the horizon (The Book of Boba Fett, anyone???). On top of that, Christmas is the perfect excuse to pick out totally awesome Star Wars gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

There are few franchises as universally loved as Star Wars. After all, how many pop culture phenomena have their own day? (May the fourth be with all of you.) Add in the current craze of The Mandalorian, an onslaught of upcoming spinoffs, and the entire collection of films — past and present — now available on Disney+, and well … the craze is understandable.

However, that also means that when you’re trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for Star Wars fans in your life, there are plenty of options out there.

To help you on your journey we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite Star Wars gift ideas. From LEGOO sets and a simulation helmet to retro tees, commemorative pins, and lightsaber chopsticks, here are some of the best gifts for Star Wars fans of any age.


LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

LEGO Advent calendars are a great gift for Star Wars fans seven years old and up, and this 325-piece Star Wars calendar features several buildable characters such as The Mandalorian and the Child. There are also more characters from the franchise’s Season 2 as well as a Tusken Raider, IG-11, and IT-O Interrogator Droid. There are also 11 mini vehicles including The Razor Crest, Riot Mar’s starfighter, Imperial Troop Transport, X-wing, and more for the recipient to enjoy during the holiday countdown.

We named this Advent calendar one of the Top Toys of 2021, so don’t miss out on one of the best Star Wars gifts on this side of the galaxy.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Buy: LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar $31.99 (orig. $39.99) 20% OFF


Star Wars x Herschel Mandalorian Classic XL Backpack

A subtle nod to The Mandalorian franchise, the Grogu-influenced Herschel Classic backpack features timeless styling with a wide interior to hold all of your belongings including laptops, books, water bottles, and more. The backpack’s exterior design channels Grogu’s robe and has a light green accent strap that matches baby Yoda’s complexion while the interior is printed with Baby Yoda’s image and features a label that reads,  “Such a large bounty for a small package.”

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Star Wars x Herschel Mandalorian Classic XL Backpack

Buy: Star Wars x Herschel Mandalorian Classic XL Backpack $79.99


Star Wars ‘A Starry Night’ Print

Want to see the Death Star as imagined by a French artist prone to hallucinations? Yeah, so do we. There are lots of classic Star Wars gifts: LEGO models, t-shirts, posters and toys are all great options. But if you’re looking for more unique Star Wars gift ideas, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you. Case in point: this fun reimagining of the famous Vincent Van Gogh painting “A Starry Night.” This Etsy find is an affordable gift too, and it’s a great option for any Jedi on your Christmas shopping list.

starry night star wars painting Buy: Star Wars A Starry Night Print $20.00

Baby Yoda Chia Pet

How adorable is this The Mandalorian and Star Wars Chia Pet? It features little Baby Yoda in its bassinet and comes with everything you need to grow your very own Chia Pet. Super easy to take care of, you just water it and watch it grow within one to two weeks.

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baby Yoda chia pet Buy: Baby Yoda Chia Pet $26.00

Star Wars Door Mat

Before anyone even steps foot into your home or apartment, you can show you’re team Jedi with this Yoda doormat. Nothing is quite as welcoming as the little green guy who created his own version of the English language. Welcome you are, to your new favorite doormat.

star wars mat, star wars gift ideas Buy: Star Wars Door Mat $37.99

Star Wars Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Start them off young with these Star Wars-themed Bluetooth headphones. They are completely kid-safe, with reduced volume to keep the kiddo’s hearing protected. And the 30-hour battery life keeps kids entertained for the whole day without needing a recharge. The Force is clearly strong with these headphones.

star wars wireless bluetooth headphones , best star wars gifts Buy: Star Wars Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $29.21

Boba Fett Device Holder

Boba Fett is arguably one of the coolest characters in Star Wars. And any Star Wars fan would be privileged to set their Xbox, PlayStation or Switch controller in Boba’s hands after a long gaming session. It also goes great on a nightstand and will hold your phone as it charges. No matter where Boba Fett ends up in your home, just like in the movies, he’s going to make an impression when he arrives.

boba fett device holder - best star wars gifts Buy: Boba Fett Device Holder $34.99

LEGO Brickheadz The Child + Mandalorian

How many LEGO sets is too many on a guide to the best Star Wars gifts of 2021? We say there can’t be enough. This little set is more of a stocking stuffer, but it’s a great option for Secret Santa exchanges if you know your recipient loves Star Wars toys. This $20 LEGO set is adorable, affordable and 100% awesome.

lego brickheads, best star wars gifts 2021 Buy: LEGO Brickheadz The Child and Mandalorian $15.79 (orig. $19.99) 21% OFF

Han Solo Blaster – Realistic Movie Prop

Here’s another awesome Star Wars gift idea for adults: a recreation of Han-Solo’s famous blaster, which he did, in fact, use to shoot first, as any true Star Wars fan knows. (If you don’t get that reference, then your giftee probably will.) Courtesy of Etsy storefront 3DPOGO, this realistic movie prop looks just like the real thing, and it’s the kind of super unique Star Wars gift idea that true fans will really appreciate.

Han Solo DL-44 Blaster - Star Wars Prop Movie Replica Buy: Han Solo DL-44 Blaster - Star Wars Prop Movie Replica $120.99

Star Wars Instant Pot

R2D2 is the ultimate companion, especially when he can cook you delicious meals in a few minutes. Not only are Instant Pots essential to any kitchen, but for the Star Wars fan in your life, it can literally be their partner in crime in the kitchen. Plus, deep down, every Star Wars fan wants their own R2D2.

Star Wars Instant Pot

Buy: Star Wars Instant Pot $99.95


Light Saber Chopsticks

These Light Saber Chopsticks come in a number of different colors so you can show whether you’re with the Jedi, or the Dark Side of the Force. Of course, you’re going to need to up your chopsticks game — nobody is going to believe the Force is with you if you have trouble picking up a piece of sushi. Year after year these hilarious chopsticks are popular stocking stuffers, so pick them up for anyone in your life that loves sushi almost as much as they love Star Wars.

light saber chopsticks, cool gift for star wars fans Buy: Light Saber Chopsticks $9.98

Star Wars: Complete Vehicles Illustrated Book

Star Wars fans are all about the details of their favorite cinematic universe, and this tome has more than they could ever ask for. This volume features over 200 pages of illustrations of the spaceships and vehicles from throughout the Star Wars film universe. From TIE fighters to Imperial shuttles and everything in between, this is the definitive guide to the machinery your favorite character use so often throughout the iconic sci-fi films. It’ll keep any fan busy for hours.

Star Wars: Complete Vehicles: Incredible Cross-Sections of the Spaceships and Craft from the Star Wars Galaxy

Buy: Star Wars: Complete Vehicles: Incredible Cross-Sections of the Spaceships and Craft from the Star Wars Galaxy


Disney+ Streaming Service

Whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy, The Clone Wars animated series, or the adventures of Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian, a Disney+ subscription is the ultimate gift for Star Wars fans. Disney+ is the premier destination for all things Star Wars, and for just $6.99 monthly (or $69.99 yearly), you get access to the entire Skywalker Saga as well as your favorite tie-in shows. With additional standalone series following franchise mainstays like Obi-Wan Kenobi on the way and the films like Star Wars: Rogue One, a Disney+ subscription is a great gift for anyone even remotely interested in this franchise. Plus, there are a ton of other great movies and TV shows on the streaming service as well. If you’re looking for the best gifts for Star Wars fans, this is the gift idea you’ve been looking for.

Disney+ Streaming Service , great gift for Star Wars fans

Buy: Disney+ $6.99/Month


Star Wars ‘The Occupation’ Art Print by Dave Pollot

We’re big fans of artist Dave Pollot, who uses found artworks and classic paintings to create pop-culture masterpieces featuring characters from your favorite franchises. He might add Godzilla to a cheesy piece of art from Goodwill, or in this case, add Stormtroopers to a famous impressionist painting. The overall effect is genius, and we can’t get enough of these inspired art prints.

'The Occupation' - Print by Dave Pollot Buy: The Occupation Art Print $65.00

Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition

Cruise around the galaxy claiming properties at light speed with this special edition of Monopoly. It represents the complete saga, with nine tokens representing a character from each film, and instead of properties, you’ll pick up planets and droids, with TIE Fighters and X-Wings replacing houses and hotels. It’s your favorite board game with a makeover fit for any Star Wars fan. With all three trilogies spoken for, this is the definitive family gift for any holiday celebration.

Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition

Buy: Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition $31.49


Star Wars: The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet

Any Star Wars fan would be thrilled to see this realistic, movie-accurate helmet in their living room. This particular model is based on Poe Dameron’s X-Wing helmet, and it can even be worn. It features an internal microphone that can allow users to interact with BB-8 from the inside and also features a retractable polarizing visor. You may not be able to become Poe Dameron, but this is the next best thing.

best star wars gifts

Buy: Star Wars Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet $188.49


Star Wars: The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Deluxe Box Set

Both sides of the Force, light and dark, are connected in ways that the most formidable Jedi Knights know. This box set helps readers learn the Path of the Jedi in The Jedi Path, as told by various generations of Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. If the Light Side isn’t your thing, you can always check out the Book of Sith. There’s information for both sides of the Force here, so giftees can see how both paths are interconnected. Both books come in a gorgeous collector’s box, as well.

Star Wars: The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Deluxe Box Set

Buy: Star Wars: The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Deluxe Box Set $33.24 (orig. $45.00) 26% OFF


Star Wars R2-D2 Complete Lamp

Is there a better way to add a touch of Star Wars to your home decor than with this Star Wars R2-D2 Complete Lamp? We doubt it. This attractive and expertly crafted lamp is ideal for use as your bedside lamp and sports an eye-catching silver finish. It’s made from a tough resin and comes with a clear power cord with the on/off switch built-in. This is a great piece for budding Jedis looking to get rid of the dark side . . . of the bed.

Star Wars R2-D2 Complete Lamp

Buy: Star Wars R2-D2 Complete Lamp $199.50


Sanabul R2-D2 Classic Boxing Gloves

If there’s someone you know looking to get in better shape, perhaps by taking up a boxing class (or maybe you know a boxer!) gift them a pair of these wholly unique boxing gloves from Sanabul. While the R2-D2 option is particularly cool, you can also choose from several other standout characters from the universe: Darth Vader, the Rebels, Stormtroopers, and more. Made of vegan leather for enhanced durability, they’re a great choice for both amateurs and professionals and offer that much-needed touch from a galaxy far, far away.

star wars gifts - R2-D2 Boxing Gloves

Buy: Sanabul R2-D2 Classic Boxing Gloves $59.99


Darth Vader Pen Holder

Some of the best Star Wars gifts aren’t expensive; they’re clever little gifts that would look great on a desk or shelf. This 3D-printed Darth Vader figurine is a perfect example, and it’s also perfect for Secret Santa exchanges where you need to find gifts under $15.

darth vader pen holder Buy: Darth Vader Pen Holder $15.00

Death Star Weed Grinder

For Star Wars fans who love a good time as much as they love the Skywalker clan, we have the perfect gift. To be honest, we’re surprised that the famously litigious Disney lawyers haven’t gotten this particular piece of merchandise removed from Amazon yet, so we definitely recommend ordering while you still can. This herb grinder is in the shape of the Death Star, and it’s one of the funniest and best Star Wars gifts we’ve come across in the run-up to the holiday season.

death star grinder weed

Buy: Star Wars Death Star Aluminum Herb Grinde $13.29


Star Wars 3D Night Light

What better way to light up the night than with your own 3D-sized Grogu or Death Star? This futuristic LED light also offers the Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 patterns, and you can customize it with 16 different colors and four patterns. It’s a great option for kids, but adults who are looking to add a little personality to their own bedrooms or rec rooms will get a kick out of it too.

Star Wars 3D Night Light Buy: Star Wars 3D Night Light $20.99

LEGO Millennium Falcon

Whether you need a new pastime or want to add to your existing LEGO collection, this 1,300-plus-piece replica of the Millennium Falcon is a good one for new and classic fans alike. It’s recommended for kids aged nine and up because of the complexity of the build and the little pieces involved, but grown-up kids will have some therapeutic fun piecing it together too.

Millenium Falcon LEGO set

Buy: LEGO Millennium Falcon $128.99 (orig. $153.99) 16% OFF


Darth Vader Embossed Luggage Set

Travel to your next planet in style with this embossed luggage set that’s bound to catch fans’ eyes. They’ve got loads of storage and feature 360-degree spinner wheels for the easiest commute possible, but more importantly, the dent-proof embossing means you’ll have an even easier time identifying your bag on that luggage cart.

Darth Vader luggage Buy: Darth Vader Embossed Luggage Set $443.99

Star Wars Rebel Classic Graphic T-Shirt

This classic tee is the perfect addition to any fan’s closet since it features the OG baddie himself, Darth Vader. The soft, vintage wash makes it look worn and comfy, plus it’s printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks that will speak to anyone concerned about the planet.

Retro Star Wars tee Buy: Corelle Appetizer Plates $24.99

Uncanny Brands Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

What’s better than a Death Star popcorn maker? How about one that comes with its own Death Star bowl? Take movie night to the next galaxy with this hot air popper. Not only does it add ambiance, but air-popped popcorn also happens to be a healthier alternative to the chemical-filled microwave bags of kernels that hang out on grocery store shelves.

Death Star popcorn maker Buy: Uncanny Brands Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker $59.99

Tervis The Child Insulated Tumbler

You can’t talk about the best Star Wars gifts without talking about Baby Yoda! We love Baby Yoda as much as you do, and we’ve previously written about our favorite Baby Yoda merchandise. The Mandalorian put a smile on fans’ faces when it debuted “The Child,” the face that launched a thousand memes, and we’ve all taken to lovingly calling the little guy Baby Yoda. This insulated tumbler features a nice, clear image of the little cutie and is perfect for toting around hot or cold drinks your giftee can sip from any time. They just might have a hard time looking away from how cute this tiny little green kiddo is.

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Tervis The Child Insulated Tumbler

Buy: Tervis The Child Insulated Tumbler $21.91


Disney Chewbacca Indoor Throw Pillow

This pillow is a choice, but it’s the perfect choice for the hardcore Chewbacca lovers out there. The soft plush material makes this a great stuffy for snuggly fans out there, but thanks to a hidden clasp under the wookiee’s tummy, it also unfolds into a comfy, themed pillow.

Chewbacca pillow Buy: Disney Chewbacca Indoor Throw Pillow $42.99

Star Wars Galactic Empire Silicone 4 Piece Ice Cube Tray Set

Still smarting over the end of The Last Jedi? Cool off with this ice cube tray set, which transforms any regular old drink into a beverage from far, far away. That’s not all these silicone trays are good for though. You can heat them up in the oven for themed cakes and muffins, or pour chocolate into them for perfectly shaped treats.

Star Wars silicon molds Buy: Star Wars Galactic Empire Silicone 4 Piece Ice Cube Tray Set $26.99

Star Wars Empire 40th Anniversary Bed in a Bag, Full

Young Skywalkers everywhere can curl up comfortably in their big boy or big girl bed with this easy bed-in-a-bag. The set comes with a reversible comforter, sheets and pillowcases, giving you everything you need for a classic Star Wars-themed room.

Empire Strikes Back sheets

Buy: Star Wars Empire 40th Anniversary Blue Full Bed in a Bag Set $59,99


Vinyl Star Wars Darth Vader Heavy-Duty Utility Car Mats

Star Wars fans can put the pedal to the metal like they’re in their very own Death Star with these Vader-themed car mats, which are made with endurance in mind. The heavy-duty material protects the car’s floor from spills and other muck, plus they’re just plain old fun.

Darth Vader floor mats

Buy: Plasticolor Star Wars Darth Vader Floor Mat Set $59.99


Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Frome Art Print

At first glance, this might just seem like a modern abstract art print, but it’s so much more than meets the eye. We’ve written about Frome before. This unique art store takes the dominant color from frames throughout popular movies and uses it to create a line drawing. Look more closely and Star Wars fans will recognize the snowy world of Endor and the deep blacks of space battles. It’s an incredibly unique, and incredibly cool, Star Wars gift idea.

frome empire strikes back, star wars gift ideas Buy: Empire Strikes Back Frome Painting $79.95

LEGO R2-D2 Model

We’ve got one product on our guide to the best Star Wars gift ideas, and we saved the most epic gift for last. This 2,314-piece LEGO set lets you build a loyal droid of your very own. There are a lot of great Star Wars LEGO sets, but this particular set is more suited for adults. In fact, it’s one of the best LEGO sets for adults, full stop.

lego r2d2, best star wars gifts Buy: LEGO R2-D2 Model $199.99

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