Weekly Meal Plan 11/7/22 – 11/13/22

This week’s meal plan includes one of our favorite posts that is full of bonus recipes.  You’ll see 5 freezer meals that are super easy to make and require no prep.  So get ready for extra recipes this week and happy cooking!

egg cups, squash tots, zucchini burgers

Notes from this week’s meal plan:

Egg Cups

  • You can use any vegetables you have on hand
  • These are great to prepare ahead of time, freeze and defrost whenever you’re ready to eat them

5 ingredient buffalo cauliflower nuggets

  • These are technically an appetizer, but I think appetizers make for a great lunch.
  • Make them in an Air Fryer or stovetop.

Ham and brie crostini

  • Another appetizer recipe turned breakfast!  Ham, toast, pear – what’s not breakfast-y about that!?

Pulled pork nachos

  • One very important step not to be missed: You don’t want soggy chips, so the steps that include baking the chips without toppings, then baking the chips with cheese, then baking the chips with all the toppings is not to be missed.
  • These nachos are made with this 3 ingredient pulled pork recipe (which is super easy to make).

Anything goes big batch granola

  • This recipe is great because it’s super flexible and makes a large batch, so you can store plenty for a later time or to give as a gift.
  • You will separate the wet and the dry ingredients before combining.
  • You don’t want too much liquid in this recipe, but you want just enough to make sure the granola sticks together and then forms clumps.
  • This recipe is so easy that you really can’t mess it up!  You can use syrup, honey, whatever oils you want, any toppings/mix-ins, just follow the ratios in the recipe.
  • Pack the granola up in a Weck jar (or other similar air tight large jar or sealable freezer safe bag), tie a ribbon on and give it as a gift!  You can even get silly and decorate the jar like a reindeer for the holidays (quick antlers, a red nose and some googley eyes).  Plus, the amazing Weck jar is part of the gift; I use mine all the time!
  • If you’re adding chocolate as one of your toppings, add it when there is only 5 minutes left in the oven otherwise the chocolate will burn (<- game changing tip for making chocolate granola).

Spinach salad and dressing recipe

  • Another super flexible recipe.  You can swap out nuts and cheeses, lettuce and fruit for whatever you have on  hand.
  • There is a dressing recipe included in the post too.

5 Freezer meals to prep and freeze

  • Recipes you’ll learn to prep in this post
    • Smoked sausage bean and vegetable soup
    • Sesame chicken stir fry with broccoli
    • Spicy chickpea sweet potato and rice curry
    • Shortcut white chicken chili
    • Lemon garlic Mediterranean pork
  • This recipe post is great to use at any point during the week to stock up on meals for another day
  • You will find tons of tips for freezer meals and how to cook from frozen in the post

Squash tots

  • A great recipe to use if you want to sneak vegetables into your kids diet (butternut squash)
  • This recipe is adapted from the book is called The Ultimate Guide to Vegetable Side Dishes.
  • A tip for cooking butternut squash: You just put the squash in a slow cooker, walk away, and then come back after a few hrs, and viola
  • You can shape the tots to look like chicken nuggets (to help trick the kids a bit) or shape them into a simple coin shape or any fun shape you can think of.

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