“Where Was Dad? In The House, Playing League Of Legends”: Mom Is Furious To Find Out Her 3-Year-Old Son Was Running Around A Major Highway Naked

Parents worry about their children’s safety all the time. Well, most of them. However, it’s easy to become complacent in your own home, where you often feel that your children are the most secure.

Unfortunately, as one mom recently learned, it only takes a moment of distraction for a child to find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. The concerned woman recently turned to Reddit to share a troubling experience she had with her 3-year-old son. According to her post on ‘True Off My Chest‘, the child managed to escape from the family’s house in Florida and was later found naked and close to a busy road.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that she had left the little one (and his sister) with their dad, who at the time of his “quest” was busy playing computer games.

This man’s obsession with video games is putting his children in danger

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And might also push his wife to file for divorce

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Between the ages of 1 and 3, toddlers are scooting away from babyhood in search of new adventures. In search of greater independence, they’re learning to talk, walk, and run and for many in this age group, “outside” and “play” are becoming common requests.

Exploring the inside and the outside world is important for their emotional, social, and physical development. It’s one thing to see a cat through the window, but it’s another to hear it purr and feel its fur, maybe even play with it.

But while parents need to step back a bit to allow their children some freedom, they still need to supervise the little ones. Toddlers can’t properly evaluate risk and differentiate safe situations from threatening ones.

Maybe the man the author of the post is married really loves his kids, but judging from the woman’s confession, it sounds like he isn’t suited to be a father.

According to neuropsychiatrist Dr. Esmina Avdibegović and psychotherapist Dr. Maja Brkić, child neglect can happen for a number of reasons. They said that social isolation, negative experiences of parents in childhood, lack of parental knowledge and skills, the use of psychoactive substances, criminal activities, and gambling problems are just some of the risk factors.

While we don’t know why the man is escaping into the virtual world to the point where he puts his children in danger, it can lead to huge problems. “The consequences of neglect are multiple and long-term,” Avdibegović and Brkić noted. “The period from birth to adulthood is characterized by progressive physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development … The growth and development of the child [are] followed by changes in brain maturation. During the first years of life, there is significant brain growth that occurs sequentially and hierarchically, organizing the development of brain functions from the least to the most complex. The brain develops through the organization and creation of pathways that connect different parts of the brain and through the distinction between functions. Creating these pathways is a characteristic of brain development that is most experientially sensitive.”

How all of this will shape up depends on the environment in which the child is growing up and the interactions they have within it.

“The children [who] experienced neglect often have less developed parts of the brain responsible for cognition and emotions,” Avdibegović and Brkić explained. “It [also] results in the excessive development of areas of the brain responsible for survival which leads to anxiety, impulsiveness, poor affect regulation, and hyperactivity.”

Compared to their peers, neglected children are usually more withdrawn, apathetic, less involved in their social and physical environment, exhibit more helplessness when under stress, and show significant developmental delays. It is believed that these children internalize the message of their worthlessness and assume that they will not succeed in acquiring friends, achieving success at school, or being noticed.

Parenting is hard and scary. Every decision moms and dads make can cause something wrong. But that doesn’t give them the excuse to not even try.

As the post went viral, people had a lot to say about the ordeal and the original poster (OP) shared a few more insights into her family life

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