Why You Should Use a Lip Liner + How to Apply It

Benefits of Lip liner - Why You Should Wear It

Lip liner is the most underrated makeup product we’ve been ignoring for years. Besides not knowing its amazing benefits, many saw it as one unnecessary item to add. We’re sure all the 90s kids would remember how legendary actresses would define their lips with a liner filling inside a lighter lipstick shade. And if you think this trend has gone a long time ago, we’re here to break the good news of its major comeback in the beauty industry. 

Lip liners have the ultimate power to amp up your lip makeup game by outlining your lips, and also preventing your lipstick from bleeding. They literally are the newest must-haves every woman has in her makeup closet today. So if you haven’t added lip liners to your makeup bag, you’re surely missing out on something. Did you know how many hidden benefits a lip liner has? Don’t worry! Today we’re going to spill the beans for you by letting you know the reasons why you should embrace a lip liner right away!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Lip Liner (A Must-Have Makeup Accessory)

Do you love lipsticks? And do you apply it using lip liner or without? Well, if you are applying your lipstick without outlining it, it’ll only lead to a basic look and not a precise one. Trust us, lip liners have a lot to help you with different makeup looks. So without further ado, scroll below to know multiple reasons why you should include lip liner in your makeup routine.

1) Saves From Smudging

Which woman likes lipstick bleeding? It’s something that not only spoils the mood but also creates a mess on the face. Lip liners come as saviours in that case. Lip liners are like those boundary lines to your lipstick decreasing the chance of it slipping off your lips. They prevent lipstick from bleeding and getting a smudged look.

Why You Should Invest In A Lip Liner
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2) Gives Even & Fuller Lips

Even fuller lips are a trend now. Lip liners help you achieve even-toned and fuller lips. To reap this benefit, all you need is the right technique for achieving plumped up lips. All you have to do is to draw an outline a little far away from the lips. Always make sure the lip liner’s colour is close to the lipstick shade you’re applying. Then outline your upper and lower lip line filling it with your lip liner. Post that, apply your lipstick. Additionally, for a more plumped-up look, use lip gloss in the centre of your lips.

Why do you need a lip liner?

3) Makes Lipstick Last For Longer Hours

It’s definitely a blessing if lipstick lasts for long hours. We all want a lipstick that stays on the lips for the whole day and not just for fewer hours. All you have to do for making your lipstick last for longer hours is by initially outlining your lips with liner and then filling in your lips with either a pencil or lip liner. Post that, follow the process with your choice of lipstick. The lip liner base will hold your lipstick for a long period of time.

Do you really need lip liner?

4) Create Precise Lines & Even Lip Shape

Lipstick will never look clean and beautiful if you don’t have a proper lip shape. Not many women are blessed with even lip shape nor are happy with their natural lip shape. That’s the time when lip liners come to the rescue. They outline your lips and give your lips a perfect shape for applying lipstick. Lip liners help in creating precise lines and clean outlines for a perfect lipstick application. All you got to do is to outline your lips with a dark lip liner shade as compared to what your natural lips colour is. This ensures you get a more defined look.

Why Every Woman Should Wear Lip Liner
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5) Helps You Achieve Matte Lips

Matte lips are the hottest and newest trend of the season. Though it’s been quite a time now since this amazing trend, its popularity isn’t going anywhere soon. Lip liners contain matte formula helping your matte lipstick to stay. Another way to outline your lips is to outline the lips with liner and fill the lips with the same liner. By doing this, you’ll be able to give a matte finish and allow for your lipstick to stay for long.

Lip liners were and will continue to be a woman’s best friend. So this should be your responsibility to embrace that friendship. Hope our above reasons were enough for you to believe in lip liners and we’ve convinced you to buy one! Make way for a cute pout right now with all the amazing lip liners available on the market today.


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