Women Share The Times They Had To Explain Something They Thought Was Well-Known To Their Partner (54 Answers)

Ignorance might be bliss, but only if you are not bothered by half the planet thinking you are a moron. But the “fun” part of ignorance is often not actually knowing how little you know until that illusion is broken by another person explaining something. 

Women on the internet shared the times they had to explain something they thought was relatively well-known to their partners. So scroll through and be sure to upvote the most unbelievable examples women gave. If you have a similar tale, please share it in the comments, you might even end up teaching someone something. 


All the precautions I take when going out at night. He didn’t have a clue how many rules we memorize like (check the back seat, jump in and immediately lock the doors, ignore anything found on your windshields or windows, etc.)

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I had to explain to my boyfriend, who was very much annoyed by the fact that my period came and went as it pleased, that I can't just manually regulate it myself to make it punctual each month. It was...an experience for sure. Made me realize I indeed should have sued my period for being so unreliable (how dare it?! It be your own, fellas)

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Why women put their phones in their back pockets. He was shocked when I stuck my hand down a front pocket to demonstrate how shallow it was.

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Starting from the top, pockets. For men they are an afterthought, indeed, some pants even have too many, like that small, thin inner one made famous by Steve Jobs and the iPod nano in 2005. As a man, I can say that I have never used it in my entire life, which seems like an unfathomable luxury for women who tend to have, at best, some rear pockets. So the natural question is why this discrepancy?

There are a few theories. One is that it’s a result of post-war fashion trends where women's clothing needed to have a “slimmer” appearance. A quick and easy trick was to simply remove them altogether or at least make them so small as to be practically useless. The result is that even now, on an average selection of women's jeans, the pockets are roughly 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men's. 


My bf genuinely thought it only takes one time to get pregnant. He's had sex before but with condoms so now that we're trying he literally looked at me and said how aren't you pregnant yet? It only takes one time.

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That babies are born with their eyes open. I was about 8 months pregnant and he thought babies were like puppies/kittens/etc and asked me how long til our baby would open her eyes.

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Eggs are not dairy. Just because they’re in the “Dairy section” in US grocery stores, it does not mean they’re dairy. Kombucha is also in the dairy section, and prepackaged cinnamon roll dough. Like eggs, not dairy.

He was shook.

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Another factor may have been the development of clothing since the medieval ages. At the time, ropes around the waist had the function of a belt, so to carry around items, special bags were created that you could simply hang from your waist. By the 17th century, these pouches started to be added directly onto the item of clothing. But as women's fashion shifted to more layers, these same pockets were “unnecessary,” which also led to the invention of the handbag. To find out more, check out our article about this topic here


not my partner, but just another man, but i feel that a lot of men think this way. he didn’t believe catcalling happened, or at least was _really_ rare, because he had never seen it happen and he hangs out with girls all the time

we informed him that was because no one was going to catcall a girl who was hanging out with a 6’3” 230 lb black man.

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That I wasn’t cheating on him.. he was seeing vaginal discharge in my underwear


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Women can't hold their menstrual fluid in like you do with urine. At the time I explained this, we were in our early twenties and he was well-educated with a college degree. He's also very, very intelligent. I was utterly gobsmacked he didn't know this.

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On a lighter note, why are eggs often in the dairy section? While this misunderstanding isn’t exclusive to women or men, it might be useful to know how this decision was originally made. The most common explanation is that both generally need refrigeration. However, this is an American regulation, as many countries do not actually require eggs to be kept cold. And even if this rule exists, why are they not kept with the meat? The real explanation might be that eggs are fragile, just like many dairy products and their containers. Since fragile and non-fragile items won’t be moved together, it makes some sense that these two would just end up together. 


A partner told me that women and girls shouldn’t fart. I had to explain that we have a digestive system that produces gas just like men.

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I had to explain that we attach pads to the underwear, not our vagina.

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They hate mince meat but their favourite food is meat balls.. When I asked what they thought meat balls were made of, he didn’t know.. so I had to explain that meatballs, burgers and mince are all the same thing.. just in a different shape

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Another common theme and divergence in experience is how commonly women experience catcalling versus how infrequently men even hear it. The global statistics are not pretty, with nearly all women in Mumbai, India having experienced it at least once, while in Australia the proportion was 87%. Some women experience it significantly more, as roughly 35% of UK women say they are catcalled or similarly harassed at least once a month. 


That it’s not normal to drip pee outside of the toilet, and if you do, you either need to clean it up or start sitting down

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A few things I’ve had to explain:

• Lindsay Lohan plays both kids in The Parent Trap. No, I’m sure it’s not the Olsen twins.

• As a 20-year old, I was not 12 “five years ago.” (And he worked in finance at the time).

• Leia had a baby with Han.

• Preferring to use pads over tampons doesn’t make a woman ‘immature.’

• How libraries work (he thought the concept of books passing through many hands was ‘gross.’ This was pre-COVID).

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Urine doesn't come out the vagina and vice versa. I can't believe men don't know that women have more than one hole (not counting the butt). This is not just my husband, seems to be a common belief of men. Gee, did they not learn anything in health class or when playing around?

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Some of the examples here are also particularly humorous, albeit a bit sad because they actually apply to both genres. Peeing after intercourse is important for both a man and a woman in the sense that it can help protect you from a UTI (urinary tract infection, in case this is all news to you,) however, it will not help with pregnancy or STDs. So stay safe. In general, the amount of ignorance about the human body is staggering, given the amount of interest many people have in actually seeing someone’s body. It’s like saving all year to go to a museum, then refusing the audio guide or any research at all. If you want to see some more examples of things women have to deal with, check out Bored Panda’s other article here


In high school, super low-cut tight jeans were 'in.' All of us girls had to constantly pull them up, and even do a little wiggle to get them up. I had no idea how this looked; I just wore the jeans I thought were cute and in style. He thought girls shook their butt to turn the boys on while they were walking behind them. I haven’t been able to get that one off my mind since.

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That Pelicans and geese are a different species...????

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Not every woman can orgasm from penetration.

My other half was a bit of a player in his younger years so this surprised me a lot.

He still thinks I'm the rare one for not being able to.

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That he can't tell a pregnant woman how "huge" she is.

That if he gives the dog exactly what she wants to stop her from doing what she shouldn't be, then he's just reinforcing her bad behaviour.

That reverse racism/sexism etc. isn't a thing

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That you should leave hot food out to cool BEFORE you put it in the fridge.

Granted, I've worked in the food industry and he never has so I can't be too harsh on that one.

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Saw a post about how a kitchen sponge sitting in water breeds more bacteria than if left to dry, which reminded me how I had to explain the whole concept to a guy I previously dated who didn’t believe sponges should be kept dry in tropical climates.

I also had to explain how periods last a whole seven days and not just one (I wish).

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This was my ex but

Him: "You say you don't like mushrooms but you'll eat this?" *holds my chocolate truffle ice cream up*

Me: "Because actual truffles are different from chocolate truffles. They're two separate things. What?"

Him: *blush*

It was cute af though

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My partner actually believes that it’s fine to leave cooked meat out for hours because “it’s not raw”. As someone who has taken microbio, I can confirm this is a terrible idea.

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I had to explain the concept of gift giving at birthdays, Christmas etc.

First of all, my boyfriend doesn't care about receiving gifts at all and thought that's the norm for everyone. Second, he thought that a gift that's not useful (something that is just nice etc.) is worse than no gift, so he usually doesn't get a gift to anyone, if he can't come up with something super useful. And third, he thought that if you randomly buy little gifts to someone throughout the year, it's okay if you don't give them anything for big occasions.

So I had to explain that people generally do care about getting gifts on major occasions, not getting a gift is the worst because even if the gift isn't good, at least it shows you put a bit of an effort into it, and while it's nice to randomly receive small gifts, the person still be rightfully upset if you don't get them anything for an occasion.

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How to chop vegetables. (Yes I am serious.) He was 32, and when I met him he was living on takeaways and Pot Noodles but was keen to get beyond that, so I taught him some basic cookery skills. We're not together any more, but the last time I saw him he was cooking regularly and healthily for himself, so he's definitely come a long way since!


He didn’t know who Genghis Khan was. He had been to The Great Wall. I asked him why he thought they built it, he just shrugged. He also asked where waves came from…and once I mentioned the blood moon looked cool and we should check it out and he asked where it was?

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That ponies don’t grow up to be horses.

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He thought the tapioca pearls in Boba drinks were caviar. He literally thought that they put FISH EGGS in boba. I still love him though.

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That it's not sad for women to use toys.

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My ex once saw some leftover period blood in my underwear; it was kinda dark reddish brown. He was super grossed out asking if I shat myself. I explained old blood was brown. He was disgusted. Anyway, he's an ex. LOL.


What a laundry basket was. My ex thought that his clothes would just magically disappear if he put them on the floor.


That Canada was not part of the US. I still feel bad about how much I internally judged him, but he legit thought Canada was just a less important part of the US that's why it was always left off the maps and we only focus on the "southern part" (i.e. the 48 contiguous states).


My husband, as an adult, did not know that the male gamete would supply either the x or Y chromosome that would determine the sex of the off spring. He told me he would be upset if I did not give him a male child and I was like, you know all I have to give is an x right? He was very surprised to learn that he would need to bring the y to the table and did not even believe me at first. I had to produce sources. In the end he did not bring his y game, but he’s still here and he loves being a girl dad.


My ex-partner believed that abuse only existed under the guise of physically assaulting someone. He assumed that just because he wasn't hitting me, he was a great catch that I was lucky to have.


That not everyone likes hugs or having their personal space invaded. My daughter and I do not like being touched but I am okay with him invading mine however my daughter is different. I had to explain to him that my daughter really does not like being hugged or having her hand held which he never thought of because his kids all love it. He said he felt really bad and apologized to her. He made her promise that if he ever does anything she dislikes she needs to tell him.


You can angle the vacuum cleaner to reach under the sofa!


That vaginal discharge is not necessarily a sign of an std and that the consistency changes at different points in the menstrual cycle.

Also had to explain that eating a*s is something that some people actually do, not just an internet joke.


My ex said it was 'cringe' that I use panty liners. He kept complaining about it to me, saying I should stop using them. I said no each time. Then he got pissed and said, 'You probably get wet all the time — that's why you have to use them!' and I was like: 'Seriously? You're getting a PhD, and you don't even know the female body? It's normal to have discharge for women, and it has nothing to do with being horny.


Soo many things.. to start-- the alphabet. He didn't know what vowels and consonants were.


Not really a partner but I had to explain to many men what happens during a Pap smear…and they get grossed out all the time.


that he cant clean the bathroom by just showering the whole floor and leaving it to airdry, specially in a house built in the 70s, its a mold infestation waiting to happen.


How to emphatize with your partner's feelings. It was frustrating to teach him how to acknowledge and comfort me whenever I feel down without him getting mad or trying to minimize what I'm feeling.


Had to explain where the cervix was located, and that no his penis could not, in fact, go through to into uterus when he was ‘deep’.

I don’t blame him. I blame our educational system.


1. You can’t spot reduce fat with specific foods or specific workouts. You can isolate muscle groups to increase mass, for sure! But fat leaves where it wants to leave and there’s no cheat code that broccoli has that allows it to pew pew away belly fat.

2. No, the vaccine did not make you magnetic. It’s scientifically impossible for an injection of that size, *even if it was pure ferromagnetic metal*, to hold up a magnet. Your skin is sticky and would also hold up a piece of plastic. Besides, why put a tracker in you when you do it for free by carrying a cellphone.


He was in the bathroom with me while I was changing my tampon and he was like "There's no such thing as a stupid question, right?" And I was like no, of course not, ask away. In the most quiet, shy voice I've ever heard him use, he asks: "so.. does it feel even a little bit pleasurable when you put it in?"

I'm his first girlfriend. it was honestly really cute


That "Anonymous" wasn't a person who wrote a million poems.

At first I thought she was joking. Then she asked if I'd like to hear more by him-- how some were great and some completely c**p....

I decided to tell her a year after that just to see where it went...


That women should pee after sex to avoid getting a uti

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I had to tell my ex what Black Friday was. He stayed up all night in an online gaming tournament after thanksgiving dinner, and decided to go to Walmart for groceries at 4 am. Of course it was packed and he was shocked.


I explained to my boyfriend a few months ago the tear duct on the lower eyelid. He was confused why there was a hole and I was like “babe…that’s where your tears come out”


He asked me how to know when water is boiling. There are a lot of other things related to cooking that he didn’t know but this one took me by surprise the most. Make sure to teach your kids basic cooking skills!


That dogs can swim.

We're both really smart, but there's some things he doesn't know that really surprise me sometimes (and vice versa). He thought they were only trained to swim in movies.


He thought that gynaecologist is for male problems too. After that, he went on to search for male gynaecologists in his area to prove he was right but ended up finding a gynaecologist who is a man.


How to check if potatoes were cooked (to make mashed potatoes).

Moms of sons, please train your sons.


There is no such thing as 'womb f*****g.'