101 Satisfying Pics Of Things Before And After Being Cleaned (New Pics)

Cleaning might not be the most fun activity there is; not for all, at least. But even those who take no joy in wiping and mopping would likely agree that few things are more satisfying than viewing the before and after of a cleaned-up mess—whether it was a pot that needed a good scrub or an entire room one had to tackle.

A picture of something before and after the magical touch of a sponge, a cloth, or even a power washer if need be, allows you to fully appreciate the difference and the hard work it took to reach it. That might be one of the reasons people tend to share the images of their hard work with others, and today we’ve gathered some of their best examples on this list for you to view. Scroll down to find the before and after pictures, but browse them at your own risk as they might make you want to start a major clean-up mission.

#1 I’m An Art Teacher And I Moved To A New School. The Previous Teacher Did Not Share My Love Of Organization. Behold The Before And After Of My Paper Closet

Image credits: smolgurl93

#2 Nobody Weeds A Playground Better Than We Can

Image credits: Dontbeagamer

#3 My Parent's Cast Iron Brought Back To Life

Image credits: Goat-Devil

#4 Maybe Not The Most Satisfying, But I Polished A 25-Year-Old Christmas Ornament

Image credits: ShutUpAndEatYourKiwi

#5 This Is Just A Work Of An Hour

Image credits: 4tpn

#6 Can The Steam Cleaning Community Get Some Love?

Image credits: dontuseyourreal_name

#7 I’m Finally Done Clearing Out My Depression Nest Of A Garage After Weeks Of Hard Work

I donated 55 trash bags full of stuff and threw away 12 cubic feet of garbage. I can park my car in there for the first time in a year.

Image credits: Rosebudsi

#8 Showing Depression Who’s The Boss Made Me Smile. I Can Finally Relax In My Room

Image credits: dominictaf00

#9 Before And After Of Some Corcoran Jump Boots That I Refurbished

Image credits: littlebootboi

#10 I Do Carpet Cleaning For A Living And I Absolutely Love My Job

Image credits: Tommy_Gunn_407

#11 Gave This Pot A Good Blasting

Image credits: lemmegetadab

#12 Giving Our Restaurant’s 10-Years-Old Wooden Floor An Industrial Cleaning

Image credits: EinsteinafterPlanck

#13 Friend's Aunt Gifted Me Her Deceased Father's Car. "If You Think You Can Get It Running, You Can Have It". Before And After

Image credits: Whoiscw

#14 Satisfying Chiminea Restoration - Before And After

Image credits: slightlysaltysausage

#15 I Thought Y’all Might Like My Grout Transformation

Image credits: FiguringItOut--

#16 Sailboat Companionway Restoration

Image credits: jcallahan926

#17 I Did It Even Though I Thought It Would Be More Complex To Clean But It Wasn't. I'm Proud Of Myself Even If It Isn't The Best Cleaning. I Still Think I Did Good

Image credits: kittenprince913

#18 I Cleaned A Very Hairy Car Today

Image credits: Tsesi

#19 Copper Sink Before Cleaning And After

Image credits: vvk21

#20 The Room Before And After My Roommate Came Back And Took Everything

Image credits: ebenz1006

#21 The Magic Of Quarantine, Sore Muscles From Scrubbing, A Sunburn, And A Cocktail Of Chemicals: Turning My Pool Back Into An Oasis From The Swamp Mess

Image credits: TheSquirrelOfLegend

#22 I Detailed A 1968 Torino. Couldn't Believe I Was Able To Get The Seats This Clean

Image credits: Zewsey

#23 Before And After Of A Hoarders' House We Cleaned Out. Ready To Renovate

Image credits: WhyDoiLiveHerefrfr

#24 I Got A Hundred-Year-Old Painting Cleaned Earlier This Year

Image credits: jaguar_loco

#25 A Friend Was Using Levcoware Japan Skillet As A Yard Decoration. After 10 Years Of Being Exposed To Harsh Weather, I've Brought It Back To Its Former Glory

Image credits: gus308

#26 Father-In-Law Asked Me To Swap Out His Old GTX 770 For A GTX 1070, Gave Some Much Needed TLC While I Was At It

Image credits: baconborn

#27 Before And After Of A Property I Cleaned Up Today

Image credits: rpgmgta

#28 Customer And Her 10-Year-Old Son Looked At Each Other, Then The Mom Asked Me If I "Brought Any Body Armor". Weed Whacker Just Requires Thick Skin

Image credits: rpgmgta

#29 Cleaned Oven Door

Image credits: nataratattack

#30 The Company Wouldn't Pick Up Unless Someone Sorted It. So I Did

Image credits: Empty_Faced

#31 Cleaned My Room Thoroughly For The 1st Time In 2 Years. Feels Like A Physical Sign My Depression Is Getting Better

Image credits: ammesedam

#32 No Filter. This One Was Rough. It Took A Lot Of Elbow Grease. I Didn’t Get Every Little Spot Because My Arm Started To Hurt

Image credits: starbux911

#33 A Beautiful Before And After

Image credits: etg07xx

#34 John Deere Skid Steer Before And After

Image credits: litshredder

#35 My Work From The Weekend. Sand, Buff, Clear Coat, Correcting 287k Miles Of Age

Image credits: jdrgoat

#36 Cleaning A Chandelier From A Smoker’s Home (Bottom Piece Is Cleaned)

Image credits: tenglempls

#37 Gotta Love Those Cottonwood Trees (Before And After)

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Restoring A Wall At Notre-Dame De Paris

Image credits: quitepossiblylying

#39 I Did My First Refurbish. The Gameboy Was Reduced From A Hoarder's House Set To Be Demolished

Image credits: Im_the_President

#40 Cleaned My Grandmother’s Oven Yesterday. The Before And After Feels So Nice. (She’s 96, So Be Kind About The Before Photo)

Image credits: Savoritz20

#41 Carpet Cleaning

Image credits: LittleWhiteLines

#42 Before And After Cleaning The Oven After Renters Moved Out

Image credits: snwbrdrmidget15

#43 Before And After Of Deep Cleaning My Room After My Depression Slump

Image credits: rachelliyo

#44 Moved Into A New (Old) Place And Spent A Weekend On This Linoleum

Image credits: dukebluedevil20

#45 Just Finished Cleaning This Backyard Up

Image credits: rpgmgta

#46 My Mom And I Work At Cleaning The Apartments In Toronto. This Is Before And After Of The Oven

Image credits: toswat

#47 Freshly Polished Silver For Thanksgiving

Image credits: lily_belle22

#48 I Love Restoring Old Game Consoles. Here Are Some Pictures Of An Xbox 360 I Am Cleaning Up

Image credits: fozzythemexican

#49 This Mess Is The Aftermath Of A Previous Net Admin Who Didn't Care Anymore. Before vs. After

Image credits: howlongcanimakethisusername

#50 Before And After Of A Backyard I Cleaned Up Yesterday

Image credits: rpgmgta

#51 Old Computer's Motherboard, Before And After Cleaning

Image credits: sabbathian

#52 Neglected BMW

Image credits: zoelord

#53 Before And After Of A Backyard I Reclaimed From Nature

Image credits: rpgmgta

#54 Very Neglected Tennis Court Before And After

Image credits: i_enjoy_silence

#55 Using My Time At Home To Clear Out My Pantries, What Do You Think?

Image credits: mrs.lina.thomas

#56 Polished My Dad’s Vase

Image credits: emeraldgemmmm

#57 I’ve Been Using All Of My Free Time To Deep Clean My Car Seats

Image credits: forgot_username1234

#58 Roommates Thought The Sink Was Permanently Stained. I Got Bored In Quarantine And Proved Them Wrong

Image credits: ghostof-nothing

#59 I'm Over Halfway Done Restoring This Leather Sofa, The Before And After Is Pretty Dramatic

Image credits: JephriB

#60 Before And After Cleaning An Old Oven. Pretty Sure The Previous Renters Never Cleaned It

Image credits: kinoko_noyama

#61 Garage/Storage Room Before And After. No Longer A Health Hazard

Image credits: tokyobutterfly

#62 The Before And After Pictures Of The Side Of My House

Image credits: Cmdrseahawks

#63 Before And After

Image credits: MinervaNow

#64 First Wild-Caught Griswold. Cleaned Up Nicely

Image credits: Market_Minutes

#65 My Great-Great Grandmother's Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Circa 1880. Before And After Cleaning, And Seasoning

Image credits: therealrobrobrob

#66 When Grandma Says She Hasn't Cleaned It In 30 Years

Image credits: AlmightyOx

#67 Before And After Faucet Sprayer

Just soaked in white vinegar overnight like I’ve seen others do. Man, I feel so gross posting this but I honestly had no idea how bad they were. Moved into this apartment about 6 months ago. My bathroom faucet was spraying water so I started with that one, but didn’t take photos. My kitchen sink was by far the worst. What even is this gunk, it doesn’t seem like just hard water. I clean the sinks often and just use the tap to fill my Brita and pots for the most part.

Image credits: ohthatsthat

#68 Before And After Pictures Of My Toughest Cleaning Gig Yet

Image credits: courtneyoopsz

#69 Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan Before And After

Image credits: chiefinwitmahomies

#70 Cleaned And Painted An Old Propane Camp Stove That Was Given To Me

Image credits: haringtiti

#71 Cleaning The Engine. Before And After

Image credits: ryansd77

#72 Polishing Your Shoes Is The Frugal Choice

Image credits: PersonalBrowser

#73 Before, During And After Of A Grill At Work

Image credits: Myth1calMonkey

#74 I Restored A Really Old Mausoleum Door

Image credits: DavidEmmanuelKeogh

#75 Before And After Of A Property We Cleaned Up Today

Image credits: rpgmgta

#76 This Beautiful Snare Drum Restoration

Image credits: whitesebastian

#77 I Gave A New Life To This Abandoned Ammo Box. Satisfied

Image credits: syuhn

#78 Just Proud Of My Polishing Skills

Image credits: perpetualjanbrady

#79 Today I Polished My Door Knob

Image credits: lanerbutter

#80 Before And After Polishing This Brass Fish

Image credits: bluebeary96

#81 This Newly-Polished Headlight On My Car

Image credits: joajan

#82 I Finally Got Around To Use The Headlight Restoration Kit I Bought

Image credits: raptorjesus2

#83 Before And After Of My Building's Aerial Box

Image credits: Tamar-sj

#84 Foggy Headlight Restoration

Image credits: YoungWifiPassword

#85 I Love Cleaning Up Neglected Bikes

Image credits: lookslikesinbad

#86 Before And After. Under $250 To Completely Transform

Image credits: emkay95

#87 Snack Cabinet Before And After

Image credits: OhGod0fHangovers

#88 Before And After

Image credits: LipstickMonkeyy

#89 Before And After Cleaning The Dryer Vent

Image credits: mandobaxter

#90 Before And After Of This $1 Pan I Bought

Image credits: 2460_one

#91 I Polished Up This Old Milkshake Maker

Image credits: DoctorWhoniverse

#92 Decided To Clean My Headlights Today. Here Is A Before And After Picture

Image credits: Dysmorphix

#93 Before And After, Polished Silver

Image credits: reese-pieces

#94 Cleaned Up Our Filthy Kitchen Floor. Before And After

Image credits: ChalupaLover19

#95 Cleaning This Antique Crystal Condiment Set

Image credits: bouquet-of-knives

#96 It’s Amazing What A Little Lemon And Water Can Do

Image credits: erstwhiling

#97 I Polish Shoes At A Golf Club. Sometimes I Think My Work Is Oddly Satisfying

Image credits: Huddbren

#98 Cleaned Out My Keyboard Today

Image credits: dysfunctionalarty

#99 Polished The Sugar Bowl Today

Image credits: cadmiumred

#100 Here Is My 2-Year-Old Rug

Image credits: pickles-and-mayo

#101 Before And After Of A Property I Cleaned Up Today

Image credits: rpgmgta

#102 An Hour Of Scrubbing And Polishing And This Casserole Dish Is Good As New!

#103 The Process Of Me Polishing An Antique Magnifying Glass Stand

#104 Before/After Of A Property I Cleaned Up Today