108 Times People Took Laziness To Another Level And Made Others’ Blood Boil

Oh, the sweetness of sheer unapologetic laziness… Is it just a lack of willpower? Maybe it’s a state of mind, a hedonism-inspired lifestyle, a rebellion of modern kind. All jokes aside, calling someone “lazy” is somewhat an insult, especially in societies where hard work and productivity are valued highly (we’re looking at you, America!).

Having said that, a 2019 Pew survey found that a majority of Americans think people are lazier now than they used to be. But we can all discuss what being dubbed lazy actually means.

For some it's a lack of physical activity, for others it may be lack of will to do even the most routine and boring tasks. And while it’s totally normal to have a brief episode of idleness, if it lasts too long, you’re suddenly playing dangerous games.

So today, we’re diving deep into real-life examples of people succumbing to their laziness, by choice or accident. The result is an uncanny collection of pics that may make you laugh, infuriate you or give you a moment to reflect on your own lazy side.

#1 Multiple Reasons Why You Should Put Your Cart Back And Not Be Lazy

Image credits: Sarah Coffey Pruett

#2 I Tore My Rotator Cuff So My Husband Told Me He’d Finish The Interior Painting On Our Downstairs. He Says He’s Done

Image credits: sleepdeprivationland

#3 Best Employee Of The Month

Image credits: john_raider

#4 My Roommate Throws Away Dishes So He Won’t Have To Do Them

Image credits: bjarbeau

#5 We Call This One, "The Landlord Supremo"

Image credits: marblesbykeys

#6 People At The Dog Park I Go To Are Too Lazy To Put Their Poop Bags In The Trash Can So They Hang Them On The Fence

Image credits: TurkayLurkay

#7 Ain’t My Job To Cut The Trees. I Paint The Lines

Image credits: Riresurmort

#8 This Guy Wasn't About To Let 13 Inches Of Snow Or Laziness Stop Him From Getting To Work On Time

Image credits: occolla

#9 People Who Do This Are Just The Worst

Image credits: All_dex_no_flex

#10 Someone Was Very Lazy

Image credits: gravitas-deficiency

#11 I Pulled The Foil Off Of This To See What Was In It, And It Was Empty. And Still In The Fridge

Image credits: SneezyHydra

#12 Yes. He Was Using Them Both

Image credits: iseeyoustandingthere

#13 So I Finally Got A House, And They Literally Painted Over Bugs On The Wall

Image credits: DimitriTooProBro

#14 Lady, Your Laziness Causes An Unnecessary Queue At The Exit Of Cardales

Image credits: _paolaliss_

#15 How My Ex Roommate Left Her Bathroom After Moving Out

Image credits: vancityjoss

#16 If You Have A Gender Reveal Party And Leave Confetti Everywhere For People To Pick Up, F**k You

Image credits: SnooSquirrels7857

#17 Kinda Funny Tho

Image credits: Midget_LlamaYT

#18 When You're So Lazy And Can't Walk 20ft To Watch Your Kid

Image credits: tinderbindervinder

#19 I Guess She Was Too Lazy

Image credits: richie_rich77

#20 Don't Even Get Me Started On The People That Test Spray Paint Like This

Image credits: JustAnotherHuman007

#21 The Dumpster On The Left Is Empty But People Are Too Lazy To Open The Lid So They Just Keep Piling Trash Up Into The Right Dumpster

Image credits: FeelinSheepish

#22 UPS Was Too Lazy To Walk 10 Feet To My Door

Image credits: VampViking

#23 I Found This In The Break Room At Work. How Can You Be This Lazy?

Image credits: GhostEight

#24 I Work At An Ice Skating Rink, And Instead Of Properly Turning In Skates, People Just Throw Them Over The Counter

Image credits: Nervous-Clock8361

#25 Taking Laziness To A Whole New Level

Image credits: WellOKDenz

#26 I Will Pass On The Lunch Meat. Thanks Anyway. Too Lazy To Get A Ladder

Image credits: alien_eye

#27 My Sister Was Just Served This At A Local Mexican Restaurant

Image credits: Kahne_Fan

#28 People Who Can’t Pick Up After Themselves

Image credits: HuskerDue

#29 Moving To A New House. This Is Where The Last Owners Had Their China Cabinet

Image credits: kenziethemom

#30 First Day At The Beach And My Wife Made Sure I Was Protected From Sunburn By Spraying My Back With Sunscreen. I Can’t See Back There - Did She Do A Good Job?

Image credits: Kratsas

#31 This Is Embarrassing

Image credits: expat100

#32 Too Lazy To Adjust The Clocks For Winter

Image credits: digdilem

#33 When Your're Too Lazy To Wash Them Dishes So You Do This

Image credits: Successful-Gur6060

#34 Did She Purchase Or Put Back Any Of The Books? Of Course Not

Image credits: Swaggie-J

#35 Lady Is Too Lazy To Find A Parking Spot So She Blocks The Bus From Picking Up The Kids From School

Image credits: brutalmfkr

#36 I Can’t Even

Image credits: Stretchy_Labia

#37 A Couple Years Ago, My Neighbor Decided To Paint His House Bright Orange. Then Gave Up Halfway Through

Image credits: ten_tons_of_light

#38 This Is Some Next Level Lazy

Image credits: dragonbringerx

#39 Too Lazy To Put Your Cart Up? Block The Handicap Spots

Image credits: youreadrag

#40 When "Rock Moving" Wasn’t In The Job Description

Image credits: B3PO1

#41 Lazy People Who Abandon Their Unwanted Groceries In The Freezer, Causing Them To Explode And Become Unsellable

Image credits: SchuminWeb

#42 Key Screwed And Painted To The Door Frame Inside My Wife's Apartment. Such Laziness

Image credits: bhones

#43 Lazy People Parked Right At The Entrance To Load Their Vehicle Up And Blocked The Traffic

Image credits: claytonblick

#44 I Was Making Homemade Churros For The Husband And The Piping Bag Tip Popped Out. Too Lazy To Fix It. I Present To You The Turdo

Image credits: girlfieri223

#45 Left His Driveway But Didn’t Clear The Rear Window Of Snow. Lazy. Dangerous

Image credits: KllaPam

#46 Driving Over Graves Because They’re Too Lazy To Walk

Image credits: hwiley

#47 This Guy Ignored No Entry Sign And Drove On Wooden Pier, Because He Was Too Lazy To Carry Stuff On His Dolly

Pier has to be closed for structural inspection.

Image credits: strangelove666

#48 Our Office Was Renovated. They Were Too Lazy To Move The Outlet Location Or The Wall Over

Image credits: untamedorgins

#49 Lazy Shoppers Leaving Their Carts, Blocking The Entrance To The Mall

Image credits: DrNightYT

#50 How Lazy Can You Be?!

Image credits: southernbitterness

#51 Am I Crazy Or Is This Acceptable?

We share a laundry room with the people upstairs (the laundry room is right outside our door). This pile of dirty clothes has been sitting there for 5 days, this is nothing new. My bf is making me feel like the crazy one for having a problem with it. Advice please? 

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Heron44

#52 This Person Pulls Her Car Out Of The Parking Spot So No One Can Drive Past Because She's Too Lazy To Carry Her Shopping Bags, Causing A Line Of Traffic

Image credits: tgun782

#53 I Was Gone For A Few Days, And I Guess No One Did Any Dishes

Image credits: Chilldori

#54 My Sister Leaves Empty Bowls In The Fridge For Weeks

Image credits: Adsnipers

#55 The Leaning Tower Of Garbage

Image credits: catserole

#56 My Wife Never Fully Screws The Lids Back Onto Anything

Image credits: EchoJXTV

#57 This Idiot Hit Me While He Was Pulling Out Of A Gas Station, He Said He Didn't See Me

Image credits: NotSoAverageStoner

#58 Laziness At Walmart

Image credits: Fireman657

#59 This Is The Level Of Laziness I Aspire Towards

Image credits: spazzboi

#60 How Lazy Can People Be

Image credits: Emergency_Knowledge

#61 And The Winner Of "Not My Job" Is My Sister

Image credits: trianglefor2

#62 To Be Fair, Every Customer At This Theatre Is Either A 6-Year-Old, Brain Damaged, Or Both

Image credits: TonyLionYT

#63 Hates Lazy People But Wants A Rich Man To Feed Her

Image credits: BiggerFoote

#64 My Mom Was Too Lazy To Get Her Cats Food So She Fed Them One Of My Spams

Image credits: natesplace19010

#65 How The F**k Can People Be This Lazy

Image credits: MissMoows

#66 My Family Throwing Giant Chunks Of Food In The Sink On Top Of Dirty Dishes

Image credits: CinderellaManX

#67 Mom's Boyfriend Never Puts The Soap On The Soap Trays

Image credits: Lia-chan__

#68 My Neighbor Keeps Parking Her Car On Top Of My Garden Area Instead Of Her Driveway Because She's Too Lazy To Pull Her Trash Cans In

Image credits: TinySpiderman

#69 Lazy Karen

Image credits: SergeantJinto

#70 My Sister Spilt Wax On The Floor While Making Candles Because She Poured It Into A Smoothie Cup. I'm Left Here Cleaning It Up Because She's "Too Tired"

Image credits: WaltzRevolutionary10

#71 I Live With Monsters

Image credits: Giryee

#72 My Lazy Family Leaves The Tub Like This After Every Bath Bomb And Refuses To Clean It

Image credits: AL3XAND3R_GTZ

#73 This Is How My Boyfriend Leaves The Sink After He Shaves

Image credits: nymphymixtwo

#74 Love Having Roommates

Image credits: flergityberg

#75 A New Caliber Of Laziness. People Like This Actually Exist

Image credits: mreastwolf

#76 These Shortcuts Symbolize Human Laziness (Yes, I Use It) Central Park Edition

Image credits: veggie-man

#77 Someone In Denver Blocked The Platte River Trail With Their Car, Probably Were Looking For A Shortcut

Image credits: ItsPaoloni

#78 Amazon Left My Package In The Rain 10 Feet Away From A Covered Patio. Good Job You Lazy Pos

Image credits: YourWarDaddy

#79 Every Day This Lady Walks Her Dog And Throws It's Poop In The Same Tree

Image credits: scrawny11

#80 Happy 12th Of July From An Angry Irish Environmentalist

Image credits: ru_oc

#81 My Ex Wife Texting Me Asking For Money Because She’s Too Lazy To Get A Job

Image credits: OkYam8531

#82 Whoever Did This Should Be Ashamed

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 Too Lazy To Wash The Dishes

Image credits: KrazieCookie

#84 People Who Are Too Lazy To Remove Their Strings After Fishing Or Crabbing. So Many Animals Get Trapped In This And Die

Image credits: i_love-lamp

#85 No Shadows And Just A Lazy Painter

Image credits: fiendish_wonder

#86 I Cleaned The Whole Kitchen At 5 Pm Yesterday. I Stayed At My Partner’s Place Last Night And Today Came Home To This Mess From My Roommates

Image credits: TragicGirl11

#87 A Friend's Brother Lives In His Garage Trying To Make It Big On Twitch. He Shows Me This Picture Of His "Streamer Den." And Yes, Those Are Gallons Of Urine

Image credits: themuffinmanV3

#88 My Coworkers Are Too Lazy To Replace The Trash Bags

Image credits: HowlingWolves24

#89 My Flatmate Has Peaked In Laziness During The Lockdown

Image credits: galiopower

#90 There's Literally A Garbage Can 3 Feet Away. How Are Some People So Lazy?

Image credits: muammargaddafisghost

#91 When You Are Too Lazy To Throw Out The Old TV

Image credits: skeeverbutt

#92 Calm Down Bro, It’s Just A Little Pizza Grease

Image credits: spacepasta

#93 Remains From A Horrible Person's Photo Shoot

Image credits: foxjohnc87

#94 This Dog Park. This Is Not A Public Dog Park. It's Part Of A Private Rental Community. Bags Are Always Provided, Yet People Are Too Lazy To Clean Up After Their Dogs

Image credits: SageofTime64

#95 I'm Angry That Poor Brad Might Have To Pull The Shift Alone Due To Lazy Office Staff

Image credits: SabeDerg

#96 Lazy People Hanging Their Trash In The Store

Image credits: createquet

#97 This Morning, The News Paper Delivery Was Too Lazy To Go To 11 Houses, And Just Dropped A Pile At Our House

Image credits: LackOfALife

#98 Ohio Officer Is Too Lazy To Walk And Parks In The Handicapped Spot

Image credits: I_AM_A_FUNNY_GUY

#99 Being A Cinema Worker And Having To Clean Up After These Delightful People. Yes, Sadly, But The Boxes Are Still Half Full Of Soggy Cereal And Milk

Image credits: maebyline

#100 This Panhandler Works Remotely

Image credits: dirtypark

#101 Anytime Fitness Too Lazy To Type An 'Out Of Order' Sign, So They Find A Typed One Online To Print

Image credits: xAUSxReap3r

#102 How Hubby Won't Throw Away His Empty Ice Cream Buckets

Image credits: This_User_Said

#103 People Who Don't Clean Up After Themselves And Leave The Fast Food Places Like This

Image credits: OnionScooper

#104 Spotted In Target. Next Level Fashion

Image credits: EkkoWan

#105 Your Ride Pulls Up And You See This, What You Doing?

Image credits: Cien_Almas

#106 This Lazy Lady Stole The Cart From A Lady With A Broken Neck

Image credits: stinolan

#107 This Type Of Person Has A ‟Someone Gets Paid To Clean This Up” Kind Of Mentality

Image credits: Sharp_Prompt397

#108 My Husband's Go-To Meal When I'm Lazy

Image credits: minelli03