123 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, And Garage Sales (New Pics)

The internet is full of wonderful communities—large and small—that brighten our day. In our opinion, one of the most fun online communities to follow is the ‘Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ Facebook group. 

Created just over 6 years ago, in late 2016, the group is home to a jaw-dropping 2.7 million members who enjoy secondhand shopping, thrift stores, and garage sales. They absolutely love sharing the weirdest and coolest things they’ve stumbled upon during their adventures, and the photos are wonderful. We’ve collected some of their most impressive recent finds to share with you. Scroll down and upvote your fave pics. And be sure to let us know which of these you adored the most!

If you’re in the mood for some more thrifty fun, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find Bored Panda’s recent features about the group right here, here, and here.

Bored Panda has reached out to the team running ‘Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared,’ and we’ll update the article once we hear back from them.

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#1 My Copy Of Pride And Prejudice That I Found At A Used Book Store! It’s So Beautiful And In Really Great Condition Too. It Was A Gift To Someone In 1899!

Image credits: Jazmine Clair Eugelmi

#2 This Incredibly Realistic And Strangely Heavy Fake Sandwich I Found At An “Upscale Antique” Store In Indiana

Image credits: Olivia Nicole Henson

#3 I Found A 3D Duck Cake Pan Set At The Spca Thrift Store In Victoria, Bc. It Baked Up Just Fine But Our Icing Skills Need Work

Image credits: Tina Taylor

The ‘Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ Facebook group was first created as a way for the founders to share wacky secondhand finds with their family and friends. It was first meant to work like a photo archive or “some sort of strange museum.”

However, the community soon took off, and the founders began welcoming more and more members into the group. Everyone’s encouraged to share pics of “odd, unusual, and wonderful pieces” that they come across while “thrifting, visiting yard sales, estate sales, antique stores,” and elsewhere.

#4 The First Thing I Saw When I Walked Through The Door Of A Thrift Store In Millville, New Jersey. Only $10 And It Definitely Came Home With Me

Image credits: Judy Pearsall

#5 I Finally Found A Tiny Couch For My Cat!!!!!

Image credits: Lena Xanana

#6 I Found It On Marketplace For $40, But It's Really A Mystery Chair. The Owner Said It Was Made By A Private Business Across The World Somewhere, But Anywhere You Find It Online Are Scam Sites. So This Chair Is Super Unique

Image credits: Karisa Briest

The community is incredibly active, and the fun thing is that you don’t actually have to buy the cool or bizarre stuff you found to share a picture of it on the group. If you come across something that you feel will make people’s day, take a snap, and post it! If the moderator and administrator team feels like your pic’s a good match for the community, they’ll approve it.

However, due to the popularity of the group, far from every photo will get the green light. Don’t feel discouraged if your find doesn’t end up getting featured. “Just keep hunting for something new to post in the future,” the team running the community writes.

#7 Found This Really Cool Charm Bracelet At A Yard Sale For $5

It Definitely Came Home With Me. Its Stamped With Sterling On The Back And The Charms Seem Old. I Tried To Google Info On The Company But Couldn't Find Anything. It Will Be A Great Addition To My Charm Collection

Image credits: Amy Hahn

#8 I Started Collecting Vintage Swag Lights While They Were Considered 70s Trash. Picking Them Up At Garage Sales For Practicality Nothing. It Seemed Like Overnight They Became Highly Collectible

Image credits: Rick Murray

#9 Found The Vintage Mirror Of My Dreams Recently On Fb Marketplace. I've Been Searching For One Like This For Years And I'm So Obsessed

 It's Around 4 1/2 Feet Tall, And There's A Date Written On The The Back Of It- January 1964. I Keep Finding Myself Staring At It And Wondering Where It’s Been And Who’s Looked Into It. Definitely Going To Treasure This For The Rest Of My Life

Image credits: Brittany Zapata

Because the volume of messages and posts that the team gets is humongous, the mods and admins are no longer informing people about why their posts have been declined. You can read the detailed posting guidelines in detail right over here. The rules are rather lengthy, but they help maintain the quality and digital health of the Facebook group.

Community members are also asked to be polite, courteous, and to keep their comments appropriate. What’s more, they’re asked not to engage with spammers and trolls. Facebook users are expected to understand that this is a place for “lighthearted fun and shenanigans.” If you’re ever in doubt about how (not) to behave, err on the side of kindness.

#10 I Literally Shrieked When I Saw This At Savers

Image credits: Abby Saoirse Ní Taithligh

#11 These Were All Found At Flea Markets And Estate Sales. I Finally Committed To Painting Them

Image credits: Chris Cope

#12 Snagged These From A Yard Sale!

Image credits: Mikayla Mckenzie

During a previous interview, Bored Panda learned about the roots of the ‘Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ group.

“My family and friends have always had a love and passion for interesting and unusual things, and we had been texting each other photos of items that we saw (and often purchased) in thrift stores and at yard sales for years,” one of the group’s co-founders told us a few years ago.

#13 My Life Is Complete.. I Finally Have Found My Dream Bookcase At A Second Hand Emporium! It's Huge Had To Rearrange While House

Image credits: Kirsty Sweeting

#14 Garage Sale Find

Image credits: Kenny James

#15 I Found My Grandmother's Formal Dress In Her Hope Chest Today. A Pic Of Her Wearing It Was With It

Image credits: Lissa Dolter

“My best friend and I were chatting on Christmas Eve one year and it occurred to us that it might be more fun to share our photos in a Facebook group, rather than via text so that it would be easier to go back and see what each of us had found, and to have a record of what we had seen through the years,” the co-founder told us.

“It really all started as a gathering place intended for our friends and family but we left it as an open group purely because it never occurred to us that anyone outside of our circle would share this odd interest we have.”

#16 I Have This Weird Love For Skulls. Here Is A Small Collection Of My Babies. Most Of Them Come From My Local Thrift Store Including The Skull Dress

Image credits: Danyelle Bridgewater

#17 I Finally Found A Turkish Lamp On Marketplace!! And...it Was For Sale In My Town!!!!

Image credits: Sarah Weeks

#18 Yesterday, I Popped Into A Local Antique Store & Snagged A Few Things

Image credits: Vanessa Pyo

Eventually, word about the group spread. “I panicked for a moment but then I thought, ‘Heck, it will be intriguing to see what other people have to share. Why not?’ Originally, we expected to have about a dozen members; when strangers started joining, we thought maybe we’d get to a hundred. Now, three years later, we’re approaching the two million-member mark!" they shared with Bored Panda before.

“Who knew that what we all thought was a niche hobby actually has a huge passionate community behind it that just needed a clubhouse to gather in? Witnessing how people connect in this group is what keeps us passionate about running it. I personally put between thirty and forty hours a week into moderating the group but every time I see how much joy it brings people, I’m reminded why it’s worth doing all the work it takes.”

#19 3€ In Mamamini (Dutch Second Hand Store), Of Course It Came Home With Me

Image credits: Aleksandra Rychlewska

#20 No Thank You. Left Behind In An Antique Store In Pawling, NY

Image credits: Nancy Noland

#21 I Got Lucky And Found My Holy Grail Piece Of Furniture Secondhand On Marketplace!! I Think Someone Had Posted This Cabinet In This Group A While Ago And I’ve Been Questing For It Ever Since. The Woman Who Sold It To Me Lives About 40 Miles Away But Happened To Be Coming To My City And Offered To Meet Locally, So It Feels Like Destiny. I’m So Pleased!

Image credits: Samantha Neuroth

The co-founder of the group praised the community for how supportive the members are of each other. “When someone mentions having a bad day, or being ill, or just needing a bit of a morale boost, the community comes out in droves to offer support. We constantly see members lifting each other up, sending each other gifts, and enthusiastically embracing each other's quirks on a daily basis.”

#22 My Partner Found These Two Weird Little Gems About A Month Apart In Two Different States

Image credits: Ben Burnett

#23 I Bought It 9 Or So Years Ago At A Garage Sale Of All Places. I’m An Artist Myself And Sometimes I Buy Other Artists Works Because I Want To Support Them. The Look In This Child’s Eyes Riveted Me And It Spoke To Me

Image credits: Cecile Charles

#24 My Mom Was Just Passed Down These Beauties

Image credits: Austin Baker

Meanwhile, another side-effect the community had was that it sparked and renewed an interest in secondhand shopping for quite a few people. “They’re starting to see secondhand stores in a different light. We hear all the time from members who haven’t been thrifting in a long time or have never really been interested in it, and now can’t wait to go out treasure hunting,” the co-founder said. “It’s truly beautiful to see people celebrating their weird with fervor.”

#25 Okay Guys So This Is A Fun One. When I Was A Kid I Had This Exact Cat Blanket And I Haven’t Seen It In Years. I Loved It!

Image credits: Erin Storey

#26 This Morning I Was Browsing The Fb Marketplace And Found A Listing From An Alice In Wonderland Pop Up Event In Boston That Had Finished Giving Away All Their Decorations And Props For Free

 I Thought It Was Too Good To Be True When I Saw This White Rabbit (And Other Maximalist Decor). My Daughter And I Raced There With Our Fingers Crossed Hoping That No One Nabbed The White Rabbit. Honestly, I Imagined It Being A Foot Or Two High, Like A Door Stopper Type Of Decoration. When We Got There And I Saw A 4’ Rabbit I Coupdnt Stop Laughing.

Image credits: Michelle DiChiara

#27 I Found This Gorgeous Bedroom Set At A Local Antique Store! It Comes With The Bedframe And A Mirror Too Reminds Me Of Beauty And The Beast!

Image credits: Diamond Cruz

Recently, Bored Panda covered how inflation is changing people’s approach to shopping for clothes. More people are cutting back on costs wherever they can, so naturally, they’re eyeing lower-priced items in places like secondhand stores.

However, secondhand shopping isn’t just great for your wallet. More ecologically-minded shoppers will tell you that it’s a great way to fight for a more sustainable lifestyle. Especially when it comes to clothing.

#28 My Care Bear Collection. The Slippers, Take Care Bear And Friend Bear Were Thrifted

Image credits: AudriAnna O'Connor

#29 My Mamma Gave Me Some Of My Great Grandma's Things Today, This Had To Be My Favorite. A Quick Search Says 1930s Tin Dairy Tray

Image credits: Amber Elise

#30 I Was Going Through My Mom's Old Recipe Box And Found These Pan Am American Tomato Seeds From 1954!

This Is The Writing Of My Great-Grandmother. I Am Guessing She Gave These To My Grandmother And They Never Got Planted...until Yesterday! What A Great Story This Will Be, Especially If I Get Tomatoes To Grow

Image credits: Jennifer Morris-Snyder

The fashion industry is responsible for around a tenth of the total carbon emissions on our planet. Moreover, 85% of all textiles are thrown away each year, according to the UNECE’s 2018 report. The global apparel market was worth around 1.5 trillion dollars in 2021, according to Statista. By 2026, it’s predicted to grow to a whopping 2 trillion dollars. With this in mind, secondhand shopping and reselling clothes become vital parts of a more sustainable Earth.

#31 My Mom And I Found These Amazing Boots At The Flea Market Today And We Just Had To Get Them (For The Amazing Price Of 20$ For All 4 Pairs!?)

Image credits: Amit Burstein

#32 This Mushroom Lamp Called Out To Me At An Estate Sale Today. $75 And Worth Every Cent

Image credits: Nici Elise

#33 Wanted To Share My Absolutely Wonderful Find From Lil Birdy's Antiques & Decor In Butler, Pa! When I Saw These Posted On Their Facebook Page I Just Knew They Had To Be Mine!! I Was Over The Moon To Find Out They Ship!

Image credits: Mary E Weaver

#34 Brought This Matted Print Home From A Fundraising Garage Sale And My Husband Thinks It’s The Greatest Thing Ever

Image credits: Amy Paine

#35 When I Brought It Home, Filled With Nasty Oil, Bugs, And Lots Of Nicotine Stains

It Was Untested So I Wasn’t Sure If It Would Work. 4 Hours Of Cleaning Later And It Looks Beautiful! I Ran The Pump And I’m Sure It Will Work Once I Get Some Mineral Oil And A New Bulb For It

Image credits: Alyssa Adams

#36 How Could I Leave This On The Curb?! Took Four People To Lift It Into The Back Of My Suv

Image credits: Athena Zorbas Winterich

#37 These Were Given To Us By A Neighbour, Place Cards From Her Wedding Over 100 Years Old Given She Was 96 When She Passed Away Over 30 Yrs Ago

Image credits: Marion Calleja

#38 I Had Bought My Mother A Silhouette Lamp For Her Birthday When I Was In My Teens. I’ve Been Thrifting Forever. The Lamp Got Lost In The Fire And I Swore I Would Find One Again, And, If I Could Afford It, I Would Buy One Again. Today, We Met Again!

Image credits: Steph Page Harrington

#39 I Have Been Searching For This Exact Ring For Over 20 Years! Finally Found On Ebay! Pictured Are The Ring Today And My Favorite Picture Of My Dad.

Every Few Months For The Last 16 Years Of Ebay Shopping, I Would Search For "White Gold Garnet Or Ruby Ring" And Every Variation Of Wording. My Grandma Bell Gave Me The Original Ring When I Was 13. It Was Too Large So My Dad Took It To The Jewelers To Have It Cleaned And It Was Resized. In The Time The Ring Was In The Shop, My Dad Passed Away Very Suddenly From A Brain Aneurysm. He Was 39 Years Old. I Got It Back The Day Of His Funeral. I Loved The Ring. It Had So Much Meaning For Me. Somehow I Lost That Ring When I Was 17. I'm Now 40. I've Literally Been Searching For This Ring For Over Half My Life! It's Even My Size Already, 5-3/4 So It Was Obviously Sized At Some Point. Makes Me Wonder If It Is My Actual Ring! 

Image credits: Kirsten Bell Benson

#40 Best Garage Sale Find Ever!

Image credits: Victoria Perry

#41 My New Gallery Wall ! ( I Just Moved Into This Place A Month Ago) 90% Found Or Thrifted & Up Cycled … I Still Have More To Cram Lol

Image credits: Taylor Poore

#42 This Spoke To Me At Gw Today. Maybe It's Because I Feel Like I Have To Put On A Mask For Others And Feel So Dark (& Hollow) Inside Since I Lost My House

Image credits: Chantel Michelle

#43 Found These Amazing Pieces Of Art At Goodwill Today

Image credits: Matt Hettenhausen

#44 I'm Back With A New Heart-Shaped Furniture Secondhand Find

This One Is From Facebook Marketplace In Cincinnati, Ohio. It Needs Some Reinforcing To Be Functional On The Right Side, But I Am Elated To Add This To My Collection!

Image credits: Emily Eileen

#45 Found Thrifting In The Detroit Area. Someone’s Grandma Must Have Put Hours Into This!

Image credits: Andrea Sheree

#46 Scored This Beauty For $10 On Marketplace!!!!! I’m Obsessed

Image credits: Kayti Michelle Beauchamp

#47 Saw These While Thrifting The Other Day. The Treads Are A TV Remote Pattern

Image credits: Adrienne Heroneme Gaschler

#48 For $25 At Salvation Army, I Couldn’t Resist Buying The Most Fabulously Blingy Silverware I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Abigail Hawkinson Fryar

#49 Still At Salvation Army In Las Vegas If Anyone Wants It

Image credits: Sky Shafrin

#50 My Precious Mama Had Her Sitting On A Perfume Mirror And I Spotted Her From 10 Paces And Literally About Broke My Neck To Get To Her!

Image credits: Melissa F. Curvin

#51 Cleaning Out The Basement And Came Across This Homemade Planter/Hanging Light Fixtures That A Family Member Made Years Ago For My Grandparents

Image credits: Nay Vassiliou

#52 Just Bought On Marketplace! This Will Come In Handy! Almost 5 Feet Tall

Image credits: Julie Hellenbrand

#53 My Dumpster Dive Find When I Was Dropping Off My Recycling. Even If The Solar Doesn’t Work Anymore. I Love The Flowers

Image credits: Sharon Newell

#54 A Brand New, In Box, Sailor Moon Wand For $10. Seattle Goodwill, Last Year In The Halloween Section. I Always Wanted One Again After Losing The Toy One I Had In The Early 90s

Image credits: Zoë Mallios

#55 I Got This Amazing Embroidery Today. Best $2 I've Spent In A Long Time. Goodwill In Wyoming

Image credits: Hailey Redden

#56 It's So Weird, It Has Been To Burning Man The Original Owner Said.. I Went To A Garge Sale, Was Buying My Son A Skateboard And This Was Just Sitting There All Alone And Lonely, She Gave It To Me. Not Only Does It Light Up, But It Moves. It's So Weird, I Totally Love It

Image credits: Lee Ann Dore'

#57 I Found This Poster At A Thrift Store In South Ms

Image credits: Lindsy Renfrow

#58 After More Than Five Years Of Waiting, This Wonderful Secondhand Set Of Big Blue Blocks Now Belongs To Our Children's Museum

Image credits: Amelia Reising

#59 One Day A Coworker Brought Me This Which He Found At St Vincent De Paul

 It Appears To Have Been Originally Carved From A Single Block Of Wood. The Feet Broke Off Because When He Went To Buy It His Hand Started Shaking Real Bad, But That Doesn't Make It Mean Any Less To Me And Since The Umbrella Is Still Attached To The Base I Feel Like It's Still A Single Unified Work.

Image credits: Brian Burgess

#60 I Was Walking Through The Virginia Beach Goodwill Yesterday And Spied A Bag Full Of What I Thought Were Cool Wooden Blocks. For 6.75$

 I Grabbed It. I Am So Surprised To See It Is A Super Cool Village Made By The Cat's Meow. There Are Town Pieces Like A Church, Police Department, Veterinarian, And A Book Store. There Are Houses Like The Painted Ladies. There Are Nursery Rhyme Pieces Like Peter Pumpkin And The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe. I Have 6 Light House Replicas. Plus A Town Statue, A School Bus, A Fire Truck, A A Sail Boat.

Image credits: Amy Dugger

#61 My Awesome Husband Added This Late 80’s/Early 90’s Ronald Mcdonald Happy Meal Toy Display To My Growing Collection And I’m In Love!

Image credits: Taylor Gecking

#62 I Picked Up These Chairs At Goodwill A Few Weeks Ago For Just Under $12 For The Pair. I Had Some Vintage Velvet Upholstery That I Had Been Hoarding So I Gave Them A Little Facelift. (The Blue Fabric Is The Before)

Image credits: Chris Cope

#63 Please Explain This Fighting Woman Windbreaker I Found At Goodwill In Chandler Az

Image credits: Jenny Howell

#64 I Bought These At A Local Thrift Store. Every Week I Have Been Sneaking Another One Into My Brother And Sister In Law’s Landscaping

Image credits: Nancy Cooney

#65 My Neighbor Had This Out For The Trash And I Had To Save It!

Image credits: Ilana Volain

#66 Found This Amazing Heels At Goodwill Co

Image credits: Alejandra Martínez

#67 Found This For 50 Pence At A Charity Shop Sale, Redcar, England. Not Sure What We'll Do With It, Bit I Couldn't Leave It Behind

Image credits: Claire Steele

#68 My Grandmother Passed Away Recently (It Was Quiet And Painless At 92) And I Am Inheriting This Absolute Masterpiece Frog. My Mom Doesn’t Get Why I Want Him But I Think This Group Will Appreciate

Image credits: Lily Cantor

#69 Y’all… I Finally Found My Dream Gown Vintage Mike Benet Formals Paid $16 Salvation Army Kerrville, Tx

Image credits: Danyelle Bridgewater

#70 My 1970's Home And 1970's Shop. All Thrifted Throughout The Years. I Love This Era To Pieces

Image credits: Laura Hofenk

#71 Our Sons Room That Is Lightning Mcqueen We Accumulate His Collection For Morethan 5 Years. We Got The Stuff Mostly In Goodwill,thrift Store And Market Place

Image credits: Maricon Segura Adams

#72 Welcome To My Second Hand /Weird Escape Room!!!

We’re Getting Ready For A Skullful Hot Summer!!! I Wanted To Share This Since Most Of The Items Are Second Hand And My Weird Love For Skulls (Except The Pillows, Lights And The Rug) And I Paid $2.00 For The Skull Dress

Image credits: Danyelle Bridgewater

#73 I Randomly Asked On My Local Buy Nothing Group If Anyone Had Any Metal Flamingos They Were Getting Rid Of

To My Astonishment Someone Said "Let Me See If Mine Are Still In The Junk Pile". Holy Hold My Breath Moment. I Was Able To Pull Them From The Trash And They Are My Favorite Treasure

Image credits: Melinda Roberts

#74 I Got This Lamb Pan Free Off Marketplace And Comedy Ensued! This Is One Box Of Brownie Mix And Half A Homemade Recipe Because After I Poured I Saw One Box Was Not Enough

Image credits: Jo Hast

#75 Found This Gem Of A Victorian Style Couch On The Side Of The Road. It Is Actually A Deep Emerald Green. .. I'm Always In Search Of A Good Treasure....

Image credits: Elizabeth Perkins

#76 Obsessed Is An Understatement

Image credits: Blayne McGuire

#77 I Bought A Circular Mat That Resembles Sand For The Top…changed Out The Knobs And Put A Lamp And A Couple Of Mermaids On It. Not Sure Yet..but That’s What I Settled On For Now

Image credits: Pamela Sue

#78 Somewhat Accurate Anatomy Apron For $6. It Stayed At The Thrift Store

Image credits: Wendy Deming Cobb

#79 So I Was At Goodwill Last Weekend & Saw This Wilton Holly Hobbie Cake Pan. I'm An 80's Child So I Knew Who It Was *supposed* To Be, But My Grown Up Brain Said *offred* (The Handmaid's Tale). I Told My Husband About It, But Left It At The Store. I Couldn't Get It Out Of My Head Though, So I Went Back On Tuesday & It Was Still There. So Today I Made My Mental Image A Reality

Image credits: Melissa Marowelli

#80 I Found This Free At An Auction - No One Wanted It And So It Was Being Thrown Out. I Took It Home And Re- Painted It

Image credits: Lynne Bauman

#81 Found These At A Yard Sale In Northern Michigan

Image credits: Tracy Gatlin

#82 Gw In Stoughton, Wi, Professionally Framed

Image credits: Jenny Neuville

#83 I Picked Up This Little Mystery Item Yesterday At The Goodwill In Mchenry, Il. It’s Micro USB Powered And No Plug Of Sorts To Be Found

 I Took The Gamble On Buying What I Assumed Was A Clock, And It Is. But I Had No Idea That It Was An Adorable Little Interactive Clock That Smiles At You

Image credits: Anthony Zerante

#84 Well Folks My Boyfriend Found The Holy Grail Of Old School Bird Condos For The Very Low Price Of Free!!

 He Got To Talking To A Gentleman That Was Fixing His Edger And The Guy Said He Had Inherited The Bird House And Had No Use For It Anymore. I’m Dancing Up And Down With Delight! It Has Some Hail Damage But That’s Okay It Will Be 20 Feet In The Air. The Birds Will Love It I Hope

Image credits: LaSandra Wilkinson

#85 Found At The Youth Ranch Thrift Store In Boise, Id

Image credits: Courtney Harms

#86 I Started Thrifting These Mcdonalds Halloween Buckets Several Years Ago, And I’ve Managed To Find A Nearly Complete Set While Shopping In Various Local Thrift Stores. They Give Me Such A Warm Feeling Of Nostalgia, And I Love To Take Them Out For Photo Shoots

Image credits: Seth Hibbard

#87 Found This Amazing Corner Cabinet On Facebook Marketplace For £30! ($38.50usd) I'm In Love

Image credits: Vik Toria

#88 Found This Old TV At An Estate Sale In Ridgewood Queens NY. Didn’t Come Home With Me But It Was Tempting

Image credits: James Corallo

#89 Found This Vintage Dollhouse At A Yard Sale. I Think It Was Made Anywhere From 1920s To 1950s If Not Sooner

Image credits: Melanie Russell

#90 So I Went To A Store Today To Mail A Package. And I Stopped At Goodwill On The Way. I Was So So So Excited When I Found This Cat Backpack

Image credits: Jessica Schmitz

#91 Here Is Someone's Lifelong Collection Of Owls I Found At A Little Thrift Store. There Were Three More Aisles! I Bought Sixteen Very Dusty Pieces, Cleaned Them, And They Now Reside In My Home

Image credits: Michelle Holt Costley

#92 Found This S/S 2016 Moschino Safety Cone Shoulder Bag While Antiquing In Dallas, Tx. I Was Able To Authenticate This Bag As Being Genuine Before Purchasing. Excited To Add Such A Unique Piece To My Collection!

Image credits: Leslie Morgan

#93 Found These Little Besties At A Thrift Store On A Military Base In Okinawa Japan

Image credits: Lydia Powers

#94 Inding This Was Like A Little Window Into The Past. I Feel Super Lucky To Own It Now And My Son Loves To Peek Inside At The Treasures Images From Long Ago

Image credits: Ronnie Reni

#95 Last Week, I Made A Quick Run Into An Antique Store {where I Bought Those White Embroidered Gloves}. Then I Saw It; A Gorgeous Peach Chiffon Hat For $10

Image credits: Vanessa Pyo

#96 These Tiny Wicker Chairs Were Given To Me, And The Person I Got Them From Got Them Secondhand In Maryland

Image credits: Aslyn Rose

#97 I Found This Wonderful Hutch At A Yard Sale This Past Weekend

Image credits: Bea Moser

#98 Saw This On The Curb In The Middle Of Door Dashing And I Wrapped Up The Order Real Quick To Snag This Beauty On The Way Back! Such A Treasure

Image credits: Angel Justice

#99 Found The Most Dramatic Shark Coochie Board I’ve Ever Seen At My Local Reuse Center. It’s Very Heavy And You Bet It Came Home With Me

Image credits: Amanda Bartley

#100 I Saw This Piece Across A Crowded Marketplace And I Knew I Had To Have It. It's A Three-Piece Set Made From Majolica Ware Embellished With Gold, And Has A German Clock Built In That Has A Winding Mechanism. I Think It Was Likely Made In The 1910s (Dated 18 On The Back) And It Says Belgium, And Nothing Else. I Think It Was Likely An Afforable Sideboard Filler For A Dog And Flower Lover, Which Suits Me To A Tee. I Have Three Greyhounds, And Although This Looks More Like A Shepherd, I Think It's Great And Will Fit Right In

Image credits: Alexandra Bates

#101 I Found Some Sticker Machines On Fb Marketplace Two Hours Away And Hopped In My Car Immediately To Go Buy One... I Ended Up Buying All 3 And One Of Them Was Still Full Of Stickers From The Early 2000s!!!!

Image credits: Jessica Kohlman

#102 My Parents Bought This Rocker At A Thrift Store About 40+ Years Ago For Around $50 Somewhere In Michigan. I Just Recently Recovered It From My Fathers Attic In Louisiana Where It's Been Sitting For The Past 25+ Years And Brought It Back To Indiana With Me

Image credits: Bryan Butler

#103 I'm Losing My F**king Mind Rn

Image credits: Hunter Bruno

#104 Snagged This Mid-Century Beauty Today At A Local Flea Market For $80

Image credits: Amber Adkins

#105 I Saw A Couple Tapestry Blankets Being Posted Recently So I Figured I’d Share My Blues Clues Find

Image credits: Skyler Wills

#106 I Have Two Pillow Cases Up For Grabs. They Have Been Packed Away For Quite A Few Years And Could Use A Good Washing

Image credits: Gena Durrett

#107 I Got This Ceramic Cat At A Resale Shop Last Weekend And It Was Worth Every Bit Of The $6 It Cost, Because First I Got To See My Teenage Son’s Reaction When He Found It In His Easter Basket, And Then I Got To See My Cat’s Reaction When He Met His Ceramic Twin

Image credits: Emily Morris Taravella

#108 I Have No Idea What To Do With All 47 Of These Vintage Hippie Ties, But I Could Not Pass Them Up At The Thrift Store All In A Bag For Five Bucks

Image credits: Karen Waters

#109 Over 200 G1 My Little Ponies. A Lot Thrifted, Some Ebay. A Few Original Of My Own

Image credits: Lynn Henneborn

#110 Blanket My Mom Found For Me At A Garage Sale

Image credits: Lauren Ropelewski

#111 Found This Wonderful Jelly Belly Dispenser At Goodwill In Wahiawa, Hawaii For $4.99

Image credits: Deanne Renee

#112 May Not Mean Much To Most People, It’s Just A Coverlet, But Soooo Many Good Memories… This Just Made My Day

Image credits: Maii Rox

#113 I Found This Today At Goodwill And It Came Home With Me. Glass Sphere And Brass And Banana For Size

Image credits: Julia Juan Nunez Prieto

#114 Y’all. I Found Them. I Freaking Found Them. I Wasn’t Even Planning On Going To Goodwill Today But I’m Looking For A Dresser For My Guest Room. I Was Shaking And My Heart Was Pounding And I Couldn’t Get Them In My Cart Fast Enough. They Look To Be In Almost Perfect Condition, Just Dusty. I’m Betting They’ve Been In Storage For A Long Time. Mesquite Texas

Image credits: Melissa Green

#115 Have A Confession To Make, I Love Buying (And Wearing) Thrift Store Dresses…the More Elaborate And Frilly The Better! Here Is One Of Several Quinceanera Dresses I’ve Bought, And It’s Actually My Favorite Find So Far. I Feel Like $35 Was A Steal For It. I Even Got Myself A Hoop So It Has The Proper Fullness

Image credits: Steven Dickerson

#116 We Went To A Bigfoot Hunt ( A Statue Had Been Hidden) Over The Weekend That Was Put On By A Small Town To Help Raise Money For The Towns July Fireworks. I Went Back The Following Day To Pick Up A Door Prize I Won. While In The Shop, The Owner Mentioned They Were Hoping Someone Would Just Take The Statue That Had Been Hidden Since It Had Fallen During The Day And The Arm Had Broken Off

Image credits: Noelle Kitzman

#117 Decided To Go For A Walk With The Kids And Saw A Garage Sale. I Can't Pass One Without Stopping, Of Course. Octo-Mug Is Coming Home With Me!

Image credits: Rachel Lynn Kimball

#118 Book Shelf Parlor Chairs That Split. Didn’t Come Home With Me But This Is

Image credits: Annie Belle Fowler

#119 I’ve Been Looking For A Hat Stand On Marketplace And Ended Up Buying This Unreal Ladder Chair!

Image credits: Caitlin Greenwood Green

#120 Found This Little Copper Gem At The Local Thrift Store Yesterday ? Update September 28/22 “ I Never Thought A Little Twirly “Thingamajig “Would Have So Many Views"

Image credits: Reenie Hutt

#121 This Is Part Of My Ongoing Collection Of Eggs… I’ve Found Them At Old Book Stores, Estate Sales, Used Book Stores, Antiquing, Etc..i Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Tired Of Collecting Eggs .. It’s The Hunt!! Literally!!

Image credits: Sandra Turner

#122 I Finally Found Something I Feel Is Worthy To Post. I’ve Been Wanting A Tension Pole Lamp Like My Grandmother Had, But They Aren’t Common And Usually Pricey. Today I Found This Beauty For $40 At A Flea Market

Image credits: Annie Lachney

#123 Found This 13in Lobster Claw At The Flea Market Today

Image credits: Cole Mozelesky