2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s approaching my favorite time of year…Father’s Day! The time of year where I get to show off to Dan all the great stuff my wife and kids got me – just kidding! But I do love this time of year. It’s a fun opportunity to reflect on some of the great tools we have reviewed here at Tools in Action, and check out some other great stuff to include in our 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide.

We have a great list this year. We also tried to make it easier to navigate by dividing the list up into interests. So whether you’re shopping for your dad, an uncle, a spouse shopping for your husband (or even shopping for yourself), you can jump to whatever list sounds like the person you are shopping for.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for…

Tool Guys & Garage Kings

Gift ideas for dads who always “need” a new tool and their garage is their sanctuary (we know the type). Some of the tools mentioned are perfect for those doing framing for home additions, and electric and plumbing installations.

Speed up framing projects with the Stud-Master 16 to take the guesswork out of framing studs or floor trusses. Great assistant for contractors and those working on home additions.

Father's Day Gift Guide Item #1: Stud-Master 16 by Talon Tools fitted on two studs

DeWALT 20V Stud & Joist Drill joins DeWALT’s FLEXVOLT line with added safety feature, known as E-Clutch System®. Ideal gift for plumbers and electricians, or those doing a home addition.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #2: DeWALT 20V Stud and Joist Drill

MULE Mobile Workshop & Garage Fan combines a garage fan with a utility dolly, has three 110V 3-prong outlets, two USB ports, and can haul up to 200 lbs.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #3 Mule Mobile Garage Fan and Utility Dolly

Hammer Fist multi-tool gives Dad one compact, ergonomic hammer that has multiple strike plates, can remove nails, built-in hex drive for turning screws, built-in ruler, non-marring mallet, and more.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #4 Hammer Fist

This Southwire LED Work Light provides 3,000 lumens from 42 small LED lights, is compact and durable, to assist Dad with any and every house project.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #6 Southwire LED Work Light

As part of the Hilti Nuron platform, the Hilti 22V 3.5 Gal. Cordless Vacuum offers 1.6 PSI coupled with a 7 lbs. dust capacity.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #7 Hilti Nuron Shopvac

The DeWALT Dual Port Charger Box allows Dad to charge all of his DeWALT 20V batteries at once, keep them secured, and power smart devices.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #8 DeWALT Dual Port Charger Box

Brush Hero Wheel Brush makes rims, grills, bike and motorcycle wheels shine like new.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #9 Brush Hero Wheel Brush

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Grill Masters & Home Cooks

For the Dad who likes to entertain with his superb cooking and grilling abilities.

Bamboo Cutting Board with Storage Containers and Built-in Mandolin makes food prep a breeze and mess at a minimum.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #10 Bamboo Cutting Board with built-in mandolin and storage containers

  • Amazon Review: “This product is amazing! I absolutely love my new cutting board. The storage is such a game-changer. The board is absolutely beautiful. IDK how I ever lived without one.”
  • Where to Buy: On Amazon for $59.99.

Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker makes it easier for Dad to follow recipes, watch videos while waiting for things to cook, and play his favorite music.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #11 Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker

  • Amazon Review: “One of the best products with all accurate features. I love it and it is worth the price.”
  • Where to Buy: Multiple styles available on Amazon.

Weber Portable Traveler Grill lets Dad take his grilling skills on the road. Perfect for Dads who like to camp or tailgate.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #12 Weber Traveler Portable Grill

Smoked Cocktail Gift Set so Dad can show off his mixology skills when he’s done cooking.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #13 Smoked cocktail Gift Set

  • Amazon Review: “I LOVE this kit! The lid and wood chip basket are classy and fit perfectly on a variety of glasses. It’s easy to use with a torch gun and infuses cocktails beautifully. This was a crowd pleaser! The variety of wood chips in this set are perfect for exploring different pairings with different drinks and the flavors are distinct. The packaging is classy so this could easily be gifted as-is. I’m definitely going to continue smoking drinks after using this set.”
  • Where to Buy: On sale on Amazon for $33.99.

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Backyard Entertainers

Gift ideas for the dad who takes pride in his cookouts and backyard parties, wants everyone to have a good time, and believes “the more the merrier” when inviting people over.

A Bluetooth Speaker for the Dad always sharing his playlist.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #14 Bluetooth speaker

  • Amazon Review: “I bought this as a gift for a family member to put out by the pool during the summer. The speaker sounds great and they loved how it looked!”
  • Where to Buy: Browse different DiKaou Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon.

GoSports Cornhole Set with LED lights – because is it even a barbeque if you don’t play Cornhole (or “bags” as we call it)?

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide cornhole set

  • Amazon Review: “Sturdy frame , well built construction for a folding portable. LED ring is bright . Board graphics are high quality as well. I’m sure we will get plenty of good use from these. Recommend this product if your looking for a more portable set that is well built. Very happy with purchase.”
  • Where to Buy: Multiple styles available on Amazon.

EastPoint Sports Easy Set-Up Badminton Set for the “fun Dad” who wants to make all the neighbors jealous.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide badminton set

  • Amazon Review: “It’s portable so we have it in the yard now but will take it to the park and river for lots of fun. 4 of us played at one time it was great.”
  • Where to Buy: Only $38.43 on Amazon.

Outdoor Projector Screen & Stand for epic movie and game nights.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide outdoor projector

  • Amazon Review: I have been using it in my backyard and it’s just great watching on it. Planning to take it camping as well. Definitely recommended to those who loves to watch movies outdoors!!”
  • Where to Buy: Available in 100 in. or 120 in. screen on Amazon.

Book of Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes for the dad always trying to make others laugh.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #15 Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes Joke book

  • Amazon Review: “My husband and kids both love reading these jokes. Has kept us all entertained for hours.”
  • Where to Buy: Just $10 on Amazon. Already have it? Check out Vol. II.

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Man Cave Essentials

Gift ideas to keep his man cave sleek, organized, and a fun time for everyone he invites into his space.

A Docking Station so Dad can store his essentials and even charge his devices.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #16 docking station

  • Amazon Review: “I purchased this item to keep all my husband’s items from his pockets organized and in one place. He absolutely loves it!”
  • Where to Buy: A variety of styles available on Amazon.

EastPoint Sports Dartboard and Cabinet  so Dad and his friends can play their favorite game, but doubles as a sleek sophisticated cabinet when not in use.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide dartboard closet

  • Amazon Review: “This thing is addictive! I hung it the day I got it and the wife and I have played it every afternoon for at least an hour! The quality is great, and it looks nice too!”
  • Where to Buy: Multiple styles ranging from $39.99 to $81.42 on Amazon.

A Bourbon or Whiskey Gift Set is the perfect gift whether he wants to enjoy on his own, or when he invites the guys over.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #17 whiskey gift set

  • Amazon Review: My husband LOVED this!!!”
  • Where to Buy: Check out all the different gift sets on Amazon.

A Custom Royal Caricature to remind all of Dad’s friends that he is the King of his domain…and to just make him laugh.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Turn Me Royal Caricature portrait

  • Customer Review: “My husband is still beaming. I had paid extra for the digital download and had a shirt made as well. Best gift ever of all time he said. Genuinely over the moon.”
  • Where to Buy: Multiple options and price options at Turn Me Royal.

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Campers, Hikers, & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gift ideas for the dad who feels most in his element when he’s out-and-about in the great outdoors and always planning the next great adventure.

1791 EDC turns any belt into a leather toolbelt so Dad knows where to put his tools, flashlight, fishing gear, or whatever he needs for his adventure. Available in multiple colors and styles that either snap, slide, clip to turn any belt into a toolbelt.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #18 1791 EDC tool organizer

Trailer Valet takes the stress out of moving trailers and boats, and makes hitching up fun.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #20 trailer valet

14 oz. YETI Rambler Mug with fitted lid for a durable mug that will keep Dad’s coffee hot while on adventures.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide 14 oz YETI Rambler mug

  • TIA Staffer Review: “My husband ran over the mug with our camper. It didn’t even dent or crack in the slightest. Washed it and it was like new again. Five stars!”
  • Where to Buy: Amazon multiple color options available and currently on sale for $24.

NEBO Luxtreme Rechargeable Flashlight uses laser technology to guarantee Dad won’t get lost in the dark, and doubles as a spotlight.

2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Item #21 NEBO Luxtreme laser light

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2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide Wrap-up

So there you have it! COMMENT to let us know which gifts you’re buying this year or adding to your wish list.

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