4 Powerful Hybrid Table Saws For Every Woodworkers Needs

When you need a table saw that can handle jobs in the field as well as heavy-duty cuts in your shop, a hybrid table saw is the answer. Hybrid table saws combine the portability of a contractor table saw with the power and durability of a small cabinet saw, making them an ideal choice for a wide variety of professional uses. Even better, hybrid table saws tend to run more quietly and offer faster blade speeds than most standard contractor saws.

In order to help you find the best hybrid table saw, we considered a number of important features. We looked first at the blade speed and motor power, since these are major factors in determining what youll be able to cut. We also considered the rip capacity, which determines the maximum width of cut you can make, and the depth of cut, which affects the thickness of material you can cut through. Of course, we also considered important extras like a manufacturers warranty.

Top 4hybrid Table Saws Review 2019

We spent tens of hours reading technical specifications and customer reviews to find the best hybrid table saws. The result is our list of the four best saws in the table below. Continue reading for detailed reviews of each saw, complete with pros and cons. Our Buying Guide covers everything you need to know about choosing the right hybrid table saw for your work. Finally, we sum up our three overall favorite hybrid table saws on the market today.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
Grizzly G0690
1. Grizzly G0690
Editors Choice
Editors Choice

Great speed, user-friendly design, amazing safety features this is just the highlight of the Grizzly hybrid saw specs that make it one of the most powerful craftsmens tools

Powermatic PM1000
2. Powermatic PM1000
Best Hybrid Table Saw for Woodworking
Best Hybrid Table Saw for Woodworking

Smooth cuts and quite work this Powermatic hybrid table saw with a modular-blade guard system is a highly-functional tool suitable for any woodworkers use

Best Hybrid Table Saw for Small Shop
Best Hybrid Table Saw for Small Shop

Relatively smaller sized hybrid table saw fits well in space challenged workshops and delivers great power and precise cuts for fine woodworking

Shop Fox W1837
4. Shop Fox W1837
Budget Pick
Budget Pick

Best hybrid table saw for those craftsmen on a tight budget who value safety and accuracy of their work and need a powerful tool for their projects


Grizzly G0690 Editors Choice

  • Power: 3 hp
  • Rip capacity: 29.5 right; 12 left
  • Speed: 4300 rpm
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8 at 90; 2-3/16 at 45
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: 530 lbs weight, single-phase motor, 5/8 arbor size, cast iron table, T-slot miter gauge, quick release safety system

Grizzly G0690
Grizzly G0690-1
Grizzly G0690-2

This powerful hybrid table saw from Grizzly boasts a three-horsepower motor and a 4,300-rpm blade speed. That means that it can easily cut through hardwoods up to three inches. However, note that you will need to power the saw with a 220-volt power supply.

The saw is extremely stable thanks to a 530-pound total weight, although this makes it closer to a full cabinet saw in practice than to a portable contractor saw. For shop owners, that may be ideal, but contractors may need a more compact and lightweight option.

The table is constructed from cast iron and includes a T-slot miter gauge. Users found that the T-square fence system is extremely easy to adjust thanks to the sliding release mechanism. In addition, the saw is capable of rip cuts up to 29.5 inches wide and the fence wont be deflected when working with heavier boards. Keep in mind that all measurements on this saw are in metric units, which can be annoying for US users.

Users also appreciated that the riving knife can be quickly released when needed. The blade and riving knife can also be changed out with a quick release, and the motor guard can be popped out for cleaning the guts of the saw.

Although this table saw is relatively inexpensive given its power, Grizzly only offers a short one-year warranty. However, users did not report any issues with the saws durability over several years of use.

  • Three-horsepower motor
  • T-square fence system and T-slot miter gauge
  • Rip cuts up to 29.5 inches
  • Quick release blade and riving knife
  • Extremely heavy
  • All measurements are in metric units
  • Short one-year warranty

Powermatic PM1000 Best Hybrid Table Saw for Woodworking

  • Power: 1.75 hp
  • Rip capacity: 30 right, 12 left
  • Speed: 4200 rpm
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8 at 90; 2-1/8 at 45
  • Warranty: 5-years limited

More features: hands free power switch, tool-less guard assembly, AccuFence system, poly-V belt drive system, cast iron table, single-phase motor


This large hybrid table saw is ideal for hobbyist and professional woodworkers who dont want to invest in a full cabinet saw. The extremely smooth cast iron table offers extremely precise cuts and simple adjustments. Plus, its relatively large size enables rip cuts up to 30 inches to the right of the blade.

Users appreciated the foot-controlled power switch, which makes it easy to turn off the blade without taking your eyes off your work. The tool-less guard assembly around the blade is also a plus, as it makes accessing the blade and riving knife relatively simple. On top of that, the AccuFence rip fence system is simple to move across the table and locks into place with a lever.

This saw is not as powerful as a full cabinet saw, with only a 1.75-horsepower motor. That can limit the thickness of woods you can cut to about two inches, but the saw is capable of cuts up to 3-1/8 inches deep if you are working with softwoods. The smaller motor also means that you can operate the table saw on a standard 120-volt outlet. Note that the table saw does not have leveling feet, so you may need to create a makeshift level if your shop floor is not perfectly flat.

Powermatic offers an impressive five-year warranty on this table saw, which somewhat justifies the price. However, while some users reported excellent experiences with Powermatics customer service team, others had issues returning faulty units.

  • Foot-controlled power switch
  • 30-inch rip cuts
  • Simple adjustments
  • Uses 120-volt outlet
  • Five-year warranty
  • No leveling feet
  • Some users had issues with customer service

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion Best Hybrid Table Saw for Small Shop

  • Power: 1.75 hp
  • Rip capacity: 36 right, 17 left
  • Speed: 3450 rpm
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/8 at 90; 2-1/8 at 45
  • Warranty: 2-years limited

More features: 5/8 arbor diameter, built-in mobility kit, safety blade guard, magnetic switch, 4 dust collector


This moderately sized hybrid table saw from Laguna Tools is an ideal choice for small woodworking shops since it puts all of the benefits of a standard cabinet saw in a smaller package. The saw has a built-in mobility kit that allows it to be moved around your shop or even to a worksite in a wheelbarrow-like movement. Plus, with extendable cast iron wings for the table, this saw is capable of making rip cuts up to 36 inches in length.

Users especially appreciated the dust collection on this table saw. The saw has an integrated four-inch dust port that can be hooked up to a shop vacuum, which leaves little dust flying around when operating the saw. Furthermore, the integrated blade cover prevents dust from flying into the air as youre working.

Users appreciated the relatively simple adjustment mechanisms across the saw and found the wheel adjusters easy to use. The blade can be from 0-45 degrees to the left and locked into place for quick miter cuts, and the riving knife is on a quick release so it can be easily removed when needed.

The table saw is easy to set up in just a few hours out of the box and can be plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet. The blade speed is slightly low compared to other 1.75-horsepower hybrid saws, at just 3,450 rpm, which can create some kickback. However, users did not find this to be a significant issue.

Laguna Tools offers a two-year warranty on this table saw.

  • Built-in mobility kit
  • Rip cuts up to 36 inches
  • Dust-free cabinet design
  • Easy adjustments
  • Works with 120-volt outlet
  • Relatively slow blade speed

Shop Fox W1837 Budget Pick

  • Power: 2 hp
  • Rip capacity: 30 right, 15 left
  • Speed: 3450 rpm
  • Depth of cut: 3-1/4 at 90, 2-1/4 at 45
  • Warranty: 2-years limited

More features: single-phase motor, lift-off fence with locking ability, quick release safety system

Shop Fox W1837
Shop Fox W1837-1
Shop Fox W1837-2

This inexpensive and lightweight hybrid table saw is a terrific option for contractors and other woodworkers who need to move their saw around. The saw weighs just 260 pounds and comes mounted with a set of wheels, so it is relatively easy to transport compared to other hybrid table saws. The feet can also be leveled so you can operate it outside on uneven ground.

The two-horsepower motor provides plenty of power for cutting through two-inch-thick hardwoods. It also adds versatility because it can be operated with a 120-volt outlet. The cat iron table has an extendable wing that enables rip cuts up to 30 inches to the right of the blade. Plus, the blade can be tilted anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees to make custom miter cuts.

Users appreciated the easy gliding of the rip fence for precisely adjusting cuts, as well as the large handwheels for making small movements to the blade. The saw includes a T-slot miter gauge, an interchangeable riving knife, and a quick release blade so you can quickly customize all of your cuts.

There are some downsides to this saw though. Some users found that the cast iron table was not perfectly flat, which led to inaccurate cuts. In addition, the zero-clearance blade slot means that a significant amount of dust is released into the air even despite the blade guard.

ShopFox offers a two-year warranty on this table saw, although users did not report any issues in that time period.

  • Relatively portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Blade tilt between 0 and 45 degrees
  • T-slot miter gauge and interchangeable riving knife
  • Produces a lot of dust
  • Some users found table was not perfectly level

Buying Guide

Now that you know more about our four favorite hybrid table saws on the market today, how do you choose the saw that is right for your needs? In our Buying Guide, well cover everything you need to know about how to choose a hybrid table saw and what features to consider.

Combine the best benefits of hybrid table saws

Hybrid table saws are an ideal style of table saw for both professional contractors and advanced woodworking hobbyists. These table saws offer the portability of contractor table saws so that they can be moved to a field site for a big project, while retaining the look, feel, and power of a traditional cabinet saw. For contractors, having a hybrid table saw on a worksite can open up a lot of options as to what can be cut and with how much precision.

Importantly, hybrid table saws are both less bulky and less expensive than full cabinet table saws. That means that they are more affordable for hobbyists who are not yet ready to make the investment in a cabinet saw as well as easier to fit in a home shop like your garage.

Caution is everything

4 Powerful Hybrid Table Saws For Every Woodworker's NeedsAs any contractor or woodworker should know, table saws are powerful tools and with that power comes danger for anyone working unsafely. Thankfully, table saws can be used without issues as long as you are prepared for your work and always keep safety in mind.

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to wear protective clothing. This includes eyewear to protect your eyes from wood or other debris flying up from the saw blade, as well as ear protection to save your hearing. Dont wear gloves when using a table saw, though, as they can be sucked into the blade.

Before starting up your saw, its also important to make sure that your work area is clean and free of tripping hazards or other potentially dangerous debris. You should always ensure your saw is aligned before working as well, as this can help to prevent kickback, and to make sure that safety features like the riving knife are working properly. If you need to change the blade, unplug the table saw before doing so.

Once your saw is running, make sure that you are maintaining a good body position and good cutting form. You should never pass your hand over the blade, even if your saw has a blade cover. Additionally, you should always use the rip fence or miter gauges to help guide your wood or other material through the blade. If you have very wide or very long materials, use additional stands to help support its weight.

Finally, remember to always check your wood stock for things that can catch on the blade, such as nails or staples. If you have these metal inclusions, remove them before making a cut.

Price tag

Hybrid table saws arent cheap, but they can be an extremely important and long-lasting investment in your business or hobby. Most hybrid table saws cost around $2,000, although you can find budget models like that from Shop Fox for under $1,000.

Features to consider while buying the best hybrid table saw

There are a huge number of features that differentiate hybrid table saw models from one another. Here, well look at the most important features and explain how they can affect your work.

Power and speed

4 Powerful Hybrid Table Saws For Every Woodworker's NeedsThe power of your table saw is one of the most important considerations youll need to make because it determines what types of materials your saw will be able to cut through. A table saw using a motor with less than two horsepower can typically cut through hardwood that is two inches thick. A more powerful saw, like the three-horsepower Grizzly saw, can cut through three-inch thick hardwood.

But, there are some downsides to having more power. First, more powerful table saws tend to be more expensive although this can vary depending on the saws other features. Second, a more powerful motor tends to lead to more kickback, especially if the blade does not rotate any faster than on less powerful saws. Finally, saws that offer three horsepower or more tend to require 240-volt circuits rather than standard 120-volt household outlets.

Blade speed is often, but not always, related to power. In general, a faster blade speed will reduce kickback. So, many more powerful saws typically have faster blade speeds to reduce the chance of kickback when working with thicker wood pieces.

Dust collection

All of the hybrid table saws that we reviewed offer dust collection ports so that you can hook up either a shop vac or a bag to collect sawdust. This is extremely important for keeping your workspace clear of dust and your table sliding smoothly.

Note also that having a cover over the blade, as all the saws we reviewed do, can prevent dust and wood chips from being thrown up towards you as you are cutting.

Safety features

4 Powerful Hybrid Table Saws For Every Woodworker's NeedsThere are a number of safety features included on hybrid table saws to help make operating them safer.

The most prevalent concern when using a table saw is kickback, which can push a piece of wood back at you quite suddenly and with a lot of force. All of the table saws we reviewed include riving knifes directly behind the blade to help prevent kickback. Some table saws also include anti-kickback pawls, a relatively new technology that helps to pull the wood forward after it passes through the blade.

A blade guard is also an important safety mechanism found on all of the hybrid table saws we reviewed. The blade guard protects your hands from accidentally reaching over the blade, without preventing your wood from sliding into the blade.

Many table saws also measure conductivity in the blade. In this case, the blade can automatically sense when it is cutting through skin rather than wood, and will immediately turn off.

The type of drive belt

Most hybrid table saws on the market use a belt drive, which connects the blade to the motor via a belt and pulley system, as opposed to a direct drive, in which the motor is connected directly to the blade. Belt drives offer more torque and are more durable in the long term, as well as help prevent sawdust from getting into the motor. However, note that belt drive systems tend to be noisier than direct drives and require the belt to be replaced every few years.

Blade size and depth of cut

4 Powerful Hybrid Table Saws For Every Woodworker's NeedsThe diameter of blades used on table saws can vary, although most hybrid table saws including the four that we reviewed use 10-inch blades. This blade diameter offers a versatile mix of precision and cutting length, which is why it is commonly used.

The depth of cut refers to the maximum thickness that your table saw can cut through. Essentially, it is the maximum protrusion of the blade above the table. Hybrid table saws typically use a handwheel to allow you to manually adjust the depth of cut so that you can cut through a thinner piece of wood without fully exposing the blade.

Blade tilt and adjustment

Hybrid table saws allow you to adjust the tilt of your blade, although the flexibility of this tilting can vary. Some saws only allow you to lock your blade at a 45-degree angle to the table, while others give you multiple stops or the ability to set any angle and then lock it into place. These angled cuts are extremely important for making joints and other custom cuts.

Note that in general, left tilting blades are safer than right tilting blades because they create less kickback when angled. But more important, for working smoothly and efficiently, changing the tilt angle of the blade and adjusting the exact measurements of your cut should be extremely simple using the adjustment mechanisms on your saw.


Hybrid saws are designed to offer a step up in construction quality and durability from a contractor saw, so its important to choose a model that is truly well-built. Check customer reviews to ensure that the table is fully level whenever evaluating a table saw, and opt for cast iron tables since they are much more durable and resistant to warping. Furthermore, watch out for any plastic parts or points of weakness in a saws construction, as these can break long before the rest of the saw and can be quite dangerous.

Size and weight

4 Powerful Hybrid Table Saws For Every Woodworker's NeedsThe size and weight of your hybrid table saw is important, especially if you need to fit it in a small shop or plan to move it to a construction site. Hybrid table saws are by no means small, and some models like the Grizzly saw can weigh over 500 pounds. Alternatively, models like that from ShopFox weigh in at a moderate 260 pounds, making it a potentially better choice for contractors on the go.


Hybrid table saws are expensive investments, so you want to be sure that they will last. Manufacturers warranties can range widely, from just one year for the Grizzly saw to five years for the Powermatic table saw.


Yes, you can sharpen the blade of your saw as long as you have a fully steel blade. You will need to use a triangular file, passing its full length over the tip of a tooth two to three times until the metal appears silver and sharp. If you have a carbide-tipped blade, you will likely need to use a sharpening service that charges a fee per tooth of the blade.

Typically, you can set up a hybrid table saw by yourself, following the manufacturers instructions and turning to online tutorials as needed. The most difficult part of setting up most table saws is the initial alignment, which can take several hours and some trial and error if the saw arrives very far out of alignment.

Most hybrid table saws with motors that have two horsepower or less of power can be run on standard 120-volt outlets. However, larger hybrid table saws like the Grizzly saw will need to plug into a 240-volt outlet, which is more powerful than the standard residential power supply.

Our Verdict

Our three overall favorite hybrid table saws on the market today are the Grizzly G0690, the Powermatic PM1000, and the Laguna Tools Fusion.

The Powermatic saw is an ideal choice for woodworkers thanks to its fast 4,200-rpm blade speed and highly precise cast iron table. Users also appreciated the foot-controlled power switch on this table saw as a safety mechanism, as well as the five-year manufacturers warranty.

The Laguna Tools saw is a close competitor, with a 36-inch rip capacity and excellent dust collection from the blade and the interior of the cabinet. Users also liked that the Laguna Tools saw comes with an integrated mobility kit to move it around your shop.

We feel that the Grizzly saw is the overall best hybrid table saw thanks to its powerful three-horsepower motor and vibration-dampening weight. However, keep in mind that this saw requires a 220-volt outlet to run and that all measurements are in metric units.

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