50 Times People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Knew What It Was Right Away

The world is full of wondrous things, and we are led to believe that every piece of it serves a purpose. Even the most obscure objects and findings that don’t seem to fit any category. Or do they?

Luckily, for these curious instances, there’s a bunch of Sherlock Holmes sitting right behind their computer screens ready to tackle any mysterious stuff people have stumbled upon. Yes, we’re talking Reddit’s beloved corner called “What Is This Thing” that has a solid 1.9 million followers and has been steadily growing since its creation in 2010.

So this time we’ve selected some of the most entertaining, bizarre, and surprising solved mysteries from this awesome subreddit, so get ready to treat your inner detective. Psst! Our previous posts with strange objects explained can be found here, here, and here.

#1 Found This On The Side Of The Road In My Neighborhood. Thought It Was A Brain, Then Dissected It And Now I Have No Idea. Lots Of Small Lobes, Fuzzy Inside, Rubbery?

Answer: You my friend, have just dissected dog poop. Someone’s dog has eaten paper towels in abundance. They can’t digest it and it comes out like this

Image credits: Godbleththismeth

#2 This Is A On Gate Blocking Road Access To Some Cell Towers. Why So Many Locks, And How Would Someone Even Open It?

Answer: You can open the gate by unlocking only one padlock. The way it's designed means that multiple people can use the gate, and if one person loses their keys, only their padlock needs replaced. As opposed to one padlock with many keys, you'd need to give tons of people the new key.

Image credits: FactorialANOVA

#3 This Structure I Found While Walking In The Woods, The Metal Bit Is About 2 Feet Wide And Looks Like It Could Uncomfortably Fit A Person In It. My Guesses Are A Well, Sewer Or Time Capsule. For Context I Live In Eastern Massachusetts. We Plan On Going Back To Open It

Answer: Definitely a man hole. Do not open it. DEFINITELY DO NOT GO IN IT! Manholes are notoriously deadly because they contain low oxygen percentages and high concentrations of poisonous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and methane. First responders usually find two dead people in manholes - the first one that went in and succumbed and their friend who watched them pass out and rushes in to help.

Image credits: Darkstalkker

Previously, Bored Panda spoke with one of the subreddit’s moderators, who explained why people, in their opinion, become amateur detectives online and are willing to help confused people identify and solve these weird object puzzles.

“Many [people] have unique and obscure knowledge and they like to use it. Get enough of them together and they cover most things,” the moderator told Bored Panda. Other than that, it may have to do with showing off their great research skills, and the thrill of solving the purpose of objects that look completely out of this world.

#4 Unknown Glass Object Filled With Unknown Liquid, Found In An Early 1900’s Barn. Any Leads?

Answer: Fire extinguisher.

Image credits: The_Donnel9801

#5 Floating Home Found Tied To A Fence On The Beach In Southern California

Answer: It's floating duck house or similar structure for local waterfowl. They give ducks a place to sleep safe from predators or to escape water predators (usually snapping turtles and such).

Image credits: mtdunca

#6 Strange Weapon I Found In A German News Clip About The Turkish Coup

Answer: Drone killer. It sends a strong and very directional radio frequency signal to jam the receíver on the drone to cause it to crash.

Image credits: lumpyluggage

The 1.5 million members-turned-detectives in the subreddit community are really incredibly skilled in explaining objects. “A majority of things are solved within 15 minutes of posting,” the moderator said and added that under 10 percent of ‘cases’ don’t get solved on the subreddit.

Some people on the subreddit are also involved in a more serious project called Trace an Object that searches for objects posted by Europol that are linked to child abuse cases. “We've had some luck in identifying some things, but there's more yet unsolved and more to come as Europol does release some new information every few months,” the moderator told us about putting their great skills to use.

#7 Im Waiting For The Bank To Open And They Have This Card Facing The Street. What Is It Used For?

Answer: Former bank employee here. It's definitely a safety signal. We switched ours quarterly and it is to let other employees know that it is all clear to open.

Image credits: bangsoul

#8 What Is This Ring My Uber Driver Would Randomly Click?

Answer: Hes praying, thats a counter. The prayer involves repeating a phrase a certain number of times. Traditionally you kept track on your fingers or with a string of beads. This device does the same job.

Image credits: DannyMThompson

#9 About The Size Of My Hand. Found In The Trash. (I'm A Trash Man). Any Ideas?

Answer: Laser cut "perpetual" calendar.

Image credits: anxietyattacks77

#10 What Is This V-Shaped Scoring? Found In Germany

Answer: That’s an old way to collect sap to make turpentine. It’s called “cat face”

Image credits: seriousffm

#11 Witt? An Unusually Shaped Sink Possibly In A Corridoor, Spotted In A Property Listing On An Older House. Looks Quite Narrow, Probably Too Small For Washing Boots

Answer: It’s called a butlers sink, or cleaners sink. It’s used for cleaning, filling buckets, emptying out waste so housekeeping can wash down surfaces without wandering through the house.

Image credits: Cisco800Series

#12 Found Metal Detecting In A Minnesota Park Where Other Objects Around 1860s Have Been Pulled

Answer: Mold for casting lead soldiers

Image credits: turtlesupremelord

#13 Open Spoon With Spikes; Trident-Like Fork; Tongs With A Chicken Foot And A Perforated Spoon. All Antique Silver

Answer: Olive server, lettuce server, ice tongs. Having a talon on ice tongs is a novelty feature, but there are a lot of them out there!

Image credits: hamster-cow

#14 What Would Cause My Friends Lawn To Look Like This After The Snow Melted

Answer: That's some major vole activity. They look a lot like mice, but tend to be very active under winter snows and like tunneling.

Image credits: branevomet

#15 Two Spoons Attached To A Wooden Handle At The Thrift Store?

Answer: It's a musical instrument literally called "spoons". Used as percussion by clacking the spoons together.

Image credits: HoagieDillJr

#16 Weird Metal Tube (Now Dented) Found Metal Detecting In Se Iowa On A Farmstead That Stood From The 1890s-1960s. Seems To Be Made Of Copper, Found 4" Down, And Has A Bat-Like Symbol On One End. It's Closed On Both Ends And Feels Hollow

Answer: It's 1940s lipstick by Coty.

Image credits: Baidon

#17 Any Guesses As To What This Plane Part Is? Fell Out Of The Sky In Colorado When That United Engine Failed

Answer: I think that's a vape pen dude

Image credits: baltor85

#18 Found While Cleaning Out A Deceased Estate. At First Glance Looks To Hold Liquid, But Has A Large Hole In The Bottom So, What Is This Thing?

Answer: Wasp Trap. Sweet fluid and dish soap go in bottom. Stinging insects fly in, dish soap eliminates surface tension and coats them. They die/drown.

Image credits: Silverslade1

#19 Found On My Driveway. The Rcmp Arrested My Neighbour Last Night; Could It Be Related To That?

Answer: a taser dart.

Image credits: Gicemen

#20 Small Scoop With Alligator Clip As The Handle. Found It Cleaning Out The Kitchen

Answer: Coffee scoop with bag clip for coffee bag.

Image credits: SCruzed

#21 Small Red Container. The Lid Has A Small Spoon Attached To The Inside

Answer: Snuff container

Image credits: HiFructoseCornSizurp

#22 Bundle Of Rubbery Sheets Found Washed Up On A Beach In The Caribbean

Answer: These are rubber sheets from harvesting rubber from rubber trees. They ship them in cubes with a bunch of these

Image credits: trinisk8er

#23 Metal Sphere With Russian Writing Found On A Bahama Beach

Answer: It probably contained high pressure nitrogen (-196 C is the boiling point of nitrogen). Likely used to spin up the pumps of a rocket motor as it started. A sphere is the ideal shape for containing high pressure gas/liquid.

Image credits: hydrogennanoxyde

#24 This Building Was Found In A Country Estate In Scotland. It's About The Size Of A Large Shed And Has Small Slits And Platforms On The Outside. What Is It?

Answer: It's a bee hotel. The bee house version instead allows for multiple complete hives where the bees live, which I suppose is less like a hotel and more like condominiums.

Image credits: Cheap_Doughnut7887

#25 Found This Metal Object In Auckland, New Zealand. Banana, Hot Wheels Car And Fruit Pie For Scale! Metal (Brass?) With Screw Thread At The Bottom And Coloured Plastic Rings Around Shaft, Some Opaque, Some Transparent. Found On The Shoreline At The Ōtuataua Stonefields Reserve, Near The Airport

Answer: I'm sure this is the handle to a machinists hammer. It's the common item to make when learning how to turn on a lathe. I made one nearly identical when I first started.

Image credits: McArgister

#26 Glass Vase Thing Found In A Thrift Store In Navarre, Fl

Answer: It's a kind of wine bottle used in Spain, specifically Catalonia. You drink from it by pouring a stream through the air and directly into your mouth. I'll see if I can find the actual name.

Found it. It's called a Porron

Image credits: xlgiraffe18

#27 What Is This Boat Off The Coast Of Long Island, NY With Three Tall Smoke Stacks?

Answer: Not smoke stacks, piles. It’s a working barge, and those piles are lowered into the sea floor to stabilize the vessel while working. They are very commonly used on maritime construction projects such as bridge and tunnel building, surveying, shore protection, etc.

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Old School Chem Set Maybe? Found In Abandoned Building With No Info On It

Answer: Bach flower remedies. They are solutions of brandy and water—the water containing extreme dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English homeopath, in the 1930s.

Image credits: HeroinHero666

#29 What Would Be Shipped In This Strange Shaped Container?

Answer: it's a ( human or equine) sperm shipping container.

Image credits: Moeextoic

#30 Found In A Garden. Metallic Object That Closes In On Itself

Answer: Looks like a Hindu ritual box. It is missing the middle piece that would sit in that central hole.

Image credits: ScZi

#31 What Is This Thing? The Part Above The Handle Rotates

Answer: It's a kite spindle. I used to have one. It seems like a reproduction of what they used to use in the golden era... but definitely, 100% a kite spindle!

Image credits: genoihoios

#32 These Small "Rooms" That Are Raised Up From The Ground Are All Over The Spanish Countryside. Many Of The Old Houses Have One. What Was/Is It Used For?

Answer: They're grain stores called "hórreos"

Image credits: baconuggets

#33 New House, And We’re Perplexed! What Is This Hole/Vent Above Our Fireplace? When We Pull The Blue Tape Off, We Can Feel Cool Air Coming In (We’re In The Southern Us, So It’s Not “Cold,” But Definitely Feels Like Outdoor Air

Answer: it’s for media cables for a TV that would be been mounted there.

Image credits: Rice-Correct

#34 Odd Formation In Louisiana Coast - 29.323196471225256, -89.33106000180526

Answer: coastal erosion counter measure. they use a bucket ladder dredge with a bentonite injection pump to dig trenches 20-80 feet deep that are backfilled with the bentonite added mix. This pattern allows for natural inflow and outflow and will accumulate sedimentary deposits that would otherwise have washed to sea. Eventually plants will establish over these areas when the salinity diminishes.

Image credits: waldoboro

#35 These Appeared In My Friends Back Yard, They Are Gelatinous But Start To Dissolve When You Start Touching Them

Answer: Looks like water beads / plant gel. They're a kind of gel-like ball that absorb water and are used in plant pots. They get bloated and will burst if in water for too long.

Image credits: wixterix

#36 This Rack Type Drawer Is Mounted In A Kitchen Cabinet. This Is As Far As It Pulls Out And The Bars Do Not Rotate Or Come Out

Answer: This is to hang washcloths and gloves. My stepmother installs them under her sink, since they don’t come standard.

Image credits: PhtevenPheagal

#37 This Was Taken This Morning. It's A Very Odd Shaped Cloud, Or Maybe Even Vapor Trail. I'm Guessing It's Illuminated By The Approaching Sunrise. This Is From Clearwater Florida, Facing East. Google Lens Said Maybe A Rocket Launch?

Answer: Rocket launch. The wind currents at different altitudes have likely caused the odd appearance, closer in time to the launch it would have appeared more "normal"

Image credits: shackmd

#38 Found Coming Out Of A Small Hill. Water Alternates Between Either Side, Going Down Each Step

Answer: I believe this is the Lyon Creek – Cedar Way Stormwater Detention Dam. I contacted an engineer with the city because I was so curious about whether it was a fish ladder or not. They just got back to me and confirmed it is a fish ladder. They also sent an operation manual that includes some history and descriptions, very interesting.

Image credits: No-Introduction5636

#39 Two Of These Buildings On A Lot Where New Housing Is Going To Be Built

Answer: Bat houses

Image credits: gempir

#40 Small Metal Object, No Idea How Old Or What It Is?

Answer: Answer: Its snuff/pill box

Image credits: ThePanesh4800

#41 This Guy Just Walked Up And Down The Meadow With This Thing. What Could This Be?

Answer: magnetometry or magnetic survey - not GPR

Image credits: fabian_sigrist

#42 What Is The Use Of This Fourth Piece Of Cutlery I've Seen In A German Museum?

Answer: It's a baby food pusher, quite common in the 1800s - early 1900s

Image credits: FlyWithTheCars

#43 At The Beach In Southern Ca. Alive With Claw Things That Moved In Purple Sheathes. Bubbly Body. A Feather Stuck To It????? (Screenshot From Video)

Answer: Looks like a cluster of goose barnacles with a random feather in there

Image credits: SweetTaterette

#44 Found While Trail Running. What Are These Things? There's Rotten Wood That Goes Along It That Looks Cut/Altered By Man. Would It Be For Making A Flat Surface To Easily Maneuver The Mine?

Answer: It's a collapsed wood-stave pipeline, it may have been for dewatering the mine

Image credits: TheBumpinSexies

#45 This Item In Our Kitchen? We're Not Quite Sure What It Is

Answer: It's a pastry cutter.

Image credits: PP1tch

#46 Door With A Hinged Section A Quarter Through Horizontally?

Answer: I think it was an attempt to wrap around the wall but the cut was made on the wrong side of the door!

Image credits: armeg

#47 Found On A Hike Up A Hill In South Dakota. The Eye Does Not Appear Natural, But I Am Not Sure What Caused It

Answer: Mineral deposition within the rock that has dissolved over a long period of time

Image credits: SefferWeffers

#48 Saw This Bulldozer With A Giant Spike On The Front In A Meme. Is This A Weird Forklift? Why Does It Only Have 1 Spike Then? Is This Possibly To Push Around A Very Specific Type Of Equipment?

Answer: We have one similar to that at work. The spike is a little bigger and longer, but we use it for moving steel coils around the coil yard.

Image credits: Esava

#49 An Excessive Amount Of (Chimneys, Various Vents?) On A House In Castile De Leon, Spain

Answer: Those are air ducts and the the flue for gas central heating. A third one is almost certainly for the garage. That building is subdivided into at least 2 apartments. Could be three. Our apartment has one for each for each vertical block of apartments. As in a flue duct and an air duct. You need a separate duct for the garage area as well it can't be on the same one. You can see the dividing line in the tiles here as well so one side was probably built a while after the other and so they couldn't share the center ducting or the garage. Find it on google maps and see how many house numbers are there. Could be four.

Image credits: frogman_fraudman

#50 I Work In A Restaurant, We Had A Customer Complaining That They Found That In Our Chicken - It's Not A Part Of Any Equipment We Have In Store. Any Ideas?

Answer: Wrench Cutout Wrap

Image credits: SlapMeWithYourDonger

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