Can You Recommend General Purpose Steel Storage Cabinets?

Steel Cabinets USA All-Purpose Series

I need closed steel shelving cabinets, and am having difficulty narrowing things down.

I have been completely reworking my storage setup, and it’s been quite the frustrating process. One big improvement, I think, will be to move from 12″ deep wire shelving to 18″ or 24″ deep closed shelving.

Shown above are cabinets from a company called Steel Cabinets USA, which I found at an industrial supplier. Their 30″ and 36″ wide x 18″ deep x 72″ tall cabinets retail for between $500 and $650 with suppliers discounts and freight fees. This particular brand is light on details, but I do know the shelves are adjustable and that the cabinets ship assembled and with plastic glides.

I found 10 more companies that all also offer closed steel cabinets.

Industrial storage brands offer closed shelving units that users must assemble on-site, and they’re more affordable than I thought – less than the cabinets mentioned above.

My one hesitation there is that modular shelving cabinets are designed to be bolted down, which I won’t do. For other brands, it’s a hassle to source leveling foot brackets, attachment screws, and other such accessories to add to an order.

There are of course consumer solutions, but I’m hoping for something a little sturdier.

Garage-style cabinets tend to be too tall, wide, and deep. Others might be a fitting size, but in-store samples feel a bit flimsy.

With shipping fees, garage cabinets similar in size to what I’m looking for cost about the same. At $400 or a little more per cabinet, I’d rather have industrial and commercial-grade cabinets than consumer-grade models from the home center.

I’m also looking for cabinets I can put in the basement, which limits the size and weight. 30″ to 36″ wide, 18″ or 24″ deep, and at most 72″ tall seems to be the sweet spot.

Tennsco Steel Cabinet with See-Through Doors

Tennsco offers both assembled (welded) and unassembled cabinets in several grades, such as deluxe and standard.

Their cabinet with see-through doors might be nice, but they cost quite a bit more than many of the other brands’ cabinets I found.

Hallowell Steel Cabinets

I also came across Hallowell, which also offers cabinets in “knock-down” style or assembled. They too have windowed and solid door options.

I have never heard of many of these brands before. Brands such as Edsal are available via consumer channels, and so reviewers are easier to come by. Industrial brands, such as “Steel Cabinets USA”, have bare-bones websites and little to no user reviews or feedback online.

In theory, I could order different cabinets from several brands to determine this myself, but that sounds like a nightmare. Products like this can be easily damaged and destroyed during shipping, especially as brands’ packaging practices can vary wildly. I’d rather go with a good brand and reliable product line at the start.

I don’t mind having to assemble cabinets. Strength, stability, shelf adjustability, and the ability to level a cabinet are high priorities for me, as well as better packaging that can minimize freight and handling damage.

Budget is important too. I’m looking for maybe 2 cabinets to start, and more as I work to reorganize everything.

150 lb shelf strength seems like enough, 200 lbs or more would be a bonus. I can always keep one or two wire shelving racks for heavier pieces of equipment.

Mobility would be nice, with casters also serving to raise cabinets off the floor in case of moisture, but I can always build a platform to line the basement walls where I hope a couple of cabinets will eventually go.

Here’s where I’m hoping ToolGuyd readers can help. What steel storage cabinets – or similar closed shelved products – have you guys used and can recommend?

Yes, making my own cabinets out of plywood is another option, but I prefer powder-coated steel for this. At least right now, I would rather buy than build. I have plans to build one or two other cabinets for specific purposes, these would be for general purpose storage.