Farmhouse kitchens continue to be one of the most popular home design style

s. It can bring a relaxed, homey feel into your kitchen and create a space that’s inviting and family-oriented. Here’s how to create a farmhouse style kitchen using European kitchen cabinets.
What Is Farmhouse Style?
Even if you’re living in a tiny urban space, you can have a farmhouse-style kitchen! These rooms evoke the feel of country living with timeless, unpretentious style. Think lots of natural wood, bright lights and colors like white and pastel. You want the room to feel warm and rustic! 

European kitchen cabinets might seem like the opposite of Farmhouse style, since they’re more sleek and modern. But they can fit into a Farmhouse kitchen easily. Opt for light colors like white or natural wood, don’t choose too modern-looking hardware. A vintage knob will make your cabinets look more rustic than a bar pull!
How To Decorate With European Kitchen Cabinets Stick With Natural Colors photo: Teracee
One key feature of farmhouse kitchens is the soft color palette. You typically see lots of white in Farmhouse kitchens. You can paint your cabinets white and let  natural wood floors or countertops create an easy contrast. Colors like pale blues or yellows also work well in Farmhouse kitchens, particularly if they look faded or sun-washed. However, all-white is also an option! You can keep it from looking too modern or sterile by bringing in different finishes and textures. For example, your cabinets can have a matte finish while your backsplash is glossy, and white lace curtains bring in a softer touch.
Display Vintage Pieces photo: Sanctuary Home Decor
One way to keep your kitchen feeling rustic is by using decor to your advantage. You can drop by a garage sale or a second hand store and look for vases, signs or cool retro drinkware to display in your kitchen. Try swapping out your upper cabinets for exposed shelves so you can highlight some pieces! The key to a Farmhouse look is authenticity: items that are faux-vintage or too matchy-matchy won’t have the same impact as real rustic finds. If you have older features in your home, like exposed brick or ceiling beams, you can put that on display too!
Use Lots of Natural Wood photo: Modern Glam
One way to make your kitchen look completely rustic is by bringing in elements of natural wood. You can opt for butcher block counters, which are perfect for Farmhouse style kitchens. These countertops are made of strong, durable natural wood, which made them common in actual farmhouses for centuries. It’s all about authenticity! You can also bring in wood by showing off your hardwood floors. While tiles may be the more expected choice in a kitchen floor, hardwood will make the space feel more rustic and cozy. If you can’t afford actual hardwood, you can opt for wood-look vinyl floors to mimic the style. Add some runners or throw rugs for texture and you’ve got a rustic, Farmhouse floor at your feet!
Choose the Right Backsplash for Your Space photo: Kathy Mcgoarty
Backsplash is another key feature that can help cement your Farmhouse style. White subway tiles are popular choices thanks to their simple and minimalistic look. The white can flow easily into your white European cabinets, or break up the wood between your natural cabinets and countertops. If you want something a little more eye-catching, you can create mosaic tile in neutral colors or opt for a stone backsplash. These will bring more visual attention without straying away from your color palette!
Have Lots of Lighting to Make The Kitchen Feel Bright photo: Home Stratosphere
You always want your kitchen to feel bright and airy, but that’s especially true of Farmhouse kitchens. Farmhouse kitchens typically have big open windows with lots of sunshine coming in through light or sheer curtains. That’s the look you want to mimic with your kitchen, but based on your design (and what direction the room faces!) it might not be the case. If natural light isn’t on your side, light fixtures will come to the rescue. Add pendant lights over your sink, kitchen island or table to add extra light, and install LED lights into your European kitchen cabinets to bring more task lighting into the space.
Bring in Pieces Inspired By Actual Farmhouses photo: The Spruce
One thing that many farmhouses have is an apron-front sink. They’re larger than the average sink and sit in your counter over your cabinets. These sinks were a utilitarian feature in many farmhouses: they’d be used for cleaning off fruit or vegetables that came from the garden, washing dishes, cleaning clothes and many more tasks. An apron-front sink will instantly make your kitchen look like a traditional farmhouse! You can also create a feature wall with shiplap panels. Shiplap originated in ships (hence the name), as the overlapping joint in the panels made it waterproof. It became popular in colder climates homes like cabins or, you guessed it, farmhouses.

A sliding barn door is another feature that can instantly give your kitchen that Farmhouse appeal. These trendy items can be used as the doorway to your kitchen itself, or to the pantry for a hidden shelf effect. You can paint the door to match your European kitchen cabinets to create a seamless effect.
Add a Touch of Nature photo: Carpetone
Farmhouse kitchens often were at the back of the house with a door to the outside, but for your kitchen you can just bring the outside in! Fresh flowers and potted plants will bring a touch of greenery to your kitchen and have that element of nature that is so authentic to Farmhouse kitchens. You can even grow your own herbs or vegetables and have your decor double as a functional piece.
Don’t Forget Texture photo: One Kindesign
Texture is everything! You want your kitchen to feel cozy and lived in instead of sleek and new. So you should have multiple textures in the space. Your hardwood, European kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplashes should all have different textures. Even if you’re using wood in multiple spaces, you can opt for different grains or finishes to make sure it doesn’t feel too much like everything matches. Then you can bring in more textiles like a rug on the floor, linen curtains and upholstered bar stools for your kitchen island. All these textured elements will make your Farmhouse style complete!

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