Fire Safety For The Holiday


When's the last time you thought about fire safety? It always crosses my mind at Christmastime. I'm more conscious than usual about making sure that the Christmas lights are turned off, candles are out, or that the fireplace hasn't been left on. Many of us are also baking and cooking more at this time of year, often with the kids, so it's good to be extra cautious and think about safety in the kitchen too.

Recently, First Alert Canada reached out to tell me about their newest fire extinguisher spray, the EZ Fire Spray. I took a look at it and, honestly, my first reaction was: I need to tell everyone about this! So that's what I'm going to do because I truly think this is an amazing fire safety product for the home. 

What makes for a must-have fire safety product? I think it's one that's:

easy to use  accessible where and when you need it large enough to put out a small fire but not so heavy that it's difficult to hold and it's designed to handle the type of fire you have. We've always had at least two fire extinguishers in our home (just like smoke alarms, you should have one on each level) but I have this slight fear of using an extinguisher. I worry that in an emergency I wouldn't know how to pull the pin out or the nozzle wouldn't work and I couldn't get it to spray. Do you have that fear too? According to the Fire Equipment Manufacturer's Association, 70% of Canadian fire extinguisher owners do! 

But the EZ Fire Spray is simple to use. This I can totally handle! It's an aerosol that you just point and spray. It's lightweight, easy to hold, and easy to control.

Where do you have your fire extinguishers? You should have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen as well as other high-risk areas like the garage, workshop, and near the BBQ.  Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and they spike during the holidays. Take this as a reminder to make sure you have one in your kitchen at least.


Here's the one we currently had in our kitchen. I admit this was probably not the best place for it. There's always cleaning products in the way which could make it difficult to access in an emergency. 
And... because I wanted to check the expiry of this unit (they have a 10-12 year expectancy), I learned that this model from another manufacturer was actually recalled three years ago! Yikes. Good thing we now have the EZ Fire Spray to replace it.

The EZ Fire Spray is effective against small electrical, paper, wood, or cooking oil fires so it's a good choice for the home. It covers a wider surface area than traditional fire extinguishers and discharges up to 4x longer, which means you'd have more time to fight the fire.
It is designed for one-time use so you would have to replace it once it's been discharged. You can purchase the EZ Fire Spray at retailers across Canada, including Canadian Tire, for less than $20.

I've put the new fire extinguisher spray here in our small appliance cabinet which I gave a makeover earlier this year. Now it's much more accessible! First Alert Canada provided me four sprays so I've put a second one upstairs in our bathroom cabinet, a third in our laundry room in the basement, and the fourth I'll be giving to my elderly parents. They cook a lot and I feel better knowing they'll have a fire extinguisher spray that's easy to use.
With all of this fire safety talk, I even took some time to review our fire escape plan with our daughter Chloe. Most home fires occur in the winter and it's good to know what to do, before you ever have to do it. I hope you found this information helpful!
Disclosure: This conversation is sponsored by First Alert Canada. All words, photos, and opinions are my own.

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