Husky Heavy Duty Tool Cabinet Long-Term Review

Husky Heavy Duty 62-inch Mobile Workbench Roller Cabinet in Place 2023

I will soon say goodbye to my Husky 62″ mobile workbench roller cabinet, and wanted to share some thoughts after using it for nearly two years

Home Depot and Husky sent me this sample in mid-2021, and I have enjoyed using it since then.

You can find my early impressions about the mobile workbench here.

This roller cabinet is part of Husky’s heavy duty lineup, featuring 19 gauge construction. It has 14 drawers, an adjustable-height wood top, and 6 swivel casters.

I never used the adjustable-height top. It’s a good-to-have feature, I didn’t use it outside of initial testing.

6 swivel casters are a game-changer. Many if not most roller cabinets have a combination of swivel and fixed casters. This one has locking casters at the ends and swivel in the rear. Although I very rarely moved the cabinet around, all-swivel casters were hugely convenient.

The drawers have been perfect. They opened and closed smoothly and with minimal effort. The drawers are rated to 120 lbs, or 240 lbs for the deep bottom drawers.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Drawer Sizes

I was both optimistic and doubtful about the drawer configuration.

The left bank of drawers measure 15″ wide and nearly 22″ deep, and the right bank of drawers measure a little more than 39.5″ wide x nearly 22″ deep.

Most drawers are 3.05″ deep. A couple of the narrower drawers measure 2″ deep. The bottom drawers measure 10″ (left) and 6.8″ (right).

I loaded up the drawers with hand tools, power tool accessories, smaller tool cases, and misc. parts and supplies. The smaller deep drawer held bulkier things, such as large dust collection fittings. The larger deeper drawer held large accessory boxes and cordless power tools.

I mainly used the roller cabinet for tool storage, but also as a workbench on occasion. It excelled at both.

I should have better-utilized the power strip on the right side. It features 6 outlets and 2 USB charging ports.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Drawer Contents
Example drawer loadout from early testing in 2021.

I thought I might miss having a 4-inch drawer, such as for deep sockets, but I didn’t. If I need 1/2″ sockets or drive tools, I retrieve them from a different tool box.

A deeper top drawer might have been convenient for cordless power tools and batteries. But, I hang my cordless drills and impacts off a different tool cart. I mention this because my new test tool box has two deep top drawers, and it will be interesting to see how my experience with it differs.

Still, this Husky 14-drawer configuration provided incredible storage density, which I tend to prefer.

There are different kinds of organizers you can use to better optimize deeper drawers for tools such as pliers. But what about wrenches, screwdrivers, or hex key sets? Shallow drawers are great for hand tools.

Husky 62-inch Adjustable Height Mobile Workbench Open Top

In theory, maybe the drawers could have been a fraction of an inch wider if not for the adjustable height worktop mechanism. However, I liked knowing I could raise the top if I ever needed a taller work surface or the ability to clamp something down.

The adjustable height table top would also make it easier to install a bench vise or other clamp-through fixture.

I have used and tested many different types of mobile workbenches, roller cabinets, and tool chests. This is one of the sturdiest. The drawers never flexed or fought back. There were no hiccups.

I’m at a struggle to find something I didn’t like. If I had to find one negative, it would be that this heavy duty 62″ mobile workbench is only available in matte black.

I have tested and parted with many tool cabinets over the years. This is one of the few that I will truly miss. It delivered a consistently excellent experience.

If I didn’t need the space to begin testing new storage products, this would have had a permanent place in my garage. It will soon be donated locally.

Key Features & Specs

  • 62″ x 24″
  • Height-adjustable from 38″ to 48″
  • Max load of 2500 lbs
  • 31,721 cubic inches storage volume
  • 6 swivel casters (4 locking)
  • 1-inch wood top
  • Built-in power strip (6 outlets, 2 USB)
  • Includes drawer liners
  • Tubular lock

Price (as of the time of this posting): $1159

The Husky test sample was provided as part of a paid partnership with Home Depot in 2021.