IKEA bathroom vanity gets a luxurious live edge upgrade

I love the clean and simple lines of the IKEA GODMORGON sink and wall cabinets for the bathroom. However, they can sometimes look a little standard or low grade.

In this IKEA hack, we upgraded the GODMORGON vanity look with a live edge white oak countertop, chrome handles, Kohler top-mount sinks and wall-mounted Grohe faucets for a more luxurious look.

godmorgon bathroom vanity

GODMORGON/TOLKEN / TÖRNVIKEN bathroom cabinet in high gloss | IKEA.com

Here’s how we added the live edge top to the GODMORGON vanity

Step 1:

Get a piece of live edge timber that you like and that will fit your IKEA GODMORGON cabinet. I’d recommend that you get your local sawmill to cut and kiln dry the wood to avoid the wood warping and cracking. (That happened to ours when we let it dry naturally in our garage.)

Step 2:

Use the templates that come with your sinks to mark the cutouts for the holes. Make sure the sink is positioned correctly under or in front of the faucets.

IKEA bathroom vanity gets a luxurious live edge upgrade

Then, cut out the holes for your sinks. If the wood you chose is very thick, you may need to get (or rent) a heavy duty saw. (We rented one from Home Depot.)

Step 3:

Now that the wood is cut, you’re ready to sand. Start with a rough grade (around 80) and work your way up to a fine grade sandpaper (around 180). Sand till all the rough edges are removed and the wood is smooth as silk.

Vacuum to remove dust and finish with a lint free cloth.

Step 4:

Next, it’s time to seal it. I’d recommend using an oil-based polyurethane, as it tends to sink into the grain better than a water-based polyurethane.

Step 5:

Install your sink cabinet. The live edge timber countertop can be extremely heavy, so I would highly recommend extra support for it in addition to the cabinet. (If you’re unsure, please consult a professional contractor.)

IKEA bathroom vanity gets a luxurious live edge upgrade
Step 6:

Add on handles. We chose to apply long chrome handles in a minimalist design to add a bit of extra detail and make them look even more high-end.

Full tutorial of my live edge bathroom vanity hack is found on my blog.

~ by Jo Hanson 

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