Mark It & Mean It: Here Are the Best Permanent Markers You Need to Get Your Point Across

Having a garage sale? Organizing boxes for your upcoming move? Making a poster for a protest? No matter what the case may be, you’re going to need some decent permanent markers to aid in the situation. You might be thinking, “but I already have a permanent marker sitting in my pen holder at my desk.” Do us a favor, take it out right now, rip that cap off, find the closest piece of scrap paper and give that baby a whirl. Done? Pretty dry, ain’t it? We thought so.

In terms of the best permanent markers, there’s a good chance you need something, well, permanent. Regular markers do mark their territory quite nicely, but a lot of the time they will tend to smudge and bleed if you’re not careful enough. Not to mention, in our experience, regular markers in comparison to permanent markers make paper exceptionally wet and might eventually lead to a tear — and nobody wants that.

Permanent markers additionally come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors depending on what it is you’re doing. Yeah, black permanent markers take the cake nine times out of ten, but hey, pinks, yellows, blues and reds have their relevance in the permanent marker space as well. Whether you’re using a permanent marker for art, storage, politically-driven reasons or anyway else, here are the best permanent markers you can snag yourself in 2020.


1. Sharpie 30075PP Permanent Markers


Don’t act surprised. Sharpies are so damn popular and for good reason. This fine-point 12-pack has the ability to not only leave its mark on paper but also plastics, metals and other surfaces regular markers simply can’t stay on. There are a slew of colors within this pack for all your permanent marker needs, so feel free to make your poster board colorful or color-code each moving box depending on which room in your new home it’s going in. The ink dries quickly they rarely smudge and each Sharpie is completely resistant to water. So, sticking to the classics for this one ain’t all that bad.

Sharpie 30075PP Permanent Markers

Buy: Sharpie 30075PP Permanent Markers $6.99


2. Sharpie Permanent Markers 6 Pack Assorted Sizes


This six-pack of black Sharpies is perfect for anyone looking to get heavy strokes and/or fine detail onto whatever they’re doing. The thick ones are perfect for bold letters that are readable from a distance, while the thinner markers are great for doodling or fine printing. The blacks are quite vivid and extra dark, so even if you’re using a thinner marker, each word will still be legible. Like our previous pick, these are Sharpies, so they’re water-resistant and fast-drying.

Sharpie Permanent Markers 6 Pack Assorted Sizes

Buy: Sharpie Permanent Markers 6 Pack Assorted Sizes $7.18


3. ARTEZA Permanent Markers


Buying for a classroom? Look no further than this affordable 60-pack from ARTEZA on Amazon. These premium waterproof markers are pigmented to the gods and have a similar vibrancy to any Sharpie. They’re totally quick-drying and never leak. Worried about handing these off to a group of kids? Don’t. They’re non-toxic to ensure everyone will stay safe when using them.

ARTEZA Permanent Markers

Buy: ARTEZA Permanent Markers $28.99


4. BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers


BIC’s been in the pen game for their entire existence and makes our go-to pens for writing and doodling, so it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that they also have an impressive line of permanent markers. This 36-pack of colorful choices range from blacks to pinks and provide a snap cap feature with a vapor seal locking feature that prevents your permanent markers from drying out over time. Each marker has a soft gripping area making these easy to hold and not slippery. Also, these aren’t so stinky and are completely acid-free.

BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers

Buy: BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers $20.48


5. Sharpie Pro King Size Permanent Marker


Sometimes a fine point isn’t going to cut it. Whether you’re trying to make easy-to-read posters for yard sales, protests or your kid’s volleyball game, you’re going to need a king-size permanent marker to get the job done. These permanent markers easily coat any surfaces, even if they’re wet and oily. They can mark clear, bright and visible lines on a slew of materials like plastic, wood, stone, foil, metal and leather. They’re quick to dry so you can expect less smudging and they’re entirely water-resistant, so you’ll be good to go even with a bit of rain.

Sharpie Pro King Size Permanent Marker

Buy: Sharpie Pro King Size Permanent Marker $7.91


6. Metallic Markers Permanent Paint Pens


Take your arts and crafts project to the next level with these awesome metallic permanent marker paint pens. This pack contains 12 different pens ready to glitter and sparkle any surface you choose. The writing is totally smooth and essentially glides on most surfaces. Looking for a tip? We suggest decorating a few wine glasses with these markers to spice up your china cabinet with a bit of personalized flair.

Metallic Markers Permanent Paint Pens

Buy: Metallic Markers Permanent Paint Pens $8.99


7. AVERY Carter’s Permanent Markers


You don’t need to break the bank when all you want to do is write a few words down. If you want a true bang for your buck, look no further than this 12-pack of all-black permanent markers sold at just under $5. These markers are totally quick-drying to reduce smudging and water-resistant so these babies can survive in tough, surprise weather situations. They’re truly a must-have if you need a lot of markers and don’t feel like spending the coin.

AVERY Carter's Permanent Markers

Buy: AVERY Carter's Permanent Markers $5.36


8. ARTEZA Fabric Markers


Some of us need permanent markers for one thing and one thing only — to use on fabric. Whether you’re a designer working on your next collection or just a crafty dude looking to have fun on a rainy day, these permanent fabric markers are an excellent waterproof, fade-resistant and vibrant option to snag for any and all fabrics you can think of. There are a number of different colors and all come with a fine tip and ultra-fine tip for precision. All markers are completely non-toxic, so these can be a fun new project to get your kids into this winter, too. Also, these have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you hate ’em, simply return them and get every last dime back.

ARTEZA Fabric Markers

Buy: ARTEZA Fabric Markers $23.98