My husband loves to do woodwork and has a huge array of tools in the garage and had them laying on shelves everywhere without doors and I really wanted him to close off his tool area and make the garage look neater

I also wanted my own tool area where I could just house my crafting tools that would be completely separate from his tools so there would never be any confusion over who used what tools and did not put them up in the correct location. When I saw this awesome cabinet door idea on Youtube, I realized I had found the perfect answer to this age-old dilemma and I couldn’t wait to get started on this project. I started by collecting everything I was going to need to build these awesome cabinet doors for both of our tool cabinets.


Wood (1/4″) plywood and (1 x 2) planks
A Drill
A Saw
Wood glue
Peg Board

First, build your frame for your cabinet doors the wall space you have designated for your case cabinet.

Then make the front panels of your door out of plywood.

Then use your wood glue and nails to secure the front panel into your frame.

Then screw hinges onto your door after you have cut in the necessary space for the hinge to fit.

Then screw hinges onto the cabinet and mount your doors onto the cabinet.

The shelves look so much better with doors, our garage looks awesome, I love it!

How To Make New Cabinet Doors

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