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I spend likely too much time “fantasy shopping”. I can’t help myself. I see a new line drop or a beautiful new item on Instagram and my adrenaline goes through the roof. It’s involuntary but also a deep passion. So since you all probably have better things to do with your time or you know, have self-control and not scour online shops daily, you might have missed some of the new things to hit the market recently. Fear not because I have no life and want to talk about beautiful new products ALL. DAY. LONG.

Originally this was supposed to be a small but fun post. Maybe 20 or so items that I was really lusting after. Well, my friends, let’s just say self-control isn’t my thing and there are more than 20 items I’ll be showing you today (and that’s not even including the new outdoor goods that popped up after Ryann did this post). I mean when it comes to decor I have a very hard time not wanting to celebrate all of the things I love. The libra in me simply can’t make a decision when needing to cull back products that deserve their time in the sun. I think ultimately you all benefit.

Now, this post isn’t meant to be a “BUY THIS! AND THIS! O AND DON’T FORGET THIS BEAUTY!” But if you are in need of a little decor shake-up or have searching high and low for the perfect “fill in the blank,” I want to show you how even swapping out (or adding) something to your home can really make everything feel brand spanking new.

Let’s start with the Portland Project Living Room by switching out the pedestal side table for fun.
Example One photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: portland project living room reveal
First off the original side table on the left is still perfection. But let’s say we really wanted to “modern the joint up”. This graphic and bold table still has the same silhouette and natural wood material but gives off a much bigger edge and contrast to that beautiful vintage chair.
Example Two photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: julie’s huge (and diy packed) bedroom upgrade
Again, Julie’s current pendant is perfect but trying out something new is fun! Both pendants are made with organic materials but the softness of the wicker one gives a totally different feel from the geometric one. (P.S. The scale of the mocked up example is likely off so make sure to measure for your own space:))
Example Three photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: mountain house kitchen reveal
Ok, the photoshopped stools are NOT the right scale either but I do think it’s fun to see a totally different look (except for having backs… Emily Henderson is VERY pro backed stools for the comfort they provide). Also, these are from Target!
Example Four photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: arlyn’s moody dining room reveal
Let’s mix up some wood tones! That Article sideboard is an EHD favorite but look at how different the room looks with a new and lighter wood tone in town. Both are so pretty (though a dresser as a media console would be tricky… but THOSE HANDLES!)
Example Five photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’ living room reveal
Last but not least we have my old living room. I love that little Target table lamp (no longer available) but throwing in that wicker shade BEAUTY gives a ton of texture to space that it didn’t have before. Both are great but I really like how the new one makes my eyes feel!

Hopefully, with these examples, you can see the value of switching out something (or moving it to another room) and how it can really inject new energy into your space if you want it. So I’ll stop gabbing and get to the real reason you all clicked in…THE PRETTY STUFF.

1. Kenly Table Lamp | 2. Althea Wicker Pendant | 3. Paul McCobb Table Lamp | 4. Happy Pendant Light | 5. Sidnie Lamp – Juniper | 6. 24″ Ormandy Rod Pendant | 7. Desk Lamp with USB Ports | 8. Willow Rattan Floor Lamp | 9. Verner 3-Tiered Pendant | 10. Rik Adjustable Floor Lamp | 11. Vita Lamp | 12. Paul McCobb Table Lamp | 13. Modern Metal Table Lamp | 14. Paul McCobb Pendant | 15. Illona Floor Lamp | 16. Ina Table Lamp | 17. Floor Lamp With Fluted Shade | 18. Tripod Floor Lamp | 19. Frasco Brass Flush Mount | 20. Janice Wall Sconce | 21. Palomino White Table Lamp

Lighting, lighting, lighting you are my favorite (as also proven in this post). I feel like there is something for everyone in this roundup! For the more natural lovers #2, #7, #8, #9, #11, and #21 are right up your alley. Actually, #7 is a pretty great affordable dupe for Em’s favorite table lamp. For the ultra-modern you have #4, #5, #13, and #19. And of course the vintage-inspired lovers (shout out to the CB2 and Paul McCobb collab!) there’s #1, #3, #12, #14, #15, and #17. Clearly, I love ALL of these lights and hope if you are looking there’s one that’s perfect for you:)
left: via lulu & georgia | right: via urban outfitters
1. Diana White Queen Bed | 2. 4-Piece Leather Sectional | 3. Solene Platform Bed | 4. Studio McGee Upholstered Sofa | 5. Marienne Bed | 6. Leisure Power Recliner Sofa

I love all of these pieces (duh) but can we just take a moment to admire the beauty of that Target sofa. So chic! Also, #6 is a DOUBLE reclining sofa so yes, dreams do come true and that leather sofa is so freaking cool without being too loud. Then for the beds, they are all so special and so different. Which is your favorite??
via crate and barrel
1. Tate Bench | 2. Stilted Storage Ottoman | 3. Escalante Storage Bench | 4. Borrego Small Round Ottoman | 5. Clara Entryway Bench | 6. Round Pom Pom Pouf

My top pick is #4 because while not inexpensive, it looks like it costs triple that. Everything from the fabric choice to the thickness of the legs is SO GOOD. But if storage is what you need, both #2 and #3 are awesome options. Then #1, #5, and #6 are all testaments to the fact that texture is chic in any style (plus that pom pouf is so fun and great for that price:))
via lulu & georgia
1. Round Swivel Barrel Chair | 2. Cane Counter Height Stool | 3. Celeste Accent Chair | 4. Bozzi Chair | 5. Wood Chair with Woven Seat | 6. Weiss Accent Chair | 7. Compass Bar Stool | 8. Reese Curved Chair | 9. Curved Back Dining Chair | 10. Low and Wide Accent Chair | 11. Mixed Material Counter Height Stool | 12. Rivera Leather Recliner | 13. Cane Counter Height Stool | 14. Aria Chair | 15. Dame Dining Chair

Wow can a special chair make/change a room. While all of these are pretty neutral in color, the shapes are incredibly special. Take #12. Those arms are so freaking cool and really elevate what could have easily been a perfectly nice (but not that interesting) recliner. However, comfort doesn’t have to always be sacrificed for shape. All I want to do is curl up in #4, #8, and #14.
via cb2
1. Ralston 6-Drawer Dresser | 2. Statuer Black End Table | 3. Oval Wood Console Table | 4. White Oak Accent Table | 5. Nadia Low Credenza | 6. Darma Stool | 7. Grayson Kitchen Island | 8. Fayette Nightstand | 9. Studio McGee Round Coffee Table | 10. Kono Dresser | 11. Rosswood Counter Stool | 12. Noralee Coffee Table | 13. Shadow Blackened Wood Dining Table | 14. Rattan & Wood Bedside Cabinet | 15. Linnea 5-Drawer Dresser | 16. Palms Desk | 17. Delta Side Table | 18. Port Blackened Wood Nightstand

You already know the handles on #1 are very dear to my heart to but #15 has a similar vibe at almost half of the price. Also, can you believe that #9 is from Target?! There’s a matching side table too juuuust in case you were wondering:) The last thing I’ll say is that #7 is a freaking kitchen island and would make any kitchen so pretty (and done right could give off some serious deVOL energy).
via sarah ellison
1. Anaise Cane Room Divider | 2. Rolf Floor Mirror | 3. Valentina Screen | 4. Elise Floor Mirror | 5. Aria Room Divider Screen | 6. Floor Mirror with Ladder and Hooks

Room dividers have been coming back into style for a little while. But now there are some INCREDIBLY cool ones that will kick up your room’s style into the highest of gears. #5 is definitely more decorative than function but is insanely cool. Then while the striped Sarah Ellison one is a pretty penny, it’s also so clear that’s it’s a forever, pass down to the kids/grandkids kinda piece.
design by sarah sherman samuel for etsy
1. Geo Moroccan Hand Tufted Shag Area Rug | 2. Drum Basket | 3. Checkerboard Throw Pillow | 4. Lucian Long Lumbar Pillow | 5. Indoor/Outdoor Geo Rug | 6. Araati Blue Floral Pillow Cover | 7. Modern Geometric Rug | 8. Embroidered Modern Lumbar Pillow | 9. Embroidered Thin Line Lumbar Pillow | 10. Bigoulin Mini Duffchon | 11. Dylan Rug | 12. Indoor/Outdoor Checkered Rug

I promise that I didn’t pick out all of these checkered patterns on purpose. I don’t know if I have a problem (likely) or they are just everywhere (another BIG possibility) but I’m not tired of them yet. Actually, #10 was a last-minute add-on from the new Sarah Sherman Samuel Etsy Edit. It took every inch of willpower I had in me to not hit add to cart (to be fair I was meeting with a financial planner and buying a pillow that I don’t have a definite plan for seemed counterproductive…also growing up is SCARY). But there’s a high chance of it sneaking into my MOTO once I get to the finishing touches so keep an eye out.
via cb2
1. Large White Planter with Wood Stand | 2. Barred Wood Vase | 3. Helsop Vase | 4. Ceramic Stoneware Vase | 5. Vinia Multitaper Holder | 6. Narrow Black Wood Vase | 7. Ramona Mint Pitcher | 8. Sin Doline Vase | 9. Archer Planter | 10. Light + Ladder Tava Vase | 11. Blossom Taper Candle Holder | 12. Tall White Bust Vase

Oh man, I love getting into the little pretty things and if my last kitchen was any indication, I love candlestick holders. I also have a vessel obsession as proven by my EHD prop garage loot. I love “the age” of that dark wood vase (#2) so much. A definite “instant soul” piece. I also think that the mix of the modern clean shape and black wood of #6 is so stunning. #7 is kind of an EHD no-brainer piece because it can be used as a vase or pitcher! Those circle handles are so awesome. Lastly, if you don’t know Virginia Sin of Sin Ceramics go now. Her vessel (#8) is such a statement and will bring in a true piece of art into your room.
via urban outfitters
1. Abstract Wood Bull | 2. Andrea Glass Storage Containers | 3. Marble Bookends | 4. Robin Fruit Basket | 5. Hilo Lava Stone and Resin Tray | 6. Brass Wall Ledge

Did you think I could end this post without grouping of beautiful stragglers?? No way. So here they are. #1 is an AWESOME object that will surely make your space both cool and will be a conversation starter when people can come to your house again. Those food containers (#2) are incredible and affordable! I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to find food containers that were stylish and not a million dollars. I did find some that are fine so I won’t be switching them out for these. But if you are still on the hunt CONGRATS because you can be the owners of these cuties! Now I could talk about each piece but I will spare as you can clearly see how great they are. BUT that grid tray is incredible and such a freaking great styling piece. DON’T MISS OUT. I know it’s not cheap but if you need a tray and can swing the $129, DO IT.

See? Wasn’t that a blast??? I hope that either your fantasy shopping itch was scratched or you found a great new piece to make your home feel even better. As design lovers, I think it’s kinda our duty to appreciate design whether it’s just looking or buying. So let me know what you think? How do you feel about these cool shapes? Has there been anything you’ve seen recently you need to show us? Let’s talk shop in the comments:)

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: via Sarah Ellision

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