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Are you a “weekend warrior?” If so, maybe you’ll enjoy tackling an organizing project today. We are beginning the second week of “Select-an-Effort: Organizing Tasks for 2023,” and today is all about your collection of bags.

Most people have many different types of bags in their home. You might have any of the following:

  • Grocery bags (disposable and reusable)
  • Shopping bags (the ones with handles from stores)
  • Carry-all bags (e.g., canvas bags)
  • Insulated and lunch bags
  • Purses and clutches
  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases
  • Computer bags
  • Work/tool/supply bags
  • Gym bags
  • Duffel bags
  • Overnight bags
  • Luggage

Depending on your interests, you likely have more of one type of bag than another. For instance, if you love traveling, you may have a wide variety of luggage. If you love fashion, you may have a large collection of designer handbags.

Our goal today is to work a bit on removing the bags that you aren’t using. Here are three options to consider:

Low Effort

Do a quick sort of bags you have on your primary living level. These tend to be grocery bags, take-out bags, shopping bags, etc. Get rid of any that are torn, have broken handles, etc. Then, decide how much space you want to allocate to these supplies. Establish a home, and then replace the bags.

One easy way to corral bags is to use a large bag to hold the smaller ones. Bags also tuck well into rectangular bins or baskets, which might sit well on the floor of a closet or in a mudroom cabinet. Since these types of bags are not sensitive to climate, they can also be kept in a garage. If you still use plastic, disposable bags, they can be stored in a small trash can.

Medium Effort

Review your collection of nicer bags. These include backpacks, purses, briefcases. Remove any that you no longer use. If they are nice condition, these may great donations. If they are designer bags, consider selling them through a reseller like The Real Real. Always remember to check through all pockets and zippered compartments to make sure you don’t accidentally get rid of something important.

If you need a little help with storing your bags neatly, there are some products to help. For example, this one is good for bags with handles, and this one is helpful for clutches.  Of course, investment grade bags should be stored in their original containers, filled with acid-free paper, on a shelf.

High Effort

If you have the energy, this is the day to examine your luggage collection. This might take more effort, as luggage is often stored in a remote location that might require a bit of crawling or hauling.

Pull out all of the bags you use for traveling. Group them by size so you can see what you have. Select the luggage you like the best and donate any pieces that are still in good shape but that you don’t use.

When it comes time to replace them, consider nesting smaller pieces into larger ones if you need some extra space.

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Do you love bags? Are you happy with how they are organized?

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Select-an-Effort: Organizing Tasks for 2023
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