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I finished enclosing my garage and the door's going to be installed in about 4 weeks. I'm contemplating ideas for the space. My wife will park in one spot while the other half is my wood playground. I plan to do auto work in there as well. I had thoughts about tool layout but wanted experienced people to weigh in. I know some people like the miter-table-planer triad in close proximity almost like kitchen fridge-stove-sink layouts. Here's what I'm thinking of.

I don't actually recall the EXACT dimensions of the garage but it's around 21 feet or so. and it's almost midnight on a cold rainy winter night so I'm not going out there to measure :)

I was debating between specialized miter station/cabinets for the one side vs just 2x4 "shelving" with a workbench, then tools and totes can be resting on the shelves. that's quicker than dedicated cabinet fronts and such. I put the items in the picture to connotate where they would be in use, but things like the planer and belt sander can more than likely be stored under the counter and brought up as needed, maybe even with plywood angled feet for anchoring. I even toyed around with the idea of mounting them to 3/4" plywood on heavy duty hinges and folding them down off the wall studs, then when you want to use them, bring up the shelf and screw in some pipes on the bottom for table legs. I would do this for things like the scroll saw and sander, things that don't really need to move. Maybe cabinets for the top above the miter station. but I want the layout to be roughly 50% car, 50% wood. When working on large projects I'll move her car out so I'll have the full area. My table saw is on wheels as is my DC, jointer,scroll saw, and my workbench isn't but I thought about it.

Main concerns are efficient flow between areas and cleanliness. I plan to have DC vents near the usual areas, with unfortunately likely a ground hose for the table saw since it's in the middle. Or I could plumb piping above, but IDK about the suction power of that.

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