Spring Cleaning Checklist


I hope you're loving our Spring Cleaning Challenge as much as I am! Here's what I've tackled so far in our home . . .

Yesterday (April 1st), I laundered all our bedding which was a doozie. It took almost a full day, but when I climbed into bed at night my bedding smelled amazing and I'm so glad I took time for this one!


Some folks over on Facebook suggested I use peroxide to clean a nosebleed stain off our white comforter (see links tomy bedding over here), and it totally worked! My bedding came out beautifully and I'm so glad I finally tackled this project. I'd been putting it off for months!


Today I tackled the kitchen and family room, and it's amazing what just 30. minutes of solid work can do. My rugs are basically cleaned, countertops cleared, and electronics wiped down. I'd sure love to hear what you're working on today too!

In case you missed it, here are all the details and what we'll be tackling each day: 

This week (starting Thursday, April 1st), we're starting Passionate Penny Pincher's SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST & BE AWESOME IN APRIL CHALLENGE, which means you and I are going to get control of our home, cooking, and cleaning to start off  April well! 


If you struggle with cleaning your home, finding time to exercise, creating order in your space and getting dinner done, this is just for you. We'll spend seven days sprucing up our home for Spring, and create routines that will last all year long.

If you have the Passionate Penny Pincher Home Planner (you can still snag the PDF files if you don't have them already!), we'll follow along with most of the daily chores in the planner, plus add in the items throughout the first 7 days of April.

(Print the free right HERE if you'd like)

Here's how the daily schedule *should* look:

8:30 – 9:00 AM Eastern Time –  Facebook Live Video working on our daily checklist and project for the day
8:3o PM Eastern Time (POSSIBLY! depends on family schedule, and it REALLY will likely only happen a few times each week) quick update over on Facebook with pic or live video of tackling our evening chores

And here's a peek at our “to do” list each day:

NOTE: for those of you using the Passionate Penny Pincher Home Planner, * denotes one of our regular daily chores ~ everything else is part of the extra chores for the , also found at the beginning of your planner! Don't forget you can get the PDF and iPad files of the 2021 Home Planner right over HERE. 


Change sheets*
Launder bedding
Clean mattress
Dust light fixtures & fans in bedrooms
Clean windows in bedroom
Wipe down lights & door knobs
Dust blinds & decor
Vacuum under & behind furniture


Clean electronic screens*
Sort paperwork/mail*
Take out all trash*
Vacuum carpets and rugs
Launder throw pillows and blankets
Clean electronics

April 5 – KITCHEN 

Vacuum couch*
Dust furniture*
Clean mirrors*
Vacuum house*
Deep clean sink & faucet
Clean dishwasher
Clean small appliances

April 6 – KITCHEN DAY 2 

Mop hard surfaces*
Take out all trash*
Clean microwave & stovetop*
Clean refrigerator
Clean freezer
Clean oven
Clean tops of cabinets
Clean cabinet doors


Clean bathrooms*
Change towels in bathrooms*
Re-stock TP*
Deep clean bathroom sinks
Deep clean toilets
Clean bathroom cabinet doors
Clean shower curtains or doors
Clean windows


Change bedroom sheets*
Wash baseboards and woodwork


Clean electronic screens*
Sort paperwork/mail*
Take out all trash*
Clean vents
Wash children’s toys
Organize closets and drawers

Other areas not included (work on these over the weekend as you have time!)

Clean laundry area
Clean front porch
Clean outdoor furniture
Clean outdoor grill
Clean garage
Power wash deck
Clean car

To keep up a little easier with all the things on the list, head on over HERE to get your free which includes all the “big” projects we'll tackle over the next few days. 


Sooooo… are you with me? I can't even wait to get started ~ leave a comment to let me know you're joining me, and let's be awesome together in April!


And if you're looking for even more daily home management tips and checklists? Head on over HERE to get our 2021 Home Planner PDF and access to our exclusive Facebook group. These will be a game changer in your home as they have been for over 50,000 other families  this year~ I'm cheering for you! 

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