Sunday in the Sewing Room

I spent much of Sunday at the computer trying to catch up.  I feel so behind in bookwork and emails and writing blog posts.  It started about a month ago and the behindedness has just stuck.  I thought I might make a dent if I stuck with it for a few hours but I still feel behind.  I’m sure I’ll catch up at some point but I can see, it won’t happen soon.

After so long I wasn’t concentrating and decided enough was enough.  I was going to head to the sewing room.  I had plans to get the dresser that I painted together.  The drawers were still in the garage and I needed to put the drawer pulls back on.  The problem, my dresser is the white one on the far left in the photo.  Whoever painted it, did a crappy job of painting it which was okay as it was easier to paint once I got it.  The problem was they paint the drawer pulls too.  UGH.

So I showed them to Karl.  He said, no problem mom, behold a grinder.

Karl ended up buffing them with the grinder and got all of the paint off of them.  They look fabulous.  Seriously, if I bought these drawer pulls in town, I’d have likely spent the price of the dresser.  I went to screw them on and that’s when I realized the screw heads were painted too.  So the screws all go buffed too.

I carried the drawers upstairs and put them in.  Now the moment of truth, do I like it? YES.  I really like it.  That’s my old living room television up here now.  It’s perfect.

My mission was to get rid of these plastic drawer units that were in my closet housing my batiks.

I had them in the drawers by color.

Now they are all moved to the new dresser.  They are in rows by color.

I ended up only needed two full drawers of space…

and started the third drawer.

For batiks, I also have a bucket of scrap.  This is mostly string pieces.

I ended up finding a tote and the tote fits PERFECTLY on the shelves of the red cabinet we wrangled upstairs on Saturday.

I do have one tote of batik pieces that are over a yard in size.  They might end up getting moved to the bottom drawer of the dresser.  Like I said, I kind of like to think it all through before I change things up.

I sorted a few more things but that’s about as much organizing as I felt like doing.  I often have to think about how I want to do things, do that step, and then think it all through again.

So I took a break, turned on the television, and watched some flosstube while I started binding the baby quilts I machine quilted last week.  It was such a treat to be able to sew and use the remote to search for the show I wanted. Previously with my old television the screen was so small that I could see the letters I was typing in and it wasn’t because I needed better glasses.  The television was just that small.

I am loving my sewing room.  It’s really getting closer and closer to the haven I was hoping it would be.  In January it will six years that I’ve lived in this house.  Can you believe it has taken this long?

It was totally worth the wait if I do it all the right way.  So that was a sneak peek…More to come another day.