The Best Long-Lasting Purchases That People Swear By: 101 Products That Are Worth The Investment (New Pics)

I vividly remember being a child and hearing my mother brag about how old our vacuum cleaner was. “We’ve had it for decades!” she would boast, noting that, “They just don’t make them like that anymore!” Now that I’m an adult who's purchased a vacuum of her own, I have to admit that I understand why she was so proud.

Today, we’re celebrating all of those purchases that ended up becoming life-long commitments thanks to quality and durability, pandas. We’ve taken a trip to the Buy It For Life subreddit and gathered some of our favorite pics from the community down below. From indestructible household appliances to pens that have written countless notes, enjoy viewing these purchases that were certainly worth the investments!

#1 Aurora Solar Calculator. Couldn't Confirm Its Actual Age, But My Mom Said, "It's Definitely Older Than You." I'm 39

Image credits: neocamel

#2 Most Of My Hifi Components Are Getting On For 50 Years Old In The Next Few Years. All Still Working Perfectly

Image credits: macnerd93

#3 My Buddy Has Had This Alarm Clock Since The 80s

Image credits: tflynn09

We all want to make smart purchases and keep our belongings around for as long as possible, but nowadays, there’s a lot of pressure from corporations and society to keep up with the latest trends. "If you don’t have the newest phone or the fanciest earbuds, you’re missing out! Technology is advancing incredibly rapidly, so there’s no need to use things until they give up on you. Just purchase something new as soon as you have the chance! Right?" This “newer is better” mindset can be detrimental to our mental health and our wallets, so sometimes, it’s refreshing to have a reminder that taking care of things and making sure they last forever is actually very cool.

That’s where the Buy It For Life subreddit comes in. This group is dedicated to sharing “practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last,” and thankfully, many people have gotten on board with the group’s mission. The community has amassed an impressive 1.5 million members over the past 12 years, and users are incredibly active in sharing the purchases they’re most proud of. Keeping items around for life is economic, sustainable and honestly, pretty impressive, so we’re happy to showcase some of the group’s best finds.

#4 This Bosch Drill Is From 1987, Gifted To Me From My Dad. Its Been In The Family 1 Year Longer Than Me

Image credits: R4MZON

#5 Bifl Home Audio-The Mcintosh Mc275

Image credits: podaypodayson

#6 This Ice Cream Scooper We Inherited From My Grandma When We Moved Into Her House

Image credits: d7it23js

12 years ago, the creator of Buy It For Life shared their mission statement in the subreddit to make it clear what the group’s goals are. They explained that the community was inspired by the subreddit r/ShutUpandTakeMyMoney, which shares great purchases members have found. However, not every item shared in that group will last a lifetime, so BIFL was created “to fill a niche for only high quality and durable products.”

Today, BIFL is a thriving community which shares suggestions for a wide range of products. The group even has a “Request Series” featuring clothing (headwear, gloves, shirts, jackets, belts, underwear, pants, socks and footwear), bags (luggage and backpacks), kitchen appliances, tools (knives and flashlights), beverage containers, music players, items specifically for women, gifts, a wallet compilation and even brands that are not BIFL approved. If you’re looking to make a big purchase, it might be wise to consult this community first!

#7 Here's A 1925 General Electric 6" Desk Fan In Near Mint Condition. It's Been Cleaned, And Had The Blades Polished. It Still Has Its Original Paint. It Had The Power Cord Replaced With A Modern Reproduction. It Doesn't Get Used Much As It Might Be A Little Dangerous

Image credits: lotr5693

#8 Merkur Safety Razor. About 10 Years Old Now, Still Like New

Image credits: Professional_Gap_371

#9 My 1993 Montgomery Wards Lawn Mower Still Runs And Cuts The Grass As Good As When It Was New!

Image credits: lotr5693

We’re big fans of the Buy It For Life community here at Bored Panda, so it’s actually not the first time we’ve featured the group. And lucky for us, we were previously able to get in touch with one of the subreddit’s moderators, Robot_ninja_pirate, who shared how keeping the group’s goals a priority becomes tricky with so many members.

“On one hand, we want to promote sustainability and buying higher-quality products, which means buying things less often. But since we have [over a] million subscribers, it means new people are sharing new products every day,” they explained. “There are products that many people never knew existed and might then want to go out and buy. It can almost conflict with the point.”

#10 I Got This Jack Wolfskin Backpack When I Was 6 In 2007. Still Use It Daily After Almost 16 Years

Image credits: R1ght_b3hind_U

#11 Opinel No.6 In My Pocket For 5 Years. $20 And Sharper Than Any Knife I’ve Ever Known

Image credits: Jdspoel

#12 Spotted At An Airbnb

Image credits: Lavon_andy

The moderator noted that their team has to be “quite vigilant to promote grassroots efforts from the real users sharing items with real-world use,” as advertisers often want to take advantage of the community by disguising themselves as real members.

But the group can be incredibly useful for those of us who have been impacted by inflation. “[The rise of living costs] has certainly made people become aware of their purchasing habits and what is and isn't frivolous spending as budgets get tighter,” Robot_ninja_pirate told Bored Panda.

#13 1979 West Bend Popcorn Maker

Image credits: Sunshinehaiku

#14 Staedler Mars That Is 25+ Years Old

Image credits: Jxnkuul

#15 My 25 Year Old Rivendell Atlantis With Home Made Bags. A Perfect Bicycle

Image credits: Dirtdancefire

“However, [increased living costs] might also cause people to have to skimp on things and really evaluate what truly is BIFL and what they are just overspending on,” the moderator continued. “Channels like Project Farm, for example, do an excellent job showing where spending more money does not always mean a better product.”

Project Farm is a channel where “all sorts of things” are tested “to help viewers make informed purchasing decisions and avoid getting ripped off.”

#16 This Salad Shooter At My Parent’s House Is Still Kicking After 32 Years

Image credits: Sad-bisexual-cryptid

#17 My Boy Scout Pocket Knife

Image credits: BaldyCarrotTop

#18 After Replacing Our Fridge Twice In The Past 12 Years With Brand New Models, I Finally Gave Up And Just Put Our Garage Fridge In The Kitchen. It Fits Perfectly, And Has Been Running For Decades, And Could Probably Be Repaired vs. Thrown Away If We Ever Need To Fix It

Image credits: SenorKerry

While BIFL is incredibly popular at the moment, Robot_ninja_pirate did admit to Bored Panda that he worries it might not last forever. He fears it might simply “[become] trendy and that people will hop on the bandwagon and then jump off when it's not as current anymore, rather than committing to the ideology. (An extreme example, but think like the miniature pig trend for a few years).”

#19 Bifl Request: This Style Spatula. Thin Stainless Springy Bottom Part, Strong Handle

Image credits: nivrams_brain

#20 I Bought This Breville Sandwich Iron When I Left Home At 18. I'm Now 50 And She's Ready To Go

Image credits: befarked247

#21 Vintage Original Zojirushi Thermal Pot In Mint Condition

Image credits: masafed

Apparently, the group had a huge influx of new members during the beginning of 2023, but it has started to slow down to its usual numbers in recent months. “We let our community sort of dictate the flow of the subreddit rather than us,” the moderator explained. “However, we are always looking for feedback and how we can improve the subreddit.” So if you all have any suggestions, pandas, the moderators are happy to hear them!

#22 My 1977 Kosmos 1 Pocket-Sized Biorhythm Calculator. 46 Years Of Crunching Numbers

Image credits: bighag

#23 ‘70s Pioneer Sx 780 Receiver. All Capacitors And Resistors Replaced A Couple Years Ago

Image credits: Material-Ad6302

#24 My First Potato Peeler (Sparschäler) I Got This Sparschäler 10 Years Ago Already Used By My Grand Mother. It Is Still A Mass Product And You Can Buy It For Round About 5 USD. But This One Is Made In West Germany So At Least 33 Years Old And Almost Daily In Use

Image credits: Secundus_Scipio

In today’s world of planned obsolescence and fast fashion, it may not be trendy to hold onto your possessions forever, but it certainly is wise. Your wallet and the planet will thank you, plus vintage furniture and clothing is totally in. So if you’ve been thinking about replacing that 30-year-old dresser or you have your eye on a new car, despite the fact that yours is working just fine, you might want to reconsider. And the BIFL community will certainly welcome you with open arms!

#25 90s Polly Pockets Are Almost Indestructible, Better Well Made Than The Newer Versions. Now Our Children Get To Play With Them!

Image credits: couts88

#26 1975 Presto Harvest Gold Yellow Pressure Cooker

Image credits: Galraith

#27 Mother In Law Melted Kettle I’ve Had For 15 Years. How Do I Clean It Off!

Image credits: Optimal-Chair1146

We hope you’re enjoying these photos of great purchases that have lasted a lifetime, pandas. If you are still using appliances or tools you bought decades ago, be sure to pat those items on the back and let us know in the comments below what they are! Remember to think in the long term when making new purchases, and if you’re looking for even more pics that will inspire you to make commitments when you buy something new, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the Buy It For Life subreddit right here!

#28 My Grandpas Chainsaw He Bought In 1966 To Clear Land To Build The House He Still Lives In. And To Note I Still Use The Chainsaw When I’m Doing Yard Work For Him

Image credits: azaku29

#29 1987 Play-Doh Multi Tool

Image credits: joepa81

#30 From My Great Grandparents House

Image credits: botanysteve

#31 My Speed Queens Have Arrived

Image credits: w3stvirginia

#32 Shock Cousteau Spent 2 Days Submerged In A Hot Tub

Image credits: LifeofSMILEY

#33 Still Using Grandma's 1940's Egg Poacher For My Morning Breakfast

Image credits: jomamma2

#34 •before/After 1987 Vermont Iron Elm In Midnight Green• (Story In Comments)

Image credits: DeepWoodsDanger

#35 We Got These For Our DIY Kitchen Renovation For $2000. Barely Used And Working Great! Hopefully The Fridge Is Truly Bifl Because I Never Want To Move That Behemoth Ever Again

Image credits: sludgefudge

#36 My 1959 Frigidaire Custom Imperial

Image credits: schmisschmina

#37 My Most Used Appliance For The Last 12 Years. Presto Griddle. I’ve Been Through Multiple Nonstick Pots And Pans, But This Thing Still Works Like New

Image credits: whyisitdough

#38 Best Spatula I Have Ever Used

Image credits: AngryMuppet_420

#39 My Rubbermaid Laundry Basket Has Been In Continuous Use Since The Early 80s. You Can Still Buy These New

Image credits: Bakelite51

#40 Red Wing Work Boots, After 20+ Years Of Home Renovations And A Few Mosh Pits

Image credits: Idigressthereforeiam

#41 A True Bifl Jacket, The Stevenson Jacket Made By Boathouse. I’ve Had Mine For Over 15 Years, Rowed Multiple Seasons In It, Wore It Shoveling Snow, Commuting In NYC, And Hiking. A Waterproof 3 Season Jacket You Can Still Purchase

Image credits: ripgoodhomer

#42 Buy It For Multiple Lives. I Inherited The Family Pennsylvania Tuxedo

Image credits: Tamias-striatus

#43 My 6 Year Old Pair Ofblundstones vs. My Brand New Pair

Image credits: mhenson62

#44 Had This Patagonia Supercell For Like 10+ Yrs Now

Image credits: The_Sensitive_Psycho

#45 Vacuum After 3 Years And 1200+ Car Details

Image credits: undercookedhotpocket

#46 The Heirloom Flour Measure And Sift. I’m 4th Gen User. This Tool Is Outlived 3 Lives, I’m Next

Image credits: mts2snd

#47 This Backpack Has Done 10 Years Of School And 8 Years As A Tool Bag Packing Around ~30lbs Of Tools With No Signs Of Stopping

Image credits: whereiswaldo7

#48 Schlage Sent Me A Full Replacement Set

Image credits: Mr-RandyLahey

#49 Steelcase Chair I Got For $6 At A Thrift Store. Not Sure If The Mfg Date, But It's At Least As Old As I Am. Best Workbench Stool Ever

Image credits: Ttokk

#50 My Dad Bought Me This Hp 48sx In 1992. Still Works Perfectly And I Still Use It

Image credits: BossHogGA

#51 Kenworth K100 Working For 30 Years

Image credits: Sloth_rockets

#52 Circa 70s/80s Ernie And Bert

Image credits: Limp_Ad_3268

#53 My Grandpa’s 85-Y.o. Frigidaire From 1938 Still Works!

Image credits: Tatterings

#54 This Is My Fourth Hm Aeron Chair I Bought From Fb Market Place , This One I Got Yesterday For $40

Image credits: damn_jexy

#55 Vagarant Traveler C.e.o. 17" Backpack Briefcase In Coffee Brown

Image credits: Cypherius

#56 Got A Herman Miller Office Chair For Free On Facebook Marketplace, It’s Super Comfy And Feels So Well Made! Minnie Approves!

Image credits: Maleficent_Health784

#57 Unlikely Bifl - Grandma's Clock

Image credits: friskyspatula

#58 2007 Toyota Prius - 330k Miles, 5 Wrecks, And 1 Divorce Later It’s Still Going Strong!

Image credits: sworzeh

#59 Wedding Gift Circa 1977. This Old School Crockpot May Outlive Me!

Image credits: brewpubjim

#60 My Stapler Is This Old

Image credits: Kamahis

#61 This Old Sony Phone Before The Merger With Ericsson, Still Connects To Networks Here In Poland

Image credits: polandlv111

#62 Stainless Steel Gator French Press

Image credits: flames_32

#63 Just Bought A House With This In The Kitchen. I Love It

Image credits: rottingcheese

#64 Psa: Oil Your Electric Fans/Electric Motors With The Correct Oil!

Image credits: JamieBensteedo

#65 Peugeot Is A Brand That’s Been Recommended For Bifl Pepper Grinders. Even Though I Bought This One Secondhand, Peugeot Replaced This Piece That Looked Ugly And Worn For Free. In Its First Life, It Was A Wedding Gift

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_CC_INFO

#66 Gramp's Razor I Got From Him 26 Years Ago. I Can See Why They Stopped Making Stuff This Good. It Lasts Too Long

Image credits: ckduke1

#67 Ford 4100 At Least 50 Years Old

Image credits: CouldNotRememberName

#68 I See We're Posting Bifl Rice Cookers. Here's My 1964 Tatung!

Image credits: Trainzguy2472

#69 1980 Cub Cadet. 43 Years Old And Ready For Another Mowing Season

Image credits: Nates94

#70 Old Philco Refrigerator Still In Use At My Local Fish And Game Club!

Image credits: wrinkleydinkley

#71 Hailo Bins: 40 Years Old (Left) And 1 Month Old (Right)

Image credits: xKobito

#72 She Turns 30 This Year

Image credits: MeelsEsq

#73 My Dad's 1970s Crown Gas Range Stove!

Image credits: sonicenvy

#74 Corning Ware Percolators. The Guy I Bought Them From Said He Used Them All The Time, They Look Brand New

Image credits: Cbennett3395

#75 It Won’t Win Any Beauty Contests, But This Rice Cooker Has Been Making Rice For My Wife And Now The Both Of Us Since The Mid 1980’s

Image credits: glowend

#76 Teva Hurricane Xlts. Blue Pair Is Brand New And Orange Is Closing In On 15yrs Old Of Heavy Outdoor Use Kayaking, Hiking, Fishing And Camping. A Solid 80$

Image credits: MandolinSynthMachine

#77 Ahhhh… Tonka, The Prime Example Of Buy It For Life Toys. Found For $12 Total At The Goodwill, Bound To Bring Me Years More Enjoyment

Image credits: marktherobot-youtube

#78 This Sears Kenmore “Coldspot” Refrigerator Has Been Chugging Along Since 2004

Image credits: Blastproof

#79 I Got This Pot From My ( Now Passed) Aunt, She Got It When She Married In Early 50's !

Image credits: duck-and-quack

#80 My Mother-In-Law Bought This In 1978 And It’s Still Going Strong

Image credits: SeaworthinessOk602

#81 30 Year Old Dishwasher I Got For Free 5 Years Ago, Still In Daily Use And Refuses To Die

Image credits: aasikki

#82 Was Given This Ms Natural Keyboard Pro On Day 1 At My Job. 23 Years Later, I Was Told That New Equipment Will Be At The New Offices. Still Going Strong

Image credits: SaltyDogBill

#83 Was Given A Patio Set Because It Needed To Be Refinished. It Just Needed A Little Clr And Teak Oil

Image credits: Caver95

#84 My Grandmother’s Oven, Circa 1966. Many Holiday Meals Were Cooked With Love Here, Right Up Until The Day She Passed. Aside From One Shattered Glass Door That Was Replaced, Everything Still Works!

Image credits: _Mr_Roboto_

#85 Yet Another Stanley Insulated Jug. But This One Is About 100 Years Old

Image credits: otterland

#86 92 Toyota Pickup, 500,000k, Daily Driven... And Worked

Image credits:

#87 Camelbak 100l Hydration Pack. Issued To Me In The Army In 2006. I Broke The Mouthpiece, They Sent Me A Whole New Reservoir, Tube, The Works

Image credits: bstyledevi

#88 13 vs. 4 Years Of Daily Walkers

Image credits: weindl

#89 Grandfather Purchased This Cub Cadet In 1974. Almost 50 Years Later, It's Still Running Strong. It's Mostly Original Down To The Tires

Image credits: Nates94

#90 Plow Truck My Grandpa Bought Brand New Back In ‘79, Been Working Every Winter

Image credits: Haha1867hoser420

#91 When Mom Busted This Out, You Knew The Meal Was Going To Be Good

Image credits: Tihsdrib

#92 Parker Jotter Purchased When I Started Working 35 Years Ago

Image credits: GoodGuyGlocker

#93 The Battery In This Little Alarm Clock Has Been Going For Almost 30 Years

Image credits: Zhydrac

#94 Small And Extremely Effective

Image credits: Runt83

#95 1992 Acura Legend. 203,000 Miles. Daily Driver. Everything Works

Image credits: 1e59

#96 Our Fully Restored Ge Brass/Cast Iron Fan…

Image credits: Omnipresent715

#97 Bose Wave Clock Radio. Used Everyday For Over 30 Years. Works Perfectly And Sounds Better Than Most New Bluetooth Speakers. Made In USA

Image credits: KeepTheBills

#98 My Aunt’s Ge Spacemaker Coffeemaker From 1988, Used Nearly Everyday Since

Image credits: ME5SENGER_24

#99 $29 At The Antique Store, 29 Minutes In The Sandblast Cabinet, Ready For Another 50+ Years Of Service. Before/After Pics Of A Made In The USA Columbian Bench Vise

Image credits: DucatiMunster

#100 Still Going, 60’s Microwave Oven

Image credits: Squintl

#101 My Apple II From 1982 And My Imac. Only The Apple II Still Works And It Was In An Abandoned Factory

Image credits: hambuiscuit